Nine years ago Prince Andreas Karedes returned to his island kingdom of Aristo in the Mediterranean Sea to take up his regal duties, not knowing that Holly, the. Read The Prince's Captive Wife by Marion Lennox for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad. The Royal House of Karedes. Book 1 in the fantastic Royal House of Karedes Series AND the full Royal House of Karedes Collection.

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Royal House of Karedes 03 The Prince's Captive Wife by Marion Lennox Nine years ago Prince Andreas Karedes returned t. the princes captive wife pdf. God Hates Compromise Does God really care how you worship and serve Him as long as your heart is sincere and. The Prince's Captive Virgin by Maisey Yates is Contemporary Innocent in Deeply aching by the blow that claimed his wife, Adam abandoned.

Prince Andreas Karedes left Australia to inherit his royal duties, but unknown to him he left a woman pregnant. A royal scandal is about to break: Passion runs high as Andreas issues an ultimatum — to avoid scandal Holly must become his royal bride!

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Holly, in her tattered jeans and T-shirt, her hair wild and tumbled, always laughing, always teasing. Lovely Holly, with her beautiful body.

Her face looked set and grim. She looked dishevelled and weary and very, very angry. She met his gaze and it was almost a physical jolt. A stormy tempest about to break. Your thugs dragged me into their helicopter without a word. They brought me here with no explanation. Your thugs. A stupid, cowardly thug to set four men on a defenceless woman. Why have you dragged me here? For her hand came up and slapped, a solid, ringing slap that pushed his face aside and echoed around and around the confines of the cabin.

He gasped, his face darkening in anger. Instinctively his hand came up and caught her wrist, dragging it down. Her leather boot hit his shin and it was all he could do not to yelp.

Tell your thugs to turn the plane round and take me home. She staggered back. His hands came out and caught her shoulders. She steadied and her hand came up and slapped again. Let me go. I meant to persuade you to come—not to coerce you. As an apology for what had happened, maybe it lacked a certain finesse. Holly certainly seemed to think so. She stared at him blindly, two spots of flame high on her cheeks revealing that her temper had her right out of control.

She glanced out the window. I wonder? She closed her eyes —and she screamed. It was a scream to end all screams. It was a scream that had every head within two hundred yards of the plane swivelling to see what was happening. He grabbed her and hauled her towards him, reaching for her mouth. She elbowed him in the ribs and kept right on screaming. His fingers closed on her mouth. She bit. Andreas swore, then strode across to haul the door closed, giving them a measure of privacy.

Just in time, for Holly had taken a breath and was opening her mouth to scream again. He thought of the report lying on his desk at home and his face hardened.

She was threatening everything. The corruption enquiry was reaching its zenith and, as head of the investigative committee, Andreas had to work through the mess of corrupt officialdom while trying to figure when he could get to Eueilos.

Maybe Holly would be better off with time to calm down, he decided, but only he knew how hard it was to concentrate on the issues at hand. When he finally left it was with a sense of relief—but also apprehension. The island of Eueilos, an idyllic hideaway given to him on his coming of age by his father, King Aegeus, had long been his refuge.

From childhood, Andreas had shown a distaste for the pomp and splendour of royalty. He was caught in the royal web. To walk away was an impossibility instilled in him from birth, but Eueilos was his. His wife had never liked it. From a distance it looked like a series of vast marquees, joined together in a circle.

The Prince's Captive Wife

Every wall could be drawn back, opening almost the entire pavilion to the sea breezes that blew softly all year round. In the centre of the pavilion, exposed when the walls were drawn back, was a vast swimming pool, large enough to classify as a lagoon.

He came as often as he could, when the demands and public spotlight of royalty became overpowering. He had a discreet couple as housekeeper and groundsman, and that was his total staff. Holly herself had taught him the rudiments, and every time he flew he… No.

He was about to see her now. His hand came up to touch his face in remembrance. Had she calmed down yet? She must have calmed down sufficiently to answer his questions.

There was no choice. He was here to stay until his questions were answered. Sophia, his housekeeper, met him at the entrance to the pavilion. Sophia had been his nanny until he was ten. She and her husband, Nikos, ran this place and their comfortable presence always had the capacity to make his cares seem less.

