Beth Flynn - Nine Minutes 01 (pdf) - plik 'Beth Flynn > EBooki'. Inne dokumenty: Beth Flynn, EBooki, tamkasio. A Gift of Time. Nine Minutes (Series). Book 3. Beth Flynn Author Monique Makena Narrator (). cover image of Out of Time. Nine Minutes (Nine Minutes #1) by Beth Flynn filled with mystery, romance and unexpected turns, Nine Minutes takes readers into the world.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "The narrator Monique Makena did a good job." Books, Chocolate & lipgloss Audio Book Blog. About the Author. Beth Flynn is a. Nine Minutes book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On May 15, , fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted from a co. A Gift of Time book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Are some secrets meant to stay buried?Three months have passed si.

I officially have an EPIC book hangover!! On May 15, , fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted from a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale by a member of one of the most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs in South Florida.

From that moment on, her life is forever changed. She becomes his obsession and the one true love of his life. Wow, right? Then I opened the book and read the prologue. Did that really just happen?? O -- At that point, there was no turning back for me.

Nine Minutes

I just had to know this story and see what could possibly have led them to that place. The interesting thing was that I ended up surprised by what I felt -- and I loved that! This book made me think I was going to feel one thing, then showed me how I actually felt something entirely different. I don't want to say anything about the plot other than what the blurb tells you, because honestly, that's all you should know. It's quite a complex storyline with a lot of layers and it's best to just let them unfold as you read.

From beginning to end though, I could not look away even for a minute.

This is just one of those books that you can't stop reading. The writing was absolutely phenomenal. Vivid, evocative, and utterly captivating. There was an ease and fluidity to the language that gave the story no stopping points. It was fast-paced but focused on all the right details. I can't say enough good about this author's writing style. Honestly, it's some of the best I've read.

Is there a cliffhanger?

About Reissues

Will there be a sequel? It was the ending I wanted. I do not consider this a cliffhanger. This chapter of the story is over. However, there is more to the story to tell Hello Mrs. Please for all that is worthy, do not make Grizz fall in love with Ginny's twin! The story would be totally ruined and it would show that Grizz's love for Kit was not "true"! View all 39 comments. I'm done. After an exhausting day at work I feel like I have to work again. And that's not my definition of enjoyment.

Too many plots, subplots, characters, events, twists, turns, POVs, narratives, points in time, pages I feel like my head is going to explode. The book is well-written, the characters are well-developed but the story is too complex and confusing. View all 70 comments. Jun 28, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing. In part one the time line is all over the place so you really have to stay alert.

Once I hit part two the timeline is much easier to follow. The flow of the story was well done not drawn out and I adored that sole focus of this book was on Kit, Tommy, Grizz and their children. Through this story you see what a wonderful family unit Tommy, Kit and the children truly are.

You wonder how the hell could a HEA even look like with Grizz? Will she put that blue bandana on? Can she leave the husband she has loved for fifteen years for another? The author handles this love triangle of sorts in what I think of as a cop out yet… things work and in time yes time it all came together perfectly.

I adored the conclusion, shed a few tears and am left excited at the possibility that Mimi may get her own story in the future! View all 49 comments. Beth Flynn delivers an epic, unique, captivating and original series. My feelings for this one was mixed. I loved the story but I was confused. The first part was confusing at times and I feel bad saying that even though the two books were my favorite I couldn't remember everything from the previous.

The second part in this book was my favorite. It was everything I wanted to have for this ending. Grizz,Ginny and Grunt will be always a part from me. They were fantastic characters. But in this one most of the time I was annoyed with Ginny's behavior. I tried to understand her and feel for her but I couldn't.

She was so stubborn and if you consider this was the reason I loved her in the previous books in this one didn't work for me. Grizz was everything to me, this man has been through so many difficulties and I wanted him to be happy and get what he deserved! What ruined everything in this book for me is that Tommy dies and Ginny after spending sometime alone is back with Grizz.

I mean if he hadn't died would she have left Tommy? There are twists to keep you interested. I hope that Beth will write a book for Mimi love her character! View all 21 comments. Jul 26, Julz rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'm glad grizz ended up with ginny.

I had a few problems. I appreciate that ginny was with Tommy but I was uncomfortable reading the sex scenes with them. I would have preferred to gloss over that. The scenes with grizz weren't as descriptive and with him I would have preferred more. I know ginny was torn and she loved Tommy.

I would have preferred she loved him a little less and grizz allot more. I loved how much grizz loved ginny. I wanted her to love him back the same way and maybe was a litt I'm glad grizz ended up with ginny. I wanted her to love him back the same way and maybe was a little bit disappointed that I didn't get that feeling. She was his everything. I didn't feel grizz was her everything: Beth Flynn did an amazing job of writing though.

