More Tales From. Shakespeare. CHARLES AND MARY LAMB. • Level 5. Retold by G. Horsley. Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter. Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb. No cover available. Download; Bibrec More Files More Tales from Shakespeare - Teacher's notes 1 of 5. Teacher's notes level 5 Tales from Shakespeare, with the aim of making the plays familiar to young.

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What these Tales shall have been to the young readers, that and much more it is the writers' wish that the true Plays of Shakespeare may prove to them in older. For other versions of this work, see Tales from Shakspeare. Tales from Shakespeare is a children's book by Charles and Mary Lamb, first. The following Tales are meant to be submitted to the young reader as an for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more.

Cassio had the direction of the guard that night, with a charge from Othello to keep the soldiers from excess in drinking, that no brawl might arise, to fright the inhabitants, or disgust them with the new-landed forces.

That night Iago began his deep-laid plans of mischief: The riot now began to be general, and Iago, who had set on foot the mischief, was foremost in spreading the alarm, causing the castle-bell to be rung as if some dangerous mutiny instead of a slight drunken quarrel had arisen: Cassio, whom this misfortune had entirely sobered, now lamented to his seeming friend Iago that he should have been such a fool as to transform himself into a beast.

He was undone, for how could he ask the general for his place again?

He despised himself. A good advice of Iago, if it had not been given for wicked purposes, which will after appear. Cassio did as Iago advised him, and made application to the Lady Desdemona, who was easy to be won over in any honest suit; and she promised Cassio that she should be his solicitor with her lord, and rather die than give up his cause.

This she immediately set about in so earnest and pretty a manner, that Othello, who was mortally offended with Cassio, could not put her off. When he pleaded delay, and that it was too soon to pardon such an offender, she would not be beat back, but insisted that it should be the next night, or the morning after, or the next morning to that at farthest. Then she showed how penitent and humbled poor Cassio was, and that his offence did not deserve so sharp a check. I count this but a little thing to ask of you.

When I mean to try your love indeed, I shall ask a weighty matter. It happened that Othello and Iago had entered into the room where Desdemona was, just as Cassio, who had been imploring her intercession, was departing at the opposite door: For when Desdemona was gone, Iago, as if for mere satisfaction of his thought, questioned Othello whether Michael Cassio, when Othello was courting his lady, knew of his love.

I must have proof before I think her dishonest. Then he artfully insinuated that Desdemona deceived her father in marrying with Othello, and carried it so closely, that the poor old man thought that witchcraft had been used.

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Othello was much moved with this argument, which brought the matter home to him, for if she had deceived her father, why might she not deceive her husband? He concluded with advising Othello to put off his reconcilement with Cassio a little longer, and in the meanwhile to note with what earnestness Desdemona should intercede in his behalf; for that much would be seen in that.

So mischievously did this artful villain lay his plots to turn the gentle qualities of this innocent lady into her destruction, and make a net for her out of her own goodness to entrap her: Poppy, nor the juice of mandragora, nor all the sleeping potions in the world, could ever again restore to him that sweet rest, which he had enjoyed but yesterday.

His occupation sickened upon him.

He no longer took delight in arms. Sometimes he thought his wife honest, and at times he thought her not so; sometimes he thought Iago just, and at times he thought him not so; then he would wish that he had never known of it; he was not the worse for her loving Cassio, so long as he knew it not: Othello answered, that he had given her such a one, and that it was his first gift.

Trifles light as air are to the jealous proofs as strong as holy writ. Desdemona had never given such a present to Cassio, nor would this constant lady have wronged her lord with doing so naughty a thing as giving his presents to another man; both Cassio and Desdemona were innocent of any offence against Othello: Othello, soon after meeting his wife, pretended that he had a headache as he might indeed with truth , and desired her to lend him her handkerchief to hold to his temples.

She did so. She dying gave it to me, and bade me, if I ever married, to give it to my wife. I did so; take heed of it. Make it a darling as precious as your eye.

Then Othello started, and looked as if he were going to do some rash thing, and still he demanded the handkerchief, which when she could not produce, she tried to divert her husband from too serious thoughts, and cheerfully told him she saw all his talk about the handkerchief was only to put her off from her suit about Michael Cassio, whom she went on to praise as Iago had foretold , till Othello in perfect distraction burst out of the room, and then Desdemona, though unwillingly, began to suspect that her lord was jealous.

What cause she could have ministered to him she knew not, and then she accused herself for accusing the noble Othello, and thought to be sure that some untoward news from Venice, or some state troubles had puddled his spirits, and made his temper not so sweet as formerly. Again Othello and Desdemona met, and he accused her more plainly of being unfaithful, and of loving another man, but he did not name whom: And this was all the complaint which this gentle lady made.

Desdemona being retired to bed expecting her lord would follow her, soon fell into a slumber, the effect of her troubled spirits, when Othello entered the chamber, full of the black purpose which he had meditated of putting his lady to death. But when he saw her asleep, he thought he would not shed her blood, nor scar that white skin of hers, more white than alabaster.

But he was resolved she should die; else as he said she would live to betray more men, as she had done him.

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The Passionate Pilgrim To the Queen. Authority control LCCN: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource.The Passionate Pilgrim To the Queen.

Published by Dover Publications, Incorporated.

Children's Classics, The boat lands on an enchanted island. It was the young count Paris, who had come to the tomb of Juliet at that unseasonable time of night, to strew flowers and to weep over the grave of her that should have been his bride. This difficulty being got over, Othello, to whom custom had rendered the hardships of a military life as natural as food and rest are to other men, readily undertook the management of the wars in Cyprus:

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