The Morrow Project 4th. Edition - Notice: This PDF was created with print only specifications. It does not contain bookmarks or other metadata. The Morrow Project - GA2 Basic Loads & Hand-to-Hand Combat The Morrow Project - R Liberation at, , . THE MORROW PROJECT - 4TH EDITION. CREDITS & THANKS. Based upon the original game by: Kevin Dockery, Robert Sadler and Richard Tucholka.

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Chris Garland is raising funds for The Morrow Project 4th. Edition on The PDF copies are now part of the Kickstarter campaign. There are 2. Chris Garland is raising funds for The Morrow Project 4th. Edition on PDF vehicular load sheets for the backers has been reached. 18 hours to go till the. Sounds like there's a PDF to be had. One of you crowd-funding maniacs must have backed the Kickstarter, right? Give us a taste! Hungry minds.

It being 30 years hence, I was interested in seeing how the game and story evolved.

In the Earth had a real bad time. First was a nuclear exchange followed by an asteroid impact. Things went to hell and TMP personnel who were suppose to become active a few years after the war didn't come out of being frozen until years have gone by. The US is inhabited by all sorts of people - good, bad, and those trying to get by.

It was good seeing the KFS still a main bad guy. Couple of things, however, really struck me as odd. First off is the weapon list.

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Its been over 30 years since I played the original and this new version of Morrow Project is awesome! It keeps the gritty, combat driven elements of the original while adding many new features that keep with the post apocalyptic theme. As it will determine if I download this or not.

Unfortunately, after discussions with the development team, it has been discovered that completely reworking the product to produce a watermark free version would be cost prohibitive. In future product development, we will take these requests into consideration at the beginning of the design process.

Or can they be acquired officially in any format? The PDF will come eventually but we are working on the out-of-print modules first.

Prime Base is the next module that will be released in PDF format. We are working on some issues with the PDF process. Once we learn how to correct them we will get started on Prime. Not sure if they were included on the print version or not.

Morrow Project 4th edition--anyone have?

The watermarks after page 30 get darker, and are darker than the shading used in the charts. Does it make the file unreadable?

Does it make reading the file annoying? Yes We shouldn't have to be commenting on the watermarks, we should be commenting on how good the content is. The PDF was designed for print publication, not electronic distribution. We tried to be very clear and even posted the following notice in the product description.

Due to economic conditions and other life events the company has been running in "cold-sleep" mode. We have been shipping product but have not had the resources to develop new material.

Armory The Morrow Project

Edition will expand the game book from 77 pages to over pages of TMP goodness. The new book will be available through normal distribution channels and on our website. The funding for the first print run will come from the Kickstarter campaign. This will be a beautiful 8. Hard-back books: Many folks have been requesting hard-bound copies of The Morrow Project. We hear and obey!

The new edition will also be available in a hard-bound format. These books will also be available through normal distribution channels and our website.

Development costs: We have been funding development as money becomes available.

Some of the fine professionals working on the project have been gracious enough to sign contracts agreeing to be paid after the release of the book. This is a common industry practice that allows the company to hopefully sell enough books to pay the developers for their fine work. We would like to include some and maybe all of this in the kickstarter project.

That way these folks get paid faster for their hard work.

Website and eCommerce:, Those of you that have been following the saga, will note that we have suffered from a series of hacks intended to disrupt our operations.

Our intent is to redevelop the basic site in a more secure environment. Also we will step up our ecommerce game by going to a professionaly secured and hosted shopping cart.The new edition was released on December 15, Call this a mini-mini-review. Even if you have not spoken to your Morrow Project friends in 30 years, call them and let them know TMP is out of cryo-stasis.

Morrow Project

Many fans went about doing their own in-house updates in the '90s and, in my opinion, we [ Contract Positions: Author — Freelance: This is where you have a concept for a game, module or supplement that you would like to create and have published. Click to expand We will have a professional draftsman redo the original drawings for this product.

Degrees of Failure are determined by subtracting the 10's die from This will be a beautiful 8.

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