For my personal preference. I would have preferred the above. View all 4 comments. Jul 17, Brandi marked it as to-read. Please Beth, don't make us wait to long - I need to know what is next!!! View all 6 comments. Jul 26, Elfina Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Talking about coming full circle, Beth Flynn neatly tied up the unanswered questions. She left no stone uncovered in this remarkable five star read.

One minute I'm chomping at the bits ready to do some serious bodily harm, the next gagging because of blaugh Then in the next breath jumping up and down like a kid on crack.

If anyone figured out why I was so happy, they either get pissed or thought I was crazy. View all 31 comments. I guarantee you will not regret it!! Throughout this series there have been so many twists and turns, so many secrets. It can tend to be confusing which is why it's vital you read this series back to back. I'm going to do my review as spoiler free as I can.. All I can really say is that the first 40 or so chapters were kind of recapping what we'd learn't in the previous two books, which kind of made for a drawn out read, though it did add a few extra tidbits we weren't privy to.

BUT after you get through those chapters and what we were all waiting for this is where I got zapped in the heart with the overpowering feels wand!! I'm just so sad that this series has come to an end. Hard review to write up so I'm just going to leave it there because no matter which way I go with this review will be giving a major part of the story away.

View all 9 comments.

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I do think that Ms. Flynn spun things well So, Tommy and Ginny How could this work out? And what about that weird aspect with the information Grizz had? It was hard to fathom what direction things would go.

And OMG that prologue? That was just killer. For the first third? The story was all over the place.

However, as the story goes a long, it does become easier to keep track of things. I'm still not a big fan of that format and I could see how a lot of people would DNF based just on that. There were things that needed answers though and I was happy to get a few. Some things were still left out in the open and others were left to God.

And that was just a little too convenient for me. The religious element is strong in this book and if something is not working out? Well, just pray to God and it's fixed. I guess it's just a leap of faith. I just didn't always download it. I did quite enjoy the much stronger, confident Ginny.

I liked that she didn't need to rely on anyone to do what she wanted. I especially loved how she was with her kids and how things progressed with her daughter, Mimi. And now's the part of the review where I have to tell you that I can't really tell you anything else.

That's right Lips locked and key thrown away There's friends you can rely on and friends you can't and seeing that people really do show their true colors under the harshest of times. There's finding out that there were people watching over you that you had no clue about. And that there's family just waiting for you to want them. There's a great strength in knowing how strong your family can be if you are honest and just love them. Ginny definitely shines in this book I was happy with the way things turned out even though it made my heart hurt.

But how things ended? View all 30 comments. Jul 15, Beverly rated it it was amazing. I swear I still remember the feeling I felt reading Nine Minutes. This is a quote from my review: If you have read the series you will be happy to know it answers all your questio I swear I still remember the feeling I felt reading Nine Minutes.

If you have read the series you will be happy to know it answers all your questions. It left me with a peace and a huge smile on my face. I started this journey almost two years ago and I remember having such mixed feelings.

How can I be okay with a guy abducting a 15 year old girl and them falling in love? I remember how I felt when Ginny and Grunt built a life together, conflicted.

Now the I finished this series I just feel complete and utter happiness. I love how Beth ended things, they were perfect. I love how the story is told in two parts. The first part answering my million questions. The second part building on a story I already loved. This series will always be one of my favorites. While this is the conclusion I can only imagine what Beth will bring us next.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 8 comments. Jul 27, A added it. If Grizz ends up with Ginny's twin I don't even want to think of my violent reaction.

Don't burn your fans like that Beth Flynn. Just do not. Apr 18, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: And two weeks later… My ramblings: None of the books in this series were easy to rate. Not a single bloody one.

It was pretty much a hate and love relationship. I just needed some answers and closure.

Was book 3 the trip of my dreams? Not really. My issues: I almost gave up because of them. The back and forward in time, before execution, after execution. Ph And two weeks later… My ramblings: I read to unwind and this was working NOT. I was in a speedy mode and a little bit stressed out getting ready for my holiday.

So, it could be me. As soon as I had my ss stuck on a sandy beach and got myself in a sloooow mode I went back to this. The story acquired a different shape. I found a few answers. Ginny got on my nerves. Mimi grown on me in a very good way and I would love to be gifted with her own story next.

Tommy never came even close to my heart. And Grizz… well, he was the best from this series. I was already on team Grizz and somehow I liked him even more in this story. I loved serene, patient, confident Grizz. I think the author did a fantastic job when crafting the person he became after prison. Sadly, the eye rolling coincidences were again over the top.

