Dr Hessayon is the world's best-selling horticultural author - his Expert series of gardening books have sold over 53 million copies. He has been honoured by. The House Plant Expert [D.G. Hessayon] on *FREE* shipping on THE houseplant book - great for newbies to houseplant growing. Gen of North. I have had a lifelong passion for house plants and outdoor plants. When I first moved out to California, I took a job at a Nursery where I got a crash course in.

The House Plant Expert Book

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The House Plant Expert book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The House Plant Expert is one of the books in the Expert ser. download The House Plant Expert: The world's best-selling book on house plants ( Expert Books) by Dr. D. G. Hessayon (ISBN: ) from site's. download The House Plant Expert Book 2: Book Two 2Rev Ed by Dr D G Hessayon ( ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free .

Has a key or guide if you will, on how to identify a houseplant.

Very nice pictures. Good information on the various needs of plants. Makes a good reference book.

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Jun 09, Dobby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Excellent reference for indoor plants, with full-color photos and drawings of plants, pests, and what happens when things go wrong. May 12, Yan Sham-Shackleton rated it it was amazing.

Sum up a book in one sentence challenge: I too could grow things. Dec 13, Rebekah rated it really liked it. Dense, but good all-around houseplant manual. As usual, much of the content is a plant glossary. I was surprised by the helpful arrangement tips at the beginning. Dec 30, Tamara rated it it was amazing.

Great reference book with lots of interesting ideas and information. Jan 16, Anna rated it it was amazing. Best general house plant book ever! Mar 23, Blecy Ong rated it really liked it. As we go forward in life, it is good that we have rediscovering some of the easy things that benefit our health without charging an arm and leg for it.

I agree that those plants can capture us by their natural beauty, through their colors and wonderful aroma that they manufacture. The book provides the common name and also the family of every plant, its profit to you and your home and some concepts of the sort of care it wants. This book provides some suggestions to assist you to have a green thumb indoors as well as out!

I really love your book, as it helps me in choosing the right plants to care of.

The House Plant Expert

One of the best books I have come across for identifying plants. Layout is very good, and the book contains useful and easily accessible information about plant care. The fact that I'm not a house plant expert is not the book's fault. Nov 17, Meghan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: New indoor gardeners.

This is a very easy to use book with all the info you really need to learn how to care of your indoor plants. If you only wanted one book on indoor plants, this is what I'd recommend. Also, you can find them used all over the place.

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Mar 13, Yuki Shimmyo rated it really liked it Shelves: Great all-purpose indoor gardening reference. Going on 50 plants in the apt.

I was surprised to find most of Katie's native Australian flora are grown indoors here. If you come across a Grevillea bush, let me know!

Jan 18, Jewel rated it it was amazing. The best way to know what you're plants are telling you. Apr 03, Castalia rated it it was amazing.

Invaluable general resource for houseplants. Nicely organized. Mar 05, Abcdarian rated it really liked it Shelves: The books not only made a huge amount of money, but they literally gave a massive boost to houseplant culture itself. Throughout the 's, 70's, 80's and beyond, Dr Hessayon opened the door for everyone and threw brilliant sunshine or "bright light" as the case may be onto the dark and sometimes mysterious nature of plants.

Suddenly they were easy, could look constantly beautiful and were therefore invited into homes on mass.

Dr D. G. Hessayon

With all this increasing interest in houseplants something else which contributed to Pan Britannica's success was their fertiliser , "Baby Bio", which became one of their most popular products, especially in Britain. The Baby Bio brand followed the Expert books with a colourful and striking appearance, coming in a container shaped like an old fashioned french perfume bottle with a red cap.

Although the company itself was eventually sold, the Baby Bio range is still popular today and is sold by Bayer.

Can Dr Hessayon be considered a hero? Especially to plants, his advice and guidance must have saved many plant lives over the decades. He is also in part responsible for this very website, without him we may not have been so thoroughly entwined into the exciting and sometimes secret world of growing plants. How long does it take? Stock permitting we aim to dispatch your goods within 2 working days of receiving your order.

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The driver will leave a note with the depot contact number. Delivery can be arranged for the next day or a later date.In he received a Guinness World Record Award as 'Britain's best-selling living author of the s'. More Details Return to Book Page.

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I agree that those plants can capture us by their natural beauty, through their colors and wonderful aroma that they manufacture. Seller Inventory P No bells or whistles, just the plants and how to keep them alive and thriving in our homes. Jul 28, Erica rated it liked it Shelves: There are over 51 million copies in print. There are 21 Expert titles in the series which have been enjoyed by gardeners all round the world.

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