Georgiou told her you would come. She was five feet nothing compared to his six feet one, but height was nothing. Rather she treated him as a boy, to be indulged but also to be brought into line as necessary. Andreas forced a smile to reassure her. There are bruises on her wrists. As it makes me angry. He could have taken one of the Jeeps but he needed time to collect himself. To figure out how to approach what came next.

Sophia was right. Mind, it was hard for him to stay calm. The words of the reporter still bit deep. Died 7th October aged seven weeks and two days. Cherished infant son of Holly. A tiny angel, loved with all my heart. I love that. The change to Munwannay had been almost miraculous, dust turning to verdant green almost overnight. Leaving behind…Adam Andreas Cavanagh. It had to be… But if it was, it was a disaster. With the current scandals rocking the royal family, anything more could cause descent into chaos.

The press knew it and was actively looking for trouble. Holly was trouble. Did she realize she might have the power to bring down the throne? He walked round the final sand-hill before the beach Sophia had said she was on, and he stopped dead. She was lying not ten yards away. She was wearing the bottom of a tiny, crimson bikini. Nothing else. She was lying face down but she was propped up on her elbows, reading, and he could see the generous curve of her lovely breasts.

Her fair curls were tangled down her shoulders. She looked…free, he thought suddenly; free in a way he could never be. And quite extraordinarily beautiful. The knot of anger and tension that had been clenched inside him for weeks dissolved, just like that. It was replaced by a sensation so strong he had to fight to stand in the one spot.

He was here to avert calamitous gossip—not make more. She frantically retied her top, then reached down and grabbed her towel, wrapping it round herself tightly and hanging on to it for dear life.

Her eyes widened and there was suddenly a trace of uncertainty in her eyes. He saw her flinch. The fingers that had been clutching her towel so tightly loosened. It was as if she suddenly had nothing more to protect.

Her gaze met his, steady, unapologetic, but behind the defiance he saw a hurt that ran bone deep. The confused fury that had driven him for the last weeks had unexpectedly weakened.

He said nothing. There was almost perfect stillness around them— the faint lapping of the water on the golden sand but nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing to distract them from this thing that was between them. This awful, immutable truth.

Not a phone call, Andreas. One polite note to my parents thanking them for their hospitality, written on royal letterhead— typed by some palace secretary—and that was it. Of course I did. You were engaged before you came to Australia. But we were kids. I was a teenager, Andreas. He knew it. They both knew it.

Not eighteen. It made all the difference in the world. Suddenly the personal was all that mattered. But I guessed. But then she smiled drearily and shook her head.

How we loved each other and wanted to be together for always. How my parents would cope without me and your father would forgive you eventually. Only there was already a princess, Andreas. Christina was waiting in the wings, and your marriage was meant to help to strengthen international ties.

You talked about defying your father but you never once said you could break your engagement to Christina. It had sounded weak then, too. How Christina, five years older than he, had been raised from childhood to see herself as his wife. Christina would never have looked at another man.

To tell Christina—aged twenty-five—that he no longer intended to marry her, would have been personally devastating to her, as well as politically disastrous. Holly had known it, too. She shivered and her towel dropped. She bent to retrieve it but he was before her, wrapping it round her shoulders, ignoring her involuntary protest. Can you arrange transport back to Australia immediately?

She was turning her back on him? To turn your back on royalty… He could have her put in prison for insubordination. But she was already walking away. He watched her and thought she looked tired.

There was a long, ragged scar running from the back of her knee almost to her ankle. It showed white against her tan. She was simply ignoring him, trudging slowly back to the pavilion. He caught up with her in a few long strides and fell in beside her.

You have no idea what can really hurt. You seduced me once. No one knew. Our neighbours, our friends. No one. He hid it, my father. Our homestead was grand and imposing, and the landholding vast. You know my mother was minor European royalty? She never lost her love of luxury, and my father indulged her.

