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Hojo Motor - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book exclusive magnetic motor plans. articles. and new theories about energy and. Posts about hojo motor pdf written by hojomotorpdf. Yου саn mаkе уουr οwn apparatus fοr producing free energy bу following thе plans produced bу Hojo Motor's engineers whісh аrе based οn.

Hojo Motor PDF

This motor is a quiet and compact working motor. When it is complete it is ready to produce power for your house. Today this guide is still available for download. However, some of the large energy corporations have indicated that they do not like this idea of giving people the ability to generate their own homemade electricity. Therefore it's not sure that these step-by-step instructions will be available on the internet for long.

So if you are looking for a way to produce energy in your home within 2 days from now, and save money on your power bills, try the Hojo Motor! View and download your Hojo Magnetic Motor pdf review for free. It worked for some time, but the plans are available on the Internet today.

If the large companies want it eliminated, it must be of value. You can download the Hojo Motor plans right away without risk to your dollar because it comes with a 60 day guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. There is a possibility that the plans will be taken down once again, but at this moment they are still available. Even though good reviews are numerous, maybe this is something that you need to see for yourself.

ہمارے بلاگرز

It is a free energy device, and the only one with 3 US patents. Many household needs for energy, including the running of electrical appliances, can be met with zero-cost electricity, it is believed.

And up until we released this report, not enough detail was known about how Howard Johnson built his device so only experienced electrical engineers could replicate his design. Many have triedand some have succeededbut one thing that we known is that Howards magnetic motor did work!

He was required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to have 3 working units to get his patents youll see them in this report! And not just that, Howard Johnson was a revolutionary when it came to his work with magnets.

In fact, he is known as the Father of Spintronics meaning spin transport electronics or magnetoelectronics, which exploits both the intrinsic spin of the electron and its associated magnetic moment, in addition to its fundamental electronic charge, in solid-state devices. So this man knew what he was doing! And this is why we are fascinated with his workand why many others are too. Because of Howards verified working magnetic motor and because he was a genius when it came to his work with magnetswe have always wanted to build a magnetic motor after his design.

However, we didnt know enough until now But just recently we got our hands on Howards exclusive magnetic motor plans, blueprints, articles, and building supplies and now have enough detail to piece together all of this information so we and anybody else can build a magnetic motor just like Howard did. Some of Howards designs were quite extravagant and pricey ; however, with Howards original plans, modern tools, and new theories about energy and electrical engineeringwe were able to create a magnetic motor that is both pretty easy to build and not very expensive.

We dont want you to be without any information howeverso we wrote this guide in three main sections: 1.

Section 1 is a quick guide to help you save energy and money starting today! Even before you build your magnetic motor.

We know a lot of you wanted the HoJo Motor guide to save money on your electric bills, so we wanted to give you a very fast way to recoup the initial cost of this guide with these tips!

Section 2 is Howard Johnsons plans, blueprints, articles, and our instructions for building his motor. Some of this section may seem confusing at first but read through the entire section before you start building and with each additional piece of information you read, you will understand more and more!

Section 3 shows how to build a modern, simplified version. This section will simplify things and show you how to build a motor for cheap! We included this section because we want to assure youll have a motor built by the end of this guide!

Some of our readers build several simplified versions instead of the full version and just use them together to produce their desired energy needs.

However, others use the simplified motor as practice before they build the larger scale model in Section 2. Whatever you choosewe encourage you to not just read this guide but implement what you learn because with the energy you will produce and the money you will save on your electric bills, we know it can provide life changing results!

Throughout this report we will guide you through Howards blueprints, plans, and articles and we will add our commentary, advice, instructions, and suggestions where we feel it is appropriate to help you follow his design and build your own.

We hope that the HoJo Motor guide is truly life changing for you! By the end of this guide you will know how to produce free energy and how to live a green lifestyle.


Good luck to youand enjoy this exclusive and life changing information! Ways to Cut Your Electric Bills Today Even if you havent built your magnetic motor yet, you can conserve energy in major ways.

Id like to give you some tips and tricks that will help you conserve energy and potentially eliminate about half of your electric bill each month. This way you can start experiencing major energy savings today! It will save you money starting today! So with that said, here are some quick tips that are easy to implementbut can save you a lot right away: Change your regular light bulbs with LED light bulbs Lightemitting diode bulb - figure 1. An LED light bulb is 12 times as energy efficient as a tungsten bulb, and lasts for , hours.

And if for some reason you cannot find these types of light bulbs in your area, you can use fluorescent light bulbs which are also more efficient compared to the regular light bulbs. Also dont forget to turn of the light when its not needed!

Use your AC responsibly, the colder you want the inside to be the more energy you use. This is obvious, but so few people pay attention to this. Keep your home at a comfortable level and dont overuse it. And if you want the house air-conditioned or heated during certain parts of the day and not others like when at work or when sleeping get a programmable thermostat these can save you huge amounts of money!

