"Mad Genius" Mike Caro leans on the poker table during one of six tells photo employees contributed to the making of the original Mike Caro' s Book of TellsP. Caro's Book of Poker Tells - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or CARDOZA PUBLISHING • MIKE CARO USING MCU POKER CHARTS. Mike Caro is a poker player, consultant, theorist and author. His law of poker tells are the best guidelines on how to use tells to win in poker.

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年9月3日 Mike Caro – Book of Poker Tells(Poker Books PDF free download) One of the ten greatest books written on poker, this must-have book. Caro's Book of Poker Tells - site edition by Mike Caro. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. tells joe navarro some poker tells crossword poker tells mike caro pdf download poker tells livre tells poker livre poker tells quiz joe navarro poker tells book.

These new play-by-play examples were added selectively throughout and add significant value because of the provided guidance on how to actually use tells.


These charts are designed to be read from left to right and top to bottom, just like you're reading this book. Actions take place in sequence. So, wherever you see a wager, a fold, or cards appearing, that's when it happened.

Everything in the chart that appears earlier — reading left to right, top to bottom — happened earlier. Everything that appears later — reading left to right, top to bottom — happened later.

For your convenience, each MCU Poker Chart has a legend at the bottom, briefly explaining how to interpret it, in case you forget. We'll use three flavors of MCU Poker Charts in this book — one each for hold 'em, seven-card stud, and draw poker.

On the next pages are examples of each of these charts, beginning with hold 'em. At the top, you see what kind of game we're playing and the betting structure. On the next row, you see the seat numbers.

Often, we will expose the facedown cards for this hand and not for the others until later in the strategy discussion. Private, hidden cards have a line beneath underline to differentiate them from exposed cards. Below the seat numbers is the starting hands row.

You can see that this is a full table, because everyone received cards. We're in seat 1, so we see only those cards.

After the starting arrow, you see a dash — , meaning the player folded. You can always look upward from the bottom in any column. Where you see the dash, that's where the player exited the pot. You see nothing in the betting round columns beneath that fold indicator.

Seats 7, 8, 9, and 10 also fold note the dashes. Now we skip down to the next line just like reading a book, remember, left to right, top to bottom.

The rest of the action in this betting round, I'm sure you can follow. The cumulative size of the pot at the end of the betting round is shown last in the rightmost column.

The pot size, after the betting, is provided for every betting round. God it is a slow process, or I am slow at being aware.

I started with tells on beginners but they soon tighten up. Next on betting patterns. It is a book that is useful to refer back to as your skills pick up.

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Poker is positional and of few situations in a typical evenin As with all Poker books you read it and understand it. Poker is positional and of few situations in a typical evening. As your game improves there are more situations for you to exploit. I fully grasp each of Caro's tells. The pictures were helpful in that regard.

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The entire book can basically be summarized by Caro's 25 Laws of Tells, so there was some overlap with the tells.Tells - needs to be integrated into overall poker probabilities Health warning: Click here to learn more Read more from Upswing Poker:. Biting lips is another.

Here's the explanation. Whereas other books tend to cover the math and the general play strategy of the game, Caro's text covers the psychological aspects of poker.

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