Tangled Extra Scenes Best Free Books Online Read from your Pc or Mobile. Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled #) is a Romance novel by Emma Chase. Tangled (#1): Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes . # It's a Wonderful Tangled Christ - Emma bestthing.info KB. Dear Bridget, I Want You – Vi Keeland, Penelope bestthing.info . Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled Book # Emma Chase - Tangled Series (7 Books).zip.

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epub electronic book Tied (Tangled, #4) by Emma Chase for iphone, (Tangled #3); · Tied (Tangled #4); · Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled. Also known as:French - Love Game Tangled (Tangled, #1), Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled, #), Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled, #), Twisted ( Tangled. Emma Chase is perfect at writing steamy stories that make you laugh out loud. .. While Drew from Tangled is still my number one, Jake is now right there.

Hugs to all my online friends and bloggers who have loved these characters from the beginning, and have paved the way for so many readers to love them, too. Finally, to my readers—thank you for being a part of the laughter, heartache, and joy of the Tangled series characters.

And thank you for allowing me to share my stories with you. Prologue There are moments in life that you dream about—plan for. You imagine every detail in crisp, vivid color and high- definition sound. And then there are those precious few times—when the reality blows your fantasy out of the fucking water.

Because that devilishly handsome man, in the perfectly fitted Armani tuxedo, standing at the altar of St. Drew Evans. And Katherine Brooks just stepped into the church. Waiting in the back, a stunning vision in white, ready to take her first step down the aisle.

To me. This is a landmark event. But Kate did the impossible. She changed all that—she changed me. I think we can all agree I was pretty frigging awesome before. There were some potholes—mistakes—and misunderstandings worthy of a Greek fucking tragedy. But we made it through those times with our inexhaustible lust, boundless admiration, and everlasting love for one another intact.

That being said, some unexpected developments last weekend could have been a problem. It was. What the hell did you do this time? Just remember: Chapter 1 One week earlier The apartment is silent.

The kind of quiet that can only be found in the predawn hours when the sky is dark and gray. The place has changed since you saw it last.

Take a look around. Sterilized sippy cups lie in wait on a countertop; a green-cushioned, wooden high chair sits in the corner of the kitchen. Framed photographs clutter the walls and shelves. Some are of Kate and me, but most of the captured images are of a dark-haired two-year-old, with brown, soulful eyes and a devilish smile.

Cut to the bedroom. Two bodies writhe on the bed, partially covered by rumpled silk sheets; my hips rotate in long, slow circles. I think the missionary position has gotten a bad rap. It allows the guy to take control— set the pace. To reach all those secret spots that make women moan and dig their fingernails into our shoulder blades. Kind of like Kate is doing right now. My head dips and I grasp one perky nipple with my lips, suctioning hard and flicking with my tongue. Kate arches her back.

Her chin rises and her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Her thighs squeeze harder, her pussy clenches tighter. God bless you, Dr. My hips speed up and change their trajectory, thrusting to and fro in hard, quick strokes.

Our first commandment: Must not have kids then. See, children are beautiful. Irritable, angry little beasts who bear a striking resemblance to gremlins fed after midnight. Self-centered and demanding.

They only care about themselves.

Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled #1.1) by Emma Chase

They want you to pick them up because the view from the crib has gotten old. For all you happy couples out there awaiting the arrival of your own darling little cockblocker? Here it goes: Unlike most defendants, I chose to testify. They had to know what happened.

They had to understand that I couldn't be blamed. That it was all her fault. Where were you last Thursday? I never left my hous 4. I never left my house. How did you spend the day? Well this is going to be embarassing. I planned to wake up early, run on the treadmill for an hour, study case law for my essay and later at evening visit my cousin who celebrated her name day.

But I overslept, ate more candies than I dare count, didn't actually study because I checked Goodreads every 15 minutes, faked illness to avoid the visit and spent the rest of my day on my comfy chair reading Sustained.

Talk about life goals, right? The visual was not necessary. Tell me, why did you choose to spend the evening this way? Many reasons. The main one is named Jake Becker. An intimidating and cocky defense attorney, a coldhearted bastard and control freak that never showed any emotion because he never felt anything.

But when he met Chelsea McQuaid and her orphan nieces and nephews he showed a softer, sweeter side that made my heart dance paso doble and butterflies hosted a disco party in my stomach without my permission.

Witty, delicious, smartass and wicked in bed, Jake melted my heart along with my panties. Oh boy, sweating, steamy Jake with his lickable abs and tattoos and his dirty thoughts made me-what was the question again?

But you don't expect me to believe that your butt imprint is the result of ehem, Jake's hotness alone. No it was team work actually. Sweet and caring Chelsea who sacrificed everything for her family played an important role. And of course her awfully loud but adorable nieces and nephews that made Jake a family man as soon as they started puking and he took care of them.

