Find the most frequently asked and preferred Pro/Engineer (Pro E) | Creo Elements/Pro Wildfire / / interview questions with answers for written test. + Pro-e Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity? Question2: What are the. Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), REAL TIME CATIA V5 Interview Questions and Answers-CATIA V5.

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Pro/ENGINEER Interview Questions: 1. What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity? reference is a data management . Hello friends, I am supposed to answer a interview for designer post. Please could you help me with the following questions of ProE. The trail file is a record of every menu pick and screen pick and keyboard input during an entire session of pro/engineer. This file can be.

Also you can add mapkeys as icons to toolbar. Object reference is a data management term that has to do with the way one object references another. Geometric associativity has to do with how a parts geometry can be changed from the part or drawing. You should always create a new part or assembly using the copy from option in the new dialog box and copy a start part. This ensures the proper layer setup, saved views, datum planes, parameters, etc.

File erase removes the object from the ram of the computer and file delete removes the object from the disk or hard drive of the computer. File save stores the object in the directory where it was opened from and file backup copies the object to the specified directory using the same name.

After performing a file save as command the current object is not a new object it is the old object. Six common assupmption the sketcher will make are as follows — Horizontal and vertical, equal length lines, equal radius or diameter, co-linearity, 90 and degree arcs, points on the same horizontal or vertical, points on other entities, tangency, symmetry, parallel and perpendicular lines. One-side extrudes only one specified direction from the sketching plane.

Both sides extrudes both sides of the sketching planes. Parametric means driven by parameters. What is the minimum number of surfaces you must remove when adding a shell feature? Why is alignment not always necessary when creating the cross section of a sweep feature? How do you change the tolerance values in the drawing title block? What is the minimum number of sections you must sketch when adding a blend feature?

How do you add a mapkey to a pull-down menu? What text should not be edited in the drawing title block? What does the start point and direction arrow do in a blend feature? What is a reference pattern?

Can a feature be reordered before any of its parents? Name three things about a feature that you can redefine. How do you add color to a model? Name three things about a feature that you can not redefine.

List three reasons to suppress features. Can a feature with children be suppressed? Why would you do this? Explain the difference between insert mode and suppressing features. What is the difference between Move and Move Text? What is a cosmetic thread and why is it used?

How do you get a bill of materials list of the components in an assembly? Can you add motion to a part? Why should you name features? When do you use two equal signs in a relation? When do part relations evaluate? Name four types of parameters.

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Name the four types of tolerance formats? What is a constraint relation? When do you use one equal sign in a relation? How do you create an opposite hand mirror image part? This file also contains user macros which are called mapkeys. This ensures the proper layer setup. A feature is a geometric definition of part of the model. Rounds and chamfers. Horizontal and vertical.

Using default. A construction circle and a sketched center line are used to help define your design intent. The model tree is a graphical representation of the features and or components in the model.

Straight extrudes with straight segments between the sections. A sketch point is used as a construction entity to help constrain a sketch.

When exporting to iges and stl. Smooth extrudes with the best fit arc between three or more sections. The number of turns is the length of the trajectory divided by the pitch. Use utilities. Because the system draws two sketcher centerlines. To create a layout. The tolerances. A blend vertex adds one additional vertex to the sketch. To define an area on the part that is not really a solid feature. Use Utilities. The direction arrow indicates the direction in which the system counts the vertices around the section.

The start point determines where the system starts counting the vertices in the section. Select in the categories panel and then drag the icons to the toolbars.

The new sketcher where the section is always regenerated. Use file new. Change the tolerances in the part which can be displayed using the environment menu under utilities.

Pro-E Interview Questions & Answers

To develop kinematic mechanisms. The feature must have a locating dimension.

Customize Screen. A pattern that follows another pattern.

Pro-E Interview Questions

To simplify the model. Suppress removes features temporarily. Insert mode allows you to add features to the model before existing features and have the existing features move down in the model tree. Everything in the dialog box attributes one-sided. Use info. Use info feature list.

The class solid.

Pro-Engineer interview questions with answers for design engineer – Part 1

Features reference the parents for definition. The protrusion is the child of the sketching plane.

To try different design iterations what-if scenarios. To reduce file size for transfers thru email or floppy disks. Component display is used to show components in an assembly in different display modes. Use view. Pick modify. Enter a name for the new part. Pick component.

Use info bom. The generic is the original model. A cosmetic thread is a special surface feature that is used to define threads in models. When setting equality making one thing equal to another.

Create an assembly without datum planes. When testing for equality. Assemble the part that you want to make a mirror of. Features added to family tables should be named so that when you are looking at the family table you can tell what feature is in the table. At the beginning of regeneration before any features are regenerated. Windows users should also verify there are no configuration files in the root directory c: You ran the wrong trailfile version.

Remove the config. Follow the instructions exactly. Open a command-shell Run: In many situations. Why do I get a trailfile out of sequence error? Is it too old or too new perhaps? This benchmark has been designed to perform on high-end systems as well as lowend systems. The trailfiles in the v4. Try the latest driver of your vendor. Why are my overall results much slower than a comparable system? There can be a number of reasons why your results are too slow. You might be using a license from a license server over a slow connection.

The v4. First start with the solutions entered above Why do I get a trailfile out of sequence error? Other reasons might be. You might be running the benchmark on a networked drive. In order to make the test runable on the low-end systems the benchmark had to be carefull not to use any graphcis task which was too graphics intensive.

I tend to leave those options off as much as possible.

So take my advice and leave those edges off … Thank you. The most common reason is a configuration issue. This makes the trailfile crash. You could be using a different OS version with different patches or service packs or graphics driver. Pro-E Interview Questions and Answers. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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Basic Pro-e Ques and Answer

Sam Samzz. Kaviya Gopalakrishnan. A Review on: Priyanka Wankhede. Asdrubal Antonio Gonzalez Diaz. Ahmet Tosun. List of Nobel Laureates by University Affiliation.

Narayana Swamy Ramaiah. Ifan Fadlina. Aurangzeb Khan. Ashutosh Telrandhe. Fadlul Akbar Herfianto. Maman Afzal. EP Nexus.Maya 3D Practice Tests. Parametric means driven by parameters. A dimension from the model. Use modify, make independent. Why Should You Comment Relations? Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Related. The start point determines where the system starts counting the vertices in the section.

The second is in drawing mode under detail, used to clip dimension leaders. Modeling means creating computer images coupled with geometric information defining a part or assembly.

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