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The system dating dictionary pdf download. Top weird dating sims. The four bases in a relationship, like in baseball, where the partners try to get home. Doc love dating dictionary pdf. Site Define Site at m Adult sex dating in auburn mississippi. The System - Dating Advice Course For Men Doc Love. The System The Dating Dictionary [Doc Love] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Only Course That Truly Answers the Question: Why.

Men are the prize, not the woman. Specific strategies on how to eat away a little of a woman's confidence in order to make her feel less attractive, and make the man more appealing to her.

Always wait at least 7 days to call a woman after she gives you her number. Men should "spoon feed" their time to a woman he's dating 5. Men should always have back up women in addition to a woman he's interested in. He does not have to be as interested in the back up women. They are just to keep his attention away from the woman he's truly interested in whenever he has to ignore her for some strategic reason, and to make sure he does not spend too much time with her. Never tell a woman you love her until after you are engaged to her.

Even then, only say it every once in a while so that you don't spoil her. It tells men to literally fight the emotional urge to display affection towards their woman. This guy specifically teaches men to get women to propose marriage to them.

She does not have high enough interest in you. He also gives tests that they are to use to test their women to see if they are keepers or not. This guy offers a day money back guarantee. No wonder we are at war.

I suggest you ladies read through this crap at askmen. Recognize any of this behavior? Call him on it. Jun 18, 2. I signed up for these daily emails to see what it's about. It's a bunch of bullshit stuff that women would never fall for. It basically teaches men how to play games and be a jerk because that's what women like.

Jun 18, 3. I would not be gettin' engaged to a man that hasn't said I love you to me! And just because you don't get a kiss on the first date means the chick has some kind of standards! Jun 18, 4. He left out beating the woman if she doesnt do what you say.

As General Love would put it, "Why are you feeling sorry for the enemy? You're a great student. To your question about whether my principles are designed to get a woman to stay with you forever, the answer is yes -- eventually. But buddy, you're not ready.

You're not ready because you're not getting rid of the ones you don't want and feeling good about it. I don't care if they're jumping off story buildings because you left them. You're there to learn from them, experience what you can, get an education, and then move on".

Apparently many guys are finding success with it, and swear that this guy is a genius. One guy said, "My problem is that your principles work on such a high level that it may be too powerful here Using your rules in California allowed me to date the super-hotties that, once I detected their flaws and got rid of them, would have no problem grabbing some other poor schlep and making him her next victim.

But women in New England are more kindhearted, and a little more fragile than those on the West Coast.

While "The System" would attract many L. It basically teaches men to play a very distinctive game in order to keep a woman's interest higher or as high as his.

It teaches that after her interest drops to a certain percentage, it's impossible to raise it again. So at that point, the man should dump her first before she has a chance to leave. And 8 you saw none of her body lenguage as she spoke, assuming she returned the call.

"The System" Dating Dictionary for Men - must read for all women!!

Plus, it leads to misunderstandings. How are you going to judge her Interest Level, when communication is such a gray area? No messages for the first sixty days. You get the home phone number and her answering machine is always on. You call at 6,7,8,9 p. If she has a caller-ID, use a public phone.

The 3ottom "ine

Talk to her, preferably face to face, and get the facts perfectly clear. You have to match her words and actions, and with a third party like an answering machine, she could keep you in the dark. The way to beat a bad habit is not to start it. The key is, to realize that men talk to women, not their answering machines.

Remember, the answering machine and telephone are like playing with firecrackers, so handle with care. Never let them wear you down - Fast Eddie Love.

Women are attracted to strong men the character trait, not arm sizeand everybody makes mistakes in relationships. Between buddies, apologizing is no big deal. But in male-female romantic relationships, it's just isn't the same. Two lovers who have had a spat polaina;trifulca will not phone each other, playing the old "I can hold out longer than you can" game.

One of the two parties might pout, until the other half gives in. Hopefully, she is the pouter because it doesn't look right when a man does it. Can you just picture a Dallas Cowboy pouting! Women read social situations much better and quicker than men do always have and always will.