They both assumed things would come right. My father borrowed and he borrowed and he borrowed. My mother used her connections. You were the first who came. I worked on the farm, but as soon as you arrived I was off duty. I was a young lady. I was free to spend every minute of every day with you if I wanted. And of course it went to my head. I was free for the first time in my life and my parents were pushing me into your arms for all they were worth. Only then I got pregnant and you left and the whole pack of cards came tumbling down.

My father was left with a mountain of debt. My mother simply walked out, and there I was.

The Prince's Captive Wife

And even lovesick, if you must know. You want to hear the story? So I had my baby and I loved him so much he changed my world.

End of story. Story almost over. The hard part done. I got myself a university degree by correspondence so I could teach. Six months ago he died. So what are you planning to do with me now, Andreas? Punish me more? My Adam died. She wiped her face desperately with the back of her hand. He moved towards her but she backed away. Now when her defences were smashed. He even looked like you. He moved then, like a big cat, lunging forward to grasp her shoulders.

She wrenched back but he hauled her in against him and held, whether she wished it or not. He simply held. She was rigid in his grasp, but he could feel her shoulders heaving. The stiffness in her body felt even more pronounced. And then, so suddenly he almost let her go, he felt the tension release. She let her body slump against him. He tugged her into him.

Her face buried into his shoulder and he felt her weep. It lasted thirty seconds at the most. He held her close, the most primeval of emotions coursing through his veins, all to do with protection, desire, possession, and then he felt her stiffen and pull away. This woman would not give in to tears easily, he thought as she hauled herself back from him and swiped her face angrily on her towel.

She did so now. Her eyes, when she finally raised them to meet his, were cold and defiant. They were said with such a harshness that both of them knew it for an inviolate truth. She stared at him for a long moment, and then simply turned her back on him.

I should have told you straight away. And you need to understand. The moment you left my world fell apart. The debt collectors pulled the place apart. They even took Merryweather. She kicked the sand out before her in anger and she trudged on. She and her foal were worth far too much to keep.

My mother walked out, and my father went on a drinking binge that lasted for years. I kept my pregnancy from my father until I was six months gone, and by then you were married. By then my father knew that no amount of child support would save the farm, and I saw no point in destroying your marriage.

I…I was just so tied up with putting one foot after another that I had no time to think of you. I had to keep my father from self-destruction. And maybe there was also depression at play as well. She took a deep breath, forcing the words out as if they still had the capacity to cut her to the heart.

Andreas tried to imagine what that must have been like for her. Holly breastfeeding. Holly sleeping with a baby beside her. Holly as a mother. The mother of his son.

I rang the flying doctor service at six a. They arrived at eight and he died on the plane to the city.

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Back in Europe. Now is that all? Let me go and be done with me. Holly said nothing and Andreas could think of nothing to say. Her story had been flat and truthful and dreadful. Her loneliness appalled him. That was no excuse. For the rest…I knew I was being seduced by a prince and I liked it. Hair like gold filigree, I believe you told me.

Eyes like stars. Maybe he did remember the overblown compliments. Maybe he even remembered his older brothers coaching him.

Heady advice for a young prince to live by. But the words were out before he could stop himself saying them. She gasped. She stopped walking—and then she started again, very fast. Flat out like a lizard drinking. Barmy as a bandicoot. Mad as a cut snake. How soon can I get off this place? With your wife. With your children. Of course. This woman had seen tragedy. The pain in her eyes was replaced by blank acceptance.

She turned away again. Not even very interested. For a moment he came close to wishing that Christina had died, so the sympathy in her face would have stayed. What he saw now was something close to contempt. It was a new sensation for Andreas. Yes, there had been women. Christina had been a faithless wife, finally leaving him for a shipping tycoon.

They were being dredged up now, one after another, he thought bleakly, as the press scrambled to make the royal princes look a bunch of pleasure-seeking womanizers. Culminating in this. An accusation that had the capacity to bring down a throne.

The urgency of the current situation slammed back. Maybe he could. He was wrong. She stood now, facing him, bare of everything but her skimpy bikini. She was only five feet four or so, but she looked much taller. She was all heaving bosom and flashing eyes—and temper to the point of explosion.

