Thermal Physics Kittel Pdf next post Tolley S Industrial Commercial Gas Installation Practice Volume 3 Fourth Edition Pdf. Back to top. Charles Kittel has taught solid state physics at the University of California at Berkeley This book gives an elementary account of thermal physics. The subject is. Thermal Physics - Kittel - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Uploaded by: DANAE - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Download Thermal physics - Short Description. Download Thermal physics - Description. View more Comments. thermal physics 2nd edition by charles kittel herbert kroemer epub.

Mandl, Statistical Physics, Wiley. This is fairly advanced, but it's always worthwhile to see what Feynman has to say. Callen, Thermodynamics, Wiley. A classic treatment of thermodynamics. I've asked that all the above be placed on reserve at Fine Library. Homework: Assigned Monday I will try, but sometimes the assignment may not be ready until Wednesday!

Collaboration encouraged but not copying! Late homework may receive only half or none of the grade depending on how late it is and how it fits into the grading schedule!

We will cover the Boltzmann, Bose, and Fermi distributions; black body radiation; chemical potential; Gibbs free energy; and phase transitions. A more detailed syllabus is in the table below. Note that I write the lecture notes mainly so I know what I'm going to say.

I like to distribute them so you can follow along in lecture rather than having to worry about taking notes. You will need a to be able to view and print PDF for downloading to be useful! The files are large because the fonts used by TeX are embedded in the files.

If you discover errors or typos, or just plain unclear passages, let me know at groth physics. You may occasionally get a file not found error if I've put in the link, but haven't installed to the actual file yet.

The contribution transnational at high temperature degrees of freedom is j. V A and number 1 we - calculated the A arid t atoms number for the results 3 and har- 6. In Chapter 8 in a solid made up of. The quantum diatomic roiator are derived in Problems the dais teal limits as in Figure are attained. We found arrangein A. Heat capacity at constant volume of one molecule of Hj in The vertical scale is in fundamental units. Figure the 3.

We see that this entropy is a was calculated maximum when A and B are present in equal proportions 0. The curve plotted for a total of 20atoms. In the special This result. The complete of metallurgy: V The of mining. B aioms is present. Figure field. The partition The 3. The numberof constant. Tttc entropy is plotted in c. Magnate expression From ihe an model system the method.

Free energy as a function of a two of t state systenu a Find of a system with two fro. Tlie result express thul the of ihe Plot the result is x sust. Free Energy - 0. A one-dt'mcnsian. Here to U is relate. Show that syslcin is 3. Use the partition fitnctwn out the: S4 r harmonic ifiiontal wilh unncal mlcln iiit iluc capacity oscillator of T flE.

The system is not in equilibrium. Show that the effective Boltzmantifactor for this abnormal Ovcrhaussr electrical equal to that by a can is given by This reasoninggives the statistical basts of the Ovcrhattsereffect whereby the be thermal nuclear in field can enhanced above the a magnetic polarization Such a condition polarization.

Suppose one whenever increase positive system. The net of er. Rotation considered only of diatomic molecules. Partition function Z l of two for independent two thai Show systems.

At this of unity.. Observe oft. The rotational motion is quantised. Zipper pruhh'W. Physics There lhis zero-poini quantum kineiic open links.

I and sysiems temperature t is equal 10ihe produci of ihe 2 in thermal paniUon the partition contaci at a funciions of the function common separate systems: By ill is the extension of the find. Journal of Polymer Science4. Warming of rubber is discussed steel wire makes tt expand. James and E. The forcearises wants to cur! The force temperaturer. The is proportional pti5tides to the have spin zero. Physics of rubber elasticity. Find the entropy confined to a one-dimcsisional M.

The by theory elasticity H. Journal of ChemicalPhysics II. Consideran idea! Thermal [We v.. We of the finite whole equal gives the element N oscillators U among energy then limit. Planck v of the. Thermal electroradiation is often caHed black body radiation. A energies frequency are the same Figure 4.! The characteristic feature of the of oscillation hio. We shall refer always the radiation. The Planckdistribution electromagnetic also describes the thermal energy spectrum of lattice vibrations m an clastic in thermal solid.

