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For History, there are a total of 9 NCERT books from class 6 to NCERT-Hindi- ClassHistory NCERT-Hindi-ClassHistory-Part - download NCERT Iitihas Books Set of Class - 6 TO 12 (HINDI Bhartiya Arthvyavastha Ka Vikas - Textbook of Economics for Class - 11 - Bhartiya . NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science in Hindi Medium. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History: Our Pasts – I (इकाई 1.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science

Mehrgarh - Early Village 2. I Inamgaon - Neolithic site 3.

Brahmagiri Megalithic site 4. Consider the following statements l. All Palaeolithic and Neolithic tools are made of stones 2. Ostriches were found in India in Palaeolithic period Choose the correct statements a.

None of the above. Solution B Stools made of bones were also present Which of the following is correct about Citadel l. It is called Lower town I. It is the eastern part and higher Choose the incorrect statements a. Neither l nor 2 Match the Following: A. Mohanjedaro B.

Kalibangan C. Lothal D. Dockyard 2.

NCERT History eBook in Hindi – Download PDF

Fire altars 3. Great bath 4.

Store houses Faience is an artificially made material. It is made of a.

Gum and Quartz b. Bronze and tin c. Copper and tin d.

Found in Indus Valley civilisation Harappan's used Copper, Bronze, Gold, Silver. Gold and silver were used to make i. Ornaments ii.

For the aspirants of Civil Services, here we have provided NCERT textbooks which will help them to save their precious time: By Jagran Josh Mar 14, IST For the aspirants of Civil Services, it is very important to choose such readings which are more informative as well as less exhaustive to study. Such textbooks are very important for the aspirants who are engaged in preparing for various competitive exams.

The aspirants always faces challenges to completed their given syllabus of respective exams, so, NCERT textbooks have been proved as a better tools for the preparation competitive Exams. There are several things we can find out — what people ate, the kinds of clothes they wore, the houses in which they lived.

NCERT Books in Hindi on History for Class 6 to 12 (Free and Trusted PDF Download)

We can find out about the lives of hunters, herders, farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, crafts persons, artists, musicians, and scientists. We can also find out about the games children played, the stories they heard, the plays they saw, the songs they sang. Today, we describe them as hunter-gatherers.

The name comes from the way in which they got their food. Generally, they hunted wild animals, caught fish and birds, gathered fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, leaves, stalks and eggs. The immense variety of plants in a tropical land like ours meant that gathering plant produce was an extremely important means of obtaining food. Different plants grow in different conditions — rice, for example, requires more water than wheat and barley.

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This explains why farmers grow some crops in some areas and not in other areas. Different animals too, prefer different environments — for instance, sheep and goat can survive more easily than cattle in dry, hilly environments.

But, as you saw in Chapter 2, women and men did not always produce their own food.

Nearly a hundred and fifty years ago, when railway lines were being laid down for the first time in the Punjab, engineers stumbled upon the site of Harappa in present-day Pakistan. To them, it seemed like a mound that was a rich source of ready made, high quality bricks. So they carried off thousands of bricks from the walls of the old buildings of the city to build railway lines. There are four of them — the Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. The oldest Veda is the Rigveda, composed about years ago.

These hymns are in praise of various gods and goddesses.

Three gods are especially important: Agni, the god of fire; Indra, a warrior god; and Soma, a plant from which a special drink was prepared. How did men become rulers in the past?Books are accessible in all languages on various subjects. Only 2 c. If none of the Downloading link found not working, feel free to comment below. Neither l nor 2. Great bath 4.

But before that, the students must clear all the concepts. Rana Duggal. Our personalized model of teaching is has proved to be the best fit for a plethora of students who have also benefited immensely from these classes.

The oldest Veda is the Rigveda, composed about years ago.

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