What you're saying confirms that you are indeed responsible for Social Life's death.

Your Honor, I think- Me: Wait, wait, wait it was not my fault! I couldn't help it, you have to believe me! The actual murderer is Emma Chase! Because her writing erased everything from my brain except the want, no not want, the need to turn the pages! Because Sustained was so much better than Overruled , because she combined tender and sexy and funny in a way that left me craving for more!

The entire book was narrated in Jake's POV and I didn't mind one bit because being inside his head the entire time was so hilarious that I almost peed myself. And snorted. I mean come on, he sang One Direction to a 7-years-old! Jake and Chelsea and the kids stole my heart and since she created them she stole my heart. Last time I checked stealing was illegal so you have to add theft to the charges.

Are you seriously saying that there wasn't even a minor flaw in this book? Actually there was a time towards the end that Jake made the stupidest decision ever and I kept yelling at him but I also found it realistic, because we knew who he was from the start, his fears and his shortcomings. Of course this didn't stop me from desperately wanting to collaborate with the Dark Powers and- Prosecutor: I plead the Fifth!

And this is pretty much how things went on for the rest of the trial. Now it is your turn, dear readers, to determine who is to blame, the evil author who turned Katerina into a puppet, or Katerina for not resisting the temptation? Unfortunately, this was not the last time I dealt with legal troubles and I don't mean studying for my LL. If you want to find out why the Law was not done with me yet, you can click here. View all 65 comments.

Aug 23, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was hilariously funny, sexy, romantic, heart-warming, and kinda badass!

If you love reading stories about heroes and heroines with kids, then this is definitely a must-read recommendation! Jake is the kind of guy who plays by this own rules. As a high powered criminal defence lawyer who can get just about anyone out anything, who is on top of his game, and who lets nothing slow him down, he never attaches any strings to the n As a high powered criminal defence lawyer who can get just about anyone out anything, who is on top of his game, and who lets nothing slow him down, he never attaches any strings to the never ending slew of women who come through his bedroom.

But everything in his life changes when a chance encounter crosses his paths with Chelsea, a twenty-six year old who dropped out of her college life when her brother and wife were killed in a tragic car crash leaving her as the sole guardian of their six young children.


Almost against his own will, Jake found himself drawn into their lives. He couldn't stop thinking about Chelsea, found himself growing attached to the kids with every passing visit, and even though it went against everything he'd planned for in life, suddenly he was attending One Direction concerts, Googling how to change a diaper, arranging a babysitter so he could take Chelsea out on dates I can do this. How hard can it be?

Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled #1.1) pdf epub mobi Download

I carry [the baby] to his room, lay him on the pad on his dresser, and look him in the eyes. Gotta love modern technology… I get the diaper off, get him cleaned up with the wipes. I lift his kicking legs and slide a fresh diaper underneath him.

I glare down at the baby. Ohhhh between the adorable and uproariously comical antics that the kids got into which he subsequently would often bail them out of , the sexy swoon of the building romance, the downright badass lawyering, and the fast-paced story, this book kept me laughing, swooning, and flipping pages like crazy!!

You can read it as a complete standalone novel. Technically this is the second standalone in a series of standalones but you do not have to read the first one first. I read this alone and loved every word!

It was also really nice that despite being a very 'light' read, this book also had quite a lot of depth and character growth too. Both individually and collectively, this unlikely group of characters came a long way over the course of this book and it was pretty heart-melting to see them slowly become a family unit. It's so on point!! It feels like you're literally right in his head!! Heehee, oh and I have to share one more quote from the kids.

Gotta love 'em!! Well, maybe. I reclaim my eye with a jerk of my head.

D This book was definitely one of my favorites of the year. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, light-hearted romance to swoon over and fall in love with! Trust me, this one's a winner!! Standalone Adult romance. View all 19 comments. Aug 17, Christy rated it really liked it.

Sustained is a very funny, feel good, heartwarming read. Emma Chase is perfect at writing steamy stories that make you laugh out loud.

Jake may be my favorite character of hers since Drew. Jake is a defense attorney. They guy who defends the criminals. But one scare makes him want to change his ways and start to date before sleeping with girls. Until Jake comes into the picture. Chelsea and Jake were wonderful together. I loved the build up when it came to their relationship.

That was probably my favorite part of the book. Or… have you considered being a lesbian? I love books with kids in them and Jake with the kids made this story. All Emma Chase fans should check this one out. This is her best work since Tangled. View all 57 comments. Jul 22, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Big price drop: The opening of this book caught my attention.

I was drawn in and wanted to know how the author was going to handle the subject matter. Fortunately for the character that situation resolves early in the book but it leaves him making some lifestyle changes.

