Not Quite Forever (Not Quite #4) ". By: Catherine Bybee. Ebookers, Epub Download Free, Books To Read, Epub Download Mac, Pdf Free Books. Online, Epub. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Not Quite Forever is full of classic Bybee humor, steamy romance, and enough plot twists and turns to keep readers entertained all. Not Quite Forever [Catherine Bybee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The touching and heartwarming fourth novel in the wildly popular.

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wildly popular Not Quite series from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee. Catherine Bybee - Not Quite Forever (Not Quite. File; Original TitleNot Quite Crazy (Not Quite Series Book 6); CreatorCatherine Bybee. New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee delivers the fifth heartwarming, flirty novel in the wildly popular Not Quite series.

View all 9 comments. She has some nice inflections, as well as her differentiation. There is something uplifting about her voice. Like the first two, I hope she finishes off the series. I don't know why I like this series so much. Again, nothing new here, but I really enjoyed it. Not as fast-paced as the first in the series, but it had a nice flow. Made me smile a few times, as well as frown. I wasn't as attached to the heroine, Katie Morrison, as I was to Jessie in the first book.

Still, Ms. It was very pleasant to listen to while I set-up my June challenges on GRs. Out on Audio Not Quite Enough -? Photo Credit: View all 4 comments. May 05, Cyndi rated it really liked it. Good romance. I liked the characters and the story. Tough enough, but then she finds a baby on her doorstep that night.

Meanwhile our hero is still in love with her. After seeing her at the wedding he wants to find a way back into her life. This might prove difficult because he got over their breakup by proposing to another girl. The girl called off the wedding because she knew he was still in love Good romance. The girl called off the wedding because she knew he was still in love with the ex. Confused yet? Well lets throw in a newborn baby and the search for her mother. View 2 comments. May 17, Momma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh, where do I start?

It could have been the construction site scenes with Katie running around in high heels and stealing Dean's hard hat I don't know about you but when I'm picturing construction scenes- the guys are all super buff and most likely shirtless.. As an adoptive mom, I remember those fears and worries that Katie had as s Oh, where do I start?

As an adoptive mom, I remember those fears and worries that Katie had as she struggled with not falling in love immediately with this precious newborn that she wasn't sure she could keep.

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Oh the emotions. Not Quite Mine flows so smoothly that it doesn't feel like a sequel. So many times after reading a good book, you wonder if the next one will be just as good. No, it's even better! I could go on and on about all that I loved in this book but instead I'm just going to tell you to go download it!

Get them both and get caught up so you'll be ready when Not Quite Enough comes out in October!! View 1 comment. Muito bom.

May 17, Debby "Piene Raven" rated it liked it Shelves: For me it was just okay and did not bring the punch that I expected. I thought the first book was very enjoyable.

The main characters were just so so and although there were some twists involved, I didn't think it made a big dent and was very predictable. However, the narration by Ms. MacFadden was still on point and nice.

Thus, my rating that I am giving this story. Hoping"Not Quite 3 puts it back on track. Feb 28, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads Blog rating: B Katie is the wild child who loves spending time with her friends at a club, wearing short skirts and tight tops just because she knows it annoys her dad, and because she likes it.

She and Dean have a painful past and being in close prox Review posted: She and Dean have a painful past and being in close proximity to each other is bringing up a lot of old feelings and many unresolved issues. She hires a private investigator to find out who the mother is so she can confront her about leaving her baby and in the meantime, she wants to keep Savannah as much of a secret as she can.

I loved having the history between Katie and Dean set the stage for them. They dated in secret and when Katie got pregnant and miscarried, their relationship fell apart. The addition of little Savannah was enjoyable as well; especially with how her presence really sets off a change in Katie.

She starts to act and be more mature, thinking like a mom and an adult instead of a party girl. Katie bonds instantly with Savannah, thinking of herself as a mom and at the same time, being so worried about what the private investigator is going to find.

I did like seeing her, her brother Jack and their dad have some good family scenes. Also, a thread that felt like it got dropped was the hotel that is so heavily present early on with both Dean and Katie working to bring it to life.

Even with a few little issues, Not Quite Mine is a solid contemporary romance that has a nice sweetness to it. Sep 26, Juanita rated it really liked it Shelves: An enjoyable story that had a little bit of mystery, love and a baby. Mar 14, Crista rated it really liked it Shelves: Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance 4 stars!

