2 – Francisco Cândido Xavier (André Luiz). NOS DOMÍNIOS DA MEDIUNIDADE. 8º livro da coleção “A Vida no Mundo Espiritual”. Ditado pelo Espírito: André. argumentation, André Luiz speaks about the actual reality of imperfect spirits still . medium is Xavier and the spirit author André Luiz, which is a pen name the. Livro Espírita para um novo mundo. Para instalar o Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader clique aqui e faça o download gratuito no Site da Adobe. Após uma doença, o médico André Luiz desperta em um ambiente sombrio e desconhecido.

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O Curso Ciclo V tem como objetivo estudar as Obras de Andre Luiz codificadas Essa série é uma seqüência de 16 livros psicografados por Chico Xavier (em. Verdade Espírita: Coleção André Luiz _ A Vida no Mundo Espiritual (PDF) Libraries · Resultado de imagem para livros yvonne do amaral pereira. Livro - Lógica de Programação - André Luiz Villar Forbellone e Henri Frederico Cargado por Download as PDF or read online from Scribd.

The nephew was psychographic Medium and announced to the press to be a fraud, a very capable impostor, extending his declaration to his uncle Xavier. Chico denied any wrongdoing and any proximity or involvement with the nephew. Later remorseful by the damage he caused to his uncle's reputation he asked for forgiveness and dropping all the accusations he previously made.

The Reporters pretended to be foreigners using false names in order to test whether Chico was a fraud; Later when Nasser and Manzon arrived home after the interview, they were surprised, as reported by Nasser in an interview with TV Cultura in I said no. I was in my library, I picked up the book and was written: He had made a similar dedication for Manzon.

For things like this, that I am very afraid to get involved in Spiritism issues. At that time, Chico Xavier met the young student of Medicine and medium Waldo Vieira ; together they psychographed several books; until their abruption some years later. In , Francisco moved to Uberaba , where he lived until the end of his days.

He continued psychographing several books, approaching topics that were priority in the 60's; such as, sex , drugs , youth issues, technology , space travels among others.

Uberaba then, became an informal center of pilgrimage, with thousands of people arriving every day; people hoping to make contact with deceased relatives. At that time; books of "messages" became popular; letters dictated by spirits of regular people to their family members; proceeding as well with constant campaigns of food and clothing distribution to the poor people around the town.

See Pinga-fogo. In the beginning of ; Chico took part on the popular nationwide interview TV program called "Pinga Fogo" Dripping Fire which reached extremely high levels of audience throughout the country.

In the same year; besides the cataract and lungs problems, Francisco developed a heart condition called angina. In he founded the spiritst centre "Casa da Prece" in Uberaba. At that time, his fame extended to other parts of the world, with several books translated into other languages, as well as adaptations for soap operas versions.

By the end of , the medium had already psychographed more than four hundreds books. At that time; it was estimated that approximately fifty millions of spiritist books were circulating in Brazil, from which; fifteen million of them were attributed to Chico Xavier and twelve millions to Kardec SANTOS, In , the American tabloid National Examiner published an article saying, "Ghost writers make novelist a millionaire" The article was vaunted in Brazil by the extinct news magazine; revista Manchete, titled as Secretary of Ghosts, where it said that, according to National Examiner information; the Brazilian medium had made twenty million dollars as a "Secretary of Ghosts".

Livro - Lógica de Programação - André Luiz Villar Forbellone e Henri Frederico Eberspächer.pdf

Manchete magazine proceeded saying: Spiritist Federation from the state of Sergipe In the document; the entities representing the spiritism in Brazil devoted their gratitude and respect for the medium "for his intense and extended works, for the example of life dedicated to studies and fraternity, disclosure and practices of spiritism, for the spiritual and material guidelines, assistance and help to the neighbor".

