Essential Reading For Anyone Taking Up Wooden Lure Making: Even A Novice With Minimal Tools Can Turn A Lump Of Wood Into A Highly Effective Fishing. Learn how to make fishing lures out of wood with this free pdf ebook download! This totally free wooden lure making resource removes the trial and error from. In this eBook internationally renowned wooden lure making authority Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall takes the mystery out of custom wooden lure.

Wooden Lure Making Ebook

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Internationally renowned wooden lure making authority Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall takes the mystery out of custom wooden lure making. Instructional ebook on how to make your own wooden top water bass fishing lures. Wooden Lure Making - Instructional ebook on how to make your own wooden top water bass fishing bestthing.info #Hobby #craft.

Most lure fishermen know that sound can make make a big difference to their results. But very few realize that the wrong sounds can actually cost them fish. Knowing how your lure vibrates and what type of vibration is best for a particular species in a particular location is very powerful. It takes a little more skill when the fish are as lazy as a politician on a taxpayer funded holiday.

When you know what to do, fish that are not even hungry can be fooled into striking your lure out of aggression, frustration, territoriality, fear and so on. But you need a full bag of tricks and a good selection of the right lures to pull this one out of the bag.

That line about goldfish not remembering the far side of their bowl is BS. Like all animals, fish learn by experience.

This is the most misunderstood aspect of lure fishing.


But they also know that there are about 10 other factors that are usually more important. If you download lures based on magazine articles or TV shows then take some time to see who the sponsors are.

The internet is a great place where anyone can give advice on any subject, whether they have personal experience or not. Little wonder there is so much garbage out there!

So let me share just a little about myself and why I am qualified to help you catch more fish. So I spend all my working time observing, studying and figuring out fish. And so do all my workmates and colleagues. I first picked up a fishing rod at age 6 and I made my first wooden lures at age That means I have almost 40 years of lure fishing and over 30 years of wooden lure making experience.

This has been my whole life! With all my fancy education, my years of experience, countless thousands of hours spent fishing and talking fishing, tons of quality fishing tackle and travel to amazing fishing spots…….

Lure making has been by far the best fishing education that I could have asked for. And every day in my business I help other people improve their fishing in leaps and bounds by teaching them to make lures.

Because great lures are only one small part of the picture. What makes the real difference is that you learn about fish, plus you learn about lures and how to use them. When you put that together with high quality lures, that is what transforms your fishing! What shape, color, action, diving depth, sound….. You will have lures in your box that work better than anything you can download!

Strange as it might seem, fish are getting wise to commercial lures. Having lures that look, sound and vibrate differently can make it easy to pull big, fat fish — even from highly pressured catch-and-release fisheries! Greg started making his own lures at a very young age and quickly realized, as most lure makers do, that he could build his own lures specifically for his local waters that could easily out-fish those lures that were available from the local fishing tackle shops.

Over the last three decades Greg has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject of lure making and has now turned that knowledge into educational material on the internet in the form of lure making articles, lure making websites, a lure making blog and of course lure making ebooks. With over thirty years of lure making experience behind him and a career that involves the understanding of fish and fish environments I think you'll agree that Greg is more than qualified to write an ebook on the subject of wooden lure making.

This ebook about making wooden fishing lures is laid out in ten sections and also comes with a number of 'bonus' ebooks. I have outlined briefly below what you will find in the various sections of the ebook. A preview of the table of contents for example would be nice, just like they do over at site. Anyway I've laid out a very brief description of the general contents of the ebook here so that anyone who is considering downloading this book can get a better feel for what the ebook is all about.

Section 1: Introduction - the author gives a brief introduction to the ebook and as you would expect outlines the main advantages associated with making your own homemade wooden fishing lures. Section 2: Covered in detail in this chapter you will find the 'how' and the 'why' a lure swims.

Topics covered include lure design, lure body shape, diving lips angle, size, and shape and it's effect on lure action , position of the tow point and it's effect on the action of a lure and even water density fresh water vs salt water and how it might affect the buoyancy and hence action of your lures. Altogether a very comprehensive chapter of the ebook with a lot of colour pictures and diagrams. Section 3: Tools That You'll Need - in this part of the ebook the author outlines all the various hand tool you will need for lure making and what each one will be needed for.

