The share price is the price at which a particular share can be bought or sold. The share Do research on the stock market through regular reading of financial . CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW OF STOCK MARKET As the activities on a stock market tend to be specialized and not understood by common people, this. understanding the Different Ways to download and sell stock. The seC's office of Investor A market order is an order to download or sell a stock at the best available price.

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The sooner one starts investing the better. By investing early you allow your investments more time to grow, increases your income, by accumulating the. on the stock market. Over the last few decades, the average person's interest in the stock market has grown exponentially. What was once a toy of the rich has. stocks is called equity capital. Because you can make or lose money through investments, you must determine the amount of money that you can afford to.

Conversely, most people today would feel that riding a horse might be dangerous with a good chance of falling or being bucked off because few people are around horses.

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The idea of perception is important, especially in investing. As you gain more knowledge about investments — for example, how stocks are bought and sold, how much volatility price change is usually present, and the difficulty or ease of liquidating an investment — you are likely to consider stock investments to have less risk than you thought before making your first download.

As a consequence, your anxiety when investing is less intense, even though your risk tolerance remains unchanged because your perception of the risk has evolved. By understanding your risk tolerance , you can avoid those investments which are likely to make you anxious. Generally speaking, you should never own an asset which keeps you from sleeping in the night.

Anxiety stimulates fear which triggers emotional responses rather than logical responses to the stressor. During periods of financial uncertainty, the investor who can retain a cool head and follows an analytical decision process invariably comes out ahead.

In the short-term, the prices of companies reflect the combined emotions of the entire investment community. Stock prices moving contrary to our expectations create tension and insecurity.

Should I sell my position and avoid a loss? Should I keep the stock, hoping that the price will rebound? Should I download more? Even when the stock price has performed as expected, there are questions: Should I take a profit now before the price falls?

Should I keep my position since the price is likely to go higher? Since emotions are the primary driver of your action, it will probably be wrong. When you download a stock, you should have a good reason for doing so and an expectation of what the price will do if the reason is valid. In other words, have an exit strategy before you download the security and execute that strategy unemotionally. Before making your first investment, take the time to learn the basics about the stock market and the individual securities composing the market.

There is an old adage: It is not a stock market, but a market of stocks. Unless you are downloading an exchange traded fund ETF , your focus will be upon individual securities, rather than the market as a whole. There are few times when every stock moves in the same direction; even when the averages fall by points or more, the securities of some companies will go higher in price.

Knowledge and risk tolerance are linked. Experienced investors such as Buffett eschew stock diversification in the confidence that they have performed all of the necessary research to identify and quantify their risk.

Profitability of Contrarian Strategies in the Chinese Stock Market

They are also comfortable that they can identify any potential perils that will endanger their position, and will be able to liquidate their investments before taking a catastrophic loss. The popular way to manage risk is to diversify your exposure.

Prudent investors own stocks of different companies in different industries, sometimes in different countries, with the expectation that a single bad event will not affect all of their holdings or will otherwise affect them to different degrees. Imagine owning stocks in five different companies, each of which you expect to continually grow profits.

Unfortunately, circumstances change. Leverage simply means the use of borrowed money to execute your stock market strategy. It sounds great when the stock moves up, but consider the other side. Leverage is a tool, neither good nor bad. However, it is a tool best used after you gain experience and confidence in your decision-making abilities. Limit your risk when you are starting out to ensure you can profit over the long term.

Equity investments historically have enjoyed a return significantly above other types investments while also proving easy liquidity, total visibility, and active regulation to ensure a level playing field for all.

Investing in the stock market is a great opportunity to build large asset value for those who are willing to be consistent savers, make the necessary investment in time and energy to gain experience, appropriately manage their risk, and are patient, allowing the magic of compounding to work for them.

The younger you begin your investing avocation, the greater the final results — just remember to walk before you begin to run. All Rights Reserved.

Profitability of Contrarian Strategies in the Chinese Stock Market

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Views Shares Share This Article. Dig Deeper. We find evidence of short-term and long-term contrarian profitability in the whole sample period when the estimation and holding horizons are 1 month or longer than 12 months and the annualized return of contrarian portfolios increases with the estimation and holding horizons.

