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They have to do it. But you and I have been through these things and we figured it out and we can help other guys, but they have to do it, which means they have to believe enough in themselves to take these things a step at a time and do them. Grant: Absolutely. Lets move forward now, especially as were talking about actually doing it. Were going to talk about moving toward the sexual moment. Were not going to talk about pick-up, and theres lots of good material out there and actually a lot of bad material too, but theres a lot of good material.

But lets say a guy meets a woman. Youre in a caf, youre in a bar, I dont know where you are, you met her online, and you like each other. Youre beginning to sense that this may go somewhere. You talk about how to read the signs that women are interested sexually in a guy, and a lot of guys actually asked me about this. I sent them a survey. A lot of guys arent sure and theyre kind of afraid that if they make a move and shes not there, that theyre going to be humiliated or shes going to be angry or theyre going to end up in jail as a rapist.

What do you have to say about that moment of testing, of moving from a nonsexual kind of attraction to a sexual moment? David: Ok, thats a mouthful.

Now, sexual moments. Read signs that theyre sexually interested. Now that touches back on the point that you were just at, which is mens self-talk. Thats so true. Men have a lot of self-talk which is self-defeating. They think about all the things that could go wrong. Let me answer both of these questions at the same time, and that is first take these fundamental beliefs that women like sex a lot, probably more than men.

Ive found that they do. Women are highly sexual creatures. Women want to be in an exciting sexual relationship. When a woman is at the bar with her girlfriends and a man comes up and starts to talk to her, the first thing she says, Oh god, what is this guy going to say? Page 13 Copyright N2B Partners. That what she dreams about. Thats not what she thinks about at the moment, but men need to understand that women want a man who will lead them.

Now, how do you read the signs that theyre sexually interested? You dont know. First of all, the guys that I know in the community who are very successful, I mean I know the guys who are successful. Those guys have two things in common. They are excellent with rapport. Theyre social creatures. They can have rapport with people of both genders and they can have very good rapport with women. Theyre comfortable with a womans sexuality. That requires that theyre comfortable with their own sexuality, they didnt have a bunch of dirt growing up.

Given that, the ability to have rapport and being comfortable with womens sexuality, how can you read the signs? You may not be able to. You dont know whats going on in her mind, but if you change your beliefs and believe that women want to be in an exciting sexual relationship, just assume that she wants to have sex.

Now, given that, you can still be a gentleman. You can build rapport, you can move things along, and you can very likely, very slowly, a baby step at a time, lead her. All she has to do is follow. If you lead very slowly, very easily, especially at first, and she follows, keep going. There you go. Grant: And one of the things you say, which is true, I can attest to with my own experience, when you ask Can I kiss you?

David: You and I talked about that on the phone. There are a lot of techniques out there to ask, and thats fine. They work. I would not necessarily recommend that. There are specific situations where it is appropriate and the best thing to do, but overall simply assume that she wants to follow and you lead. You cant lead if youre asking. The problem with asking is it makes her responsible for what happens sexually.

Now if you lead, she can still be a proper lady and still be a ruthlessly expressive sexual creature. If you lead a little bit at a time and youll know that shes ready, if she does not object.

Page 14 Copyright N2B Partners. A woman will not necessarily say, Oh, ok, Ill do that. She wont articulate it, but she wont object. If you take it very slow, if you are respectful and you build upon the rapport that youve established, you slowly lead her a baby step at a time and, like you and I talked about on the phone the other day, there is nothing more natural than a man and a woman getting together.

Thats what we were made to do. Let nature take its course, while allowing her to be a sexually submissive creature. Slowly lead her a step at a time to the natural outcome. Grant: I think one of the destructive ideas that Ive come across is you have to make it happen. If you learn these techniques itll work with every woman every time. Its not true for anybody and it also puts so much pressure on the individual evening and the individual person that a guy could feel like a failure if it doesnt work.

If a woman resists, its not so much about overcoming resistance. You have to know there are other women in the world, correct? David: Alright, let me talk about that.

A lot of guys talk about last-minute resistance. To tell you the truth, I hope I get it. If its a woman that I met that night Heres the problem.