Emma Chase knows how to write the male Big price drop: Emma Chase knows how to write the male pov. She gave up her life to keep her six nieces and nephews from becoming orphans after their parents were killed two months prior in a car accident. The overall chemistry between the couple and the six kids kept me captivated. The six kids ranging from baby to teen years had me running the gamut of emotions from heartbreak to laughing. Chase nailed the kids and their mannerisms and behaviors.

This is not the case with these children - each one had a distinctive voice and part in the story. I'm seriously impressed with how entertaining Sustained was from the start to the end. August 25, pre-order order: View all 62 comments. I want her--this fearless, stunning woman. Those perfect, awful, amazing children--whom she loves with every inch of her soul. I want them to be mine. Mine to hold, mine to protect and teach. Their joy, their laughter, their love. I want to come home to it, bask in it, be the reason for it.

But even more than that, I want to deserve them. Emma Chase has another hit series on her hands!! I know some people had issues with book one but that one knocked my socks off!! We met Jake Becker in book one. He was Stanton's roommate and co-worker at the same law firm. Jake is a bonafide ladies man. He doesn't date. He only has casual sex and usually it's never more than two times with the same woman.

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Once the sex is over with, he can't get away fast enough from the women that he brings home. Until he gets the scare of his life from one of his one night stands.

He realizes that casual sex is like playing Russian Roulette, and that maybe he needs to start dating and being a little more particular about who he picks for sexual partners.

Chelsea McQuaid is a young woman who finds herself suddenly the sole guardian of her six young nieces and nephews. Her brother and sister-in-law were recently killed in a fatal car accident.

One of her nephews, Rory, is acting out and becoming a bit of a juvenile delinquent. He tries unsuccessfully to pick pocket Jake. When Jake sees a bit of himself in the kid, he decides not to press charges but to bring him home to his parents.

Instead he comes face to face with Chelsea and he is instantly attracted to her. So you can pretty much guess he is going to form a bond with all the children and vice versa. That there will be many cute moments between Jake and the kids. One of my faves, was when he sings a One Direction song to young Rosaleen to help her sleep.

Also I swooned a bit during the scenes between Jake and his mentor, Judge Atticus Faulkner, who is suffering from advanced Alzheimers. Yes, Jake was pretty perfect for most of the story. I think I didn't fall madly in love with this one because of the heroine. I didn't hate her at all. She just wasn't that special in my opinion. She seemed to be a very dull character. Then I was thinking this book might turn out to be a five star read after all. But, then she went back to being a bit flat for me again.

This lady needed a little more spunk. I didn't think she was good enough for Jake. The story ends perfectly for our couple and for some familiar friends from book one! I also loved that we get the prologue and first chapter of Appealed , Brent's story, at the end of this book. I am so very anxious to get to Brent. I have a feeling it's going to be amazing!!! View all 90 comments. Jake is Washington D. I conveniently left out all those steamy sex scenes keeping them only for myself.

Jake and Chelsea learn how to handle the children and tackle several obstacles including themselves. The story was so very entertaining in the fact my staying up into the early morning hours goes to prove that the storyline delivery was so very well executed. This novel is definitely as enjoyable as Tangled and can be read as a standalone! View all 75 comments. Mar 31, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sustained, the second book in her Legal Briefs series was Perfect because Jake Becker is a criminal defense attorney and likes things organized his way - neat and easy.

He's Mr. No Strings, definitely a playboy and has no shame in admitting it. Chelsea's smart, funny, beautiful and has a huge, caring heart. Even with all the chaos around them, Jake and Chelsea just click. Chelsea and Jake were so real and had my tummy a flutter with all the great feels yet there was also a fragility to their relationship. Jake still had so much to work out and Chelsea's life had dramatically shifted to a place where she doesn't have time for games and uncertainty.

And Jake with the kids was simply adorable.

Oh man, Jake Those perfect, awful, amazing children — whom she loves with every inch of her soul. Absolute tingles of joy, laughs and all over feel good read! Just writing this review makes me want to read it again.

Emma, thanks for another fantastic read! Simply the best! I'm so hooked on these sexy, hot lawyers and really looking forward to Brent's! For more reviews and blog posts. View all 61 comments. The woman is the queen of male POVs and nothing beats her. While Drew from Tangled is still my number one, Jake is now right there alongside with him.

I want to tell you that I liked this book, but that'd be an outright lie. Because I didn't just like it. I fucking loved it. I had the immense pleasure to meet Emma at an author signing earlier last month, and hearing her 5 Stars A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight. I had the immense pleasure to meet Emma at an author signing earlier last month, and hearing her talk about this book alone let me know that I'm in for a heck of a treat.