Like the nun who had a pic of Grizz and Ruth. The journal Tommy threw away retrieved by Grizz. The paternity tooth brush moment and so on. Everything fell into the right place too easy and too perfectly. Now, looking back, I still puzzled how I managed to keep reading this series with so many ups and downs. But here I am, wishing for it. What's wrong with me? View all 33 comments. Aug 02, Geri Reads marked it as forever-unread Shelves: I'm calling it already.

View 2 comments. Once again there was a lot going on in this book and a bounce around in the time line. Although this time by the second part of the book, the time line stayed the same for the most part. I have to get my thoughts together on this one, as I have a ton to say, and yet I have to be careful not to reveal anything!!! All in all, it was a great conclusion to this trilogy View all 25 comments.

Jul 17, Laura Elizabeth rated it it was ok. If in fact, there is a third book after author promised only two, and we are left on a cliff Well I'm not happy. I hated Grizz with a passion and was happy he got executed and she was with Tommy in the end of the first book. Advice to those of you who read first book and loved it: It's not that the second and third books were that bad.

It's just she strings you along. She gave you a bare minimum of explanations to a dozen questions. The third book is so far fetched soap opera coincidence after coincidence , it's ridiculous. It really dragged along and my eyes hurt from rolling back in my head. I also wasn't happy she set it up for a spinoff and then at the end of book shit, won't commit to writing a spinoff.

WTF author? Two stars. View all 11 comments. Jul 26, Fre06 Begum rated it liked it Shelves: I have so many feelings about this long awaited book,so let me start. Hearing his thoughts of how much he loved her and the fact he stayed celibate for 25 years while she had another baby with Grunt and played happy families with him left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Those sex scenes although not graphic with Grunt felt like such a betrayal to Grizz. I know that Grunt lo I have so many feelings about this long awaited book,so let me start.

I know that Grunt loved Ginny but he manipulated to get her in the first place so even though she found out later she forgave him but she couldn't do the same for Grizz?! I found her fickle with her love but maybe that's because I can't understand how you can spend 10 years with someone and then just accepting their imminent death so easily. One minute she didn't have feelings for Grizz anymore because she loved Grunt so much and then towards the end she realised she did still love Grizz!

I did respect her as a mother though because she was a truly good one and her telling the kids about Grizz was a truly admirable and brave thing to do but as I said I just didn't like how she treated my darling Grizzy bear. I know some people think it's ok to love someone else and move on but I don't especially hearing from Grizz's PoV about how much he sacrificed for Ginny and his daughter. I am glad that Grunt didn't turn out to be Grizz's son because that thought was nasty!

The whole thing with Jo I think she deserved one last bad thing from Grizz after everything she had done, being in a psyche ward just didn't seem enough. Grizz deserved better from Ginny and Grunt didn't deserve to have 25 years of happiness at the expense of my Grizzy bear. I love you Grizz View all 20 comments.

She loved them back, both of them and they were both amazing men. I love a book, any book where a man loves a woman as much as Grizz and Tommy loved Ginny.

But for me this series was always 4. But for me this series was always about Ginny and Grizz. I considered all the options but it still always came back to the same one. This book ties up the loose ends, gives us the HEA and finishes everything off. View all 7 comments. You mean a second chance? A gift of time. After book two, I was scared to see how this series finished, what happened, why it happened, how?!

Yes, deep down I wish that Ginny was able to make her decisions on her own, but the way the book played out, it "Ive been given a gift, Ginny" he'd told me. Yes, deep down I wish that Ginny was able to make her decisions on her own, but the way the book played out, it was the perfect ending for the situations thrown at these characters.

It is impossible to describe the plot of A Gift of Time without giving anything away to those who have not read it. An amazing set of characters that definitely all leave a mark on your heart. View all 26 comments.

This trilogy was one hell of a ride I cried and I laughed, but I finally got all the answers to my questions. Beth Flynn, once again blew my mind! I have to process this one, but let me tell you This is hands down, one of the best MC romance trilogies I ever read. I am grinning like an idiot. Review to come Lovers of this series of course! What will I do now? What will I read that will rival A Gift of Time?

I should have read slower but I simply needed to know what would happen. Just know the book begins where the second book ended and is told from multiple points of view, with Kit, Grunt and Grizz being the most prominent. Beth Flynn still uses the back and forth between past and present stars! Beth Flynn still uses the back and forth between past and present events and she organizes her chapters so cleverly it works effortlessly, giving that unique style I loved so much in her former books.

The Iron Tiara

The feelings where intense, blood pressure through the roof and our nights… very short.Will she get out alive—or get out at all?

It was everything I wanted to have for this ending. He gently squeezed. They were in my lap and blocked by the person seated in front of me. To summarize some of our conversations: It's not that the second and third books were that bad. I'm still not sure about. D https: Por isso, acho que quem curtiu ele pode gostar desse.

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