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Project Management Interview Questions By Shivprasad Koirala http: This PDF only has questions which can help you to judge what level. Project Management Interview Questions, Koirala is a book written by Shivprasad Koirala that has been designed to assist those who want to take up the role of. PDF's, how about a self owned hard copy. If you want to Some other books by Shivprasad Koirala. C# and ASP. Project management Interview questions.

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Software Architecture interview questions.. Shiv Prasad Koirala Interview Questions.

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Can you explain X bar charts? For instance Activity.. Interview Questions book online at best prices in India on site. Read Project Management: Interview Questions. Shiv Prasad Koirala.

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Are you looking for project management interview questions and. Project management interview questions and answers. Project Management is a rewarding..

Now remember ASP. So once you create the project you will get lot of options, select MVC from the same as shown below.

We will learn more about authentication and authorization later. Lets first get our simple hello world project running and keep complicated things later.

Once you click ok you should see the MVC project created with all necessary files as shown below. Do not get too much confused about the folder and file structure for now. Step 3: Add a New Controller In MVC architecture the first hits comes to controller, which in turn loads the model data and this model data is then sent to the view.

OOPs, .NET and SQL Server Interview Preparation

So the first step is to create the controller. If you see the solution there is a controller folder. The next thing you will see is lot of readymade controller templates.

Now when we add a controller, do not delete the word controller from the file name. So now that we have added controller, lets add view.

NETInterviewQuestions-6thEdition NewBook - .NET Interview...

To add view go to views folder and add view as shown below. Finally you should see controller and views added in the respective folder as shown below.

In the HomePage. Do not get discouraged. This error comes because you have not specified the controller and action name.

On the browser URL type your controller name without the word controller followed by action name as shown below. Step 7: Creating the student model Till now we have not added any model.

Shivprasad Koirala

So let us go ahead and create a simple model by the name students. A model is nothing but a class. So right on models folder and add a class as shown in the below figure. In the model we have created four properties for the class as shown below.For instance Activity.. Want to Read saving….

Can you explain big-bang waterfall model? Prashant Pathak Certified downloader 18 Aug, Just put every one in CC including me some one will definitely answer you.

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