Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This bestselling Indian import feels more like a One Night @ the Call Center by [Bhagat, Chetan]. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This bestselling Indian import feels more like a One Night at the Call Center: A Novel by [Bhagat, Chetan]. know 'All right, she said, 'It is a story about six people in a call center as one night. ' One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Pages·· MB·,

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has totally crashed Six friends work nights at a call center in. One Night at the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat. Read an download the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes & . Tonight is Thanksgiving in America, and customers are queueing up to complain about white goods going wrong. On this night of a thousand phonecalls, when. Six friends work nights at a call center in India, providing technical support for a Chetan Bhagat's delicious romantic comedy takes us inside the world of the.

And Chandigarh is not a small town, it is a unionterritory and the administrative capital of two states. I think Priyanka is just jealous. All non-hot girls arejealous of the hot ones. Some girl in HR won that. However, everyone calls him Vroom because of his love foranything on wheels. He was sitting on hisbike, waiting for us. Hewore black jeans and trekking shows that made his thin legs look extra long. His dark blue sweatshirt had the Ferrari horse logo on it. Dragging the bike he came and stood next to me.

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I need to get it out of me with a fast ride. Dad called. He argued with mom for two hours. Why did theyseparate? He preferred banging his secretary to being with his family, so Vroom andhis mother now lived without him. Just lay in bed all day and now I feel sick. I turned around. Thedriver looked at me with a puzzled expression. I shrugged my shoulders. I was not leaving the cozyQualis to go anywhere.

Vroom bent over to greet the driver. The driver took one. Vroom signaled him to keep thewhole pack. Right now I need to fly. Any news on Connexions? Anything happening? Apart from the dark circles around her eyes, you would say Radhika waspretty. She had high cheekbones and her fair skin went well with her wispyeyebrows and soot-black eyes.

Her sleep-deprived face still looked nice. This was different apparel from the jeans and skirts Radhika preferredbefore her marriage. Will dig for stuff today but I think Bakshi will screw us all. Hey Shyam, the website manual is all done by the way. It was9. However, I was worried as Shefalifinished her shift and left by Fortunately, Priyanka was standing at her pick-up point when wereached her place. She carried a large, white plastic bag apart from her usual gianthandbag. I pretended not to hear.

It is strange, but even since we broke up, I findit difficult to talk to her.

Even though I must think of her thirty times a day. She adjusted her dupatta around her neck. The forestgreen salwar kameez she was wearing was new, I noticed.

The colors suitedher light brown skin. I looked at her nose and her nostrils that flared up everytime she was upset. I swear tiny flames appeared in them when she was mad. I wondered if Bakshi would finally promote me after he sawmy website manual tonight. She had to know everything all thetime. Shopping again, eh? This is something I will never understand about her. Priyanka hasbitched fifty times about Esha to me, yet when they are with each other, theybehave like long-lost sisters.

I wishedVroom was in the Qualis too. He is the only person in my team I can claim as afriend. At twenty-two he is four years younger than I am, but I will find iteasiest to talk to him.

I am certainly not good looking: Beep Beep. Where r u my eddy teddy? Come soon-curly wurly It was Shefali.

She is into cheesy nicknames these days. I replied to theSMS.

More titters followed. The Qualis was still on theNH8, at the entrance to Gurgaon. We were ten minutes away fromConnexions. We will still make it by Inderjeet dhabha on NH8 was famous for its all-nighttea and snacks among truck drivers.

Driver Ji asked saved us twenty minutes in the laststretch. The driver slowed the Qualis near Inderjeet dhabha and parked it nearthe counter. Theyguffawed again.

Military Uncle and the driver followed us. Inderjeet dhabha had angithis next to each table. I smelled hotparanthas, but did not order as it was getting late. The driver arranged plasticchairs for us.

When we were in college together, Priyanka used to make cardamomtea for me in her hostel room. Her taste in men might have changed, butobviously not her taste in beverages. The tea arrived in three minutes. I turned away. She raised her top to expose a flat midriff—on which there was a newborn ring. I suspect he was neveryoung, was just born straight forty years old. A navel ring? Esha nodded and covered herself again. I hate her. I went to the counter to pay the bill.

I saw Vroom watching TV. What are you guys doing here? He extinguished hiscigarette and showed me that butt. However, withBakshi in our life, it was impossible. Heworked in a newspaper once and is generally into social and global issues andall that stuff. He thinks that just by watching the news, he can change theworld. That, by the way, is his trip. A TV reporter was speaking in front of Parliament house, announcingelections in four months.

