additional information of facts received or errors having come to notice, a subsequent note may be recorded indicating the reasons and circumstances lead to a. Drafting. Preparation of any communication, which it is proposed to issue by, or under the direction of the Government. Page 4. Commands for Drafting. Identity. OBJECTIVES At the end of these sessions the participants will be able to: ✓ Agree to the need for noting;. ✓Describe essential features of noting; and. ✓Write a.

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Pr6cis Writing, Noting & Drafting. (In English and Hindi). Time: 3 Hrs. Max. Marks - Note: A11 questions are compulsory. Maximum marks for each question. For Course Participants only. Reading Material on. Noting. &. Drafting. Table of Types of Cases, Quantum of /noting and Functional Approach. Most of the. Noting & Drafting - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. noting n drafting techniqes.

The Commission will consist of Shri The Commission is expected to submit its report to the Government by. Department of.. It is also used when a copy of a communication is proposed to be forwarded to parties other than the one to which is addressed This form is used when a paper has to be returned in original to the sender.. The appropriate form for such communications should be a letter List of papers forwarded: This is a paperless form of communication to be used by department having computer facilities supported by internet or intranet connectivity and can be widely used for subjects where legal or financial implications are not involved.

This form is used when important and urgent external communications received or important and urgent decisions taken internally have to be circulated within a department for information and compliance by a large number of employees.. As per rule the Head of the Department i. He has also submitted Part-I. CM-I has submitted an application for exIndia Leave for 60 days from to to visit USA to meet his brother with his wife and son.

Section Dated: At present against the above sanctioned strength.

Submitted please. At present this Institute is facing lot of inconveniences due to deficient strength of Faculty Members. With kind regards.

DFA PL. DO No. My dear I am writing this D. Ordnance Factory Board. Bose Road. Yours Shri. I would therefore like to request you to kindly look into the matter and favour this OFIL by posting JWMs and AFs preferably having teaching interest with good academic background at the earliest so that the activities of this unit are taken care of in an effective manner and depleted manpower may not be a hurdle in smooth functioning of this unit.

TA Final Bill No. Lucknow in respect of the journey performed to above sectors. As the boarding passes for two sectors Delhi-Pune and Delhi-Lucknow have been misplaced.

PC of A Fys letter No. Re-submission of. As above General Manager. RCS CR. Friendship is a peculiar gift granted only to men by God. She will invite you on her marriage. Can you guess what it can be? I think I should not reveal it. The other day. I am sending your address to uncle. I shall send it after your reply so as to make sure that you are there at the present address. Have you forgotten me? If I remember correctly. Friendly letters are also hoops.

He was in a hurry and with his maternal uncle. I received a letter from my uncle Bharat Bhushan. You know how he loves you. Uncle Bhushan has sent a very nice present for you from Australia. I met Saurabh Bajaj.

Papa and mummy send their love and hope that you all are well. Please reply immediately and give me all the news Yours Sincerely. A true friend is more than a brother. Dear Amit. A letter of good cheer from someone in the family can be a great source of solace.

You have never been before so tardy in writing about yourself to us. I will have to escort them to you. My son. Write immediately and let us know why this silence? You need not hide anything from us. We hope there is nothing to worry about.

Your mother and sister are very worried to know about your well-being and therefore. Why so much delay? We have written you three letters in succession during the past fortnight but without any reply. With our blessings. They should not be a routine affair. Alok Family Letters Letters to and from family are a tonic.

HIG Saket Dham. My dear Rahul. Your long and ominous silence has puzzled all of us. Family letters should incorporate in them the qualities of sincerity. Reply soon. If there is any problem we can certainly help you out. If it is because of your sheer laziness. Cultivate the habit of writing lively and interestingly family letters.

In my opinion the break down is due to the inefficient working of the water supply department. These letters are on topical subjects in which a large majority of the readers take interest. Every day hundreds of letters are received by the editors. It is not necessary that a letter should agree with the editor. I write to you to put forward the difficulties which the public has to face due to frequent break down of water supply in the locality Barra None can know the difficulties we have faced these days.

The Times of India. On Break down of water supply Motilal Saxena. The Mall. I fail to understand the causes of the frequent break down of water supply. We have not got even a single drop of water for the last two days. We are in a very difficult situation. Such a letter should always be brief. In every daily newspaper and other periodical magazines letters of the readers are published. The Ganga is full of water.

The rainy season is already on. Offering of economic and other incentives to the govt. There are many myths regarding the large population. Moreover may other serious problems like unemployment.

A nationwide door to door campaign is the need of the hour to educate the masses in this connection.

In the context of possible atomic war. The over population creates problems regarding supplies. One of these is that a large population is needed to fight and win a modern war. The Editor. The Hindustan Times Mall Road. Let us take the problem seriously to reduce our population to the manageable proportion.

Nai Basti. Over population is one of the greatest problems our country has been facing. The mass media should also take up the issue on war footing. We should not overlook the hard fact that wars are fought and won with mind.

Militarily most advanced countries like America and Russia have a controlled and thin population. It is high time that we do something to curb the growth rate of our population today and now.

Will you very kindly publish my letter in you paper so that the higher authorities may come to know of it and warn those who are responsible for it? Yours sincerely. In consideration of allotment of quarters.

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We should not hesitate even if we have to take. Yours faithfully Encl: Thanking you. Union Public Commission.

I am applying for. I beg to offer myself as a candidate. My present employers are entirely satisfied with my work and conduc.

