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Any Time, Any Place. The Billionaire Builders (Series). Jennifer Probst Author ( ). cover image of The Marriage Bargain. Marriage to a Billionaire has 15 entries in the series. Marriage to a Billionaire ( Series). Jennifer Probst Author (). cover image of The Marriage Bargain. the marriage merger ebook, the marriage merger pdf, the marriage merger doc and the marriage merger epub for the marriage merger read online or the.

She has been hurt in the past and is afraid to love again. She thinks she is frigid as she has never really had a very good sex l I have read the first three in this series but do not remember them being as hot as this one.

She thinks she is frigid as she has never really had a very good sex life. Stayed in Bergamo once or twice — beautiful place … Sawyer … I loved him. Was rooting for him all the way to break down his defenses and let Julietta in.

But he was stubborn. I loved Wolfe also and he deserves his own story in the future. Nice to meet up with characters from previous books. View all 42 comments. Her orderly, structured and non-orgasmic life works just fine for her, thank you very much!

When her sister repeatedly begs her to send out a call to the universe as all her sisters have done via love spell for the right man to come her way, her list forms quickly. A man who can give me orgasms. Not too shabby! Enter Sawyer. Self-made man, friend to the Conte Family and wildly successful. And unabashed manwhore on occasion to boot!

Julietta and Sawyer are already connected via business relationships. Could it ever grow into anything more? This book started off slow for me. Julietta was a tough character to warm up to and I found her formal speech and attitude a little off putting. BUT, and this is a big but, her character made a whole lot of sense to me the more the story progressed.

Sawyer made my heart hurt just a little. There are a couple of things worth mentioning so here goes. An apology?

List Chapter or Page:

Sorry a debt owed to my mother will stick you with a charity case for two years. Especially you. This story was a little bit darker than the rest of the series. Also, if I can ask a favor…Wolfe needs his own story!

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGally in exchange for an honest review. View all 21 comments. In the final installment of the Marriage to a Billionaire series, we have Julietta, the workaholic older sister. She has been prepped since she was very young to take over and run the family business, La Dolce Famiglia, so she takes her work very seriously. Unfortunately, that has let her love life slide and become almost nil.

At her younger sisters urging, she decided to go ahead and do the love spell thinking nothing will come of it.

That is, until she is approached by Sawyer Wells. Well, that's what I felt about the book for the first forty-fifty percent and then things started getting really interesting especially when we started finding out more about Sawyer and his past.

Yep, that's the same guy. Suave, charismatic, and a little rough Sawyer And he sees exactly what Julietta needs and he knows how to give it to her! Julietta is having none of it though. She's been through too much being a woman in the business world that she has become fiercely independent and she likes her control. The problem is that she's over controlled herself and comes off as being frigid. She's at a loss as to where to go from here and unsure if she should let Sawyer in.

Once things get going though Sawyer definitely knows what he is doing! The back and forth business was a bit too much for me Yes, Mama Conte saves the day again I did like that Mama Conte and Sawyer have quite the history. I liked seeing what Mama Conte sees and that it's more than just marrying off her children.

My favorite part of the story hands down is Wolfe! What a great character! When I got done with the book, I just knew there would have to be a story about him and thank goodness, there will be. JP is doing a spin off series called Love Spells.

Per her website, Wolfe's story will be called Searching for Beautiful and is coming out in May Either way, I'm glad his story is coming out and "he" will be the main reason I'll read that series! My second favorite part of the story is when all the family gets together. Unfortunately, not everyone got to make the trip to Italy but enough of them were there to make it enjoyable.

It was exactly what Sawyer Wolfe and Dante? I wish the book would've had more parts about Sawyer's past. I felt like the beginning part took too long and if we would've gotten to the more juicy parts quicker, it would have been a much better read. The McDonald's story was sooo heart breaking and poignant but we never got to read about Julietta hearing it Sawyer and Wolfe's bond and their similar experiences could have been expounded on as well.

Overall, I ended up enjoying it. I think I would have given it 3. Favorite quotes: Your gift to me was—priceless. A love-mob boss. View all 46 comments. He should be the poster board image of what to avoid in teenage pregnancy. The balance between light and dark was just enough to tempt a female to jump over the edge of reason, no matter how hard the recovery from the fall. Fortunately, Julietta despised heights and avoided them at all costs. This was the 4th and what I thought was the darkest installment in the Marriage series.

