The unofficial subreddit for "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" by Eliezer Yudkowsky (aka "Less Wrong"). Please don't spoil other stories, except canon Harry Potter. I have mobi copies of the books as split by Eliezer Yodkowsky here. In this alternative version of J.K. Rowling's famous tale, Petunia Evans marries the biochemist Michael Verres. The couple adopts her orphaned. Readers. 2, Pages. , Words. English. PDF. EPUB. MOBI. APP. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Eliezer Yudkowsky.

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If you want to know everything Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres knows and then some, read the Sequences. I suggest starting with ePUB bestthing.info texts for. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is a fanfiction by "Less Wrong" (a pen name of Eliezer Yudkowsky) with a premise that the orphaned. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) is a novel-length such as podcasts, iTunes podcasts, and bookstyle format for PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

While he dislikes how they twisted the magical system, I'm disliking it because it undermines a thematic element that I wish more stories like this had: By breaking transfiguration down in this way, he's forcing the magical atmosphere of Hogwarts to conform to a scientific theme, and the two do NOT get along.

He's made it logical, rather than magical. He's made it concerned with stuff like physical properties rather than things like ideas. His explanation for why you couldn't feed yourself with transfiguration is a scientific-sounding explanation about the physical properties of objects.

A magical sounding explanation would be something like this: Under a more "magical" view, the change between a quill and a pen would be easier, because quills and pens are both writing implements, so are alike. This is the kind of distinction I'm trying to make between a pseudo-scientific image of magic and a, well, magical image of magic. Basically, the author has made it so that, while the contents of Transfiguation run contrary to scientific knowledge e.

There is absolutely no challenge for Harry at all here. Bringing science to magic was meant to be difficult. The idea that this is canon-compatible is absurd. We've seen liquids and gases changed, we've seen living things changed, we've seen humans changed, and we've seen permanent transfigurations.

That there are poor wizarding families is easily explained by the fact that very few people have the talent to master Transfiguration. With the limits he has placed on Transfiguration, no one would use it, ever.

It has no purpose anymore, except perhaps to kill people. The two most annoying things, however which have probably already been mentioned in this review , are the projection of the author as the protagonist and the pretentious application of logic onto fantasy. And that's a problem; for it seems that the entire fic is geared towards that style. Perhaps my first lesson on DLP was that logic and magic do not mix I believe it was in a thread about magic being a form of energy , and with just reason; it is fantasy.

You shouldn't try to apply logic to that which, be definition, is illogical. Every single character who actually gets his own scenes is obnoxious and annoying, and the author incredibly preachy. There are actually pretty large mistakes in his preaching, and the argumentation used by almost everyone, strawman or not.

I just caught up with the rest of this story today, and I've now realized I have a lot more issues with it than before. Firstly, all my previous complaints are still completely valid, but now I've got new ones. I dislike the way this writer has written Dumbledore and Snape, and this author's habit of preaching vehemently from Harry and Quirrell's mouths has gotten worse and worse.

My biggest problem with this story is tone - it's schizophrenic to the extreme, particularly between chapters. The atmosphere is so badly compromised by the sudden shifts that this story loses suspension of disbelief, and it's hurting the plot too. I can't tell where the underlying theme is coming through or coming from, and that really hurts my reading experience. Follow it up with worsening dialogue and some of the most stilted and plot-wise unnecessary scenes I've seen in a long time, and I cannot rate this story well.

Like Terry Goodkind, the writer has forsaken his plot and characters for his message and bad crack-humour. And it goes to show, once again, why some things simply should not gone about logically: So the Horcrux is in space. Perhaps Genius! Harry will then construct a rocket and fly up there to catch it. WTF has that to do with a Harry Potter story anymore? It's like, yeah, you can look at any aspect of Harry Potter logically. Why would Voldemort not use the goddamn Pioneer-plaque as a Horcrux?

