PDF | This qualitative investigation is designed to shed light on the identification and translation of idiomatic expressions from English to Hindi is analyzed in this. SSCNOTES is online portal for Competitive Exams Preparation and provides best study materials, latest exam and result related updates. Ultimate Vocabulary words for Competitive Exams PDF Download. SSC GK Important Important Question and Answers in English PDF Download. Idioms and Pharases (With Hindi+English Meaning)[bestthing.info] (1) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Cgl.

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Hindi Idioms - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Idioms and Phrases PDF: Hello Friend's आज के इस Article में हम आपके लिए लेकर आए हैं “ Idioms and Phrases PDF” File. A to Z list of Idioms and phrases with their meanings and examples PDF free download. This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the idioms from the England and around the world. English dictionary · English to Hindi dictionary.

Having learned the idioms you will be able to add more assertiveness to your language. Asim is keenly interested to write blogs and loves to create content for audience.

Idioms and Phrases Asked in SSC Exams (with Hindi Meanings) PDF Download

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A to Z list of Idioms and phrases with their meanings and examples PDF free download

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To force or pressure someone out. They tried to elbow me out, but I held on to what was mine. Put enough elbow grease into shining the brass candlesticks.

To work closely with someone, to associate with someone. I have rubbing elbows with some very interesting people at work recently. Work extremely hard, put in a lot of effort.

I am not going to break my back for such a low salary.

Mince matters T;knk l[r kCnksa ds iz;ksx ls To moderate or restrain ones cpuk language Miss the beat volj [kksuk To lose an opportunity Mother wit vke tkudkjh Common sense Milk of human ekuork ls Hkjk n; Good feelings towards others kindness Meet ones waterloo vafre ijkt; Make one feel terrified, horrified Much cry and little jkbZ dk igkM cukuk Lots of fanfare for something which wool have very little importance Nine days wonder de le; dk lq[k Something that arouses great interest but for a very short period Null and void csdkj Ineffective.

Oily tongue [kqken dh Hkk"kk Flattering words On ones last legs [kRe gksus dh fLFkfr esa gksuk Close to collapsing Out of sorts vLoLFk gksuk Unwell, slightly ill.

Once in a blue moon dHkh dHkkj Very seldom Palmy days vPNs o kkafriw. Pandoras box leL;kvksa dk HkaMkj A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles Part and parcel vko;d vax Inseparable part Past master foks"kK An expert Pick up the gauntlet pSyat s dcwy dj ysuk To accept the challenge Play duck and drakes iSls cckZn djuk To waste money Play second fiddle fupyk LFkku Lohdkjuk To be at a subordinate position Play truant fcuk btktr dke ls xk;c To be absent from duty without jguk permission Poison someone ears dku Hkjuk To speak against one to another Poke ones nose VaWkx vMkuk To interfere Pull ones legs etkd mMkuk To make fun of or to tease Put in cold storage dke dks yafcr dj nsuk To keep a work pending An institute exclusively for SSC djuk Put ones shoulders to Lo;a vius iz;klksa ls fdlh To work or exert oneself heavily the wheel dke dks djuk Put the cart before the dksbZ dke mYVs fljs ls djuk To do things wrongly horse Queer fish vthc O;fDr Strange person Rain cats and dogs rst ckfjk gksuk Rain very heavily Rainy day vkfFkZd d"V ds fnu Future time of need, especially financial need Read between the lines eryc tkuuk To understand the hidden meaning Red tapism yky Qhrkkkgh Strict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities Rhyme or reason fdlh Hkh dkj.

Right hand man eq[; lgk;d O;fDr Ones most supporter person Rock the boat larqyu fcxkMuk To disturb a situation which was otherwise stable Royal road vklku jkLrk An easy or direct way of achieving a desired result Rule the roost jksc tekuk To dominate Run amuck lud lokj gksuk Made with murderous frenzy Run the gauntlet cqjs vuqHko ls xqtjuk To go through an unpleasant experience Root and branch iw.

Save ones skin Lo;a dks cpkuk To save oneself See eye to eye iq.

Mb Books Ssc Idioms And Phrases ebook Pdf

See red xqLls esa gksuk Be very angry Set at naught vlEEkku djuk To disregard or treat as of no importance Set ones heart on cgqr pkguk To have as ones ambition to obtain something Set ones teeth on edge ijskku djuk To irritate or annoy someone Set the Thames on fire vkp;Ztud dk;Z djuk To achieve something amazing Shoulder to shoulder iw.