A lot of guys are out to do this and thats fine. They want to get laid the night they meet a woman, and thats fine.

We all go through that phase where weve got to do that and thats fine. Now Im interested in the long-term. Heres the problem. If you meet a woman that night and take her home and she has intercourse with you, she already knows shell never see you again.

Its what I call the one-night stand clause. Now there are exceptions to it, but generally if a woman sleeps with a man the first night she meets him, she will not see him again. And women do that. I know women who regularly engage in that.

Fine, good for them, and theres plenty of guys who will play that game. Now if youre interested in the long term, if you meet a woman and things progress that night, if you want to see her long term you better hope she objects to intercourse, because that means First of all, if a woman has intercourse with a man the first night she meets him, she has already made the conscious decision that he is not good enough for a relationship.

Hes only good for a one-night stand. Hes not Mr. Hes only Mr. Right Now. She has already made the conscious decision to have less respect for him. Page 15 Copyright N2B Partners. I have to say that really flips a lot of the popular conception about what success is with women. I love that you said that. David: Well, it depends on what your idea of success is. Do you want to be the bumblebee going from flower to flower? Or do you want to have a very powerful effect over women?

Or if you want to have one extremely exciting relationship with one woman, you have to see the long term and you have to be patient and you have to hope for last-minute resistance the first night. You can use that, you can leverage that, the next time you see her to make it even more powerful. Grant: I love how you said that, David.

Let me follow up with another question. Before we get to the really edgy stuff, which were about to get to, you have this amazing principle that you can create the conditions for sex so that a woman feels like its just happened, like it just spontaneously happened.

Then when she goes to work the next day shes going to tell her girlfriends, Oh my god, I had this amazing experience last night.

We were just talking and talking and suddenly we were having amazing sex, or Wed gone out a couple of times and I didnt expect it and it just happened. That is a great frame for surrender, so they dont feel theyre being manipulated. Can you say a few words about that principle? David: Yes. Thats a very important thing that I teach men. You need to set up everything such that she can justify it later by just saying, It just happened.

Monday morning she could go into work and tell her girlfriends at work, Oh wow, it was really exciting. It just happened! And they all sigh. They love it. They know exactly what that means. That means that two people got swept away with passion and were overcome and blah blah blah. Now when you are leading her, when youre very slowly one step at a time escalating things, you never articulate it. You never say to her, Ok, now lets go into the bedroom and get sexual, because for her to say yes or even to not object to something that blatant would mean that she assumes some responsibility.

Instead, you want to slowly escalate things such that she can later say, It just happened.

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You slowly escalate and she simply follows, such that afterwards she can simply say she was swept away with passion. It makes it sound like you were swept away, you were overcome with your attraction for her and you couldnt help yourself and you were overcome with it. Page 16 Copyright N2B Partners. Grant: Youre a master of words and you write in your work. By the way, well tell everyone how to get your newsletter at the end of the call. His newsletter is amazing, your newsletter is amazing.

Theres so much information. You talk about a yes ladder and I think this is one of the most powerful escalation tools. Would you give an example or explain what that is and how yo might deploy that?

Ochotnik do auschwitz ebook chomikuj

David: Yeah, thats just one of the many tricks in the hat. Lets say that you and she are in bed together and you want her to sequentially say yes to everything you say. Theres an old saying among lawyers. A lawyer never asks a question in court that he does not already know the answer to. I would add to that a masterful lover never asks a question in the bedroom that he does not already know the answer to be yes.

Always ask questions that you know youre going to get a yes. Does this feel good? Do you like it when I do this? Do you this or that? Get her to say yes enough times and then you do something new that you havent done before and you say, Do you like it when I do this? Thats used in sales a lot, right? Grant: Of course. Its a classic sales technique. But in classic sales they dont use voice as much, and Ive heard some of your audio programs and its not just the words.

Its the way you say it. Theres a breathiness, theres a depth of voice.

It has to do with also commanding respect. Your voice can drop as you escalate the ladder, deeper and softer. David: Yeah, I worked on my voice a lot, by the way.

