Aptitude questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive can download Aptitude quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. All students, freshers can download interview questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks for free. Sample papers with detailed explanation are given and it. booklet and the Answer-sheet before commencement of the test. The duration of the test is 3 hours. Please check for the completeness of the Question booklet.

Interview Aptitude Questions And Answers In Pdf

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Aptitude preparation kit with Aptitude questions and answers. learn,practice & improve their skills to crack all types of interviews, placements, entrance test. 1)Aptitude Test: Questions = 82 ; Time - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Directions for Questions Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on .. Schlumberger Interview Questions. Aptitude questions and answers with explanation for written test, interview, competitive exams and entrance test. Fully solved examples with answers.

When I entered the room, the interviewer asked me to take the seat and offered me Tea and biscuits. It was like they were looking for my personality and cutlery manners.

The interviewer asked me fundamental questions to assess my communication skills. He asked me questions about my hobbies, interest, and extra curriculum activities.

He were looking for management skills as at Deloitte employees mainly engage in customer relationship management. Finally after 25 minutes the interview was over. Later that day I was informed that I was selected for the Deloitte.

I received the joining letter a week later. Our TPO training and placement officer provided us the registration link so that we could register ourselves and get our admit cards for the paper.

Also, he told all girls to lay great emphasis on this drive as Deloitte hired more female candidates. The eligibility criteria for Deloitte was 6. Learning this, I immediately registered for the drive started preparing for the drive.

1)Aptitude Test: Questions = 82 ; Time

My seniors told me to refer PrepInsta for previous year Deloitte questions papers, which greatly helped me in my preparation. Written Round More than students were enrolled for the written paper.

The sections were as follows.

Approximate cut off that we think was 20, 17 and 19 for quants, Logical and verbal respectively. The results of the paper were announced, and only students qualified for the next round.

Aptitude Questions and Answers

Ans —1,0,1,2 If the temporary employees were find the total number of employees. Ans A person sells a horse at If he sells for What is the CP?

One tap takes 15 min to fill, another tap takes 12 min to fill and the third tap can empty in 20 min. In how much time the tank would be full. Ans 10 min Two trains are separated by km. One leaves at am from Delhi and reaches Merrut at am.

Another train leaves from Merrut at am and reaches Delhi at am. At what time two trains meet each other? Ans am Then the effect on the area is Ans. A grandfather has 5 sons and daughters and 8 grandchildren..

They have to be arranged in arrow such that the first 4 seats and last four seats are to be taken by grandchildren and the grandfather would not sit adjacent to any of the grandchildren. A farmer has a rectangular plot. He wants to do fencing along one of the side with the help of the posts. Two posts being on two corners. He brings 5 post less than what he has initially plan because of which the distance between two consecutive post became 8 m instead of 6 m..

What is the length of the side and no of post?


Four horses are tethered at the four corners of a square of side 14cm such that two horses along the same side can just reach each other. They were able to graze the area in 11 days.

How many days will they take in order to graze the left out area? So, to help them we have focused on the Aptitude section. Aptitude Questions and Answers will be the most critical part of your Recruitment or Placement Tests. There are many reasons for these situations. One of the main reason is candidates are not able to find different models. Even though they find the models, they are not able to get the Answers as well as the Solutions. This resulting them in not knowing the method to solve those particular model problems.

These Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers and Solutions will surely cover many topics and categories. Therefore, by checking and preparing according to them will help all the Candidates in many ways.

We are seeing many candidates, even though having the core knowledge most of them are not able to get the jobs or Entrance. This is because of there inability to clear the Aptitude rounds.

Section 1: VERBAL ( 32 Questions ,20 minutes )

Check them all.What was the end result? How did you prioritize the tasks you were facing?

The ability to influence other people is very important in most roles. The ability to influence other people is very important in business. By doing so much practice, will surely increase your quality of time management.

Takes action rather than over-debating or over-analysing. They have to be arranged in arrow such that the first 4 seats and last four seats are to be taken by grandchildren and the grandfather would not sit adjacent to any of the grandchildren. Logical Reasoning Test: Ostentatious B.

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