Visualize and Achieve - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The thoughts that occupy your mind most of the time tend to. such as html files, PDF, lit, exe and all other ebook and book formats. You may . Visualize and Achieve is about creating and attracting success into your life. Visualize and Achieve by Remez Sasson is about creating and attracting success into your life. It is about the power of creative visualization and the law of attraction. ( KB, views).

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Discover how to visualize and achieve your dreams and goals with creative A complete course on creative visualization in PDF eBbook format, with clear and. Thank you for ordering Having it All — Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams. In this program . Although it is called “visualization,” it is not necessarily visual. Sound too good to be true? It isn't, you can actually achieve all of these things – and more. The secret? Creating powerful mental pictures. It's called visualization .

Hold that mental image as long as possible. What does it feel like to pass under the finishing banner, looking at your watch, the cool air on your overheated body?

Who is there to greet you as you finish? Your family? Other runners? Imagine the excitement, satisfaction, and thrill you will experience as you walk off the lactic acid and fall exhausted into their arms.

Visualize And Achieve - Pdf Download

Some people find it useful to write their goal down, and then, in as much detail as possible, translate it into a visual representation. It could be a hand-drawn picture, a photograph or a diagram. The media doesn't matter, just as long as it helps you create a vivid mental image and stay motivated. The second type of visualization is process visualization.

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals

It involves envisioning each of the actions necessary to achieve the outcome you want. Focus on completing each of the steps you need to achieve your goal, but not on the overall goal itself.

Back to the marathon example: Before the race, visualize yourself running well -- legs pumping like pistons, arms relaxed, breathing controlled. In your mind, break the course into sections and visualize how you will run each part, thinking about your pace, gait and split time. Imagine what it will feel like when you hit "the wall," that point in the race where your body wants to stop, and more importantly, what you must do to break through it.

You may never run a marathon. However, you can use the same principles to achieve any goal -- create a vivid mental picture of yourself succeeding, envision what you must do during each step of the process and, like a runner pushing through "the wall," use positive mental imagery to stay focused and motivated when you experience obstacles or setbacks. Visualization does not guarantee success. It also does not replace hard work and practice. To reach a more suggestible state, you must relax your body and mind.

You can begin with a body-scan relaxation — relaxing each part of your body, one by one, from head to toe — prior to visualizing your objective.

Focusing on your breathing will also help you relax, as well as counting down from twenty to zero. Application: How to Visualize More Effectively There are key principles to make your mental simulation visualization optimal. Close your eyes and set an intention: mentally say what you want to achieve your goal in an affirmation. Imagine the situation or future event you would like to work on.

Make the scene as real as you can, like a simulation, using your five senses. Always incorporate strong positive emotions. Repeat the process often. My website, the book you are reading now, and my other books, have come into being due to my early retirement.

Now, I have the time to do things I love and enjoy doing. You too, can realize your dreams. This can be a more satisfying and lucrative job, money, love, a house, traveling abroad, or turning a hobby into a source of income.

Everything starts in the mind, as you can see from this story. Your thoughts can transform your life. There are certain mental laws and techniques that can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

In the following chapters, you will learn about them. You learn about creative visualization - the technique that turns your thoughts and mental images into reality.

What is Creative Visualization? Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the powers of the mind and the imagination to make changes in your life.

With the help of this technique, you can shape your character, habits and circumstances, and attract opportunities, people, and the things you desire. The main principles of creative visualization are: Our most repeated thoughts tend to come true.

Repeated thoughts affect the subconscious mind. It is the mind that controls our habits, desires, actions and reactions. Thoughts attract corresponding circumstances. The thinking process is a creative process. Creative visualization is similar to another well-known activity, daydreaming. In creative visualization and daydreaming, we use the imagination to create imaginary mental scenarios, just like a movie.

Daydreaming is like a pleasant, passive pastime, while creative visualization uses certain techniques to make these mental scenarios come true.

Creative visualization influences the subconscious mind and the creative power of the universe, which in turn, create and attract what we visualize. To a large extent, your life is the product of your habitual thoughts and mental images. If you have been often thinking positive thoughts and visualizing happiness, health and success, then it is most likely that your present circumstances reflect these thoughts and mental images.

If your thoughts and imagination have been mostly focused on problems, difficulties or failure, it is likely that your life reflects these conditions. When you focus on the same thoughts repeatedly, they get stronger and spread around you, just like waves from a radio or TV broadcasting station. A weak broadcast signal does not travel far, and is hardly perceived. A weak thought is the same. It hardly produces any visible results. On the other hand, strong, clear and concentrated thoughts energized by feelings, create definite, perceivable results, and can attract people, objects and possessions to your life.

Thoughts are like waves that move toward the shore. Weak and small waves hardly reach the shoreline, but strong and big waves come rushing, going far beyond the shoreline, and in time, affect its shape in a dramatic way.

In the same way, like the waves, strong and repeated thoughts can make changes and transform your life. One of the most important and powerful tools of creative visualization is the imagination.

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It is a useful tool that even the most practical, down to earth people use frequently. Without it, nothing on earth would have been created or invented. The results of the imagination are all around us, in the shape of various inventions, the car you drive, the radio, the TV set, electrical appliances, as well as airplanes, computers and buildings.

We use the imagination for cooking a dinner, telling a story, painting a picture, decorating a house, building a bridge, managing a hotel or running a company.

Why Creative Visualization Works Why does creative visualization work? Here a few reasons: Repeating the same thought day after day, programs the subconscious mind to seek ways to bring it into reality. Thoughts and mental images, combined with emotions, lead to action, and action leads to results, fulfillment and achievement.

Thoughts act like a magnet, attracting to the thinker similar thoughts and corresponding events and circumstances.

A strong and definite thought or mental image tends to create its counterpart in the physical world. A strong and focused thought spreads out from the mind, and is often unconsciously perceived by people, who might help in bringing it into manifestation.

Our minds and thoughts exist within the creative Universal Mind, and are an inseparable part of it. This is the power that has created, and is recreating the Universe, and is present everywhere. This means that thoughts are empowered by the Universal Mind. Thoughts, actions and events are interconnected in one way or another, and affect one another.

Everything that exists in the Universe is a form of energy, vibrating in different wavelengths and in various densities. We live in an ocean of energy. Thoughts are part of this body of energy, and can therefore, be deliberately used to change circumstances and affect people and situations.

When there is a strong need, thoughts can bring people together in a surprising way, as in the story below. Sarah was a graphic designer, who was searching for a new job.

One day, when she walked to her car, she discovered that she had a flat tire. Reluctantly, she took the spare tire out, and prepared herself for the unpleasant ordeal of changing it. As she was trying to loosen the screws, a car stopped by, and the driver asked her if she needed any assistance. She gladly accepted his help, and while changing the tire they started to talk.

It turned out that he owned a graphic designing company, and desperately needed a qualified and experienced graphic designer. She was overwhelmed by this coincidence, and told him that she was a graphic designer and was looking for a job. To her surprise and joy, he requested her to come to his office with her credentials and certificates, for an interview. She did not have to wait for the interview, as she always carried her certificates and letters of recommendation with her.I hope you can also see now why it took me over 2 years to work out a really compelling process for how to visualise effectively.

As long as your affirmations are tied to specific actions you take throughout the day and are built upon developing empowering beliefs, habits and an attitude that helps move you closer to your goal, then you will be fine.

Home New Signup Login. What do I want? When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to "see" the possibility of achieving it. You can even play some tranquil music in the background to help you settle down into a deep state of relaxation.

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