Stupid Rowling for not thinking of it. Except it's completely and utterly missing the point of a fantasy story, and while the author is busy giggling over being so very clever to think of things that for him make no sense in Canon and that he can "fix", he's entirely missing that in doing so, he destroys the fictional world. There was much discussion regarding the scene that contained eleven-year old Draco Malfoy's statement that he wanted to rape another character, referring to a conversation between Draco and Harry in chapter seven:.

A line of descent, it seemed, which didn't quite include magical Britain, for all that there had been cross-cultural contamination of things like pop-top soda cans. So institutionalized rape exists in every non-Enlightenment culture, and its existence in a culture strongly implies that that culture is not descended from the Enlightenment? I didn't. The writing is poor even for fanfic and the characterisation worse.

The author has turned Harry Potter into the most unsympathetic and unlikeable child I can possibly imagine - which I would guess from his bio is also a blatant Mary-Sue. This is the funniest thing I have ever read. I have never read something this funny before. It was extremely difficult to do anything except read it until I had "finished" it, and now it's hard to do anything but think about it and wish there was a lot more of it for me to read.

Imagine if Ender Wiggen were put in Harry Potter's place, and the cunning of other characters upgraded in a similar way. Yudkowsky is a gifted writer, and he plays off the tropes of fanfiction and the idiosyncrasies of the world of Hogwarts in a way that transcends the genre.

The books is at times laugh out loud funny, touching, inspiring, and always very smart. Writing fanfiction in order to get more people to read your blog about obscure logical fallacies!? You'd have to be a genius to actually succeed at that. He is, and he does.

The book is funny, at times hilarious. The premise is well executed as Eliezer draws from his vast experience as a rationalist and lets us take a look at genius minds at work; we all know how hard that is to pull off. Other scenes repeat almost word for word, like the first potions lesson with Snape only this time, Harry refuses to play the victim and stands up to him, in a rather spectacular fashion. Great idea; terrible execution.

In fact, I think the summary is completely misleading. While some scenes had me laughing out loud, I spent most of my time cringing or raising one eyebrow or the other; HPMOR is saturated with Yudkowsky's blatant disdain and a condescending tone.

Characters are, for the most part, wildly out of character. Harry completely fails to act like an 11 year old boy, and reads like a thinly-veiled, sociopathic self-insert. Draco is also worrying sociopathic, even beyond the rape threat that others have mentioned, when the books took careful pains to make him rather more human and sympathetic.

Dumbledore and Quirrel have also been replaced by Doppelgangers Yudkowsky apparently felt would better fit his story.

Eliezer Yudkowsky is a loathsome creepy egotistical hack. I don't download his insultingly folksy rape disclaimer from Three Worlds Collide, HPMOR has its own disturbing rape conversation in an early chapter, and the cult of personality around him seems extremely dangerous.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is poor fanfiction that is not particularly faithful to the characters, not actually faithful to actual rational science despite Rational-Harry claiming it's what he believes, and also against some of the most obvious themes of the novels.

Anyone who's read the actual novels can tell you that Dementors are a metaphor for depression, and that Voldemort's big issue is that he believes that nothing is worse than death, and so he tortures his own soul and ruins lives to escape it.

Yud himself, unfortunately, is absolutely terrified of death himself. This means that he thinks Dementors are a metaphor for death, and thinks Voldemort is totally right but is just doing things the wrong way. People have fun playing the battle games, or fighting bullies with time turners, or generally being powerful, but no one seems to have fun just trying to figure things out. For some reason the reason is that I have a fair amount of scotch in me actually , my brain keeps trying to put together an imprecise metaphor to old SNES rpgs- a friend of mine in grade school loved FF2, but he always went out of his way to find all the powerups and do all the side quests,etc.

This meant he was always powerful enough to smash boss fights in one or two punches. And I always hated that- what is the fun in that?