Otherwise, if the AC is used regularly in your home, it most likely comprises a big chunk of your energy bill. Also make sure the windows and doors in your home are well sealed so no cold or warm air escapes or enters.

Consider air drying clothes as much as you can, since the dryer is an energy vampire. Also, consider washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasherthis way you save energy and water. Use task lighting instead of area lighting. If you're doing something at a fixed location, such as your desk or workbench, you don't need to have the entire room brightly lit. Use an LED task light or some similar small fixture to put light only where you need it.

A 25 or 40 watt CFL can provide ambient light in the room, and you'll reap the savings. Use appliances that are efficient and no larger than what you need to do a job. For many cooking tasks, a microwave oven will do what you want and save a lot of energy doing it. If all you're doing is heating up some fish sticks, don't heat the huge ovenjust use the toaster oven.

Save heating that big space for something that won't fit in the toaster oven. Also, it saves money to cook things in bulk and freeze them for later so you dont have to use the oven twice.

Try occupancy sensors that shut on or off automatically if a person enters or leaves a room. Also, consider dimmer switches and three-way lamps.

These provide low light levels when bright lights are not necessary. Refrigerators use more power than any other appliance in the home and deserve special attention. Although rushing out to download a new refrigerator may not be in your budget, it is important to know that new models are more efficient and use as little as half the electricity of older units.

Full refrigerators run more efficiently than ones that are only partially full. So download more food and save some and if you have two refrigerators, or an additional freezer, decide if the extra expense is really worth it.

Get as much food in as you can get into your main refrigerator or consider getting rid of any older refrigerator by replacing them with one larger, newer and more energy efficient model. Move the refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum its condenser coils yearly unless you have a no-clean condenser model. Refrigerators will run for shorter periods with clean coils as dirty coils make them work harder, so more electricity is used up.

Maintain a consistent temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. Recommended temperatures are 37 to 40F for the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator and 5F for the freezer section. If you have a separate freezer for longterm storage, it should be kept at 0F. When you turn off your TV, PC, or DVD, it still consumes energy just because they are in standby mode does not mean it they dont consume energy. In order to eliminate energy consumption for devices you are not using; you can either unplug the appliance or use a switchable power strip for clusters of computer or video products.

That way you can switch everything to zero with one action. Besides the economical benefits of the said advice, dont forget that you are saving the environment also. The steps above are easy to follow so we recommend you start implementing them today! Just changing your regular light bulbs with LED or Fluorescent light bulbs will lower the amount of energy you consume from lighting by as much as 12 times.

Even though your magnetic motor will not take that long to makeyou can start saving now with these tips! It may seem confusing at first but its actually not necessary to understand all of the information in the next section to successfully build your motor. We wanted to include all of this information so both someone interested in the theory behind the motor and also the person who just wants to build the motor will have everything they need to do so there just may be a little extra information for the person just interested in building the motor but wed rather give you too much information then too little So read the whole section and also section 3 and everything will tie together.

Do not worry if you do not understand it all.

We included this section because it provides very valuable information regarding the motor. However, our instructions and diagrams later in this guide will extract everything you need from this section to build your own motor. Just try to read this section and get as much as you can from it but if you dont understand something dont worry because youll know everything you need to know by the end of this guide.

Patent Office. But because, inventor Howard Johnson is not the sort of man to be intimidated by such seemingly authoritative pronouncements, he now owns U. Patent No. That's right. Johnson has discovered how to build motors that run without an input of electricity or any other kind of external energy! The monumental nature of the invention is obvious, especially in a world facing an alarming, escalating energy shortage.

Yet inventor Johnson is not rushing to peddle his creation as the end-all solution to world- wide energy problems. He has more important work to do. First, there's the need to refine his laboratory prototypes into workable practical devices -in particular a 5,watt electric power generator already in the building.

His second and perhaps more difficult major challenge: persuade a host of skeptics that his ideas are indeed practical. Johnson, who has been coping with disbelievers for decades, can be very persuasive in a face-to-face encounter because he cannot do more than merely theorize; he can demonstrate working models that unquestionably create motion using only permanent magnets. Within two days, this former skeptic had become a believer.

Here's why. Doing the Unthinkable Howard Johnson refuses to view the "laws" of science as somehow sacred, so doing the unthinkable and succeeding is second nature to him. If a particular law gets in the way, he sees no harm in going around it for a while to see if there's something on the other side.

Johnson explains the persistent opposition he experiences from the established scientific community this way: "Physics is a measurement science and physicists are especially determined to protect the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Thus the physicists become game wardens who tell us what laws' we can't violate. In this case they don't even know what the game is. But they are so scared that I and my associates are going to violate some of these laws, that they have to get to the pass to head us off!