The medium died at the age of 92, due to a cardio respiratory arrest in , According to friends and close relatives, Chico had asked God to take him away in a day which all Brazilian people were very happy and the country under some kind of celebration; [ citation needed ] this way, no one would be sad with his departure. In , appointed for the Nobel Peace Prize, when his name gathered 2 million signatures for submission. In , the Government of the State of Minas Gerais established the "Commendation of Peace Chico Xavier", award which is annually awarded to individuals or legal entities who work for peace and social well-being.

In , the Brazilian Government gave the name "Chico Xavier" for a passage of an important highway of the country, BR In , his centenary has been marked by numerous celebrations in Brazil, like two feature films and a special postage stamp. The city of Uberaba Town where Chico lived recently started the construction of a memorial in his honor.

On the semifinal of the program he disputed against Ayrton Senna , Brazilian formula 1 racer receiving At the end of the program, Chico competed against Santos Dumont founder of the aviation in Brazil and Princess Isabel responsible for the abolition of slavery in Brazil ; but, he had been the one elected to become "the greatest Brazilian of all times" with According to Mori the staff at his Spiritist Center in Brazil would help him by gathering information about his clients and faking psychic letters.

Chico Xavier wrote most of allegedly psychographic books.


He never admitted to be the author of any of his books. He affirmed he would only reproduce whatever the spirits dictated to him.

Being the reason for why he would never accept the money attained from selling his books. He also transcribed around ten thousand letters allegedly from the dead to their families.

The letters were declared legitimate by many people, and some of the letters were used as evidence in four criminal trials. He is the most read author from Latin America note: Through the decades, Chico produced thousands of psychographed letters for desperate parents and mothers who came to him in order to receive messages from their deceased sons and daughters. One electroencephalogram study conducted during a mediumnistic trance by Dr.

Elias Barbosa, Chico Xavier's family doctor, was reported by "Revista Planeta", a popular news magazine, in June It was suggested that Chico presented common characteristics of epilepsy, even though he was never epileptic, with claims that his brain activity was somehow "paranormal".

Many years later, in February , Dr. Guilherme Gustavo Riccioppo Rodrigues reviewed Barbosa's EEG study and found "no evidence to suggest clinical abnormality, let alone to support the idea that his brain is paranormal". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Pedro Leopoldo , Minas Gerais , Brazil. Uberaba , Minas Gerais , Brazil. Main articles. United Kingdom United States World. Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. See also: Nosso Lar and Nosso Lar film. Chico Xavier, Medium of the Century. Chico Xavier".

The Guardian. Retrieved 7 December Historical and cultural aspects of the pineal gland: Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Neuro Endocrinol Lett. Indexed in PubMed. Indexed in Espirita. Un homme insignifiant. Scientific research on mediumship and mind-brain relationship: Chico Xavier e a alma do Brasil In Portuguese.

Espiritualismo, Chico Xavier in Portuguese. Retrieved Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 4 October Retrieved August 8, O Cruzeiro". Retrieved 22 July Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century.

Alive and Kicking". Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic. Palgrave Macmillan. In what is called hot reading, Xavier's staff at his Spiritist Center in Brazil gathered information from clients as they lined up to see the psychic.

Instead of paradise surrounding them, they feel they are in the vicinity of an industrious workshop, where workers do not evolve by means of the privilege of protectionism, but rather at the cost of their own effort; thus, victory or defeat comes from their own conscience. They perceive the imperishable law, which, without making erroneous decisions, has control over lives in the name of the Eternal One.

They understand that the seashores of divine beauty and the enchanted palaces of peace await the spirit on other vibrational continents of the universe, but they also realize that it is their responsibility to sweat and struggle, to be industrious and to improve themselves in order to reach them by swimming across the great sea of experience.

They expect a heaven of ease after the death of the body, one that may be had by means of mere doctrinal affirmations. No one, however, will gainsay the divine law; truth will always be victorious and the life eternal will continue to teach, slowly, with maternal patience.

Christian Spiritism today has a great and sublime task in the world. It is not enough simply to define its venerable characteristics as the Consoler of Humankind; it is also necessary to reveal its facet as a liberating movement aimed at consciences and hearts. Physical death is not the end. It is merely the next chapter in the book of evolution and improvement.

