Safari Gujarati Magazine Apr - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Safari. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for nareshp Safari Gujarati Magazine July Issue No 8 Nov Safari Magazine Gujarati Free Download Pdf - Safari. October 25, AM. October 19, PM.. SAFARI is. Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | January Issue | Views And Posted by: Editor2 January 4, in Gujarati, Magazines Leave a While December issue of Safari (Gujarati Edition) have a .. July 2,

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Issue | Views And Reviews. Posted by: Editor2 July 4, in Gujarati, Magazines Leave a comment Updated: May 20, Safari Magazine – July Issue – Gujarati Edition – Cover Page. The cover page is important to the readers. The editorial of July issue of Safari is a not to miss one. A+ A-. Print Email. SAFARI MAGAZINE IN GUJARATI DOWNLOAD THIS MONTH ISSUE NO. It was relaunched in July Again, after tenth [February Month]. GyanParab E-Magazine March issue Declared. Monday, 11 July Safari Magazine (Gujarati). List of safari Gujarati PDF. Safari - download. Safari - download. Safari - download. Safari - download 3 comments: Naresh Jariwala 10 July at

You can find the analysis for points including the rise of social media, the positive and negative effects of the same to the Blue whale game.

In fact, it gives you a smooth reading ride. My personal suggestion is, you should not miss reading this article.

North Korea and Kim Dynasty: North Korea and South Korea are almost opposite in many aspects, but they were actually segments of the same country! Which situations during the war times lead to the separation of the same, then? Why there is a dictatorship in North Korea.


It is obvious to have these questions. North Korea is in the news for many wrong reasons these days. How this situation arose? And how the Kim Dynasty came to rule it and got the approval of the people of North Korea?

English Edition

And, why they hold so much grudge against America and other such countries? To get the answers we need to explore the history and analyse the political and geographical circumstances that leads to it right?

I found a very detailed article about it in October issue of Safari. While the article tries to analyse the things from the neutral point of view, the author never shies away from using the right and blunt words to explain it.

Also the requirement of using latest OS in ATMs, better encryption and authentication standards, is also talked about in the article. We have read many articles about seeing how the parts of the satellite are carried using bullock-cart by ISRO — India. And, they have predicted it to be a failure!


As of now, ISRO provides the cheapest and most trustable services to many other countries to launch their satellites in the orbit. Well, of course not. This article has the answer.

It also bust the myth and gives information about many other thing involving ISRO. The nature is full of amazements!

The article about Salmon fish is really very informative. This YouTube video will give you more information about Salmon Fish.

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How Marxism, Communism, Leninism took over Russia and how eventually Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin shaped it to what it is now — is explored in quite interesting manner. Usually history is considered as boring subject to go through. But the article is written so well, that you will not realized that you have completed it. For those who follow internet for latest technology related stuffs, some of the stuffs might have already known.

The article however talks in detail about various technologies, the test conducted so far, the prototypes and other aspects. Here are some videos which will help you know more about the technology. We recommend this short article.

If you want to know more about Clouds and Lightening, the fast facts segment summarizes it effectively in 2 pages, with some illustrations. A small yet informative segment.

Hessdalen lights of Norway Hessdalen lights of Norway are vary famous, especially among travelers. Kaushik wrote this article in interesting manner.Editor2 January 4, in Gujarati , Magazines Leave a comment.

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Sports Plus. Well, of course not. And, writing a quality article requires a lot of hard work and efforts.

Web Browser. When we desperately need something, we will find ways to achieve it. But the article is written so well, that you will not realized that you have completed it.

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