along the stinky stream, past the giant billboard for Dr Humayun's Hair Transplant . O Malalai of Maiwand,.. crammed t The Prisoner of Zenda. A Prisoner of Birth. Home · A Prisoner of Birth Author: Jeffrey Archer. 13 downloads A Prisoner of Birth · Read more · A Prisoner of Birth. Read more. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Bestseller Archer (Kane and Abel) pays homage to A Prisoner of Birth: A Novel - site edition by Jeffrey Archer.

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A Prisoner of Birth is a mystery novel by English author Jeffrey Archer, first published on 6 . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Danny Cartwright and Spencer Craig never should have met. One evening, Danny, an East End cockney who works as a garage mechanic, takes his fianceИ up. ebook/pdf/

It was to be a night of surprises. When Beth and Danny strolled into the Dunlop Arms, they found Bernie seated at a corner table with a bottle of champagne and three glasses by his side.

A Prisoner of Birth

To long life and West Ham winning the cup. Danny laughed.

Danny frowned. He had been to see Beth's father during his lunch break and had asked for permission to marry his daughter - some traditions die hard in the East End. Mr Wilson couldn't have been more enthusiastic, but went on to tell him that he had changed his mind about something Danny thought they'd already agreed on.

Another bottle! The barman smiled as he removed a second bottle of champagne from the fridge below the counter.

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One of the men standing at the bar checked the label. One of them was staring at her.

A Prisoner of Birth | Jeffrey Archer | Book Review

Bernie reluctantly stood up and followed his friend, but he never once took his eyes off the four men at the bar. Beth was pleased to see that they had turned their backs on them, and appeared to be deep in conversation.

But the moment Danny opened the back door, one of them swung round. He then took out his wallet and added, 'When you've finished with her, my friends and I have just enough left over for a gang bang. Beth slammed the door behind them. Danny gripped Bernie by the elbow, but they had only gone a couple of paces before he shook him off. When Beth reached the main road she saw the man Bernie described as Dickhead standing there, one hand behind his back. He leered at her and began licking his lips again, just as his friend came rushing round the corner, slightly out of breath.

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Beth turned to see her brother, legs apart, standing his ground. He was smiling. He recovered in time to block the next punch, feint, and then land one that took Dickhead by surprise. He fell on one knee, but was quickly back on his feet before taking another swing at Danny.

As a limited service soldier it is likely that he was discharged in Ireland on the cessation of hostilities, or later when the 74th moved from Ireland to Nova Scotia in After capture he could have served out his time as a POW — bored, but safe — but he chose to leave. Once in the East Middlesex Militia, he was again relatively safe.

With the Napoleonic Wars over Israel returned to the USA, eschewing remaining in the United Kingdom, where his personal freedom would have been assured.

Instead he returned to his family in Pennsylvania. Israel Waterford may well have been a free black man, but his status as such was precarious.

He travelled the sinews of trade and war out of necessity, and exerted as much choice in those travels as was possible.

It is not known if Israel revealed his story to anyone, or indeed if it was ever safe for him to do so. His ultimate fate after remains unknown, however, researcher Laura Glass has recently identified Israel Waterford as the patriarch either as father or uncle of a large extended family.

Archive: M Roll: French prisoners of war, John Pearce alias Price , was a Seaman aged 27 years with a sallow complexion and was born in Lisbon. In the experience of this researcher the RN seems to have dominated recruiting within POW camps, with army regiments, with the exception of a handful of foreign regiments and the 60th Foot , being very much junior partners in the process.

By JD Ellis.

Also see www. The timely intervention of Big Al leads to the subsequent escape of Danny who pretends to be Nick who had completed his sentence in prison. On the outside of the prison, Danny pretends to be Nicholas. He finds that he must sort out his friend's family affairs before pursuing his goals of clearing his name and taking revenge upon the four individuals who framed him for Bernie's murder. A lengthy legal battle between himself and Nicholas' hated uncle Hugo leaves Danny Cartwright in the possession of over 50 million pounds with which he plans to expose Spencer Craig and clear his name, so that he will be able to live with Beth and his daughter.

Danny is caught out by Nick's friends and is held in custody.

A Prisoner of Birth

While his counsel begins Danny's bid for freedom his accusers are all brought to justice. Danny has another child and is called Nick in honour of his friend.

Alex his barrister is made godfather for all his hard work in freeing Danny. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jeffrey Archer.Jeffrey Archer is a master with characters, twists and storys within storys. Jeffrey Archer.

All in all, a refreshing outlook what a suspenseful novel could be even with the conservative ideas at its heart. I enjoyed the writing and the drama very much, it was suspenseful even though predictable.

All the people he hopes to have on his side, unflinchingly accept that he is indeed Sir Nicholas Moncrieff, never once cross-checking the fact.

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