Chico Xavier

At its arrival, no one should expect final and definitive solutions, for we know that one hundred years of activity in the world represent but a relatively small fraction of time for any type of spiritual growth in the life eternal. An infinite field of service awaits the dedication of workers of truth and the good. Massive problems challenge the brave spirits incarnated at this time with the glorious mission of preparing the new era and contributing to the restoration of living faith and the widening of human understanding.

It is crucial to come to the aid of religion, entombed in the theological archives of churches of stone, and to support science, which has become a satanic genius of destruction. There are new warnings calling to disbelieving men and women of the 20th century, pointing out broader horizons to them and showing them that the spirit lives above the civilizations that war transforms or consumes in its millenary dragonlike voracity.

On facing this new era, and considering the great endeavor of renewal, the cooperation of all faithful servants of truth and the good is requested so that, more than anything else, they may live the new faith, each and everyone improving and uplifting themselves on the way to a better world so that the teachings of Christ may prevail over the mere words of fine-sounding ideologies.

In the execution of this lofty task, incarnates and discarnates of goodwill are coming together, building the bridge of light over which humankind will cross the abyss of ignorance and death. It is for this reason, dear reader, that Andre Luiz once again comes to you to tell you something about the divine service of the Missionaries of the Light and to explain that humans are eternal spirits, temporarily inhabiting the living temple of terrestrial flesh; that the perispirit is not a body of nebulous mist, but rather a living structure to which physical cells are molded; that in all places the soul receives according to its personal creations; that the ties of love and hatred follow us into every arena of life; that other activities besides the common struggle of everyday life are carried out by the 10 of the Light incarnated consciousness; that reincarnation is guided by sublime spiritual powers; and that beyond the grave, the soul continues to struggle and learn, to perfect itself and to serve the Lords designs, continuing to grow toward the immortal glory to which the Father has destined us.

If in reading this book you become frightened, if the statements of the Messenger seem revolutionary to you, turn to prayer and thank the Lord for the learning experience, asking him to clarify and enlighten you so that illusion does not keep you trapped in its web.

Remember that the revelation of truth is progressive, and as you appeal for divine help for your soul, pay heed to the sacred duties that the earth has arranged for you each day.

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Be aware that the death of the body will not lead you to stagnation, but to new arenas of improvement and labor, of renewal and blessed struggle, where you will live much more, and more intensely. EmmanuEl Pedro Leopoldo1, May 13, If you would like, you may come with me to our center when the opportunity arises. Yes, I replied, delighted, the subject of mediumship is a fascinating one. Alexandre smiled benevolently and agreed: 1 A medium who writes messages dictated by spirits.

Andre Luiz That is certainly the case for those who examine its moral influence. Later, the evening for my visit was set and I awaited the practical instruction with undisguised interest. When the time came, I used Alexandres prestigious influence to enter the large old hall where he carries out his leadership duties. Of the dozens of chairs set out in rows, only eighteen were taken by incarnate individuals.

The rest were occupied by the mass of spirits invisible to the ordinary eyes of the physical realm. It was a large gathering of suffering souls a large and needy audience.

I noticed that luminous filaments divided the assistants from the spirit world into different groups, each displaying its own characteristics.

Guards were posted around the access areas, and because of the noise of voices on the outside, I realized that here too the entry of discarnates was subject to strict control. The needy spirits who were let inside remained silent and circumspect. I entered carefully, without attracting the attention of the audience, who was listening excitedly to the caring and edifying words of the centers hardworking instructor.

A large number of spirit coworkers were attentively keeping watch, and as the devoted mentor spoke from his heart, the eighteen incarnates kept their thought strictly focused on high and pure purposes.

It was lovely to feel their individual vibrations.

Each one emitted luminous 14 of the Light rays that differed greatly from each other in intensity and color. These rays came together at approximately sixty centimeters1 from the individuals physical bodies and established a current of power quite different from the energies of our realm.