Julietta is the oldest Conte sister. All her sisters have already found wedded bliss, but she is perfectly happy being He should be the poster board image of what to avoid in teenage pregnancy. All her sisters have already found wedded bliss, but she is perfectly happy being single. She's been burned before, and the last thing she needs is the headache that comes with relationships. Her passion is her business, being the top executive in her family's coprporation, La Dolce Famiglia.

That doesn't meet she's complete straight and narrow, she has her indulgences. She loves clothes, but more than that she's a biker chick I loved her passion for motorcycles. Not often you read about a heroine being a better rider than the hero. After losing a potential deal for expansion, she's struggling with the need to prove to her family that she can handle the business. Her answer comes in the shape of a six plus foot package of long blonde hair, muscles, and male swagger and testosterone dressed in a fancy suit, Sawyer Wells.

He wants to offer her an irresistible offer: Juliette and Wells both feel an almost uncontrollable connection between them, which mostly comes in the shape of lust. But neither is looking to get involved. Julietta is not about to mix business with pleasure.

But she cannot deny that Sawyer's powerful presence and sexy swagger doesn't draw her in. Sawyer is determined to get Julietta to be in his bed, and he's not above playing dirty to get it. Though he is honest about his ultimate intentions. Never have. I believe in passion and lust, honesty and loyalty. But she can only deny Sawyer so long before giving in to what she craves. His eyes blazed fire, oddly, his face seemed to soften with a possessiveness shed never glimpsed before.

You have no choices left - I've taken them all away. I'm about to play with your delectable body, and there's not a damn thing you can do. His childhood was the stuff of nightmares, and he doesn't think that he give any woman what she needs, a relationship or love. He doesn't believe his past will ever allow him to be that.

But he can give Julietta the passion that he thinks has been missing from her life. He is a man that knows what he wants, and how to go after it. He is also a man that likes control, in and out of the boardroom. Julietta and Sawyer indulge in a passionate affair, until a particular kink is thrown in their plan: Mama Conte I swear, the woman is like the friggin Godfather of marriages.

I realize that a book is not meant to be highly realistic, but this whole forced marriage thing simply got old by now. Here we have 2 grown adults, and in comes this little old woman who doesn't think they will ever wise up and see they are meant for each other. So what's one to do? Why force them to get married of course! Why leave thinks to chance?

Or allow them to DATE? Just force them to get married to realize their feelings for each other. I suppose I was just tired of the whole marriage set up trope at this point.

Therefore, this was somewhere between 3. The plot was fairly interesting, and I'd say this was the steamiest book of the series. And I did love Sawyer's character and that he had that darker edge to him. Julietta was a great heroine as well, though she did have her moments where I wanted to smack her too.

ARC courtesy of publisher via netgalley For more reviews visit: Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog View all 23 comments. Instead I learned that: Only billionaires are sexy. It's not enough for a man to make six figures and take you on an all-expense-paid trip to Tahiti. In order to be truly fuckable, he's gotta be able to download a small country.

Three things make a man desirable: It's ok for a woman to be the CEO of something, as long as it's a bakery, and as long as she wears four-inch heels and submits in bed. A good marriage is based on Insta Attraction and control.

They don't actually speak Italian in Milan. I'm utterly flummoxed that people find these kinds of books erotic. It seems impossible, but this is the fourth book in a series, so someone's downloading them and giving them 4 and 5 star ratings.

Of course, people eat at McDonald's too. View all 12 comments. All the Conte siblings are happily married, except Julietta, the sad, lonely workaholic who has been burned by men in the past and has never been sexually fulfilled.

She has imposed a wall around her so that no man could climb it. She runs the family business in Milan. Julietta is approached by Sawyer Wells, to do a bu 4 Merging Stars I know that when I pick up a Jennifer Probst book, I am going to get a fabulous, romantic, sexy, angsty, love story that makes me smile when I get to the last page. Julietta is approached by Sawyer Wells, to do a business deal that will solidify her business and keep it safe.

