This is our Magazines section that we have developed very recently. We encourage and request the editors/proprietors of Odia magazines to make their. Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. was founded in July by the eminent educationist & noted social entrepreneur Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the Founder, KIIT group of. It is the first monthly family magazine of Orissa, published by Kadambinee Media Pvt Ltd. It is the monthly internet based online Oriya magazine of Orissa. It promotes odia literature which includes History of Odisha, Scientific views on Hindu epics, Odia Short Stories, Odia.

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Katha is the Online Odia/Oriya Magazine promoting Odia Literature which includes History of Odisha, Scientific views on Hindu epics, Odia Short Stories, Odia. List of Oriya magazines featuring fashion, movies, sports, entertainments, music, education, travel, and events. A monthly magazine for the young Odia readers. Broad contents and eye catching layouts in the magazine are designed to inform and educate.

Apart from covering daily sports news, it publishes a weekly sports special with detailed information that include field and track events. It carried a new genre of business news when the idea was yet to dawn on other newspapers in Odisha. Elephant, the largest land mammal, is in the middle of a crisis. The man-elephant conflict has come up as a major issue in Odisha. The number of elephant deaths is increasing alarmingly.

This campaign has sought universal participation. It cannot be overstressed that renowned elephant experts such as Prof Raman Sukumar had helped launch this movement. Dharitri has opened a new chapter on the issue of elephant protection in the country and has been diligently carrying regular news and features on this theme.

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Any discussion on Odia life and culture is futile without a word on Lord Jagannath. Since its inception, Dharitri has been featuring news, articles and special pages on Jagannath culture, rituals, festivals and services of the deities. Last but not least, Dharitri, known for its gritty and intrepid editorials, has been highly appreciated by readers for its unmatched courage to speak the truth regardless of whose feathers are ruffled.

In fact, Dharitri has been providing wind to its sails of progressive ideology unprejudiced by age old biases. Dissertation presentation ppt how to startups essay badhiya gana video mein hd odia, free example of a business plan layout essay video gana filmi dj mein remix essay video gana rajasthani geet hd essay in kannada about water eagle essay on the great depression in australia.

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A number of monthly, fortnightly, and weekly Oriya magazines, e. Literary creations of that period are replete with such sentiments and activities. Continuing the extension of the Anglicist model to Bengali, Bengali enthusiasts started to promote the Bengali language in the neighbouring divisions like Orissa and Assam. Noting the fact that both Bengali and Oriya were used as media in the schools of Orissa in —, Umacharan Haldar and Harrison, Deputy Inspector and Inspector of Schools, respectively, made a recommendation to make Bengali the sole medium of instruction in Orissan schools.

There was hardly any rainfall in Orissa in the second half of , some 20 inches in the Puri district from June to November compared to the average of over 66 inches in a normal year Samantaray, 14 The effect of the drought was exacerbated by government apathy and inaction. The Commissioner of Orissa, Mr. The Famine Commission of confirmed that the local junior officials, many of them Bengalis, failed to take any measures before May when it was discovered that the markets were empty Senapati, 17— Finally on March 28, the Commissioner sent a telegram reporting a shortage of food for the army garrisoned in Orissa.

By the time the Board of Revenue started sending grain to Orissa, the rainy season had already set in, so the food could not reach its destination. In the next six months, more than a million people died.

Evidence of Oriya distress and active resentment is provided by the appearance that year of Utkala Dipika, the first Oriya weekly newspaper, under the editorship of Gaurishankar Ray. The famine occurred, it was noted, just fifty years after the Paik Rebellion in The paper was the focus of the movement to claim full rights for the Oriya language.

A zamindar is an officially recognized land owner. The Magistrate of Cuttack wrote in that there was not a single Oriya in Cuttack whose salary was more than ten rupees, whereas there were many Bengalis and Muslims with such a salary.

Forty years later in , there were only seven Oriya teachers; they earned salaries of fifteen rupees or more. Since Oriyas had avoided schooling out of concern for religious conversion, there were few with education, and so Bengalis were appointed as teachers not just in the high schools of major towns like Cuttack, Puri, and Balasore, but even in more remote places like Charchika, Angul, Bhadrakh, and Jajpur.