Show white feather Hk; iznfkZr djuk To show cowardice Sine die vfufpr dky ds fy, Indefinitely Slip of the tongue tqcku fQlyuk Spoken unintentionally Slow coach vkylh O;fDr A person with lazy approach of working Small fry xSj egROkiw. Smell a rat xyr gksuk eglwl gksuk To suspect something wrong done Smooth sailing ijskkuh ds fcuk Easy progress Snake in the grass vkLrhu dk lakWi A secret enemy Shake in the shoes Mj ls dkWiuk A tremble with fear or apprehension Show the dragons Hkfo"; ds fy, ijskkuh djuk To create future trouble for yourself teeth or others Speak ones mind eu dh ckr djuk Speak what one really thinks Stand on ones legs vkRe fuHkZj gksuk To be self dependent State somebody in ykHknk;d gksuk To be of great use and benefit to good stead someone Steal a march pqids ls ykHk izkIr dj ysuk To obtain an advantage by secret means.

Stir a finger dksfkk djuk Making effort Stones throw cgqr utnhd Very near Street Arabs cs? Sum and substance lkjkak Main idea or gist Sweat of ones brow dMh esgur Hard labour Swelled head?

Sang froid vkRe la;eh composure Spilling the beans fcuk lksps tkudkjh nsuk Reveal the information indiscreetly Set the record straight lgh djuk Give a correct account Safe and sound fcydqy Bhd Quite well Snake in the grass vkLrhu dk lki A hidden army Spread like wild fire tYnh QSyuk Spread quickly Take away ones breath HkkSpDdk dj nsuk Take by storm Take by storm vpkud izHkkfor djuk To surprise unexpectedly Take into account ij fopkj djuk To consider Take to ones heels Hkkx tkuk To run away Talk big Mhaxs ekjuk To boast or brag Talk of the town pfpZr ckr To be the person or subject everyone is talking about Through thick and thin lHkh ifjfLFkfr;ksa esa In good and bad times Throw cold water upon grksRlkfgr djuk To discourage Throw down the pSyt as djuk To challenge gauntlet Tooth and nail iwjh rkdr ls To violently True to ones salt oQknkj ued gyky Loyal person Turn a deaf ear to vulquk djuk Not to pay attention to Turn over a new leaf cqjs vkpj.

Turn the corner fdlh dk;Z esa vk;s ladViw.

Top 10 Common Idioms

Take to ones heels Hkkx tkuk Run away To go the whole hog [kRe djuk To do complete Time and tide le; pdz Course of time To crow over fdlh ij xoZ djuk To triumph over someone To blow a fuse fdlh dks ukjkt djuk To turn someone angry Take your medicine xyr dkeksa dk ifj. To join forces ,d gksuk Join together, become united To kick of a row fookn mBkuk Raise dispute To laugh in or up ones eqg fNikdj galuk Be secretly amused sleeves Turn a blind eye vuns[kk djuk To ignore intentionally Take one to task QVdkjuk Rebuke, scold, castigate Under the nose of vkW[kksa ds lkeus] ukd ds uhps Right in front of someone Under the thumb of ds ok esa gksuk Under the power influence of Up and doing dke esa lfdz;: Up ones sleeves fNik ds j[kh xbZ oLrw An item kept hidden and used ftldk iz;ksx t: Well-to-do lEHkzkar Affluent Wet blanket etk fdjfdjk djus okyk One who spoil the enjoyment White elephant egWxk ysfdu csdkj Expensive but no use White lie NksVk ,ao xSj egRoiw.

Windfall ,slk ykHk ftldh mEehn u Sudden gain received unexpectedly gks With a grain of salt Lohdkj djuk ysfdu kadk ds To accept with misgiving lkFk Word of mouth vukSipkfjd okrkZyki Informal oral communication Nazmul Hossain Rakib. Popular in Philosophical Science.

51 Useful Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank Exams

Outlining Your Novel: Anonymous 2VVgY2U3y. Maria Mashor. Marcela Fernanda. Abhinand U Parthasarathy.

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James Shah. Gr8 zaibi. Gen r3 Consulting Scenario Paper and Presentation.

Katherine Gregory. Adam Smallhorn.

Jeremy Farrell. Samhitha Ayurvedic Chennai. Mir Mustafa Ali.

Keith Knight. Maria Adam.Hit the nail on the Lkgh le; ij lgh To do the right thing at the right head ckr dk;Z djuk time To force or pressure someone out.

Beggar description vo. To go the whole hog [kRe djuk To do complete Part and parcel vko;d vax Inseparable part

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