She would be able to prove herself with this deal but what she didn't expect was that meeting Sawyer would change everything- Odd-she felt that if she crossed the threshold, her life would never be the same. Sawyer and Julietta have an intense sexual attraction. They seduce each other with words and innuendos and then give in to a night of passion that leads to another night. Yet something pulled him to her. Twisted his insides with a raw need to strip her surface bare and make her face who she really was.

The way she responded to his demand that she say his name spoke volumes. She had natural submissive tendencies, which intrigued his dominant side. A crazy lust swirled through his system from the mind-blowing twist of hidden sensuality, cool snarkiness, and razor wit of the woman on his lap. The woman was a mass of contradictions. Bad-ass motorcycle rider. Sweet and domestic in her mama's kitchen. Somewhere, underneath all that proper restraint, lay a hidden temptress dying to escape.

I think what you've been missing is a man who will tell you what to do. What he wants. And how he wants it. If I can't give you an orgasm in one night, I'll leave you alone. In fact, I'll give you an incentive. His childhood was horrible and it has marred him from thinking he is good enough for anyone. He doesn't do love and has told Julietta that fact. As Julietta and Sawyer begin their "one night", their intensity and connection gets to the both of them, the struggle to understand what they could both have with each other if they could break down their walls is unmasked.

They have help from Mama Conte aka Don Corleone I'll make you an offer that you can't refuse. I had to through in a Godfather quote- you must read the book to appreciate my humor and someone that Sawyer has befriended, Wolfe.

Wolfe represents Sawyer's past and a shot of redefining his future. I fell in love with Wolfe- he was such a fragile and tough young man.

All of the Conte family surface in this story and it's wonderful to be able to catch up with them and their lives. The author brought in the entire family and ended the series in a full circle. It was absolutely wonderful!! I must say that I enjoyed Sawyer's struggles and loved how Julietta found the courage to fight for something that she wanted.

I felt their lust, passion, sorrow, admiration, pain and love. I'm gonna go ahead and fill you in on a little secret Julietta is fulfilled sexually over and over and over by Sawyer. I would recommend this entire series if you love a smexy, angsty, wonderful love story with HEAs, you will not be disappointed. View all 36 comments. Jul 11, Kelena rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's a story about fighting the demons of the darkest past, the horrible truth of the life yo "Beautiful things that are underused is a crime" Before I start my review, I just want to say that the real Bad-ass Hero of this whole series was Mama Conte.

It's a story about fighting the demons of the darkest past, the horrible truth of the life you lived once and it hunts you down throughout your lifetime, story of passion that never cease to die no matter how hard to deny it. He was a nine when his parents died and there death set the fate of his life.

He was sent to the foster care under a couple who's being adopting the kids just for the sake of money, and Sawyer's foster father made sure to be the worst foster father ever living on planet earth while beating the hell out of Sawyer. That's the very reason why he became up-closed when it comes to share emotions. Sawyer is opening a new Hotel, his long time dream he's so close to bring it to life and for that he needed 'La Dolce Famiglia' as his business partner.

That's where the new twist came to his life and that twist just blow his mind away! Juleitta Julleita is smart, sassy, sexy, intelligent, ambitious, hell bend to get 'La Dolce Famiglia' to the top of the word! She was always the Daddy's Girl who's from the day one meant to be the anchor of family business after their father died.

It started from a business deal and than the urge one night in Swayer's case if she gave into his pursuance but Julleita wasn't into it no matter how much she felt the pull between them. So they started their relationship as friends.

But our BDSM King wasn't going to let her slip from his hands that easily and for that he set up the proposition for her He know her better than she knows herself. No wonder she had trouble responding She's everything that Swayer was missing in his life and that's what scared him because he's not ready to admit it because he's still fighting with the demons from his past As time passes and the more they spend time together the more Chemistry start buzzing As she stepped into Mama's proposition with Sawyer she get a chance to glimpse in his life more closely and that's where she starting falling for him and she didn't see it coming because the L word was not in her dictionary.

I love you. But Sawyer wasn't ready to give into his feelings and that started causing his relationship with Jullieta. He was afraid that he's not capable of love and he don't deserved a women like Jullietta, he didn't knew that she won't give up on him until her last breath I like Jullietta though I was hoping for little bit more Fire and Spark from her character.