But it had to be asked. What was at stake was too important. She was glaring up at him, tugged so close he could feel her breasts beneath the fine linen of his shirt. Her anger was a palpable force, holding them together with fire. It set up a boundary over which Holly would not step. She stared at him for one long, incredulous moment and then she closed her eyes.

She wrenched herself away with a viciousness he could scarcely credit for a woman so small. She slapped his hands away and, unless he was prepared to hold her back with force, he had no option but to let her go. She marched back to the pavilion with her head held high.

She hauled the oak doors wide, marched in and slammed the doors so hard behind her that the ceiling fans in the vast entrance hall wobbled on their bearings. Sophia and Andreas were left staring after her. And staring at each other. He was a prince of the blood. He was here with a mission. Autocratic ancestors might come at will, but they never hung round long enough to be really useful.

So he abandoned himself to the pleasure of his internal lagoon. The pool was a perfect circle, with an island in the centre, set up with lounges, umbrellas, a bar with every drink a man—or woman—would want. He wanted none of them now. He simply swam, circling the pool over and over, his long, lean body cutting through the water with the ease and grace that had come from years of hard physical training.

Swimming was to Andreas a time of something akin to meditation. A time when he could block out everything: the demands of royalty; the problems with a disastrous marriage; even the impending crisis of the missing diamond. Not here. Not now. She was in his thoughts every moment as he circled the pool, and no matter how fast he swam there was no escape.

Now…now it seemed there was a choice again. He had to be disinterested. He had to explain things calmly, setting the future before her in terms she must understand.

But she had a choice. Could he? No, he conceded as he swam. The days of dragging an unwilling bride to the altar were long gone, and shame could no longer be used as an incentive. With Holly at his feet… Holly. He had to get his mind clear. He had to get his arguments in order.


All he could think of was how beautiful she was. The thought was enough to shift his foundations. To make him unsure of who he was in the world. She had to agree to his proposal. The demands of his king. Every apartment in the pavilion looked over the pool. Andreas swam with the ease of a shark circling his prey, she thought uneasily, watching him rounding the island with lazy ease and a speed that looked deceptively easy to obtain. This time she had to use her head. Or further.

He had to marry her? The concept was ridiculous. He was a royal prince. She was broke, a single mother of a dead baby. Her home was half a world away from here. She whirled away from the window, refusing to look at him any longer. His easy good looks, his wicked smile, his domineering personality…they had the power to rip her world apart as it had been ripped apart ten years ago.

She was not the same innocent as she was then. At dinner? She had to stand up to him. On equal terms, she thought, feeling desperate. She was still in her bikini. She had no clothes of her own here, apart from one battered pair of jeans and a tattered shirt. Well, then. She eyed the massive wardrobe with caution. Maybe Andreas had provided her with the weapons she needed.

It would take courage, but then…what did she have to lose? Sophia provided a dinner fit for royalty—when had she not?

It behoved him to step carefully, he thought. There were major decisions to be made tonight. If the child really was yours then a Cinderella wedding is the best we can ask for—a fairy tale to distract from reality.

All that was missing was his bride. No answer. You, on the other hand, are overbearing, arrogant and crazy. Go away, Andreas. He stared at the door in gathering anger. Then he put his shoulder against the wood and pushed.

Damn, this was how they did it in the movies. He tried again, shoving with all his strength. But one last shove…He gathered himself, bunching his muscles in sheer frustration and shoved for all he was worth.

Captive Prince_ Volume One - S.U. Pacat.pdf

The door swung inward, unlatched, free, and he sprawled full length onto the bedroom carpet. He lay, winded. Above him Holly stood looking down, seemingly solicitous. She tugged, he came up too fast and all of a sudden they were way too close. She staggered backwards, his hands came out to steady her and they were closer still. She felt…fabulous. The smell of her was reminiscent of citrus lemon; very faint. And what was she wearing? This was no cringing kidnap victim.Never fear, Holly puts the fear of Australian women into four big men.

She stared at him for a long moment, and then simply turned her back on him. Details if other: Let me go and be done with me. Died 7th October aged seven weeks and two days.

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