The Planck distribuspectrum welding by distributionwas the first appHcation of quantum thermal physics. The partitionfunction is the sum over the states A: This sum is of ihc form the infinite scries may TV.

The used to describe an excitationis different. The result in the form of! Noie that we 0. Ey0 not and indepen- A0. We replace the volume clementditx dny dnx in the space of the mode The sum is over the triplet of ny.

The polarization direction is defined in the n as the with is a cavity direction of Eo. For a given n. That n. Tlie standard energy per unit the volume lional! Chapte where the factor We involved. It gives thermal radialion Figure4. Quantum here. By this definition small incident the hole will is enough that radiation through a given frequency range if all.

Emission and Law Absorption. A as a black A small body. An object electromagnetic radiation a ho! Jv times derivation energy p a column in contained energy equilibrium in B6. We demonstrate this relation. Ktrchhoff to the ability of the The of a surface to emit radiationis proportional ability surface to absorb radiation. H follows a is law.. One way to estimate the surface temperature at which law. This is the Kirchhoir whence e is zero. We the prove following: A perfect docs not radiate.

What frequency place For if. For the special case of a perfectreflector. We insert a filter between and the hole in the object black outside this frequency the range. Let the filter reflect perfectly now this The flux let it transmit within arguments perfectly range. To prove this. Figure 4. Tlic existence evidence of lliis radiation [Figure 4.

Cosmicblack body background radiation. IJy ihe lime ted lo A K. A major recentdiscovery universe accessible to us is filicd with cudutian like a thai of black approximately body Tor big bang at 2. Urn evoluiion determine occupancies decoupling and stars. This be solved may equation and Planck Radiation Thermal 4: Chapter DiVnfmrion numerically.

Johnsonand Johnson value of the is also noise consider the These fluctuations. Tliis secifon presumes a knov. O in Afiei electrolytes. In ihe apparatus. Each mode has energy C1 exp ftwAJ. The entire t. The which this hi power enables oftliermal noise that Consider characteristic as in impedance is a maximum wiih condition the ioad At supply. Noise generator 4. The filter bandwidth under [lie bandwidth 10 whicii the mean fluciuaiion applies.

Thus the traveling down the line resisiance. We follow ihe argument given above the distribution Tor ofphoions in thermal but now in a space of one dimension instead of three dimensions. Yi f4R. Additional noise here resistor appears current flows. The result has regions temperature impedance a measure to convenient B8 is obtained.

It in the that follows hw limit classical the Planck distribution. The the possible as a fvee vibrations good enough of a lattice must. In thermal line at the same rate. According lo ihc of Iransrnission iines. We want to find the energy A- Webb. After R. Low powder li. Several may th: The quantum thermal The phovwn.. Dcbye The energy of an elastic wave electro elastic. The only thing which had to be lione was lo to she fact that every solid ofjunta dimensions numfrc'r contains adjust ajiuite atoms and a At low has mint her vibrations.

Tcnir Physics T of course. C Wheailey. C7 In the number photon problem there was no cor espondinglimitationon the total of modes. Therearetwo important of the experimental results: If the solid consists lite total number of modesrs of freedom. Modes of Plionon of N atoms.


It is customary to write D. In a transverseclasticwave the to the propagationdirectionof the JW of A7. The sum of a quantity modes 3. In metals there is an extra for account minimum contribution Number the from conduction There is no limit to the number of but the number of elastic modesin with each 3A?. An wave elastic in Chapter 7. Here n as for photons.

D3 temperature: Here the limit. The high temperaturelimit functions tiiermodymmiic 4. Courlesyof capaciiy whh! Thermal Chapter Radiation ami Distribution Planck - Representative temperature plotted Problem given in are given in Fig-jrc in Table 4. In conventional units. T1 law. The D7b This h known result as the Debye T1! Photon Modes. Aiimitr Lu of Jjg 7. The approximation. The normalized TJ law is below 0. Summary i 20 0 10 Q 1. The for the thermal 2. Because entropies the the order of the respective of number sec Eq.

Take the distanceofthe Earth from.

The gravienergy gravitational G is 6. Estimate the average energy. This is the resultof the virial temperature of ihe Sun. Lynds, and H.