Johnson demurs, reminding repeatedly that he has never suggested that his invention provides something for nothing. He also points gut that no one talks about a "free lunch" when discussing extraction of enormous amounts of atomic power by means of nuclear reactors and atom bombs.

In his mind, it's much the same thing. Johnson is the first to admit he doesn't actually know where the power be has tapped derives. But he postulates that the energy may be associated with spinning electrons, perhaps in the form of a "presently unnamed atomic particle.

Says Johnson: "I guess its fair to say that most of them are revolted. This article is prefaced with the foregoing brief summary of the ongoing controversy so that, in fairness to the inventor, we might all view his claims with open minds, even if it means temporary setting aside of cherished scientific concepts until more complete explanations are forthcoming.

The main question to be answered here and now is this: Does Johnson permanent magnet motor work? Before providing the answer, we need to face up to another question that undoubtedly nags in the minds of many readers: Is Johnson a bona fide researcher, or merely a "garage mechanic" mad inventor? As the following brief summary suggests, the inventor's credentials appear to be impeccable. Following seven years of college and university training, Johnson worked on atomic energy projects at Oak Ridge, did magnetics research for Burroughs company, and served as scientific consultant to Lukens Steel.

He has participated in the development of medical electrical products, including injection devices. For the military he invented a ceramic muffler that makes a portable motor generator silent at 50 feet; this has been in production for the past 18 years.

His contributions to the motor industry include: a hysteresis brake; non-locking brake materials for anti- skid application, new methods of curing brake linings; and a method of dissolving asbestos fibers. He has also worked on silencers for small motors, a super charger, and has perfected a pole no-brush generator to go in the wheel of Lincoln automobiles as a skid control; that last item reduced the cost to one-eighth of the cost of an earlier design by utilizing metal-filled plastics for the armature and field.

In all, Johnson is connected with more than 30 patents in the fields of chemistry and physics. Top left is a linear motor which propels a magnetic vehicle at high speeds through a series of rings. Top right is rotary motor upon which the prototype will be built. The 8-ounce magnet, hand held to the large ring weighing 40 pounds, provides enough force to spin the entire assembly. In the third assembly above, the vehicle is propelled, in either direction, by the force of the large magnets arranged below tracks.

Sticky Tape Scientist Despite his impressive credentials, this amiable and unpretentious inventor likes to characterize himself as a "Sticky tape" scientist. He sees no virtue in wasting time building fancy; elaborate equipment when more simple assemblies serve as well to test new ideas.

Is The HoJo Motor Magnetic Generator: The Best Green Living Device?

The prototype devices shown in the photographs in this article were assembled with sticky tape and aluminum foil, the later material being used mainly to keep individual, permanent magnets packaged together so that they do not fly apart. Perhaps the best way to describe what these three gadgets do is by reciting this writer's personal experiences during the interview demonstration. That way I will not merely be telling what the inventor says they do, but I will reveal what happened when I tried the experiments myself.

When we start talking about how and why the things work as they do, well have to rely on the inventors explanations. The first item consists of more than a dozen foil-wrapped magnets assembled to form a broad arc. Each magnet is extended upward slightly at each end to form a low U-shape, the better to concentrate magnetic fields where they are needed. The overall curvature of the mass of magnets apparently has no particular significance except to show that the distance between these stator magnets and the moving vehicle is not critical.

A transparent plastic sheet atop this magnet assembly supports a length of plastic model railroad track. The vehicle, basically a model railroad flatcar, supports a foil-wrapped pair of curved magnets, plus some sort of weight, in some cases merely a rock.

The weight is needed to keep the vehicle down on the track, against the powerful magnetic forces that would otherwise push it askew. That 'is all there is to the construction of this representation of a "linear motor. I need not have been concerned. The moment the inventor let go of the vehicle be carefully placed at one end of the track, it accelerated and literally zipped from one end to the other and flew onto the floor!

I tried the experiment myself, and could feel the powerful magnetic forces at work as I placed the vehicle on the track.Here also there is the added advantage of, in this case, repulsion force between the south pole of the armature and the south pole in the space between the stator magnets.

Although the present invention has been described with regard to generally rectangular magnets, it is understood that other permanent magnet shapes will suffice, including but not limited to generally cylindrical shapes.

Hojo Motor Plans A Short Summary

I breathed a real sign of relief as my young son played with this "new toy. These provide low light levels when bright lights are not necessary. Nor is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. We do not manufacture and sell units based on these simplified designs because they are based on designs that are patented. Keep your home at a comfortable level and dont overuse it.

This motor is based on Howard Johnson's patented magnetic generator and has 3 US patents behind the plans. The first version is an advanced version while the second one is a more simplified version that is easier to build but slightly less functional that the advanced version. I let go, Zip!

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