New Mehrauil Road. In view of the facts. In the former case. In brief the point is. The following guidelines are given for dealing with noting on the above five categories of cases: How has it arisen? Can it be modified? Problem solving cases: In these cases. Planning and Policy cases: These would form a very small number in a Section and require a through examination. Physiological human.

A reply as in DFA is put up. Which are the major ones and which are only subsidiary? Identify the critical factor. In preparing a detailed note for consideration at the top management level.

Correspondence handling cases: These do not require any detailed noting. If so. The question that may have to be asked will be as follow: Is it worth a detailed examination?

Are you the authority who can solve it? If it is another. It would suffice if a brief note. Ask for all details. Opinion of individual officers within a department should not find mention. In non-repetitive cases. In such cases.

It would be convenient if the answers to be queries were put in the short paras. Hints for preparation of Summary or Statement of cases for the Minister: As provided in the Manual of Office Procedure. Such noting should. Where the material to be submitted is lengthy. Such as functional noting. Would be useful. This will enable the higher authorities to study the annexure or appendices if they want further details on any particular point.

Unnecessary cases: These should be dak stage itself by the Section Officer or desk functionary recording in brief the reasons why no action is necessary. If this functional noting is practiced regularly. To enable easy reading. The higher officer may revise the draft if it does not meet with his approval. Where it is necessary to refer to more than one communication or a series of communications this should be done in the margin of the draft.

A more direct and to the point format is to be preferred if some degree of rapport is to be established with the receiver of the communication. For instance.. It is also expected of him that he passes orders on the file simultaneously whether the draft so approved should be kept on the file along with the office copy of the communication issued in fair or not.

The obligatory requirement can be met in a variety of imaginative ways. In the light of above development.

Or ………………………. When two or more communications are to issue from the same file to the same addressee on the same date. Government convey its inability accede to …………………… Communication of some length of complexity should generally conclude with a Summary. I have the pleasure to inform you that the Government. The requirement does not. In addition. General instructions for drafting 1 A draft should carry the message sought to be conveyed in a language that is clear.

Authentication of Government orders 1 all orders and other instruments made an executed in the name of the President should be expressed to be made his name and signed by an officer having or regular or ex officio Secretariats status of and above the rank of under Secretary.

If two or more draft is put up on a file. It is expedient to come to the issue at the beginning itself.

Addressing communication to officers by name: Drafting of demi-offical letters 1 As the objective of writing a demi-official d. If the message to be convey lengthy. More usage of active voice is to be preferred.

The addressee will also be advice through wireless to take delivery of the consignment. I seek your corporation in the matter of……………… 2 A DO letter should be preferably not exceeds one page. The text of the telegram should be as brief as possible. Specimens of these forms are given in Appendix 6.

Noting and Drafting in Government Offices (IN HINDI)

In editing. State Governments. Each form has a use and. It is written in the third person and bears no salutation or subscription except the name and designation of the officer signing it.

The letters are expressed in secret language code or cypher or both but a combination in the same telegram of figures and letters having a secret meaning is not permitted. Heads of attached and subordinate offices. The use of this grading is regulated by the rules issued by the Directed General of Telecommunications. Relevant extracts from these rules are contained in Appendix 7.

It may also be used by a department when consulting its attached and subordinate offices and vice versa. Communications to non-officials also can take the form of a demi-official letter..

It may also be used when it is desired that a matter should receive personal attention of the individual addressed. Writing Drafts If you know who the sender is, what form should be used, and what type of information you want to convey, writing a draft is quite easy. Since every type of office communication has a set format, all you have to do is fill it with the right information and content. These are. The one and only purpose of a draft is to clearly, unambiguously, and politely convey the intended message.

To make the message very clear, avoid using complicated and heavy words. The draft should be as concise as possible which is why you should avoid using unnecessary words. Work with pre made templates on a computer to speed up the process.

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All you have to do is insert new details in an already set format. Reviewing Work Congratulations! By now you should at least have the first raw copy of your noting or drafting.

The battle is still not won. You must edit and review your work before you can finally put it up on the file. How to Review Noting Reviewing noting involves reviewing three aspects of your noting i.

There are many important guidelines covering all these aspects.

Here are the most important ones. Language Based Guidelines The three things to remember here is that your language should be concise, clear, and polite. This means that the length of the noting should be in accordance to the case.

Tendencies of using too many words or words that are too complicated should be checked. Content Based Guidelines When you are reviewing the content of your noting simply check if the questions that you asked before you started writing, have been answered or not.

Furthermore, there should not be any repetition in your noting. Pay special attention to remove literal repetitions. If you need to draw attention to some document, simply place it on the file and refer to it in your noting. Also, make sure that facts and references stated in your noting are accurate.

Formatting Based Guidelines When you have checked and improved the language and content of the noting, it is time to check the formatting. This is the final stage. Here, you should check if proper margins have been left and the text has been broken up into paragraphs.

Pay attention to things like file values, serial numbers, and proper flagging along with any other element that comes under formatting. Yes, the content of your draft may be changed by the officer but formatting is your responsibility.

Here are some guidelines to review a draft before you put it up to your seniors. Make sure that your draft has the margins as suggested in the prescribed format. Typing the draft in double spacing ensures that there is enough room for any additions in the draft.NIlesh Bhagat. Government of India Press. It may also be used by a department when consulting its attached and subordinate offices and vice versa.

I feel great pleasure in informing you that my eldest son Gaurav is being married to Garima. To make the message very clear, avoid using complicated and heavy words. Unnecessary cases: Gathering information like designation of the sender and the receiver, address, etc.

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