Download Full Lessons Package – Daily English Conversation by Topic (mp3+ pdf). Deep learning is THE KEY to English fluency. You need to listen to the same . Learn English Speaking Online to improve your Spoken English. Speak English fluently with Free Spoken English lessons using over free audio files!. Specialties in this Book: 1. A practical Approach for learning English. 2. The 12 Verb Tenses explained simply with a lot of examples. 3. All Grammar lessons.

Basic English Speaking Book

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Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native. Pages·· MB·39, Downloads. Chapter 4: Your Beliefs Determine Your English. Learning Basic English language Using Pictures E-learning Over Learning basic English, Grammar, Free books PDF, Vocabulary, Conversation, Free. So you want to learn conversational English. That's great! You will love these great books. You can easily become fluent in English with these advanced English.

The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald Listen to the audiobook here!

Scott Fitzgerald is an example of how poetic you can be with the English language. Set in s America, this novel looks at the ideas of love and the American Dream. It is one of the best-selling books ever written in English.

When F. Scott Fitzgerald died, the Great Gatsby had sold less than 25, copies. The book has since sold 25 million copies worldwide! Although The Great Gatsby is harder to read than the other books mentioned here, you can learn many new words from it. Fitzgerald uses a wide range of vocabulary and images to bring out the beauty in the language. This book may be a little complicated in places, but the story is interesting and will keep you turning the pages!

This is a valley of ashes — a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdering air.

There is a film version of this book , which you may like to watch before you read it.

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Although they are used in literature from all across the world, they have different names in different languages. Why not try using some of these techniques to bring your own English to life? Personification Personification is when you give human characteristics to something that is not human. This might be objects or animals. This shows the emotion her worry is causing her.

This is a common English saying, meaning that when you love someone, you do not see their faults. A philosophical way of telling someone to do something before they run out of time.

Metaphor A metaphor is when you describe one thing as something else to create a more memorable description of it. This can be used all of the time in conversation.

Basic English

In this line, Romeo is comparing Juliet to the rising sun to show how much he loves and worships her. A way to describe someone who is unkind or cruel.

Something that you love more than anything or anyone else. Simile A simile compares two things by saying item A is like item B. It is often confused with a metaphor.

The difference is that you are not describing something as actually being something else.

Best Books on Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking etc. to improve English

This is a lovely simile, which shows the many layers of the human mind. With this quote, Barrie shows how a simile can be used to describe something beautifully. This is used to say somebody is behaving very well, or even perfectly.

It is often used to describe good children at school. This is a way to say somebody is very busy, as bees are known to work hard.

People say this when they are comfortable in bed. English Vocabulary. Learn how to study English vocabulary. Watch the video.

Improve your English speaking faster by understanding these important rules. Download Offline Version. If you don't have regular connection to the internet, you really need this.

Regular English Lessons Learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversations. Business English Lessons Improve your English fluency in a business and office setting. English Listening Lessons Improve your listening skills with fun questions and answers. Basics of English Grammar Build basic grammar skills pertaining to English speaking.

Idioms and Phrases Learn idioms and phrases that are hard to translate. E-book platform: site or Google Books This e-book is a guide for English learners who want to improve their conversation skills. It has practice conversations, explanations of commonly used words and phrases and sample sentences. As you read, you will learn to recognize common conversation markers, like whether a person is asking you a question or greeting you.

Along with this e-book, you can download their app. The app has free audio lessons and exercises which will help you improve your listening and speaking skills.

Speaking English Books

The audio exercises are also good for pronunciation practice. The book was written by a language teacher and is specially designed for ESL students. Level: Beginner E-book platform: site The author of this e-book claims that he learned to speak fluent English in six months using some easy techniques.

In this book he gives step-by-step instructions on how other ESL students can do the same.

The book focuses on how learners can follow grammar rules without memorizing them now from site. Plus, many English learners do not know lots of native speakers—so they would need to talk to strangers to practice English conversation. It also suggests tips on how learners can speak English without translating it to their native language first.

Whist you are learning English, it is important that you enjoy learning.

Moreover, how many situations can possibly be covered in a book and how many can one remember?

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