Feb 5, multiple choice question answers, if this VITEEE question paper in pdf file VITEEE Question paper having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Question with solution Download VITEEE Answer Keys Apr 8, Before answering your question let me tell you what is VITEEE Exam? VITEEE Exam is online exam conduct by VIT University to get admission for BTech. Mar 3, Here are links to download previous year solved question papers for VITEEE: VITEEE previous year question paper with solutions pdf download · VITEEE .

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Download VITEEE Previous Years Solved Papers free Question Paper and Viteee chapter wise solved papers from to till now Download. - Click to Download - Click to Download - Click to Download. VITEEE Sample Papers - Candidates can refer to Sample Papers of VITEEE to Chemistry Sample Paper. Click here. Physics Sample Paper. VITEEESolved-Question-Paper (2).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

If the electron in the hydrogen atom jumps from third oirbit to second orbit.

The current in the discharge tube and its direction will be a 2 mA towards left b 2 mA. A circular current carrying coil has a radius R. The current following in it is 0.

When ultraviolet light of wavelength nm is incident on it a potential of 7. A battery is charged at a potential of 15 V in 8 h when the current flowing is 10A.

The mean terminal voltage during discharge is 14V. The battery on discharge supplies a current of 5A for 15 h.

The distance from the centre of the coil on the axis. During charging a capacitor. If the distance of W lamp is increased from a photocell. Silver has a work function of 4.

How much potential will be required to stop photoelectrons. If the nuclear fission. The incorrect statement regarding the lines of force of the magnetic field B is a magnetic intensity is a measure of lines of force passing through unit area held normal to it b magnetic lines of force forms a close curve c inside a magnet. Two coils have a mutual inductance 0.

If the grid potential is decreased by 0. The factor by which the eye is more sensitive as a power detector then ear is close to a 5 b 10 c d 15 What increase. The amplification factor of a triode is An installation consisting of an electric motor driving a water pump left 75 L of water per second to a height of 4.

The redius of the circular path will be a 2. If the specific charge of the electron is 1. When exposed to green light of intensity I but no photoelectrons are emitted. If the motor consumes a power of 5 kW. What is the self-inductance of the solenoid?

A potential difference across the terminal bof a battery is 50 V when 11 A current is drawn and 60 V. A solenoid 30 cm long is made by winding loops of wire on an iron rod whose cross-section is 1.

VITEEE Previous Years Paper with Solution

If the relative permeability of the iron is The emf and the internal resistance of the battery are a 62 V.

A metallic surface ejects electrons. Which sequence of reactions shows correct chemical relation between sodium and its compounds? The solubility product of Ag2CrO4 is 32x Their respective concentration are and 50 respectively. What is the concentration of CrO-4 ions in that solution?

The equivalent conductivity of a solution containing 2. The half-life of two samples are 0. Its conductivity would be a 2. Purest form of iron is a pig iron b wrought iron Electrolysis Na. The standard molar heat of formation of ethane.

The standard molar heat of combustion of ethane will be a kcal b kcal c kcal d CO2 and water l are respectively IV is.

In the reaction. The bond angles of NH3.

IIT JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

Which has the smallest size? A gaseous mixture containing He. CH4 and SO2 in 1: CH4 and SO2 was allowed to effuse through a fine hole then find what the molar ratio of gases coming out initially? Given mixture contains He. Peptisation involves a precipitation of colloidial particles b distingration of colloidal aggregates c evaporation of dispersion medium d impoact of molecules of the dispersion medium on the colloidal particles Which of the following has the maximum number of unpaired d-electrons?

Which of the following has an ester linkage? OH H3C If the elevation in boiling point of a solution of 10 g of solute mol. Which of the following does not represent the correct order of the property indicated?

Which of the following compounds cannot be prepred single by the Wurtz reaction? Which of the following oxides is strongly basic? Which of the following isomerism is shown by ethyl acetoacetate? Which set has different class of compounds? The sodium extract of an organic compound on acidification with acetic acid and addition of lead acetic solution gives a black precipitate.

The organic compound contains a nitrogen.

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The final product obtained in the reaction. The volume strength of 1. The volume of the unit cell in cm3 will be a 1. HF b HF ………. Which of the following hydrogen bonds are strongest in vapour p[hase? The rate constant for forward reaction and backward reaction of hydrolysis of ester are 1. A metal has bcc structure and the edge length of its unit cell is 3. The molarity of HCL solution is a 9. An f-shall containing 6 unpaired electrons can exchange a 6 electrons b 9 electrons c 12 electrons d 15 electrons.

If the points 1. If the vertices of a triangle are A 0. The university provides around 21 UG engineering programs.

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Download Previous Year Question Papers. Key Highlight. National level exam Computer based exam Type of Questions- Objective. Number of sections- 4. Title Number of sections- 4. Title Eligibilty: Important Dates: Title Important Dates: Application Fees:The battery on discharge supplies a current of 5A for 15 h.

When ultraviolet light of wavelength nm is incident on it a potential of 7. Forgot password. Title Number of sections- 4. Most importantly, it also tells you the areas which need your attention. The denial cell is balanced on cm length of a potentiometer. If the integers m and n are chosen at random from 1 to

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