What is the challenge? When things got too easy, I started running from all the random encounters and stopped downloading equipment so that the boss battles were more fun.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Jump to: Fanfiction Title: Eliezer Yudkowsky aka Less Wrong Date s: Harry Potter External Links: Easy email notification system, RSS feed, and Twitter feed for new chapters; Current Author's Notes and progress updates; Lovely fan-made book-style PDF version; Ad-free mirror of the text; ePUB and MOBI e-texts; Ongoing podcast of the story; Fan art in vast quantities; Cameo list characters named after fan artists ; Fan-fanfiction of this fanfiction ; Fan music, songs, and animations; Fan translations; The OKCupid keyword for HPMOR readers; Links to TV Tropes page and discussion forum; Trigger warnings page warnings about possible traumatic associations for some readers; to avoid spoilers for most readers, there are no warnings inside the main story ; How to learn everything the main character knows; Open job positions at a related nonprofit; [14] And ever so much more.

All science mentioned is real science.

But please keep in mind that, beyond the realm of science, the views of the characters may not be those of the author. By check? Can you PM or email me with the name? The reason I ask is so that I can figure out how close HPMOR is to the 4-day update threshold, add it into my calculations in advance, and make sure it doesn't get double-counted when the actual check arrives. BTW, do you want credit with my thousands of fanatic readers for bringing the threshold closer? My writing then slowed down enormously after Ch.

Looking back, I think I made the following mistakes: The obvious lessons are that next time, I must: But the larger problem with this particular tactic is that… Obstacle 2 to my writing more fiction is that my writing so far has had negative, as well as positive, consequences for public relations. My writing tends to be controversial and stomp all over certain sorts of minefields. Worse, there is some quality of it that seems to attract a certain sort of Sneer mindset — not just social-media sneertrolls, but the seething pools of corruption that are mainstream journalists.

A sense of joy in writing does not go along with constantly looking over your shoulder. This story spreads by blogging, tweeting, word of mouth, favoriting, plugging on forums, and adding to lists; and remember, if the readers before you hadn't taken a moment to do that, you probably wouldn't have found this.

If that's not enough to motivate you, then let me add that if you don't help spread rationality, Hermione will be sad. You don't want her to be sad, right?

Don't forget to visit LessWrong dot com and read the Sequences, the true existence of which this fic is but a shadow. I would like any readers who think that HPMOR deserves it sufficiently, and who are attending or supporting the , , or Worldcon, to next year, nominate Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality for Best Novel in the Hugos.

If any reader thinks they can put me in touch with J. Rowling, or for that matter Daniel Radcliffe, regarding this matter, I do hereby ask them to contact me at [email address redacted] [24]. Needless to say if anyone at Fanfiction. JKR said no commercialization, which if it doesn't prohibit FF running ads, certainly doesn't prohibit accelerating a publication schedule if a charity meets donation goals.

FF's Community Guidelines say nothing on the subject at all. Many of you have reached out to me, I put hundreds of you into contact with each other, and over 20 parties on 4 continents are now going to happen.

Now it is time to get as much attendance to the events as possible, make sure that we all get the most out of the events and use the momentum that HPMOR has brought this community. This post will serve as a central location for all information and resources available for the parties, as well as a place for discussion in the comments. I suspect much of the inconsistency is that the author is shoehorning a lesson du jour into his chapters rather than allow the story to grow naturally.

In some places this works, but in others, it's clumsy and grinds gears. A deft touch is needed to do this in a way that doesn't turn preachy and turn off readers. The author is almost certainly deriving commercial benefit from J. Rowling's intellectual property and his exploitation of the popularity of her fandom by routing eyeballs to his site and building his own personal fame as a voice in the field of AI.

In many regards, this practice is worse than a Cassandra Clare or Jim Bernheimer pitching their original fiction novels on their fanfiction sites, since neither author makes a living off their writing. If Yudkowsky had the integrity I assumed he had, he would have read the last 4 books - something that would have taken days at the most.

I know for a fact that I can read all seven books in a week without changing my routine, and I'm only a moderately-fast reader.

Is it so difficult to set some time aside and research the thing you are writing about? I would have thought this would have been the first thing he did, instead of waffling about with Wikipedia and fanon drivel, especially with his scientific background and how it's what his goddamn story is about. This is a perfect example of why so many of us are opposed to this 'fanfiction phenomenon', out of principal if not the slew of other reasons.

