Variación genética y flujo de genes entre poblaciones de Crocodylus acutus ( Crocodylia: Crocodylidae) en tres ríos del Pacífico Epub September Variación genética en especies de cícadas estrechamente relacionadas en Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae: Cycadales) mediante el uso de . Epub March Variabilidad genética del robalo común Centropomus undecimalis Epub June objetivo de este estudio fue determinar la relación genética.

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Epub September . Variación genética de cinco loci microsatélites en dos poblaciones de S. gigas en la costa de Yucatán. TABLE 1. Genetic variation . Epub Apr Pereira V. et al. . Genómica de la variación estructural . Eichler, E. E. Epigenómica: El desciframiento del otro código genético. El desarrollo de herramientas para la manipulación genética han facilitado el se presume que pueda ser una condición genética .. Epub 28 Jun

Hypomagnesaemia and risk for metabolic glucose disorders: a year follow-up study. Eur J Clin Invest. The pathogenetic role of cortisol in the metabolic syndrome: A Hypothesis.

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Acta Biológica Colombiana

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Heparanase alters arterial structure, mechanics, and repair following endovascular stenting in mice. Cir Res. Endotelial heperanasa secretion after acute hypoinsulinemia is regulated by glucouse and faty acid. Regulation of glomerular heparanase expression by aldosterona, angiotensin II and reactive oxygen species.

Nephrol Dial Transplant. Skeletal muscle proteolysis is reduced in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and is unaltered by euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemia or intensive insulin therapy. Clin Endocrinol Metab. A calpain 10 gene polymorphism is associated with reduced muscle mRNA levels and insulin resistance. J Clin Invest. The thrifty phenotype hypotesis.

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Genet Test Mol Biomarkers.


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Sickle cell disease in a Brazilian population from Sao Paulo: a study of the beta s haplotypes. Hum Hered.

Nuestros Profesores

The rate of mutation of human genes. Classical sickle beta-globin haplotypes exhibit a high degree of long-range haplotype similarity in African and Afro-Caribbean populations. BMC Genet.

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Evidence of over-dominance for sickle cell trait in a population sample from Buenaventura, Colombia. Int J Genet Mol Biol. Evidence for the multicentric origin of the sickle cell hemoglobin gene in Africa. Beta-globin haplotypes analysis in Afro-Brazilians from the site region: evidence for a significant gene flow from Atlantic West Africa. Ann Hum Biol.

The provenience of Colombian negroes. J Negro Hist.The impact of next-generation sequencing technology on genetics. Epub Feb British Medical Bulletin. A Haplotype Map of the Human Genome. However, haplotypes present in American indigenous and European populations got frequency between two to ten percent, as well as haplotypes not reported in others population were observed in our population.

Templeton AR. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine whether P. Blood Cells Mol Dis. The rate of mutation of human genes.

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