The Marriage Merge is the book that takes you with it on a journey that's full of Love, Compassion, Family Values, Trust, and Hope that it's not hard to find the Love because sometimes it's wandering right next to you and either you ignore it or you are not looking hard enough View all 18 comments.

The Book of Spells was making its magic again! Or is it Momma Conte who is truly responsible for all matchmaking in the Conte family? Both are stubborn, high-strung , and business minded who decided relationships or love for that matter is not in their future.

But of co The Book of Spells was making its magic again! But of course, Ms. Probst had planned other things for them.

I love Julietta and Sawyer. Their commitment to success astounds me. They are both very strong characters who have dark sides to them.

Though this book is not depressing or dark by any means, Ms. She also made them the hottest couple in this series. After reading chapter eight, I was cyber-ly asking for a cigarette. Probst had brought in a little BDSM to the mix. I thought the dominating , and submitting was appropriate to the strong and controlling personalities Julietta and Sawyer have.

It was a great symbolism to the breakdown of walls they had built around them. There were several scenes with Momma Conte that was emotional in means of what her purpose is to this family. Though, this is the last of the series, there will be a spin off which is scheduled to release November of this year. We will see the rest of the Conte family. I do hope to see Wolfe, the teenage boy who lived with Sawyer.

He really made an impression on me. His character was of a nineteen year old , but by the end of this book; Ms. Probst had given him the transition from a teen on his way to man hood. Overall, another great read by Ms. Jennifer Probst. They were gracious enough to answer a few questions but mostly what they thought of how their HEA came about. The Character interview is scheduled to post on August 2, Be sure to pass by to see what they had to say.

View all 5 comments. Jun 12, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: All of Julietta's sisters have found wedded bliss. Julietta has decided that she would rather focus on work and being successful running the family bakery. Her sister encourages Julietta to do the family love spell. Julietta believes this is ridiculous but does it anyway because she is lonely. Sawyer has a past and he is determined to make his future better.

He doesn't let people in. Sawyer has made a life for himself and he is determined to make his hotel chain the most exclusive around. H All of Julietta's sisters have found wedded bliss. He is partnering up with several businesses and he has his sights set on La Dolce Famiglia bakeries.

All he has to do is Convince Julietta to take a chance on him. Julietta instantly recognizes the chemistry between them. She is reluctant to give him a chance to get her in bed.

He is not interested in anything more than a few nights. Julietta knows it is a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. Sawyer can not control himself when he is around Julietta.

This one was just so so for me. It had some good elements: I didn't like how how they ended up together. I won't share as I don't want to spoil it for you I also didn't like that Sawyer and Julietta wouldn't acknowledge their feelings for one another.

The whole marriage thing was a little weird So, originally I was going to give this four stars but after thinking on it a few days I am downgrading it to three stars. It was ok for me, not stellar.


They make choices that seem a little odd in this day and age. View all 6 comments. Feb 10, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it really liked it Shelves: Each one of the instalments so far has been like a little piece of heaven for this HEA addict, and this last instalment of a truly beloved series did not disappoint. In this final book of the series, we finally get to meet the eldest Conte daughter as we watch her find her happily-ever-after.

Julietta has always been the responsible one in the family. While her siblings followed their hearts, she was driven by a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards her family and the family business, La Dolce Famiglia. Her ambition and stubborn determination to leave her mark in an industry where being a woman is her only downfall, Julietta has dedicated her life to making her family proud of her and to continuing a legacy started by her late father.

She carefully controls all aspects of her life, leaving very little time to pursue personal interests. Her few attempts at finding what her siblings all have found — true love — have all ended in disaster, leaving her convinced of being frigid and incapable of feeling true passion.

His private life remains a mystery to even those closest to him, but his evident loyalty to those he cares for precedes him and only adds to the overall mystery of the man behind the impeccable business suit.

When Sawyer approaches Julietta and makes her a once-in-a-lifetime business proposition, Julietta finds herself not only at a professional crossroad, but also at a personal one as well. Her attraction to him is unlike anything she has ever experienced before, raw and uncontrollable, and the object of her attraction appears to have the same primal reaction to her.