He's writing something to prove how intelligent he is and how stupid you the reader is by comparison. I'm side-eyeing this whole Singularity Institute thing, of which he's evidently the founder.

Sorry if this seems over-the-top. I support SI. These points have been mentioned, but has anyone suggested how to deal with them? Simply ignoring the problem does not seem to be the solution; nor does loudly denying the charges; nor changing one's approach just for appearances. One fundamental difference between LW and most cults is that LW tells you to question everything, even itself. The activity of LW is limited in a content-independent way by social structure in areas that it wishes to be more.

This is not the optimal venue of thinking, but that shouldn't come as a big surprise.

That stunt with review counts really worked. The fic got reviews in less than a week. I hope that satisfied him and hopefully he wont pull a stunt like that again.

Two months. Over three thousand reviews. What can I possibly say, besides thank you? Someone asked if Professor Blake was Anita Blake. Let me put it this way: Do you know any other Blakes who would teach Defense and get caught in a closet with three fifth-year Slytherins?

I hadn't meant to do anything like this, but: Remember, the Summer Challenge has until the end of August, after that the pace will be set. Just some slight encouragement for donors reading this fic to get around to donating sooner rather than later. A link to the Challenge and the Summit can be found in the profile page, or Google "summer singularity challenge" and "Singularity Summit" respectively. Not everyone has to believe SIAI's claims in order to benefit from the rationality lessons conveyed in MoR, let alone know these claims.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky / Less Wrong

I'm saddened to see this separation ended and the fic used in this way, simply because SIAI hasn't raised enough funds. Well, now you've done it. Maybe you should use the rationality you are rightly popularizing with this story in your own RL actions?

With the visibility of MoR you can be assured that you will get a massive kick in the butt for this because the concerned parties JKR, ff. You might think you've avoided the problem by promising to publish the chapters anyway -even without any influx of money- but the fact is that you try to get payed for services posting chapters on a higher rate IS a service rendered to your readers. It's a pitty that behind your mask of benovelent 21st century proponent of Enlightenment you seem to have planned this moment for a long time.

Or how do you explain the fact that all of a sudden you have a bunch of chapters ready to post if "only" your readers give you enough dough? Shame on you Mr.

People still read this story? That could change, however, if he moves from "encouragement" to hostage-taking or uses somewhat different language to describe his fundraising and its connection to his for-free writing hobby. One thing he is sure to do is turn off his readers. Fanfiction readers are a fickle lot; they have shown repeatedly that they have little tolerance for folks peddling this kind of dross and that it's incredibly easy to stop following a story once you start to dislike the writer.

It really is like shaving your head on YouTube: The sense in which it could be construed as paying for the fanfic is so indirect that I can't possibly believe it makes any real legal difference. I went from liking this story as a guilty pleasure to not caring in the space of 1k or so words.

I believe the context of what he said was something like So, I'm pretty sure Less Wrong is reading this. Oh, and "in before the next batch of one-post idiots arrives to defend this story to the benighted DLP horde. The community has standards; while this story has positive elements and interesting ideas, it doesn't measure up. The author's apparent hangup over this is illuminating. We'll see what happens. Silens Really? On IRC you were bragging about hopefully having baited the author to come to DLP for advice and you were looking forward to all the members bashing him and his stories and now you act offended and claim you were just hoping to offer civil, objective advice?

This guy's irrelevant.

I don't really care about him that much; sure, I was annoyed that even reddit of all places had a circlejerk over him, but in the long run, he's not worth our energy. I'll be waiting for Sarah Palin to endorse this fic. Silens' message to you was courteous and constructive with the intent to help you better your story. Your responsive was dismissive and demeaning towards someone who has proven to be a better author than you. Dark Lord Potter specializes in concern trolling, messages which start out looking serious and helpful to lure you into the start of the argument.

Be extremely wary if you get a private message suggesting that your fic has promise but could benefit from the critique at Dark Lord Potter. I got one of those early on and then later discovered that the sender, Silens Cursor, had been bragging in the DLP chatrooms about how he was going to bring me to the DLP forums so they could all bash on MoR and crush my soul.