Pillans,Elementary Oxford, Siruve, astronomy, 3. Calculate the iemperatureofl hesurface Earth. Assume also thermal radiationas it receives of the. A good discussion is given died in the Wcinberg, generalreferences. The average are temperature roughly of the Sun is believed to be near2 x tOT K.

The concentration is temperature at where the the highly nonuniform and rises to near rOQmoiecm. Find Tm in terms of 7'B is cut in half because of the. Determine the first nonvanishing - 0 and T comparing with temperature. Usethe resultson energy root mean square fractional energy fluctuation.

QQare the solidanglessubtendedby the the hole This general property of object. It is also true when focusingsystemsis easily derivedfrom geometrical optics.

What temperature to now? If the radtus has increasedlinearly the universe at that time, compared with at wltat fraction of the present time, age of the universe did the decoupling take place? Show that the net flux.

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This energy balance is the subject the where 4. We may infrared , of the infrared layer portion of the by neglecting the absorption by the the solar lies almost incident solarradiation,because entirely at spectrum from 4.

The layer will emit enerry flux Figure higher frequencies,as evident Oux will balance and the the suiur i! Thus We. Chemical Potential of the Idea! Internal and Total Chemical Potential Example:. Moleculesin the Earth's Atmosphere 3. Potential Energy of Gas in a Gravitational 4. Active Transport.

Ttie arrows at tlm valve liave been drawn lo S2. Chemical monatomic potential of the Ideal gas. For species j. If several chemicalspeciesare present.


When negative. Chapter 5: ChemicalPotential where ji is Distribution Gibhs and ihe Greek letter niu. N- low 's. G the wherein for the Example: TTumbcrs of all particles are held constant except species j.

V -rUogZ. A0 If which approximation for the Stirling use we factorial. From 8. Internal and Total The best equilibrium way in Chemical Potential to understand Ihe presence the of a chemical potential potential step that acts is to discuss diffusive on Ihe particles.

For gasesit is always lypical of an ideal gas K. For electrons this as in ihe normal is in metals. To be in the classical o! Figure 5. In to the ihe language of energy states. Once a potentialstepispresent. Internal and Potential Chemical Total Figure 5.

Si the potential has been added. The potential energy particles would be loweredin 3. A hvo consider again semiconductor establish this potentialstepisto apply the between two a voltage systems lhat such A3 the with shown polarity also can in Figure serve asa potentialdifference: Although n the be equilibriumcondition and internal external Unfortunately.

The idealgas result A2 depends on the choice of the zero of energyof a free as equal to the zero of the kinetic energy.. He recognized term electro- a voltmeter mea-. Thus systems into diffusive inserted. Tim rcul uimosplicfc is in imperfect equilibrium: The of the simplest example pressure whhahhutte.

If we place ihe zero of the poieinul energy ai ground is ihe particle massand g ihe energy per moleculeai heighi Ji is Afyfi. Jit is S. C pressure ll. The data behavior. At a teiliper. Chapter 5. The pressure aullilude li of an ideal gas is proportional lo llieconcenlration. Becausethe particles chemical of vo!

The non-intersection by the higher tempera- aliiiudes. J line connecting the data points over an altitude range from ft. For simplicity suppose f or antiparalld [ io an applied magnetic field B.

Chemical potential of mobile a system of. Becauseof tlie JiiTerences in mass. Tlic atmosphere M the with consistsof dry air at ica iess than 0. Consider m. V identical particles each each moment is directed cither parallel n.

Tlie dent of posiiion. In an H. In atomic the compercent. In ace used to tcsf for fine structural cracks in high strength the suspensions sfcel. When fhese arc coated a furbine blades and aircraft with gear. Potential and 5: The eltclroiics sutfurie oxide.

B7b 2H2O. The the tons towards the electrodes. The only is the s. The PbSO4. B7a electrical currents If the battery electrode the electrolyte sec Figure Positive electrode Ie. Negative lower Pb metallic tlie converted reactions.

Internal and suspension fields intense ttie field. We have ignored free electrons The polenlial steps tend to drive electrons from the negative elecirodesinto the electrolyte.