Shefali will kill me. She has to catch the Qualis after her shift. This is theonly time I get with her. Whyare you wasting your time with her?

What happened to the re-proposal planwith Priyanka? Not until I become team leader. Which should be soon—maybe tonight after me submit the website manual. Now can we please go? I held on tight as Vroom zipped through NH8 at km an hour. I closedmy eyes and prayed Shefali would not be mad, and that I would teach alive. My mobile went off again. Curly wurly is sad Eddy teddy is very bad I leave in 10 min: I jumped off the bike as Vroom reached the call center.

The bike jerkedforward and Vroom had to use both his legs to balance.

Vroom said in an irritated voice. The ring-shaped earrings were so large, they could be bangles.

My bay people made the Qualis late. She sat on her swivel chair and rotated it ninetydegrees away from me to showcase her sulking. The dozens of workstations inher bay were empty as all the other agents had left. I hate this expression of hers. Improve my skills I guess. Bakshi says we have to manage without one. I help with supervisorystuff for now. But Bakshi told me I have strong future potential. Of course they do. Team leader said call volumes have dropped forWestern Computers.

All customers are using the troubleshooting websitenow. You do know who made that right? The website has cost Connexions a lot of business. Some agents are very upset. Someone said they would cut people. Listen, why are you so unromantic? Bakshiwas super-secretive—all the said was there were some confidentialmanagement priorities. I thought of asking Vroom to spy some more.

If she stopped wearingHello Kitty hairpins, she could be passably cute. I gave you six rings tones. Vroom would probably kill me if he heard it, but I had to forShefali. However, they pick up on the silence. You can choose another name if you want. I looked at my watch. There more minutes and time will healeverything. I took a deep breath. A hundred and eighty seconds andshe would have to leave for sure. Like you-know-who. But will you give me a name if I stop crying?

Nothing came to mind. How about Sheffy? Shefali loves to drag outwords. I have to work. She looked at her watch and stood up. Will you think of a name by tomorrow? Yeah sure.

Unlike the other bay that troubleshoots for computer customers, we deal withcustomers of home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and vacuumcleaners. Management calls us the strategic bay because we specialize introublesome and painful customers. We fell special, as we are not part of the main computers bay.

While the calls are less weird there, they miss the privacy we enjoyin the WASG. I came and took my seat at the long rectangular table. We have a fixedseating arrangement: The bay is an openplan, so we can all see each others. At each of the other three corners, there are,respectively, the restroom, a conference room and a stationery suppliesroom. However, no one apart from Uncle was at their seat when I sat down.

Everyone had gathered around Priyanka. But on one condition. She pulled out a large plastic bag from under her seat. Everyone turned to look at me. I pointed at the desk and the unmanned phones. The call system routine backup was about to finish, and ourcalls would begin in a minute. Everyone returned to their chairs and put on their headsets. I looked up. The voice came from the fire drillspeaker.

Please follow instructions duringthe fire drill to leave the call center safely. Thank you. Have a nice shift. Conversations stopped mid-way as two begs on the computer screenssignaled the start of our shift.

Numbers started flashing on our commonswitchboard as we picked up calls one after the other. Is that right? We knew their name,address, credit card details and past downloads from Western Appliances.

Wealso had details on when they last called us. In fact, the reason why her callhad come to our desk—the Western Appliances Strategic desk—was becauseshe was a persistent caller. This way the main bay could continue to runsmoothly. Sometimes we had customers that were oddballs even by WASGstandards.

Ms Paulson spoke for another minute. Vroom continued, taking deep breaths.

Patience, key tobecoming a star agent, did not come naturally to him. I looked around; people were busy with calls.

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Radhika helped someonedefrost her fridge; Esha assisted a customer in unpacking a dishwasher. Everyone was speaking with an American accent and sounded different fromhow they had in the Qualis. I took a break from the calls to compile the callstatistic of thee previous day. I did not particularly like doing this, but Bakshihad left me with little choice. Ms Paulson ranted on for a while longer. Thank you for calling Ms Paulson, bye. Vroom nagged his fist on the table.

I worked on my computer for the next ten minutes, compiling the callstatistics of the previous day. At I sound like your daughter? Oh, thank you. So, the vacuum cleaner…? Management monitored us on average call handling times, or AHTs. The sound of the fax machine made me look up from my papers. I wondered who could be faxing us at this time.

I went to the machine andchecked the incoming fax. It was from Bakshi. The fax machine took three minutes to churn out the seven pages hehad sent. I tore the message sheet off the machine and held the first sheetup. Subhash Bakshi Subject: I am sure you can spare some time for this. As always, I am trying to get you more relevant and strategic exposure. Bakshi was sucking me into severalhours outside my shift to reach new recruits. Apart from the extra work, Ihate accent is so confusing.