For the first time in her life, a man succeeds in awakening her body and making her feel everything. Every touch burns her skin, every kiss curls her toes, every earth-shattering orgasm wrecks her and helps her find the passionate woman hiding inside her. He believes himself incapable of offering love to anyone, especially to a woman as deserving of love as Julietta. This book is in so many ways a bold departure from the previous books in the series. Do everything I say. No talking unless I ask a question.

And absolutely no thinking. I am hoping characters such as Wolfe get their own book one day as I am not quite ready to give up my little guilty pleasure just yet. Ms Probst knows how to make us escape reality, how to ignite our senses, how to make our hearts drop one minute and elate us with happiness then next.

Pure escapism. Pure delight. Pure sizzle. You tore me apart piece by piece, and then put me back together. Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! View 2 comments. Jan 17, Vintage rated it liked it Shelves: Oh my, this is one awesome 5 star, troubled hero in a 3 star book.

Maybe I am being overly critical and cranky, but I don't feel I can go higher than 3 stars. The H is a damaged hero with a tragic past. Yes, it is tragic, but I also think his angst is a little contrived on the author's part, but still.

Where he shines is his yen and care for the heroine. Oh, he is so yummy, alpha and sweet in a BDSM-lite kind of way.

Yes, the fan needs to come out because ay caramba there is some sexiness going on Oh my, this is one awesome 5 star, troubled hero in a 3 star book. Yes, the fan needs to come out because ay caramba there is some sexiness going on. Sadly, I just didn't download the connection between him and the h. She's a buttoned up, honorable h but I didn't get the connection of what drew him to her. View all 4 comments. Aug 05, Jill rated it it was ok Shelves: This book really fell flat for me.

The characters, neither of them did I really like. I couldn't connect with them. I found that I couldn't care less what happened with them. I skim read, I skipped pages, because to be honest I got bored. This is so awful, I know that this is not everyone's response to this book, so maybe this can be put down to my mood etc.

I did push through and I did end up finishing the book, but I had the same lacklustre feelings at t uugh, I hate doing this, but here it is. I did push through and I did end up finishing the book, but I had the same lacklustre feelings at the end that I did in the beginning. My favourite thing about the whole book was Wolfe, his character I liked.

Everything else, not so much. I read the first book in this series and loved it so I know its not the authors writing style because I connected with her back then.

I guess just like people you aren't always going to like all the characters your read. Do not let this get you down Ms Probst, I have liked your others, I am sure this is just me.

Aug 07, Kara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recommended to Kara by: This was my favorite book of the series!! LJ makes everything better! What is better than an easy, sexy, romantic, heartbreaking, loving moments?!?! Sawyer and Julietta.

Mama Conte. They each played a great part in the story and were a very strong cast of characters. Some of my favorites: In all aspects. I've earned it. One day at a time.

I will read them!! View all 10 comments. Another fantastic book in the Marriage to a Billionaire series! I really enjoyed Julietta's story! Loved Sawyer!!! He had a raw edge to him and was scorching hot!!! I also adored Wolfe! I am hoping he gets his own book! I think his book would end up being my favorite! Would she ever get used to that face? But she did. View all 16 comments.

Bibliothèques de Montréal (Biblio Presto)

La tutt'altrochesimpatica signora Conte? Magari con Wolfe, che dite? With a deep breath, she threw the list into the silver bucket and watched it burn. She felt like an idiot for creating a love spell, but she had no options left and little to lose. As the owner of an eclectic bookstore in a trendy upstate New York college town, she figured she was allowed some quirks. Like sending up a prayer to Earth Mother for the perfect man.

Alexa reached over and grabbed the fire extinguisher as the flames leaped. The smoke rose and reminded her of the burnt pizza crust on the bottom of her toaster oven.

She crinkled her nose, shot the spray in the middle of her carpet, and went to hunt up a glass of red wine to celebrate. Her mom would have to sell Tara. Her family home. Alexa grabbed a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and thought about her dilemma. Her bookstore was mortgaged to the hilt. She looked over the Victorian loft apartment and easily calculated there was nothing to sell. Not even on site. She was twenty-seven and probably should live in a stylish condo, with designer clothes and a date every weekend.

Instead, she took in homeless dogs from the local shelter and bought chic scarves to update her outfits. She believed in living in the sunlight, being open to every possibility, and following her heart.