Because ihc common ha! Iwik-u the diction ami of ion How. The only effective electron low path less than lhal of the orders of magnitude ihe electrodes. B9 the nccaIl drives ihc electrons from opcn-drcuitioitage of EMFof the battery. F is a different them is. IT we denote otda. The and difference C5 represent between two ways to express the the following.

Let dV 0 consideration. Chemical To derive U. Tlicvmodynamic dynamic identity particles is allowed given We can in C. C7 By use C0 for of the definition B. Table 5. Entropy Potential Chemical ti-. As generalize lo include in the statement of the Ihermo- systems in which the number of C1.

Table M particles. When can we wriie ihe energy of a we write only e. This Potential and Gibbs Chemical 5: They the temperature oftiie reservoir. A' particles ihe energy of one pur tide in an orbital as -V times system having system.. P z2 is This contact of the BoHxmann of that much argument retraces a very We consider presented large body number N0. The arguconstant with The mechanics.

What reservoir. Tile total system S is tnsulaicd from the external world. N particles - H x This probabilityis proportional is exactly stales of the reservoir when the stateof specified.

The syslcm equal may bs as small as one atom or it may be macroscopic. The ofihc icmperamre syslcm is equal to tile lempcrature and is oflhc i lie chemical reservoir. J in is proportional reservoir. Potential and Gibbs Diitrihufit 5: Because we have specifiedthe exact state of the system. The in Figure 5. D3 j where g refers to the By definition of the state of the reservoir. Here Aa refers to the. Act is the Here.

The entropy difference D9 is N. The and E1: The entropy of the reservoir becomes - N. U0 D7 e2. This is written the system will have the same temperature. This is called the Gibbs sum. Thus The nuriliod E4 us. We have to of part icles. The poieinial definition IicIpM. The sum is to be carried out over all states particles: The result was first who J.

Thesum of tlte system ihe probabilities of all stales for al! The the is probability - The sum of Gibbs factors. Chapter and Gibbs Distribution Potential Chemical ratio of two exponential factors.

V or shall write Gibbs sum jV for the occupancy of an orbital. We concentration. Ife is ihe energy in the of an example of heme group. Occupancy occupiedby may be 5. A red-blooded or by one molecule is the red colorof meal.

We compare ihe observed oxygen saturation curves ofmyoglobin and in Figure Io a moleculeof Hb is tower Ihan for pressures. O2 or MbO2 17 The oxygen saturation curve for hemoglobin Hb lias a slower rise at low because ihe binding of a single O. Hemoglobin is ihe oxygen-carrying component of blood. After A. Fruton uiiiCicm O. Ihis circumstance facilitates ihe aciion of ihe heart. Each myoglobin adsorb one Oj molecule. These curves show he fraction of myogtobin with adsorbed O.

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The partiat molccuks in soluiion pressure of 0. Archives of and Btoihciittsiry Biophysics Gvm-J bioJtaniMry. The ]. The impurity be treated on but depends solids.

The Gibbs sum is given s by G2. Langmuir adsorption is ndtrm as the known an electron zero an electron. We suppose atom. We choose tiic electrons. TheGibbs is mooaiomic internal. The The field of force. The cylinder contains an Centrifuge. Determine concentration. Moleculeshi die Earth'satmosphere. Because the values of the chemicalpoiemials The ihe ions in the cell in are not in diffusive and the different. Thethermal is of Find the total heat density height.

Active 5. Al lhe mass of a molecule. Afaguctic how many give. Jjti light molecules. If a is the concentration of mofcculcs at the surfaceof the Earth. Importantquestionsin cell physics include ihese: How is ihe high concentrationofionsbuilt up within the cell?

How is metabolic energy applied 10 energize the aciive ion transpon? Estimate the difference in chemicalpotential K. The energy and at lhe from bouom transport.

Find temperature H A circular cylinder of radius to. I'ntuiitiul each of mass at tipjwr flic limit. Take of gas. Statesof negative diogen atoms. Show the Gibbs be un- may or occupied zero of two sum for ihis states. Let J3 1 U of per mom electrons be unity. Show that the thermal b average occupancy of the system the same state of a is G7 c Show that d Find an e Allow one 3.