You might think the Americans and their languageare straightforward. Far from it—with them, each letter can be pronouncedseveral different ways. I will give you just one example— T.

With this letter Americans havefour different sounds. The third sound is when Tis in the middle. The last category, if you still care, is when Americans sayT actually like a T. Man, it drivers me nuts. And this is just one consonant. The vowels are another, more painful story. I passed the fax to Vroom. He read it and smirked. He sent you an FYI. Do you know what an FYI is? It is a standard way to dump responsibility onsomeone else.

He liked therhyme, and repeated it several times as we walked back to the bay.

They were making me remember another kind of train altogether. Itbrought back memories of the Rail Museum—where I had a date with Priyankaa year ago. I went to the canteen, whichwas on an island inn the middle of an artificial pond. It was impressivelandscaping for museum. I though of lighting a cigarette, but I caught sight ofthe sign: I looked at her tiny nose.

I wondered ho it allowedin enough oxygen. Anyway, what happened with mom? What was the fuel today? Just as I was ready to leaveto come here, she made a comment on my dress. She wore a blue tie-and-dye skirt, and a T-shirt that had a peace sign on it.

It was typical Priyankastuff. She wore earring with blue beads, which matched her necklace. Shehad a hint of kohl in her eyes, which I was crazy about. Yellow metal istotally uncool, only aunties wear it.

Boom, next thing we are having this big,long argument. Actually wait, that is so fattening, doyou have a salad? You get what you see. No,get me the popcorn. Popcorn is lighter right? She looked at the waiter as if hewas a nutritionist. Met Vroom? New girl? He never sticks to one. I wonder what girls see in him.

That is all he livesfor. She tooksome more popcorn and stuffed it into my mouth. He started in current affairs. Do you knowwhat one of his famous pieces was called? Some relatives of mine with their painfulkids are here. Now when someone tells you not to look at something, you always feelan incredible urge to do just that.

From the corner of my eye I saw a familywith two kids at the corner of the room.

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Sounds morbid. But politiciansnever do. That tells you something. This means they feel something. However, Vroom had sneaked it in. Vroom somehow saved hisjob, but his bosses moved him to Page 3. Page 3? Inaddiction, he had done a photography course.

He could click the pictureshimself. But Vroom look his revenge there too. He took unflatteringpictures of the glitterati—faces stuffed with food, close-ups of cellulite thighs,drunk people throwing up—that sort of stuff showed up in papers the nextday.

The day we get money, we can screw them. So thefirst thing we have to do is get the money. I could have done my B. Ed right after college. But I wanted to savesome money first. So untilthen, it is two hundred calls a night, night after night. I think she would make the cutest nurseryschool principal ever.

Please let mehelp you? Priyanka laughed again. The boy running towards Priyanka had a model train set and a glass offountain coke precariously balanced in his hands. He ran without co-ordination: Hetripped near our table and I lunged to save him. I succeeded, but his fountaincoke fell all over my shirt. At least one person who yelled bloody murder at the caller telling him to get help or you know, say 'yeah right!

Look buddy I'm gonna die!! Is there not at least one cynic among them? The 'western bashing' that followed just seemed tiresome and too Preachy.

I stopped reading Bhagat books after that and any book actually that seems to sound like it. I have heard that some of his books have vastly improved but I need a lot time to recover before I dive in again. I wish Bhagat would write books that he seems to capable of doing rather than what would sell.

Six friends work nights at a call center in India, providing technical support for a major U. Skilled in patience—and accent management—they help American consumers keep their lives running. Shyam Sam to his callers has lost his self-confidence after being dumped by the girl who just so happens to be sitting next to him.

Lost, dissatisfied Vroom has high ideals, but compromises them by talking on the phone to idiots each night. Traditional Radhika has just found out that her husband is sleeping with his secretary.


And Military Uncle nobody knows his real name sits alone working the online chat. They all try to make it through their shifts—and maintain their sanity—under the eagle eye of a boss whose ego rivals his incompetence.

But tonight is no ordinary night.Literary Fiction Category: I would have said no like always. download the Ebook: She pulled out a large plastic bag from under her seat. His forced smile made him look like a total loser if you ask me—like the kind Maybe we'll get to see that in the future. Every few seconds, theywould turn the phone away from their ears to avoid the loud static. Fortunately, Priyanka was standing at her pick-up point when wereached her place.

I went to the counter to pay the bill.

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