Straight and Crooked Thinking ‖ Page 4. PREFACE. IN any book on this subject , the author has to make the difficult choice between taking his examples of. Straight and Crooked Thinking, first published in and revised in , is a book by Robert References[edit]. ^ Thouless, Robert H (), Straight and Crooked Thinking (PDF), London: Pan Books, retrieved 30 November Straight and Crooked Thinking (PDF file). Out of respect for Mr. Thouless' legatees, I will be happy to pull this file as soon as a new edition.

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perpetuate his name on another new species, and his comments on "aberrations" ! By definition of "aberration" all individuals of Homo sapiens, each and all. This book from or so (PDF) seems chiefly concerned with describing ways thinking can go wrong. The author does not seem to know. Straight and crooked thinking. Members of Gloucester & District U3A were treated to a very interesting lecture on straight and crooked thinking, presented by Ted.

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Straight and Crooked Thinking, by Robert H. Thouless

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Books about bias

Don't have an account? Entomological Society of America members Sign in via society site. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. I recently bought the book hardcover in a bookshop. It refers to the publishers as Hodder and Stoughton, and it is seemingly the 1st edition.

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It also has a preface by Robert H Thouless, dated March Why do so many, not refer to this book as the actual 1st edition. He seemed to have information about law, crime, scenes of crimes and behind the scenes…but yet would never divulge the source of his information.

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We wanted to find out why he acted mysteriously -not answering questions, deliberately making us wonder what he was hiding. Ok, ok, we perhaps over-dramatized the significance of it , but we were very young and it was the early 70s, and he did style himself as a tyrannical, but right, old school, uptight teacher, and as such deserved our scrutiny.

The cops liked it because they could add to their numbers when needed, the politicians liked it because it was no cost for the extra forces- being a volunteer position, and the Reserves themselves liked it, of course, because they were into that kind of action and perhaps the readily available self-aggrandizement. On a planned day- the last one of the semester — with the whole class warned ahead of time, at the regular starting hour, an highly entertaining drama was about to unfold….

He came in , immediately commented on absence of a huge number of people -perhaps he was feeling a bit disrespected or that he had failed in some way, that on the last day of class so many would not show up.. Within a few minutes, the 20 of us in the hall charged in , loudly, in dramatic fashion — sounding like plainclothes police and announce we are taking over the class and putting our instructor on trial.

In the commotion and movement, our instructor was just standing there watching, slightly entertained and at first tickled at the attention…I went over held out my hand for a handshake and slapped a pair of real cuffs on him, just like was I shone how to do, by a reserve who had shown me, and who had lent me the pair.

Before our instructor knew what was happening, I cuffed him to a a chair -he was not happy now — and we set up a jury, judge and lawyers tables. We proceeded to give him a kangaroo court, and the book which he had to swear to tell the truth on, was not a bible…it was Thouless, Straight and Crooked Thinking. To make a longer story shorter… he ended up being quite moved by the attention and our elaborate trial of him, and instead of calling him out as a Policeman, in an obvious surprise conclusion, we named him as the head of a small crime ring, and punished him by compelling him to continue teaching this course.

I have long given away my paperback copy, but I continue to use the those concepts which I still remember almost 4 decades ago…and today, am grateful for the pdf copy which has been posted here, so I can re-read that bible for lovers of logic and rationale, and enjoy it again. Thank you. I bought this book 20 odd years ago and lent it to a friend before I could finish reading it. Despite many entreaties over the years he never did return it and today we live far apart.

I should have borne in mind that old adage: One who lends a book is a fool; and the one who returns it is a greater fool. Thanks for posting straight and crooked thinking. I read a portion of it years ago and have been looking for it ever since.

At the risk of seeming as a shill,????

Great news! Let me know when the new edition comes out and I will pull the PDF. I am working on a new edition at the moment. Hodder have agreed to republish at the end of the year.

Any good current examples of crooked thinking preferably categorised using the list in the appendix would be most welcome. Your site is a gem. All the lists of neglected books and your reviews are now my precious guide for selecting the books to read.

[LINK] "Straight and crooked thinking," by Robert H. Thouless

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Psychology is still a young science and the clearing away from it of emotional words has not gone very far.

You do not currently have access to this article. Here, for example, is a short passage from the opening chapter on the use of emotionally-charged words:. Cite Citation. Sign In.

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