Heroes of History by Will Durant - In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces The Story of Civilization and The Lessons of History, Pulitzer. Heroes of History also reveals a more candid and personal Will Durant. Perhaps it was his age or a greater sense of freedom that comes with having spent over. In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces "The Story of Civilization" and "The Lessons of History, " Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Will Durant here.

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1 Durant_Will_-_The_story_of_civilization_10 byWill Durant "One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and. The Lessons of History evolved out of a second reading of The Story of Will and Ariel Durants' renowned ten volume historical account of history .. On the decline and rebuilding of civilizations, Will Durant saw the decline of a . Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time () and Heroes of History: A Brief file, or a pdf file. Editorial Reviews. bestthing.info Review. In this collection of biographical and historical rise of civilizations. Still, fans of Durant's brand of sweeping narrative history will enjoy having these final words from the master. --Gregory McNamee.

He conceived of philosophy as total perspective, or, seeing things sub specie totius , a phrase inspired by Spinoza 's sub specie aeternitatis. In Durant was educated by the Jesuits in St. Historian Joan Rubin writes of this period, "Despite some adolescent flirtations, he began preparing for the vocation that promised to realize his mother's fondest hopes for him: In that way, one might argue, he embarked on a course that, while distant from Yale 's or Columbia 's apprenticeships in gentility, offered equivalent cultural authority within his own milieu.

She adds that "the most concrete of those was a persistent penchant for philosophy.

With his energy invested in Spinoza , he made little room for Bakunin. From then on, writes Rubin, "his retention of a model of selfhood predicated on discipline made him unsympathetic to anarchist injunctions to 'be yourself' To be one's 'deliberate self,' he explained, meant to 'rise above' the impulse to 'become the slaves of our passions' and instead to act with 'courageous devotion' to a moral cause".

He graduated in At the Evening Journal , he wrote several articles on sexual criminals. Durant was also made librarian at the college.

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In he left the seminary. He became the principal of Ferrer Modern School , an advanced school intended to educate the working-classes; he also taught there. The Durants had one daughter, Ethel, and adopted a son, Louis. By he began to reject "intimations of human evil", notes Rubin, and to "retreat from radical social change".

She summarizes these changes in his overall philosophy:. In , he resigned his post as teacher.

To support themselves, he began lecturing in a Presbyterian church for five- and ten-dollar fees; the material for these lectures became the starting point for The Story of Civilization.

In while working on a doctorate in philosophy at Columbia University , Will Durant wrote his first book, Philosophy and the Social Problem. He discussed the idea that philosophy had not grown because it avoided the actual problems of society. He received his doctorate that same year from Columbia.

He left teaching and began work on the eleven volume Story of Civilization. Will drafted a civil rights " Declaration of Interdependence " in the early s, nearly a full decade before the Brown decision see Brown v. Board of Education ignited the Civil Rights Movement.

Heroes of History: A Brief History of Civilization from Ancient Times to the Dawn of the Modern Age

This Declaration was introduced into the Congressional Record on October 1, The Durants strove throughout The Story of Civilization to create what they called "integral history". They opposed this to the "specialization" of history, an anticipatory rejection of what some have called the "cult of the expert".

Their goal was to write a "biography" of a civilization, in this case, the West, including not just the usual wars, politics and biography of greatness and villainy, but also the culture, art, philosophy, religion, and the rise of mass communication.

Much of The Story considers the living conditions of everyday people throughout the 2, years their "story" of the west covers. They also bring an unabashedly moral framework to their accounts, constantly stressing the repetition of the "dominance of strong over the weak, the clever over the simple".

The Story of Civilization is the most successful historiographical series in history.

It has been said that the series "put Simon and Schuster on the map" as a publishing house. An unabridged audiobook production of all 11 volumes was produced by Books On Tape Inc. The Story of Civilization is also noteworthy because of the excellence of its writing style, and contains numerous adages worthy of the Roman and Renaissance authors Durant admired.

Discussing certain inconsistencies in the character of Botticelli in The Renaissance page , he writes: In this was followed by one of the two highest awards granted by the United States government to civilians, the Presidential Medal of Freedom , awarded by President Ford.

The first volume of The Story of Civilization series is called Our Oriental Heritage and it is divided into an introduction and three books.

The introduction takes the reader through the different aspects of civilization Economical, political, moral and mental. Book two is " India and Her Neighbors". Book three moves deeper into the east, where the Chinese Civilization flourishes and where Japan starts to find its place in the world's political map.

Christian Richard about starting "a movement, to raise moral standards. Throughout his career, Durant made several speeches, including "Persia in the History of Civilization" that was presented as an address before the Iran-America Society in Tehran , Iran , on April 21, , and had been intended for inclusion in the Bulletin of the Asia Institute formerly Bulletin of the American Institute for Persian , then Iranian, Art and Archaeology , Vol.

VII, no. Though Ariel and Will had intended to carry the work on The Story of Civilisation into the 20th century, they simply ran out of time and expected the 10th volume to be their last. However, they went on to publish a final volume, their 11th, The Age of Napoleon in They also left behind notes for a twelfth volume, The Age of Darwin , and an outline for a thirteenth, The Age of Einstein , which would have taken The Story of Civilization through to The Durants also shared a love story as remarkable as their scholarship; they detail this in Dual Autobiography.

Heroes of History

After Will went into the hospital, Ariel stopped eating. Will died after he heard that Ariel had died. They died within two weeks of each other in she on October 25 and he on November 7. Though their daughter, Ethel, and grandchildren strove to keep the death of his Ariel from the ailing Will, he learned of it on the evening news, and he himself died at the age of In , he published Tragedy of Russia: A few years after the books were published, social commentator Will Rogers had read them and described a symposium he had attended that included Will Durant as one of the contributors.

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Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! See More Categories. Your First Name.He became the principal of Ferrer Modern School , an advanced school intended to educate the working-classes; he also taught there. Unhampered by government, the spontaneous impulses of the people—their desires for bread and love—would move the wheels of life sufficiently in a simple and wholesome round. It was almost a summary, twenty-three hundred years before them, of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson.

The Story of Civilization (Complete)

I agree. At the end of his life he returned to his native state in simplicity and honor. Two paragraphs in a book called The Great Learning were drawn up by his pupils to summarize his doctrine: I now rate him amongst the top history writers of all times. Heroes Reborn:

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