Although this book can be read as a stand alone, it is heavily linked to certain events that transpired in Not Quite Dating so I would suggest reading them in order. Not Quite Mine explores the beauty, sacrifice, and devotion of motherhood. It pricked my heart several times, and was a strong reminder that motherhood is not limited by bloodline.

Katelyn is a wealthy and spoiled hotel heiress who has lived a life of privilege. One of the best parts of this book is witnessing the transformation of Katie from a self-centered socialite to a devoted and loving mother.

Not Quite Forever

Dean and Katie share a past relationship that was filled with passion, pain, and heartbreak. Their relationship ended following a devastating miscarriage and the discovery that Katie may never be able to successfully carry a baby to term.

I loved watching this couple get another chance at a life together and the making of a family. This book contains a little bit of everything: It poignantly showcases the love of a parent, the love between a man and a woman, and the love between friends.

I believed in Dean and Katie, and watching this couple and Savannah become a family was pure joy. I highly recommend this book and for that matter, this entire series!

Thank you to Catherine Bybee for providing Swept Away by Romance with a copy of this book for review! Apr 12, Teresa rated it really liked it Shelves: I read book one such a long time ago, but when I found myself with another site Unlimited deal, I couldn't pass up going back to the audio of this series. I forgot how much I'd enjoyed the narration for these. It was one of those situations of a book hitting me at the perfect time.

I haven't read much contemporary lately, and I found myself craving it a bit and this seemed to hit all the right buttons for me. Especially with the engaging audio. I suspect I'll use my KU to binge my way through I read book one such a long time ago, but when I found myself with another site Unlimited deal, I couldn't pass up going back to the audio of this series. I suspect I'll use my KU to binge my way through this author. View all 3 comments. O verdadeiro livro pipoca!!!

This was sweet - even though I figured out what happened right off.

The characters were likable and I'm looking forward to continuing with this series. Amy McFadden was great on the audio. Katie has been the party girl heiress since her teens. Gracing the covers of tabloid magazines, being seen on the arm of one guy to the next, and giving her dad fits with tight clothes and short skirts.

The note attached tells Katie to take care of Savannah, and that Katie has been the party girl heiress since her teens. So she tries to hide Savannah while she tracks down the mother and tries to get the legalities taken care of. I have been anxiously awaiting this sequel and am happy to report it met and perhaps even exceeded my expectations. The tender feelings they still have for each other after their hot and ultimately tragic past can be felt immediately.

I needed to read just one more chapter until I found myself at the last page. Not Quite Mine is sweet and romantic and the kind of book that makes you fall in love with the romance genre all over again. Catherine Bybee is quickly becoming a favorite author.

Jun 04, Jacob Proffitt rated it liked it Shelves: Like the first book in the series, the story here contains few surprises once you accept the premise.

This is actually a better recommendation than it appears on the surface because it means that Katie and her accomplices behave like you'd expect they would with the advent of a stray baby appearing on their doorstep--starting with Katie taking strong steps to ensure that the baby cannot be taken away from her. Also like the first book, a lot of what makes this story entertaining is the interactio Like the first book in the series, the story here contains few surprises once you accept the premise.

Also like the first book, a lot of what makes this story entertaining is the interactions between the characters.

Not Quite Perfect by Catherine Bybee

Katie and Dean are fantastic together and their relationship is a lot of fun to follow. The "mystery" is a tad weak, and some of the plot elements drag on rather more than they believably should seriously, that detective needs a little professional retooling if he's going to take that long to find anything , so I can't give this a full four stars.

Still, it was fun and I liked it well enough that I'll keep an eye out for the next in the series. Dean and Katie's story. Feb 14, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 29, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm swooning guys. Forever swooning. I loved everything about Dean - he was the perfect southern gentleman who had his heart broken by the one women he has ever loved: Katie and Dean had a perfect secret relationship, until one day it wasn't perfect anymore.

Katie, who is also Jack's sister, had a miscarriage and didn't really know what to do with her life or how to have Dean in it anymore. So of course, she walked away. She was hurt and needed time to heal on her own.