Page 17 Copyright N2B Partners. David: I worked on it. Grant: Yeah, and its important to know that your tonality, to really drop your voice down into your chest, it has a huge impact. A lot of guys know that but they forget it in the moment. David: Let me say one thing about voice. I tell guys, Your most important tool in the bedroom is not your tool, its your voice. Guys need to understand that, because to really bring out a womans sexual potential its mental and you drive that mental with the words that you say and the way you say them and the context in which you say them.

Your most important tool in the bedroom is not your tool, its your voice. Grant: And you really need that kind of confidence inside so that your voice is steady. David: Theres that word confidence again.

You know what, I think guys get turned off by the word confidence. I know I do. Oh, just be confident. Instead, believe in women, believe in yourself.

Believe that a woman wants to be sexually expressive but cannot initiate it. You, however, in a consensual situation, you slowly lead her and you believe enough in yourself to be able to lead a woman a step at a time.

You believe enough in yourself to do these things that I teach you to do. Grant: Thats good. And theres another way I would put confidence and thats directional. I think everyone has lack of confidence, but if you have a sense of direction and a sense of goal, I think you can get that steadiness of voice and purpose that women can really sense.

David: Yeah, thats very true. Grant: I want to ask you, you mentioned the yes ladder was one of the arrows in the quiver. Another you talk about is the power of possessive.

I wonder if you can walk us through that also. David: Yeah, very good. The power of possessive is very important. Like you and I talked about on the phone the other day, the whole idea of a sexually submissive woman is you want to bring out her inner slut. Page 18 Copyright N2B Partners. They are socially ostracized to do that and most men do not find that attractive in actuality. But all men want their woman to be slutty for them.

Women do want to be slutty. They want to be ruthlessly animalistically expressive. They want to be slutty with their man, but they dont want to be sluts. Now, were getting into some really advanced dirty talk here. So were making a huge step forward here, but in the bedroom, in the context of heightened sexual arousal, and we just jumped a whole bunch of steps here and I should preface that by sayinggetting back to dirty talk and voiceand that is when youre in the bedroom with your woman, the context completely changes.

Now in the living room she wants to be a lady. In the bedroom she wants to be slutty. You slowly progress things from the living room to the bedroom, and Im talking in an ongoing relationship here based on mutual trust yada yada, everythings consensual. In the context of heightened sexual arousal, everything you say is taken in a completely different context. This is critically important.

When you use vulgar language in the context of heightened sexual arousal, it is taken as being good. You cant do that in the living room.

Thats a completely different context. In the context of heightened sexual arousal in the bedroom, you can talk dirty. Alright, so weve taken a bunch of steps forward here and were going to get to the power of possessive and that is one of the things you say in dirty talk is you call her a slut. But you cant say Youre a slut. Instead you say, you make it possessive, Youre my naughty little slut.

By using that possessive, by putting my in front of it, it means shes being slutty for you. Shes being slutty as a result of being responsive to you. Shes being slutty because you are allowing her and leading her to be ruthlessly expressive. In the context of privacy with a man that she trusts in the bedroom, it allows her to do that. You can call her a slut, so long as you preface it with my slut.

Grant: Thats beautiful, and certainly at any Halloween party, what do women dress as, right? They clearly want to express that. So it makes it safe for them. David: You mentioned a really good point, and that is on Halloween youll find that women dress much sluttier. It gives them a license to be what they really want to be. A Halloween costume says a lot about a person and they start dressing slutty on Halloween.

But it gives them a license to do it without being a slut. Grant: Because its contextualized, its safe. Page 19 Copyright N2B Partners. Grant: I want to point out one of your great lines. I want guys to listen to this carefully. One of your great lines is, Youre a very sweet innocent little thing, but I know youre my bad naughty little bitch.

Thats an amazing line because it has what I talk about a lot in Net2Bed in my online dating advice, about how to employ electric contrast. Its to give them that jolt of two very different feelings at the same time.

So youre creating the contextYoure my sweet innocent little thing, BUT I know youre my bad naughty little bitch. I think you should win a Nobel prize for that one.