This was a direct breach of the rule that was stated by the current Commissioner of Orissa, A. Mills, in his report of January 23, , namely that only natives should be appointed to government positions and that any appointment of an outsider must be justified by the Commissioner. This problem was mentioned and criticised time and again. In , in a letter to the Director of Public Instruction dated November 8, the Officiating Secretary of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal stated that the attitude of the Bengali teachers and educated clerks working in Orissa was to ignore the language of the people.

Some British officials supported this approach, believing it was going to save the government a lot of money and energy needed to prepare Oriya textbooks.

In addition, from the begin- ning of the 19th century, many predominantly monolingual British agreed with Lauri that learning more languages caused more cognitive disadvantages than advantages. Bengalis working in Orissa benefited in two ways from an anti-Oriya policy. First, like their Anglicist British superiors, they were spared from having to learn another language. Second, by disrupting Oriya textbook production, they were ensuring that Bengali textbooks would sell better.

Third, by blocking the use of Oriya as a medium, they were reducing the possibility that native Oriyas would compete for their jobs. It was a non-government organization named the School Book Society, originally established in Calcutta in , that was asked by the Govern- ment of Bengal to publish a few books in Oriya between and Educated Oriyas raised their voice against the discrimination.

Other funding was found. With this incentive, a number of people wrote textbooks. The Utkala Dipika published an article in criticizing the procedure followed by the Calcutta School Book Society to select books for payment of royalty. After the Government of Bengal budgeted rupees in August, , for textbooks in both Bengali and Oriya, the newspaper asked about details of how payment to authors would be made Samantaray, — A number of lower-primary schools were estab- lished around after which many authors started using their own money to print textbooks.

By then, publication of books had become profit- able and many prominent citizens of that time like Baikunthanath De, zamindar of Balasore, and Sitanath Ray, brother of Radhanath Ray, were also involved. The widening of the base for the use of Oriya textbooks in the Orissa schools obviously began to have a detrimental effect on the Bengali textbook business.

The other members were W.

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Senapati 52 has mentioned that he received rupees from the School Inspector and another rupees from Commissioner Ravenshaw as incentive for his Bharatabarsara itihasa, and it was not liked by the Bengalis.

Senapati 27 reported that out of the seven members of the Committee of the Barabati School, six were Bengalis. Table 1, taken from the report of the Principal of Hoogly College between and , shows the ethnic distribution in the three cities Samantaray, Rangalal Bandyopadhyay, then Deputy Magistrate and a famous Bengali poet, became its first President.

The goal of the society was to promote the Oriya language by publishing the important texts of ancient Oriya literature. The Bengali reaction came quickly. On a visit to Orissa in December , the distinguished indologist, Rajendralal Mitra, took part in a discus- sion at the Cuttack Debating Club.

His argument for the choice of Bengali over Oriya was reported in the Utkala Dipika: Any well-wisher of Utkal will first introduce Bengali and replace Oriya. As per the Famine Commissioner the total population of Utkal is twenty lakhs now. If we discount the women and the children, it is possible that only ten to twelve lakh people know to read and write. But can this small number of people maintain a language? Nobody can be successful in writing new books here.

Bengal is a vast country and it has progressed so much because its population is large. The most categorical rejection of all these came from Beames who stated: Most of this chain of arguments is purely political and may therefore be very briefly dismissed by the following remarks.

If Oriya is to be suppressed because it is only spoken by a few millions of people, it might also be urged that Dutch, or Danish, or Portuguese, should be obliterated also. Basque should also be stamped out, and the same argument would apply to Romaic or Modern Greek, and would justify the Russians in trying to eradicate Polish or the Austrians in annihilating Czech. Beames, — Mitra was talking about prescribing Bengali textbooks in Orissa schools, and his remarks sparked a bitter war of words between the supporters of the Oriya language and those of the Bengali language on the pages of Utkala Dipika and Utkala Hitaisini.

The sudden appearance of these two papers indicates that the Bengalis were becoming active to protect their interests; Rajendralal Mitra probably played a pivotal role.