She took a sip of the ruby red wine and acknowledged there was nothing left to do. The doorbell rang. Her mouth fell open. My God, was it him? She looked at her grungy sweat pants and cropped shirt and wondered if she had time to change. She got up to rummage through the closet, but the bell rang again, so she walked over, took a deep breath, and reached for the knob.

Alexa stared at her best friend, Maggie Ryan, and scowled. She waved a hand in the air, flashing cherry red nails, and flopped onto the sofa. What happened here? I thought he was going to attack me.

You stumbled and fell on your ass, and he felt like an idiot. People kiss after a date, Al. She stretched out long legs clad in black leather, and hooked her high-heeled boots over the edge of the battered table.

Why are you gracing me with your presence on a Saturday night? You look good. Wanna come? Why do I have so many hang-ups? To, uh…get a man.

Right and another small problem came up I need to solve, so I combined both my needs into one list. The list has to be specific. She said if you follow the spell, the right man will appear. Alexa tossed her the little fabric-covered book, feeling less like an idiot. Show me your list. Within seconds she held the list triumphantly between bright red fingernails, and licked her lips as if she was about to dive into a lusty romance novel.

Alexa settled on the carpet and slumped over.

Jennifer Probst

Let the humiliation begin. She waved the paper back and forth in the air for dramatic effect. Why was she constantly barraged over her choice of New York teams? I refuse to sleep with a Yankees fan.

Jennifer Probst 38

Very important to the list. Number four: Should I have specified how many in the list? Good one. Number six: Number eight: Alexa watched Maggie read the item again. And I need him fast. You know, like in the movie, Gone with the Wind? Remember how my mom used to joke about needing more cotton to pay the bills?

They have no money, and nowhere else to go. Just like Scarlett. She ripped out her phone and punched in some numbers. Oh, how the mighty had fallen. I think this new item needs to be discussed. But to get the one thing he wanted, he needed a wife. Nick believed in many things. Working hard to accomplish a goal. Controlling anger and resorting to reason when a moment became confrontational. And creating buildings.

Buildings that were solid, yet aesthetically beautiful. Smooth angles and sharp lines blending together. Bricks and concrete and glass attesting to the solidity that people craved in ordinary life. The short moment of wonder when a person looks upon the final creation for the first time. All of these things made sense to him. Nick did not believe in love everlasting, marriage, and family.

These things made no sense, and he had decided not to incorporate such societal themes into his life. Unfortunately, Uncle Earl had changed the rules. He rose from his leather chair, stripped off his navy jacket, striped silk tie, and snowy white shirt. One flick of his wrist unbuckled his belt, and he quickly changed into a pair of gray sweatpants and matching T-shirt. He hit the button on the remote for the MP3 player. The strains of La Traviata filled the room and cleared his head.

He turned on the treadmill and tried not to think of smoking. Even after five years, when the stress kicked up a notch, he longed for a cigarette.

Annoyed at his weakness when the urge hit, he exercised. Running soothed him, especially in his perfectly controlled environment. No loud voices interrupting his concentration, no scorching sunlight, no rocks or gravel impeding his path. He set the panel and began the steady pace that would lead him toward a solution. In the end, one of the only family members he loved had used him as a pawn. Nick shook his head. He should have seen this coming.

Nick wondered why his uncle was surprised. After all, his family should have been an advertisement for birth control. As Nick had drifted in and out of relationships, one thing became clear—all women wanted marriage, and marriage meant messiness.

Fights about emotion. Children tearing them both at the seams, wanting more attention. Needing more space, until the end became the same as every other relationship. With children as the casualties.While parts of his story were tough to read, I fell in love with him even more.

For the first time in her life, a man succeeds in awakening her body and making her feel everything. A woman who does not have a big family. Number four: I just felt for him. You inspired me to be a better person in this lifetime. Her work has been translated in over a dozen countries, sold over a million copies, and was dubbed a "romance phenom" by Kirkus Reviews.

Unfortunately, not everyone got to make the trip to Italy but enough of them were there to make it enjoyable. After losing a potential deal for expansion, she's struggling with the need to prove to her family that she can handle the business. All the secondary characters were big in this, especially Mama Conte, who sees something between them.

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