David: That goes back to the fact that women live a life of dichotomy. They live a life of contrast. In their everyday work life out in the real world theyre an educated proper lady. But in the bedroom, because theyre human beings, because theyre female, they want to be ruthlessly expressive animalistic sexual creatures.

Its a life of contrast, and what you do is you bring that contrast out. You highlight that contrast, and that contrast is actually extremely exciting for a woman. It makes both aspects of her life even more exciting. You know a great example of using this is the remote control egg. Guys, youve got to go out and get a remote control egg. Its a radio-controlled vaginal vibrator. You hold the remote.

Now youre not going to do this on a first date. This is the 10th or 12th date, whatever. Youre in a long-term relationship with a woman. You have her wear the vibrator and you hold the remote. You guys go out to dinner. While youre standing in the lobby waiting for your table --usually when you go out on a Saturday night theres going to be a wait for your table, its the perfect opportunity while everybodys sitting around waiting for their table in the lobby -- youre standing here with your arm around your woman, holding her, and you whisper in her ear and you turn on the remote and you say, Everybody here is looking at you and they think you are such a sweet innocent lady, but I know youre my naughty little slut.

Grant: And you give a jolt. David: Yup, leave it on while youre talking dirty to her in her ear, whispering in her ear, and then you turn it off, stand up straight, and How long is it going to be for that table? Page 20 Copyright N2B Partners. And clearly by the time dinners over and you go home, the sex is going to be better than just sort of standard everyday sex, because it will already be heightened.

David: Its not the idea of going home and having great sex. The idea is you bring sexuality into every aspect of her life, even going out to dinner, while shes ordering and the very pretty waitress is taking her order.

Everything you do, you integrate sexuality into every aspect of her life while still allowing her to have that contrast. Thats what makes women wildly crazy about their man. Grant: Thats a great observation. The way I put it sometimes is that for men sex is sex, and for women often everything but sex is sex.

Everything you do, the way you eat together, the way you talk on the phone, every aspect of your life is an opportunity lead her towards the kind of sex that guys actually ultimately want, which is actually sex sex. David: Thats very true. From a mans perspective, the idea is to go home and have awesome sex, where shes ruthlessly expressive and does all sorts of fun taboo things. Grant: Now lets talk about those things, because I know a lot of guys are interested in that.

David: Well, thats what got me interested in it. Grant: You talk about, and youve done this, that you can verbally command a woman to have an orgasm and she will have an orgasm. Now Im assuming this is not something you do in the line at the post office. Theres some build-up here. I would love for you to talk about how to lead up to that and how to have that skill. David: Alright. Do you want me to talk about having her do taboo things, or do you want me to talk about coming on command?

Grant: Lets start with coming on command. David: Coming on command, ok. You pointed out an example in one of my books, and by the way I appreciate, Grant, the homework that you did in preparation for this. I really appreciate that. Grant: Well, I respect my community a lot and your part.

Page 21 Copyright N2B Partners. And thats what commands respect, Grant. Now, in getting a woman to come on command, you do it a little step at a time. Im just telling you about the welcomed method. Well, I learned this a few years ago and thought this was really powerful and really works amazing.

Its a way of touching a womans clitoris that brings her up really slowly, but feels amazing for a woman. Do a search on the welcomed method. Now, what you do is in the bedroom, in an ongoing relationship, its not for a one-night stand, but in an ongoing relationship youre going to go through various techniques. One night will be the welcomed method. What you do with the welcomed method is you bring her up real slow.

Now this feels incredible for a woman. Shes never experienced this before and shes going to be very close to orgasm for a long time. Eventually shes going to want to come. What you do is tell her, No, dont come, not yet. I want you to feel this pleasure and on and on. Tell her to feel the pleasure, build it up more, feel the pleasure more and more, and shes going to be begging you to come. Tell her, No, dont come, and build it up more, and then you say, In a moment, Im going to make you come.

In a moment Im going to tell you to come now. You will not come until I tell you to come now. And then you do the yes ladder, Does this feel good? Do you want to come? You build it up and start stimulating harder and then right before she comes, because youre always watching your woman very closely at all times, you know this, right before she comes you say, Come now, hard!