Although power tools are not needed to make the lures described in this ebook the author has included a section on power tools here and illustrates the point that though they are not necessary, if you have them they can be used to speed up the lure making process. If you were to download just one power tool for lure making the author tells you what that should be and why.

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A fairly basic chapter of the book but all bases are covered as far as tools go. Section 4: Materials For Making Lures - in this section of the ebook you will find detailed information on the various woods for luremaking, their availability and suitability. Also covered are metals and plastics for making diving lips, types of wire for making through wires and tow points and advice on choosing split rings and hooks.

Section 5: There are absolutely no instructions whatsoever in the ebook on how to balance your wooden lures. By balancing a lure I mean the process of placing the sealed wooden lure body in water, with fittings attached, and hanging some weights from it in order to find out how much weight needs to be fitted internally to the lure and at what position s along the length of it's body.

So just to be clear, the ebook does not give instructions on how to figure out how much weighting your lure will need, what location within the lure to fit that weight and for the 'throughwire slot construction method' you are not shown how to 'drill out' the lure body for the weight or how to go about fitting that weight. To be fair to the author though not every lure you build will need internal weighting fitted. Also the author also provides you with twelve proven lure templates which you can work from without actually needing to balance the lures - follow the instructions exactly ie.

So without knowing how to balance a lure you will still be able to make plenty of lures by following the instructions given in this ebook. Having said that though I personally feel that learning the skill of balancing a wooden lure is a very important part of learning wooden lure making and as such any book or manual written on the subject should teach you how to do it! Another thing that I found to be missing from the ebook was a series of pictures showing you how to fit the diving lips to your crankbaits.

The procedure for making and fitting diving lips to your lures and the different materials for making them is actually well described in the book, however there are no pictures at all to show you how it's done. Since the fitting of a diving lip to a crankbait is one of the most important parts of the crankbait making process I feel that a sequence of pictures showing you the steps involved should be included in any chapter in any book on the subject.

This is of course just my personal opinion but I was surprised at the lack of pictures in this section of the book since other sections of the book had plenty of pictures. I'm not quite sure if I'm right about this one but it looks like the last page of the ebook is missing.

During the paragraph where we learn how to correct a crankbait that is not swimming in a straight line back to us the author refers to a diagram that illustrates the procedure involved, however there is no diagram included on the page and at the end of that paragraph the ebook ends. I suspect that there is probably one more page to the ebook that contains the diagram mentioned in the text and probably also a closing comment of some sort from the author which is also absent from the ebook.

This looks to be a fairly minor editing error in what is an otherwise very complete ebook. Without Spending A Ton of Cash! And I have some information that all serious fishermen really should know! What Wood To Use. There is a suitable timber no matter where in the world you are, if you know what to look for Hint: And how to avoid them!

Simple things that can waste a lot of time and money and cause no end of frustration. Making Lures Strong.

In other words: Building Deep Divers. Making Suspending Jerkbaits. Wooden jerkbaits that are made to suspend can be even deadlier than plastic jerkbaits….. Creating Noise. But sometimes you want some extra noise. Making Lipless Lures. In the right situation, a silent lipless lure can be absolutely deadly. Look no further, I even give you templates and step by step instructions!

Reward Yourself

Take Advantage Of Jointed Lures. Jointed lures can sometimes catch fish when nothing else will. But you have to know how to make them properly if you want them to be strong and have a perfect, enticing action.

Understand How Fish See Lures. Most people are so fixated on lure color that they neglect the power of contrast, silhouette and flash for attracting fish. Find out how to use all of these for maximum results.

Painting Tricks. Painting your lures is one of the most fun parts of lure making — but also one of the most expensive, frustrating and time consuming.

Read this section before you waste your time and money!

Airbrush Help. Clear Coating. I get more questions about this than anything else! There is a one BIG secret you need to know….The author claims that if you can't make make professional quality lures in 6 weeks he'll give you your money back.

Lure Building Books, eBooks, Templates & Tutorials

Basic Marquetry and Beyond. In other words: Create Widget. The Workbench Design Book. Semiprecious Salvage. Sources of all l ure components you will need are listed in the ebook as well as insight on the best components for certain types of lures. If you have an interest in learning how to make your own wooden top water fishing lures; I can show you how to do it.

Rousseau's love of lure making and fishing in general is evident in the Fun Fish Facts and entertaining stories that are littered throughout the book.

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