So odds are, she really knows who the guilty party is. The key is, if you are guilty, fess up as soon as possible. Say it once, no groveling, and she will not interpret this as weakness. If you are not guilty, hold your ground - she might be testing you Yes, they do that!

Start asking for those new home phone numbers from other women, just for backup. Remember, you are not looking for a weak woman: Clinically sane women like secure men, so fake it - General Love.

The system dating dictionary pdf download. Top weird dating sims

You talk to caprice at the wedding reception for ten minutes and then ask for the home phone number, almost abruptly. On your first date, as you shut off the car engine, she goes for the door.

Take her hand, help her out of the car, and offer your arm. If she fights this, she has low Interest Level or she is structured. When you walk into the restaurant, you hold the door open so she can go in first.

Download Doc Love\'s The System The Dating Dictionary (The Mastery Series) 2004

You pick the table and pull out her chair. Classy women like this. Her comfort level is rising and she knows you have class. Nothing beats a self-assured man. Look at all the mileage you got, mostly without saying a word, or spending a dime. In fact, here is what the author himself says: You also tested her Interest Level and her attitude, by her reactions. The key is, being bold and gallant. She is looking for the knight on the big white charger that she reads about in her stupid romance novels.

Remember, after she decides to keep you, she will be throwing those books in the fireplace, where they belong, while trying to keep you warm! Take two oxen to pull wagon, Grasshopper — Chinese proverb. Everything is cute in the beginning — Doc Love. When I talk to you about success with beautiful a woman if you like her, she has to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside!

I get tons of email questions and all I read is how much the guy likes her but she is not responding. She has to like you from the beginning. You men have been brainwashed to believe that you can impress Miss Right by how much you keep verbally expressing your love for her. In fact, it has just the opposite effect. Men fail to realice that she only cares about her selfish Interest Level toward you. You guys just had it backwards.

Interest Level cuts everything hers, not yours. Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you. Get these truths embedded in your head. Ignorance of these two facts is the main problem that jealous, possessive men after they get dropped and stalkers have.

This is very complicated! One day I went for a ride with my beautiful woman in her Cherokee. Twenty minutes later, we got a flat tire, which was not her fault.

Of course, she had no spare, which was her fault. The next day, while I was in her home, she played her answering machine. Her dentist had called because she had skipped her appointment.

Another time, her electricity was shut off, though she had plenty of money. These are only three examples of how un-together she was. After many months, I began to see more and more flaky traits.

Can you imagine her running a household? I began weighing her pluses and minuses. On une side, she smelled like jungle gardenialooked like Cindy Crawford — but thinner, and of course she never, ever nagged. She loved me, was more fun than a roller coaster ride at Magic Mountain, and she made me feel like a million dollars.

My moment of truth hit me one morning while shaving and staring in the mirror: Because she was a nonfunctioning woman. The Reality Factor says that being in love and having a successful marriage are way different things. Though it almost killed me, I dropped Miss Flaky. I knew that if I continued to see her, I would be hooked forever, She later called me, and I listened to her please on my answering machine which you would never do!

I forced myself to hustle new home phone numbers, though I really was not interested in doing so. Eventually, I got over her only time heals. But here is the good part: Plus, I learned to control my feelings a little more. Remember guys, we only have to find you one good one. You know what you have to do, and only you can do it. The key is, to never go out with someone who has more problems than you do! The more positives that describe this lady self-sufficient, self-supporting, reliable, and responsiblethe less you will suffer, if she decides to incarcerate you for life.

Remember, the opposite of an asset is a liability.Shaun is currently reading it Jan 24, Remember, after she decides to keep you, she will be throwing those books in the fireplace, where they belong, while trying to keep you warm! Been reading about women for ages. More Details Women to avoid and why. D2hy did 9 get married. It is these sublte and constant notions that you see and hear brainwashing that further your demise.

They had their time together, and to go back is to go to all the reasons that turned them off to begin which still exist! If actions speak louder than words, and if the Doc Love has indeed written looking at women's actions - I guess this is true given the never-heard-before-recommendations- and if every one adopts this, then Doc Love is definitely onto his mission of making a man and woman love each other forever.

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