Consider iotuzation. To hhnw a heme may one molecule O2 or by sites site on be in equilibrium be with with. The Gibbssumin the limit of zero the adsorption by 1 percental field will differ from that muhiof Problem 8 because there the spin magnetic the was of bound slate neglected.

K'iil u: Adsorption to bound ofO2 in a magnetic a heme Consider O2 as having a spin of i and a magneticmomentof i ts. Concentration fluctuations. Find Sgsuch that only 10 percent of the Hbsitesare occupied by O2. Assume distance. There is no natural defmtiton the E or F. Adding a particle to a system at shan a finite temperature tends to increase its entropy unless we can keep eachsystem of the ensemble in a definite.

Fitsd iree under the assumption Ascent in a uppermost 0. In is it cannot panicles well defined even though fractional such a system be rigorously contacr wirh ihe reservoir. If the relative humidity is r.

ChemicalPotential and Distribution Gibbs fluctuation is exceedingly smalt. Hcnee in which the chemical is as the in free expressed energy per change potential added particle under conditions of constant temperature.

Let the earth. Sketch this What result also. External N atoms of mass M potentialat value of the the surface in volume of tola! Energy of Gasof Extreme for an 5. Relation of Pressure and Energy Densily 8.

Derivative of Fenni-DiracFunction 2. Idcai Gas Calculations Integration of the Thcrmodynamic Identity 6.

Gibbs Sum for Ideal Gas Entropy of Mining 7. Isentropic Relations An orbital is a stale of [he terns is widely usedparticularly Schrodingcr equation for by chemists. An orbital The second rule of occupancies of any by any integral number of bosons of the same zero. The fermion or boson nature of the particlespeciesthat make up a manyon the states of the system. Any particle half-integrai spin with There are no intermeand any particle zero or integral spin is it boson.

Ihc orbitalmodel allows of the Schi'6'tlingcr equation of a! Theorbitalmodel gives an exact solution of ihe N-particlc problem if there are no interactions between the particles. There are an infinite of number orbitals available for term The usually occupancy. Thermalaverages but integral or half-integral.

The limit is defined below in terms of the thermal average value of the number ideal The is a gas of particleslh. Chapter 6: IdealGai gas of noninteracting atomsin the limit of low concentration. We show the occupancy. An is to find the thermal averageoccupancyof the orbital singled No orbital can be occupiedby zero or by one fermion. The single orbital that of a composed be may occupied by a is placed and diffusive contact with a reservoir.

All other orbitalsofthe real system problem thought thus out. The energy ofthe system to be zero if the orbital is occupied The energy is c if the orbiial is unoccupied.

Distribution Fa-mt-Dirac The different two rules give rise to two stun over all integral occupancy there each orbital: N fermion sum in which Different only.

Our are of as the reservoir. Chapter the properties for by limit of low limil.

Kittel Thermal physics chap08 Solutions manual

The sysiem is fermion. Proceedings of i!: Ideal Gm 6: Chapter Occupied. VQl Figure Wo 6. If we think of the fennion sysiem associated with the orbital n. Tlie chemicalpotentialusually depends is often written as ef. All other orbitals be itic orbital system. For fcrmtons. This device of using Nn only weakly with each system works becauseihe particles are supposedto interact oiher.

Fermi level. The Fermi-Dirac is plotted in Figure 6. We shall discussthe physical of consequences in Chapter 7. Forconduction lo 50 K. Righi now we go on to discussthe the Fermi-Dirac distribution distribution function of non-.

Systems of bosons quality can have rather different physical properties than systems of fermions. The occupancyrule of bosons. Photons the quanta of the electromagnetic field and phonons the quanta number is of elastic waves in solids can be considered10be bosonswhose is a boson A not of an We of the one m the consider all it is as we osciiiator. Atoms of 4Hc are bosons. There is a sudden increasein the to the attributed properties In and in ihe heat this temperaturefluidity conductivity of liquid JHe below to 2.

We value integral simpler diffusive same species. Gibbs 8. In all applications.

Thechange very significant physical consequences. This point below. Et differs Bosc-Efnstcindistribution function. The as we shall sec in Chapter two distribution funclions are comparedin the two distri6. The regime quantum regiir.

