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Email: hkleung ied. The common form of the Chinese Tangram consists of seven pieces. Although its origin is still rather obscure nowadays, the earliest known publication of Tangram problems can be dated back to at least the very early 19th century. By using the seven basic pieces of the Tangram, one can construct many interesting figures and geometric shapes.

The purpose of this paper is to describe and classify the Ancient Chinese Tangram problems found in the literature. Tangram can be crafted using all types of material, from cardboard to stone and plastic to ivory. The idea is to use the seven pieces to construct interesting figures, such as geometric shapes, animals, characters or human movement, etc.

Since the Ching dynasty , various types of Tangram have been created and become popular in Chinese society.

By Ana Marie R. Nobleza

According to Suen , Tangram has been generalized from seven pieces into a complicated wooden board with fifteen pieces as shown Figure 1b. A Chinese Tangram of seven pieces Figure 1b.

A variant of Tangram The constructed figures by Tangram are normally named after their shapes. However, some of them may not have an appropriate name.

When they have definite connotations, the constructed figure itself can be treated as a kind of language sign or symbol. A series of constructed figures can be used to compose a story and the figures themselves will be the main characters or objects inside. In the diagram below, we can see such kind of examples.

In fact, the figures appeared in Figure 2 have been constructed by Tangram in a primary mathematics lesson in Hong Kong. The students found that the activity is fascinating and good for developing their creative thinking. Figure 2.

Some collected works by using the Chinese Tangram 2. A brief history of Tangram There are several common versions about the origin of Tangram. One version says the word Tangram is originated from the Tang Dynasty of China.

A man called Tang tried to put seven broken pieces of porcelain together invented Tangram accidentally. Therefore, Tangram is also called the Seven-Board of Cunning. However, from the western point of view, the name Tangram is probably originated from the obsolete English word Trangam, which meant a puzzle in the past. Although its origin is still rather obscure nowadays, the earliest known publication of Tangram problems can be dated back to at least the very early nineteenth century.

When they were on the boats, they liked to play the Tangram puzzle. There was a custom of threading a needle with seven eyes on the seventh day of the seventh month, which was supposed to bring lucky to people. However, the earliest known Chinese Tangram book can be dated back to This book consists of two parts, the problem part and the solution part.

A number of figures in the book have the form of Chinese ideograms were reproduced in various puzzle books, without detail explanatory text, but readable and understandable to the Chinese.

Some recent literature research has indicated that the Tangram began in the East before the 18th century and then spread to the west later. It was a popular puzzle in both Europe and America at the beginning of 19th century, and its popularity continues nowadays.

A classification of the Chinese Tangram and its applications in teaching According to Elffers , Tangram can be classified as convex Tangram, grid Tangram and connected Tangram. We shall briefly introduce such classification in this section. In addition, we shall discuss the application of angle sum of polygon, solution of indefinite equation and the use of Picks formula.

We hope our discussions will be found useful to mathematics teachers and educators. For instance, a full moon is convex but a crescent moon is non-convex. A Tangram can be divided into sixteen identical isosceles right-angled triangles, which are called the basic triangles. If the lengths of the shorter sides of a basic triangle are rational numbers, then the length of the hypotenuse will be an irrational number.

Assumed that a convex polygon has n angles, p of these being acute 45o , q obtuse o and r right-angled 90 o , the relationship of p, q, r and n satisfies the following equation. Assumed the area of a basic triangle of the Tangram is 1 square unit. As the convex polygon has an area of 16 basic triangles, it follows that there are exactly 20 convex polygons that can be formed by 16 basic triangles, but only thirteen polygons of twenty convex polygons constructed by using Tangram.

For different numbers of irrational basic triangle side, there are a lot of constructible polygons.Convex Tangrams with convexity number two Therefore, we can find all n-convex Tangrams.

Concept: The proven concept in the timetable remains: authentic listening and reading texts and a variety of exercises based on everyday living language and call out for creative dialogue with the content. This is probably because the puzzle seems easy, you only have to flip, rotate and fit the pieces together to solve the figures given.

Includes a howling husky, penguin, polar bear, arctic fox, walrus and arctic hare. This package contains 60 different tangram puzzles to be recreated by the students. Deutsche Learn 25 April at Have one member of each group select an Algorithm Card without showing it to anyone else.

The printable worksheets offer amus. Journal Prompts: What did you learn today?

Though the existence of tangrams is unrecorded in history, this puzzle has captured the interest of many math puzzlers and even those who are not so mathematically inclined.

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