Because when an author is clearly so passionate about a character and book that her entire face lights up when she talks about it, you just know that it will be transferred to the writing. And you know what? It's so true. The writing and the characters practically leap off the pages at you. It was absolutely fabulous. You don't have to be an asshole. That'd be Jake and he's one of those.

You know the type I'm talking about. The womanizing, successful types that thinks that relationships are for suckers.

But then again you also know what they say about "the bigger they are. Jake was a character that I fell for hard in just the first chapter. The man is a successful defense attorney but there's just something so sardonic about him that he endears you to him straightaway. Criminal defense really isn't so different from proctology.

In both fields, it's one asshole after another. He's the asshole at work and outside of it and he's just fine with that. But then a chance meeting with a woman tilts his entire world on it's axis, especially when the woman's six orphaned nieces and nephews steal his heart right along with her. I have to say that Jake's "manny" relationship with those kids absolutely melted my heart.

It was easily one of my favorite parts of this book. His banter with them never failed to put a goofy smile on my face. I honestly couldn't get enough of it.

Riley, boys your age They're selfish and stupid. It's not their fault; they're just programmed that way- but they're still a lost cause. I think you should stay away from all of them until you're at least I'm not sure if that makes sense but it does in my head. What I mean is, it wasn't ALL romance, but there was just the right amount of it to bring this book from good to absolutely fantastic. There's nothing better for me than to watch the "asshole" fall and fall heard for a woman when he least expects it, and watching Jake fall for Chelsea was perfection.

Now I'm going to make you come. And it's going to be ever bit as fucking good for me as it is for you. Probably better. But at the same time it just worked. I adored these two together. It wasn't instant and I loved the burn of their sexual chemistry until they finally ignited together. Sustained was just one of those laugh-out-loud, feel good romances that I never wanted to end.

It was funny, and sweet, and oh so sexy. It reminded me exactly why I fell in love with Emma Chase's writing and heroes to begin with. In a word, it was perfect. It was everything I've come to expect from this incredibly talented writer and yet so much more. I loved the absolute hell out of it. I can't recommend this book enough. You will fall in love with Jake, you will absolutely fall head over heels for the kids, and you'll adore Jake and Chelsea together.

It's simply impossible not to. Now I'm anxiously awaiting Brent's book in Appealed. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 50 comments.

Jul 10, Geri Reads rated it it was amazing. Her heroes are straight shooters and funny and sometimes a bit inappropriate. But in a good fun way! Jake Becker is one of DC's up and coming defense attorney and a proud bachelor. He doesn't want complication in his professional life and personal life.

Chelsea McQuaid i 4. Chelsea McQuaid is the very definition of complicated. After being named guardian to her 6 nieces and nephews, Chelsea uprooted her life and California to become a full time guardian to her brother's kids. The moment Jake saw Chelsea with her nephews and nieces, his first instinct was to run away.

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But instead, Jake found himself getting tangled up in Chelsea and the kids. It was so adorable how Jake dealt with Chelsea and the kids. No matter how he protests or say to himself that he's not a knight in shining armor and has nothing to give to them, he keeps doing the opposite.

He was there for them and Chelsea. For those readers who don't like kids being featured heavily in their romance books, this book might not be for you because this book is overrun with kids.

All six of them. And Emma Chase captured their personalities so beautifully. From the fights to the tantrums, to trips to the ER--it felt like I was reading my own life. Granted, I don't have six kids but Ms.

Chase was able to capture the chaos of having six kids under one roof. I was torn between laughing and crying at their antics throughout the book. Kids' shenanigans aside, the romance between Chelsea and Jake was delightful in and of itself. It's different from her other pairings because Jake and Chelsea had to sort of take a lot of shortcuts because the circumstances that were out of their control.

But it fit perfectly with the whole book. I loved their banter and their chemistry. For me, Tied was better than the second book, but nothing can compare to Tangled in my eyes. Catching up with our favorite characters was great! Not only did we get more Drew and Kate, but their friends were in a bulk of the book. There were a few misunderstandings, and even a moment where my heart completely dropped- but no true angst or anything like that.

It was exactly the fun and heartwarming story I was hoping for.

Tied was another laugh out loud hilarious story by Emma Chase. She has a real talent for not only writing comedies, but writing from the male point of view.

It feels like Drew is talking to you the entire time, and his mind is a fabulous place to be.She sits and pats the spot next to her.

Twisted by Emma Chase eBook: Book Cover Image jpg: It took some time to convince her otherwise, but turns out I can make a convincing argument when sex is at stake. In fact, it takes a village. Tamed by Emma Chase. But Kate did the impossible: Hard Line - Erin McCarthy. Fractured Love - Ella James.

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