Instantly she comes, harder than shes ever come in her life. What that does, that associates your voice telling her to come to the most powerful orgasm shes had in her life, and youre in.

One step at a time, thats one of the things you do. You do these kind of things, and there are a number of other things, and eventuallywell, thats the really advanced stuff. Thats how you associate yourself to her sexuality. Do not do this for a power trip. Do this because this is what she wants. A woman wants to be responsive to her man. Thats what is sexually exciting to a woman in every aspect, to be responsive to her man.

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Thats what she dreams about, about having a man that she can be responsive to. Page 22 Copyright N2B Partners. She may not be able to articulate it, but she responds to it. Shes being very responsive to you. So you dont do this for a power trip. You do this because youre allowing her to live the life shes always dreamed of living. Youre giving her what she wants. Grant: Thats beautifully stated, once again. Just to review that, theres a whole process.

You talk about Do you want to come? Dont come yet, so theres already a sense of authority there. David: Let me say something very important about that.

Its not enough to give women orgasms, ok? Its not enough to give women loud screaming orgasms. Its just the great name of a book that sells.

Thats a prerequisite. I mean youve got to get that working. The idea is that you have everything to say about when she comes, how hard she comes, and how long she comes. Thats what its all about. Grant: Again, beautifully stated.

You have authority over her orgasm. And one thing you do write about is how to help a woman extend her orgasm once shes orgasming in ways that other guys just cant, again with the power of words.

Id love for you to go into that a little bit. David: Now thats really advanced stuff, but you can extend a womans orgasm. If we have time well get to that.

I dont want to fry some minds here. Ill give you a really good example. I learned this back in when I was doing my phone sex thing. It was fun making these women come, but how far could I push this? They were having orgasms that would last maybe seconds and I was thinking, How could I make these orgasms last longer? I know one thing thats absolutely true about women, a truism about women they want to come at the same time that their man is coming.

Thats like the Holy Grail, the simultaneous orgasm in intercourse. So on the phone, what I would do is when these women would start coming, what I would do isIm not going to voice this outbut I voiced it out very vulgar, very realistic, and I would tell her Oh, Im about to come. Im going to come with you. Keep coming! Im going to come, and I would push this on for like a minute, telling her that Im about to come, I want her to come with me, and shes coming the whole time.

Then I very very enthusiastically make like Im coming, and that adds another 30 seconds. A minute and a half they would come and I could get it to go two minutes by being really enthusiastic.

Metoda DOKTORA Dukana Dukan Pierre 8375150185

Page 23 Copyright N2B Partners. In intercourse with her, say when she starts coming, Oh, baby, Im going to come, Im going to come and keep saying it and then about a minute into it. I know its a lot of work. You get her up to a certain point and you dont have to do that anymore. Then you can go onto the next thing.

After shes coming for a minute, then you either come or make like youre coming. That extends it at least another half a minute. So thats one quick easy way to get a womans orgasm to extend much farther than shes ever thought possible.

Grant: Yes, and Id like to just add, by the way, for everyone out there, were focusing clearly on the power of words and speech because we are on the telephone at the moment and this is an audio program.

Davids work has lots of visuals, lots of touch techniques, that you can really learn just as well from his written stuff, but I really wanted to focus on speech, since this is a speech medium. With that said, the kind of sexual moment that youre so great about teaching, to lead women into this kind of abandon where they really trust you, where they really give themselves over to your commanding position, is a temporary situation, its in the bedroom.

I like in your work you also give instruction that if youre going to bring a woman into that kind of abandon and let her really release what you call her inner slut, that ruthless sexual being, you also have to know how to bring her back out into the living room world so that shell trust you, so that this will happen again. David: Yeah, this is a great question that you raised the other day. A lot of guys have that question.


How can I talk dirty to a woman and how can she even face me again? How can she even look at me? During heightened sexual arousal, as the arousal gets more and more heightened you can get more and more dirty, and then right after she finishes her orgasm, right after she comes, then what you do is you say to her, Oh baby, I feel so close to you.