However, you easily fa I'm swooning guys. However, you easily fall in love with her spunky attitude. I shipped the hell out of Dean and Katie. Plus, throw in a mystery baby and you've sealed my fate.

I was head over heels for these two. I didn't really like Dean's ex Maggie, who you sort of know about in the first book. You finally meet her and find out how she plays into this whole mysterious situation in the book.

I still don't like the girl but you can't help but feel bad for her since she knew that Dean would never love her like he loved Katie. It was also Katie for Dean's heart - no one else. I still loved everything about this book and the epilogue made my heart pitter patter even more. I can't wait to dive into the next book in this series! May 11, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it Shelves: This is an erotic romance featuring a brother's best friend and his sister.

I will admit I am an absolute sucker for these kinds of stories having grown up with several brothers and crushed on many of their friends. This one is no different.

Katie Morrison is a rich girl and former reality TV drama queen. She and Dean, her brother's best friend, begin a passionate secret love affair that ends after a tragedy. They are together again in Jack's, Katie's brother, wedding. I fell in love with both c This is an erotic romance featuring a brother's best friend and his sister.

I fell in love with both characters from the beginning. They were both honest about wanting to be together and had off the charts chemistry.

Dean was determined to win Katie back.

Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee

I was frustrated with Katie's character because she was so challenged in her ability to communicate and made emotionally charged decisions based on abandonment issues from her past.

This fit with her issues but I wish she would have opened up more often and sooner rather than later.


Her fear of rejection was at the heart of the relationship problems. A beautiful baby girl left by her door complicates everything. Determined that this time would be different Dean's perseverance pays off and they journey together to their happily ever after.

Published by Montellake Romance, Seattle www. Tossing her cap in the air would have resulted in someone else grabbing it, so when Principal Mason of River Bend High had announced the graduating class, Melanie shot from her seat, waved a hand in the air, and screamed. Hours later, Melanie hugged her yearbook to her chest and wiped the tears that threatened to take over what was supposed to be a night of celebration.

She jogged from her car to Zoe's mom's double-wide. She pounded on the door before letting herself inside. As expected, Jo and Zoe already had the music pumped, the box of pizza opened between them. Jo lifted a bottle of Jose Cuervo in the air. Then again, what self-respecting high school senior didn't have some connection somewhere to grab a bottle of booze? Zoe still wore her gown, her cap sat beside the yearbook both she and Jo were studying.

Jo had shucked her gown and tossed it by the front door. The three step detour had Melanie in Zoe's kitchen, the familiar space was marginally clean. With two plastic cups and one made of glass, Melanie dropped on her knees before the coffee table and offered a pet to Gas Tank, Zoe's Pomeranian shih tzu mix. The mutt had repeatedly earned his name through the years. Melanie enjoyed the distraction gossip offered. Melanie sniffed the cup and looked around.

No more Mr. Edwards and his lisp. Mothball and the smell of her musty closet that follows her everywhere," Zoe added. They shot back the liquid fire and set the glasses aside.

Jo refilled while Melanie grabbed a piece of pizza to calm the burn that was running down the back of her throat.

She ate the pizza, not really tasting it. Everything was about to change. All the planning and studying.

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Zoe and Jo were reading some of the other senior entries while Melanie's eyes swelled with tears. The first sniffle had Jo glancing over. You'll be back for holidays and summer. She shook her head. The house is going on the market next week. Zoe wrapped the long length of her straight black hair behind her back.

There was no stopping the tears. They, uh. That a divorce after I graduated from high school was for the best. I just thought that was marriage, ya know? They both had single parents and didn't really know. Jo's mom had died young. And Zoe's dad was doing fifteen to life for armed robbery. From the outside, the good people of River Bend thought everything was Norman Rockwell in the Bartlett family home.

She'd been on the cheer squad in early high school but canned the chick club when she saw head cheerleader Margie Taylor kissing on Melanie's boyfriend. Melanie dumped them both and hooked stronger with her true friends.

Zoe moved from the couch to the floor and wrapped an arm around her. The waterworks turned on high.If you want to increase this limit, your can make a donation:. Do NOT miss this one!!

Be the first to reply. Chapter Twenty-Three Rachel ran her hand through her hair for the thousandth time. Details if other: The suit he wore made him look five years older than he was. This is a series that just keeps getting better and better.

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