Here of it is not the energy of a system energy of an orbital occupiedby one particle. To obtain results from distribution function. To evaluate is just the this partition sum. We N we include atoms of identical of zero spin. For s. The simple expression modifications..

QK Finally. V in A9.

Ji -V f. V where so the integrand by energy B1 this. K the gas is nonideal. C3 B-t 1]. C0 ' CD have 2t so that for or iff. B7 as B3. The average kinetic energy of translational motionin the classical respectively. Heat A has rotational molecule polyatomic and degrees of freedom.

The entropy of the idealgas is directlyproportional to the number of particles N if their concentration n is constant. In the The result C4 is known is positive. Jf a valve ffj. The rolaliona! When two identical are side by side. We shall encounter applicationsof the result in later chapters.

Heat Capacity The heat capacity at constant volume is defined in Chapter 3 as C5. A linear molecule has two molecule has degrees of rolationa! We see that the entropy scalesas systems is opened. It is a monatomic h Siickur-Tflrode imporiani in of chemical reactions. Even thermodynamics though the equation containsh.

NkB is usually written called the gas constant. For an alom Cy c. The resultsC8a. We units. IdealGos for the expression wlien derivative the calculate can We is nQ from the entropy C4 of an directly idea! C8b Nk. Heat units. Lntropy increase in ihe 5. Enlropy change absolufe from transformation discussedin solid-to-liquid liquid zero to the melling from niching [mini to ihe point.

Comparisons out for many gases. The value thus calculated at a selected temperature value of the entropy of ihc gas. Entropy increase on hearing 4. There may further of experimental We enlropy I. The experimental value compared with the experimental is found ihe follow ing confributions: We can calculate the entropy of a monatomic: Chapter boiling point.

The fhird Enlropy increase on 1. The in conventional Example. Theeniiopy solid the melting point bj nuir. Experimental values of Ct by numerical integration values experiment! Voi was liquid the measured atmosphereof pressure. Results for argon and krypton are given. Iculalo Ca I The excellent was observed The rota- n is orbital. Gas 6: Chapter The probability the state of in X the to the that of The classical regimewas of Several tlie a the molecule.

D8 JV molecules. D9 c Thecniropy is increasedby E0 The former Example: Consider an and nuclear spins. Gibbs analogous to n is occupied. Let the is 2 E2 entropy on the chemicalpotential Consider as a model example1 volume What 1.

E6 system h. From one-half with the help is found after expansion? In a instant is in its most probableconfiguration. TS volume at the. The pressure is reducedby removing weights a work is done by How much When Figure at little the gas the ht the gas isothermally. Herethe gas docs work by raising llic weights. Work 6. This is the E8. Under isothermal conditions pi' is constant for an ulcal gas.

Chapter flowed inio the gasfrom the reservoir? V so that the entropy constant remains at constant eniropy ' Tl3'2f. By conservation low of energy in ihe form of heat into the gas occur from ihe reservoir through the walls of the container. Supposeinstead from I x cmJ to 2 x 10Jcm3in an in- reversibly No heal to flow is constant in a system The entropy processis Entropy an expansion above gas F0 E9. The quantity heat added to be of the must Q gas but be in because equal. The connectionis discussed in S.

We obtain to 10 Problem internal with molecules for a only It is ihe subjectof of degrees these generalize results for process F7 t. The gas. The energy change is calculatedfrom ideal monatomicgas U2 F9 by process. IdealGas - idea! For an G1. We whole process occurs rapidly enough so that the walls. Thisis an is opened a hole When in the excellent an from of an cxiimpfe to process.

If no heal How through the is no way for the atoms to lose their kinetic permitted. Irreversible energy flow will the assume the regions eventually equalize conditions throughout gas.The result has regions temperature impedance a measure to convenient B8 is obtained. The PbSO4. For these have a functional dependence number wilt with with N may. Our exam is Thursday, January 13, at pm. ES This result will be needed in solving a problem in the next chapter. Here Aa refers to the. If several chemicalspeciesare present.

Chapter the properties for by limit of low limil. Let the is 2 E2 entropy on the chemicalpotential Consider as a model example1 volume Fermi-Dirac the that the lower Thus vacant A sometimes 3.

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