I just cant hold you close enough. What this does is it rewards her for being ruthlessly expressive, it regrounds the relationship that this is all based on, a close emotional relationship, and it regrounds her. Page 24 Copyright N2B Partners. What does a woman want more than anything? She wants her man to feel close to www. She wants her man to feel close to her. Because she was your slut, you feel closer to her. This regrounds the relationship to being a meaningful emotional relationship where you respect her for the unique individual that she is.

Grant: Weve just walked through an entire process. We started out with sort of inner game work and weve walked through the moments leading into intimacy. Weve walked through the beginnings of intimacy, deep intimacy, release and abandon, and now what I call kind of return to safety.

I feel like I want a cigarette at the moment, but instead of doing that what Id really like to do David, if we can take some time, Id love for people to ask you some questions directly. Is that ok with you? David: Yeah. Let me add to that, I am not a sex therapist, ok? I am not a student of abnormal psychology. I like to take normal mentally-healthy ordinary guys like you and me and make them exceptional.

I just wanted to preface that before the questions come in, but I love questions. Grant: The depth of your work is very impressive. The questions can be about talk, they can be about touch, it could be about what weve covered so far tonight, or it could be something new along these lines. David: While were waiting for the questions to come in and while youre reviewing, were there any points that you wanted to cover that we didnt touch on?

Grant: There are so many points I would love to cover. David: Yeah, we figured that would happen. Grant: Yeah, I think we covered a lot of the basics one. I really wanted to walk through the entire process and have some good examples, and I definitely wanted to give people time to ask whats important to them, because I really consider this their seminar.

Two quick questions. First, where did you get your vocal training? It was obviously very well done. David: Alright, let me answer that. Hi, Tom from Atlanta. Thanks for calling in. You know, when I did that phone sex period in after my divorce, because it was over the phone, the only thing the woman had to go by was my voice. We all know that women love a deep masculine voice, so what I did is I worked on it. I sang in the shower, I talked to myself while I was driving. That always got interesting looks.

I was always pushing my voice lower, lower, and lower, forcing it lower. Eventually it became subconscious. So I worked at it. No, I did not take voice lessons, but I definitely listened to what women would say about my voice and I would make the adjustments accordingly.

I dont think thats a wimpy thing to do. I think that is simply taking good information, constructive criticism.

Caller: Always good to take constructive criticism. Second question is related to kind of the first minutes of your talk. You talked a lot about the beginning escalation process and the fact that you have to move in a leading fashion and a very deliberate pace.

David: Im sorry to interrupt, its not deliberate, its based on the energy that you get from her, the feeling that you get when rapport is getting really good. You have to always be watching your woman very carefully, so Im not saying its deliberate along a specific time line. Im just saying take it baby steps at a time.

You dont know exactly when you can escalate, but you sense the energy in it. Youre going to be able to do that when youre in touch with your own energy and you force yourself to be receptive to the energy of a woman, which comes across in her body language, so be very cognizant of her body language. So Im sorry to interrupt you, but I wanted to say something about that one word you used.

Caller: Im glad you said that, because that sort of gets to the heart of my question, which is that I listened to what you said and its interesting. Im taking dance lessons right now and one of the David: Oh, right on brother!

Thats a great way to meet girls. Caller: No kidding! But its kind of interesting that when youre taking dance lessons, kind of like taking any sort of a physical lesson, like martial arts, you find out that when the instructors talking to you, you might think youre learning but youre not. Youre actually learning when youre doing it, when youre attempting to try it.

Page 26 Copyright N2B Partners. I understand it intellectually, but I dont know that I can make the leap from that intellectual understanding to.

David: Let me interrupt you again, Tom. Im sorry, but you made a really good point that when youre listening to your dance instructor, youre not really learning. Metoda doktora Dukana polish [Pierre Dukan] on Oto synteza metody Dukana uzupelniona o najnowsze dane: Autor opisal nowatorska, bezpieczna i niezwykle skuteczna diete proteinowa, ktora pozwoli nie tylko. The first section lays out the scientific basis for the Radical Metabolism plan so that you can understand the rationale behind the programme.

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Thats why he was attractive. Science News. That is not going to command respect. Also I am not going to tell you what to do.

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