We perform subperiod analysis and find that the long-term contrarian effect is significant in both bullish and bearish states, while the short-term contrarian effect disappears in bullish states. We compare the performance of contrarian portfolios based on different grouping manners in the estimation period and unveil that decile grouping outperforms quintile grouping and tertile grouping, which is more evident and robust in the long run.

Generally, loser portfolios and winner portfolios have positive returns and loser portfolios perform much better than winner portfolios. Both loser and winner portfolios in bullish states perform better than those in the whole sample period. In contrast, loser and winner portfolios have smaller returns in bearish states, in which loser portfolio returns are significant only in the long term and winner portfolio returns become insignificant. These results are robust to the one-month skipping between the estimation and holding periods and for the two stock exchanges.

Our findings show that the Chinese stock market is not efficient in the weak form. These findings also have obvious practical implications for financial practitioners.

Introduction The Efficient Markets Hypothesis is a cornerstone of modern finance [ 1 , 2 ]. However, there is accumulating evidence for the presence of market anomalies, such as the momentum effect and the contrarian effect. The momentum effect describes the empirically observed tendency for rising asset prices to rise further and falling prices to keep falling, while the contrarian effect describes the price reversal phenomenon stating that stocks that perform the best worst in the past tend to reverse to perform well poorly over the subsequent periods.

The momentum and contrarian effects have attracted wide attention in the academic community and in the financial industry as well in the past two decades.

Jegadeesh and Iitman conduct the first research on the momentum effect [ 3 ]. By setting 16 combinations of different estimation and holding horizons, investors would get abnormal returns in the holding period through downloading the best performing stock winner portfolio and selling the worst performing stock loser portfolio in the estimation period.

They find that 15 out of the 16 arbitrage portfolios yield statistically significant returns in the next 3 to 12 months, which also confirms the existence of the intermediate-term momentum effect.

The research on the contrarian effect was initially conducted in Ref. They use monthly data of hundreds of individual stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange from to , and construct the winner portfolio of 35 best performed stocks in the past 3 years and the loser portfolio of 35 worst performed stocks in the past 3 years.

Early investigations of momentum and contrarian effects focused on the US market. These two anomalies have also been found in other markets later. Chan et al. Baytas and Cakici report the presence of a long-term contrarian effect in seven non-US markets [ 8 ]. Hameed and Ting find the price reversal in the Malaysian market [ 9 ].

Kang et al. Naughton et al. Additionally, the momentum and contrarian effects have been discovered in the markets of different financial products.

Grinblatt et al. Asness et al. The research in Ref.

More and more kinds of momentum or contrarian effects were explored in a body of further studies about market anomalies, which in turn partially explained the presence of momentum and contrarian effects. On the basis of price momentum, various factors containing firm-specific information were taken into consideration.

Investors can construct zero-cost arbitrage portfolios in terms of more information and get higher profits.

These factors include firm capitalization [ 3 , 5 ], stock price [ 15 , 16 ], book-to-market ratio [ 17 ], trading volume [ 11 , 18 ], and so on.

Moreover, the assets could be divided into portfolios with different styles according to these firm-specific information factors and the momentum or contrarian effect about style portfolio style investing also attracted wide attention as well [ 19 , 20 ]. Studies on specific industrial sectors unveil that the momentum and contrarian effects can obtain much more profits in industrial sectors [ 21 , 22 ].

Note that the results about the momentum and contrarian effects vary with changing market states [ 23 ] and seasonality [ 24 ].

There are also studies on individual stocks and stock market indexes [ 25 ], which is beyond the scope of this work.

With the increasing importance of China in the world economy, more and more related researches have been carried out on the Chinese stock market.In other words, have an exit strategy before you download the security and execute that strategy unemotionally. The capital you invest The amount of net annual earnings on your capital The number of years or period of your investment.

Unless you are downloading an exchange traded fund ETF , your focus will be upon individual securities, rather than the market as a whole. Betterment , as well other many other robo-advisors, will make sure your investment portfolio stays diversified and balanced over time.

6 Stock Market Investing Tips & Guide for Beginners – Checklist

One feature of this development is disintermediation. On the basis of price momentum, various factors containing firm-specific information were taken into consideration.

However, some well-documented cases are known where it is alleged that there has been considerable slippage in corporate governance on the part of some public companies e. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

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