The dispute heated up when Umacharan Haldar, the Deputy Inspector of Schools, added fuel by publishing an article in the Cuttack Star in the first week of July , in which he argued that Oriya should be written in Bengali script.

The very next day, an anonymous article in Utkala Dipika strongly criti- cised Mukhopadhyay, calling him a sheep a reference to his MA degree. The Magistrate acquitted Ray on August 4, , recognising the fact that the conflict between the Oriyas and the Bengalis was behind it.

Atkinson, Director of the Department of Education, Government of Bengal, also supported using Bengali as a way of saving money.

Lacey to consider, select, and publish textbooks in Oriya. The Lieutenant Governor of the Presidency issued an order in , which was in favour of Oriya: In the Cuttack High School, and in the two zilla18 schools in the Orissa Province, to leave it to the option of the students to learn either Bengali or Uriya, or, the Lt.

Governor would add, both. In the middle class anglo-vernacular schools to teach all subjects in Oriya — the literature of Orissa being taught as far as it extends: English would of course be taught and Bengali optional. In the Middle class Vernacular schools until the Uriya language has a fair literature, that Bengali should be taught as a language; and in the lower Vernacular schools to teach Uriya only.

Noted writers and scholars of that time, both Indian and British, like Bhudeb Mukhopadhyay and John Beames severely criticised it. On the other hand, the claim that Oriya was a separate and independent language was based on that variety that was used by the people of Orissa.

ସାଇ ସାତଚରିତ୍ର

Thus, both groups referred to two different varieties of Oriya to substantiate their arguments, a fact that does not seem to have been understood at the time. The Bigyapan advertisement of the booklet opens: The Bengali language is not used in Orissa any more. Whether school or court, everywhere the Oriya language is written and spoken.

The Bengali language was used in all these places until the Government schools were established. Now as per the notification of the Honourable Commissioner, Bengali has been abolished and Oriya has been introduced. Year English Bengali Oriya language language language 46, 55, 38, 51, 90 46, 46, 15 50, 53, 4 46, 62, 35 46, 57, 3, 57, 59, 4, 70, 76, 5, 68, 83, 12, 89, 96, 21, 78, 1,20, 21, 1,01, 1,21, 14, 1,01, 1,24, 1, changes, but encouraged Bhattacharya to publish it.

It served its imme- diate purpose, displaying statistics about the sale of books by the Calcutta School Book Society Samantaray, A. As shown in Table 2, while the sale of Bengali books rose, the sale of Oriya books drastically fell between and In , there was a reduction of There is little doubt that this drop in the sale of Oriya books after was a result of the Bengali textbook campaigns orchestrated by Rajendralal Mitra.

For both these magazines, the publisher was the Vernacular Literature Committee later Society , which was sponsored by the Education Depart- ment of the Government of Bengal as an auxiliary of the Calcutta School Book Society.

The tie between Mitra and the Society is clear.

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In addition, besides being a reputed indologist, Mitra was also a writer of textbooks such as Prakritik bhugol , Byakaran prabesh , Mancitra — , etc. It was quite natural for him to make efforts to extend his textbook market to Orissa. The same map was subsequently translated into Uriya, but even the School Book Society could not venture to undertake it on their own account and the Government at last had to advance, I think, some two or three thousand rupees to help the publication.

The map, however, fell still-born from the press and almost the whole edition is, I believe, now rotting in the godown of its publisher. Let but the Government introduce the Bengali language in the schools of Orissa, and the Oriyas, instead of seeking grant- in-aid from Government and private individuals for occasionally bringing out solitary new books, will have the whole of our Bengali publications at their disposal without any cost. It can clearly be seen that royalty from the textbooks played an important role in the Oriya Language Movement.

It will be interesting to study the Assamese situation in conjunction with that of Oriya.Gopal, — The dominant Orientalist position was to use and develop the vernacular languages. Eliot and published a co-authored poetry book Nutan Kabita. It cannot be overstressed that renowned elephant experts such as Prof Raman Sukumar had helped launch this movement.

The Editor. Adhuinka was conceived, initiated, edited, published and nurtured by Bhagabati Charan Panigrahi and Ananta Patnaik.

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