This current was not limited to the circle in which it moved; at certain points it would pour out vital elements like a miraculous spring with its source in the human hearts and minds that were meeting there. The incarnates energies mingled with the robust fluids coming from the large number of workers from our plane.

These fluids formed a precious dispensary of benefits for the unfortunate spirits who were still strongly attached to physiological sensations. Such mental energies are not illusory, though they might seem to be so from an earthly point of view that is less enlightened regarding the infinite reserves of potential that lie beyond denser matter. After the consoling discourse had ended, I was pondering these new additions to my learning experience, when my friend asked me to attend a mediumistic session.

Because he was interested in taking full advantage of the time available, he kept his greetings short. We dont have a minute to waste, he said. And pointing to a small group of six spirits nearby, he explained: 1 15 Andre Luiz Our authorized friends are waiting.

For a communication? I asked. The instructor nodded and added: However, not all will achieve their aim at the same time. Some will have to wait for weeks, months, years I didnt imagine that the task would be so hard, I added, surprised.

Youll see, said Alexandre kindly. And nodding toward a young man who was deep in concentration and surrounded by assistants from our plane, he explained attentively: There are six spirits who could potentially give a communication, but presently only one medium at this meeting is in a condition to be of use.

So, we are forced to consider the fact that the group of terrestrial learners and workers will only be able to receive messages related to the overall interests of the group. There is no possibility for any work beyond the ordinary. I thought a medium was above all simply a machine, I stated. A machine can wear out, Alexandre remarked, and we are looking at machinery that is extremely delicate.

Os 100 livros que todo advogado criminalista deveria receber de presente no Natal

Noticing my look of surprise, he continued: First of all, we must realize that, when it comes to mediumistic work, moral factors prevail. In order to be 16 of the Light faithful to a higher mandate, the medium needs to be clear and serene, like the crystalline mirror of a lakes surface. Otherwise, the waves of disquietude would upset the projection of our spiritual energies upon earthly materiality, in the same way that turbulent waters cannot reflect the sublime images of the sky and surrounding nature.

Pointing to the medium, the instructor continued in a firm voice: This brother is not simply an instrument. He is a spirit who must be as free as we are, and in order to be useful for the desired communication, he must deny himself with selflessness and humility, the first factors required to gain access to interaction with the higher realms. He must remain silent so that others may speak; to give of himself so that others may receive. In short, he must serve as a bridge where diverging interests meet.

Without this conscious understanding of the spirit of service, he would be of no use for spiritually constructive purposes. Of course, he is responsible for maintaining inner resources such as tolerance, humility, a fraternal disposition, patience and Christian love; however, we too must do our part so as to maintain his outer support, because if our friend here doesnt have any nourishment or relative peace, or if he lacks help in acquiring the simplest things, we cannot ask for his self-sacrificing cooperation.

Our responsibilities, therefore, are linked to the smallest details of the task at hand. As I pondered the idea that a medium should happily wait for divine compensation, Alexandre replied: 17 Andre Luiz Nevertheless, my dear friend, we must remember that we are still dealing with work that is not yet complete.Later remorseful by the damage he caused to his uncle's reputation he asked for forgiveness and dropping all the accusations he previously made.

Chico Xavier".

Xavier called his spiritual guide Emmanuel, who according to Xavier, lived in ancient Rome as Senator Publius Lentulus , was reincarnated in Spain as Father Damien , and later as a professor at the Sorbonne. Cinquenta Anos Depois. At that time, Chico Xavier met the young student of Medicine and medium Waldo Vieira ; together they psychographed several books; until their abruption some years later.

Planeta do Brasil Publishing, The cortical cells and the fine tendrils of the nerve fibers were very delicate conducting elements of concealed and imponderable energies. The impact increased even more when it was revealed that the books had been written by a "humble clerk" from a warehouse in the countryside of Minas Gerais Brazilian state where the medium was born , who had barely finished primary school.

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