Wielding the Sword of Truth, Richard Rahl has battled death itself and come to the defense of the D'Haran people. But now the power-mad Emperor Jagang confronts Richard with a swift and inexorable foe: a mystical plague cutting a deadly swath across the land and slaying thousands. The Sword of Truth series follows Richard Cypher, a young forester intent on tracking down his father's murderer. His quest will take him far. To quench the inferno, he must seek remedy in the wind & To fight it Richard and plague-the magic sealed away for three millennia in the Temple of the Winds.

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Get this from a library! Temple of the winds. [Terry Goodkind] -- Jagang, Emperor of the Imperial Order, has invoked a bound fork prophecy binding Richard and. At Jagang's behest a Sister of the Dark gains access into the fabled Temple of the Winds and has unleashed a plague that sweeps across the. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. A deadly plague sweeps the fantasy world of Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth Book 4) - site edition by Terry .

You are a fortunate man to have a woman of such substance and noble character.

A woman like that only comes along once in a lifetime, and then only if the good spirits smile on you. But really, to Drefan, we are. And then after all this awfulness, we have to deal with Drefan and Kahlan being a key part of the prophecy that is set to save everyone. But more on that later. I suggest that you confine yourself to your room and avoid contact with strangers. Especially prostitutes. The plague is running wild among the prostitutes, more so than among the populace at large.

Learn science. Then punch yourself in the face. Also, like everything to do with the plague, this is just lazy writing.

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Particularly since I just read a plague book that was great Doomsday Book , this felt extra bad to me. The plague never feels like a real threat by itself, only ever in the actions of Richard and Kahlan, who do some truly melodramatic things as a result.

Only ONE character that we care about actually gets sick, so of course she is also the only one to die. She also happens to be a lesbian, who literally dies with a chipmunk eating from her hand.

It also annoys me that this plague is the same as ours.

This is a made up world. That plague could be anything, and he went with something that is from our world which also seems unlikely. Just GUYS. Nadine crosses a HUGE country to marry Richard, who she has not seen in years, and even before that, they barely spoke because of something awful Nadine did, just because this rando told her to.

Especially one with a huge ego!

Reward Yourself

Nadine, you complete idiot. She also continually says things like this to Kahlan: Nadine looked Kahlan in the eye. You even have beautiful green eyes; I just have dumb brown eyes. You must have had men lined up around the palace your whole life, wanting you. You must have had more suitors than most women can even dream of.

You have everything.

You could have your pick of any man in the Midlands. Look, aside from Nadine being the worst, the fact that Goodkind thinks this is what happens between two women who want the same man says a lot about him. Men like Richard are SO DREAMY so we all must lose our minds at the possibility of being with him, ignoring any and all common sense, and behaving like cats fighting in an alleyway over whatever it is cats fight over.

My cat ate her own vomit this morning. Why would an intelligent woman like Kahlan, who is supposedly marrying a man she trusts and loves, give two shits about Nadine? I mean, maybe be annoyed with her and wish she would leave, but treat her like a legitimate threat? No effing way. She tries to snag Richard by seducing his brother, and planning for Richard to catch them.

I did watch the TV show in between reading the last book and this one, and that show has none of the problems the book series does, particularly the sexism and characterization problems.

So maybe the contrast between the TV versions of Richard and Kahlan—who are awesome—and the versions found here is what really brought this to my attention. Or this book just really really sucks, even more than the last three, at being good to these characters. Anyway, this book assassinates both of its lead characters. Kahlan becomes a doormat who dissolves into weeping fits at every provocation, instead of being the strong badass that she was. Richard is rude to everyone, even cruel, tries to control people in the name of keeping them safe, and loses his temper every five seconds.

This was somehow worse. The depth of that disinterest, in that empty smile, in his eyes, was frightening. The only way Kahlan could imagine it being worse would be if such a gaze were directed her way.

That look, so devoid of fervor, if directed at her, would have broken her heart. Unwilling to heed an ancient prophecy, Kahlan raises an army and goes into battle against forces threatening armed insurrection in the Midlands. Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices, a young woman named Lauren seeks to end her intolerable agony.

She at last discovers a way to silence the voices. For everyone else, the torment is about to begin.

Naked Empire — Richard Rahl has been poisoned. Saving an empire from annihilation is the price of the antidote. With the shadow of death looming near, the empire crumbling before the invading hordes, and time running out, Richard is offered not only his own life but the salvation of a people, in exchange for delivering his wife, Kahlan, into bondage to the enemy.

Sword of Truth

The next three novels were written as a trilogy called the Chainfire Trilogy. Chainfire — After being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to discover Kahlan missing. To his disbelief, no one remembers the woman he is frantically trying to find.

Worse, no one believes that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone as never before, he must find the woman he loves more than life itself. Phantom — On the day she awoke remembering nothing but her name, Kahlan Amnell became the most dangerous woman alive. Confessor — Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, those people still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world, while Richard faces the guilt of knowing that he must let it happen.

Alone, he must bear the weight of a sin he dare not confess to the one person he loves and has lost. The Richard and Kahlan series This new series begins where the last novel in the Sword of Truth series ends. The Omen Machine — An accident leads to the discovery of a mysterious machine that has rested hidden deep underground for millennia. The machine awakens to begin issuing a series of increasingly alarming, if minor, omens.

Meanwhile, Richard and Kahlan must defend themselves and their followers from a series of terrifying threats. Warheart — All is lost. Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier. It is the end of everything. Following an inner prompting beyond all reason, the last Confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit, and in so doing, she will change the world forever.

But it was Richard who converted Nicci instead, and for years thereafter she served Richard and Kahlan as one of their closest friends—and one of their most lethal defenders.Doomsday Ultimatum - - Weidenfeld It is the mids. Particularly since I just read a plague book that was great Doomsday Book , this felt extra bad to me.

All they know is its name: The Outdoors. So, seriously, this book was very, very bad. ICE - - Weidenfeld The top brass of Western Intelligence are badly rattled when transatlantic cables are inexplicably and provocatively cut, and Russian and American relations reach freezing-point.

Space, shelter, and protection are what they offer free money? You must have had men lined up around the palace your whole life, wanting you.

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