Viola and Barna dedicated Pagan Christianity “to exposing the traditions Frank Viola, an active church planter, has written several books that. Pagan Christianity? looks at our major church traditions and documents when and exploring the roots of our church practices / Frank Viola and. George Barna. Listed below are some links to additional Pagan Christianity? web pages, some of Frank Viola's ministry sites and a brief bio. George Barna's website is also.

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Millions of Christians throughout the world are leaving the old Y pagan christianity? . Frank Viola, spent many years laboriously tracking down the hist orical. Frank Viola, an active church planter, of its sacredness. has written several books PAGAN CHRISTIANITY: EXPLORING THE What makes their critique of the. In Pagan Christianity? house church leader Frank Viola, along with respected pollster and author George Barna, addresses these provocative questions with.

Viola and Barna believe that book will help bring about a new reformation to the church. Unfortunately, the reformation the emergents are bringing about is not a reformation from God.

This book is a perfect example of that. They tell us that it takes courage, not because of what the books says but because of what a Christian must do after he or she reads it p.

Meeting in a building for church 2.

Listening to a sermon 3. Having a pastor 4. Paying that pastor a salary 5.

Sunday School lessons 6. Sitting in a pew or balcony 7.

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Using a pulpit 8. Using some sort of order to the church service, which includes taking an offering, having communion, giving announcements, and singing songs of worship.

Dressing up for church Having a choir Altar call How many of these activities are you guilty of? Did you go to church last Sunday?

Pagan Christianity: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices (Chapter 1)

George Barna George Barna received a doctorate from Dallas Baptist University, worked in the Massachusetts state legislature and as a pollster and a campaign manager. George and his wife, Nancy, founded the Barna Research Group in In , he re-engineered the for-profit corporation into The Barna Group, of which he is the Directing Leader. The firm analyzes American culture and creates resources and experiences designed to facilitate moral and spiritual transformation.

Located in Ventura, California, The Barna Group provides primary research through its Barna Research Group division ; musical, visual and digital media through BarnaFilms ; printed resources BarnaBooks ; spiritual and leadership development for young people The Josiah Corps ; and church enhancement Transformational Church Network. His most recent books include Revolutionary Parenting and Pagan Christianity?

The Barna Research division has served several hundred parachurch ministries and thousands of Christian churches throughout the country. We've taken the mystery of Christ and turned it into a set of rules and we've made God boring. In this book, the authors have documented, with meticulous footnotes, how Christianity has devolved from a living organic presence headed by the living Lord Jesus Christ where each of us is a participant into the 'stageshow' my words that we call Church today where most of us are simply an 'audience'.

This book is a must read for anyone who can see the problems and limitations of what we call 'Church' and a must avoid for anyone who has turned Church into an idol. Did you find this review helpful?

Frank Viola ( - )

Yes or No Review quoted from Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour By Shannon de Bie, May 09 Pagan Christianity documents specific areas where contemporary church life violates biblical principals. Whether you agree with all the conclusions the authors draw or not, you will have no argument with their documentation.

It is a scholarly work with an explosive conclusion. Particularly for those of us in the modern cell-church movement, this is a valuable tool to force rethinking the meaning of the word ecclesia.

In a race to tar and feather everything different to his idea of a home church, Frank Viola discounts the work of nearly every church reformer Luther, Wesley, Finney, Moody et el , dismisses the gifts of the Spirit as 'emotionalism' p72 , and implies that the 's revivalist movement was ethically bankrupt p Viola criticizes and belittles almost every aspect of the organisational church from church architecture to youth pastors.

The arguments put forward are generally very superficial with little or no biblical support. The current church is accused of a cut-and-paste theology while Viola himself uses Colossians , p as part of a long-winded argument against a paid clergy p The missing verse, Colossians makes it clear that this section of scripture does not have Viola's intended meaning.

Viola also makes extensive references to his other works eg p, , , and many others as appeals to the authority of his opinion and even quotes pages of this other work verbatim eg pp Just because you write it twice or put it in the footnotes doesn't make it more true.

Viola completely misses the point that superficiality, legalism, hypocrisy and elitism are just at happy in jeans and a tee shirt as in a suit behind a pulpit, on a podium. It is not the clothes on your back or where you worship, but what is in 19 of 30 people found this review helpful.Several of his books have received national awards, and his works have been translated into more than a dozen foreign languages.

Nothing could be more important in our day.

It sure did for me. And that same reader may never be the same again. My guess is that it will anger some readers and thrill others. Of course, of such religious overhead.

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