Yes, really. I don't know the story behind this, but it sounds suspiciously like most wanks I've ever heard come out of the Harry Potter fandom. Person writes bad fanfic. People like bad fanfic. Person gains loyalty. Person starts asking for money. She seemed to be on the verge of tears. Harry took a deep breath. How did they get convinced? They sent a professor from Hogwarts. He -" Petunia's eyes flicked to Michael. Hoping against hope that this time, just this once, they would listen to him.

And if not, then Mum will admit that it's false. That's what the experimental method is for, so that we don't have to resolve things just by arguing. Really, magic? I thought you'd know better than to take this seriously, son, even if you're only ten.

Magic is just about the most unscientific thing there is! He was treated well, probably better than most genetic fathers treated their own children. Harry had been sent to the best primary schools - and when that didn't work out, he was provided with tutors from the endless pool of starving students.

Methods Of Rationality (fanfiction)

Always Harry had been encouraged to study whatever caught his attention, bought all the books that caught his fancy, sponsored in whatever maths or science competitions he entered. He was given anything reasonable that he wanted, except, maybe, the slightest shred of respect. A Doctor teaching biochemistry at Oxford could hardly be expected to listen to the advice of a little boy. You would listen to Show Interest, of course; that's what a Good Parent would do, and so, if you conceived of yourself as a Good Parent, you would do it.

But take a ten-year-old seriously? Sometimes Harry wanted to scream at his father. There's a quote there about how philosophers say a great deal about what science absolutely requires, and it is all wrong, because the only rule in science is that the final arbiter is observation - that you just have to look at the world and report what you see. But -" her head rose back up to stare at her husband.

I want my husband to, to listen to his wife who loves him, and trust her just this once -" Harry closed his eyes briefly. Both of his parents were just hopeless. Now his parents were getting into one of those arguments again, one where his mother tried to make his father feel guilty, and his father tried to make his mother feel stupid.

His voice trembled a little. He shut the door behind him and tried to think. The funny thing was, he should have agreed with Dad. No one had ever seen any evidence of magic, and according to Mum, there was a whole magical world out there.

How could anyone keep something like that a secret? More magic? That seemed like a rather suspicious sort of excuse. It should have been a clean case for Mum joking, lying or being insane, in ascending order of awfulness. If Mum had sent the letter herself, that would explain how it arrived at the letterbox without a stamp.

A little insanity was far, far less improbable than the universe really working like that. Except that some part of Harry was utterly convinced that magic was real, and had been since the instant he saw the putative letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry rubbed his forehead, grimacing. Don't believe everything you think, one of his books had said.

But this bizarre certainty Harry was finding himself just expecting that, yes, a Hogwarts professor would show up and wave a wand and magic would come out.

The strange certainty was making no effort to guard itself against falsification - wasn't making excuses in advance for why there wouldn't be a professor, or the professor would only be able to bend spoons. Where do you come from, strange little prediction? Harry directed the thought at his brain. Why do I believe what I believe? Usually Harry was pretty good at answering that question, but in this particular case, he had no clue what his brain was thinking.

Harry mentally shrugged. A flat metal plate on a door affords pushing, and a handle on a door affords pulling, and the thing to do with a testable hypothesis is to go and test it. He took a piece of lined paper from his desk, and started writing.

Item Preview

I explained why it didn't work for me. Any work of fiction- the successful ones, anyway- will always be about people. If they're too different of a people genetically engineered out of their humanness , then people simply won't enjoy it.

I got like a page into a story about an alternate history of Earth where birds resembling jacanas a species where the females are behaviorally like the males of other species and v. Then I realized that no-one could ever relate to or care about my characters. They were just too alien. That isn't to say there can't be great fiction where the conflict between alien races is over that difference, like 3 worlds, Ender's Game comes to mind , but the point is always to reaffirm what it means to be human.

You just can't do that if the humans in your book are alien. It's not escapism; it's not intended to pass mindlessly into your amygdala. It's meant to be a serious, critical analysis of the consequences of doing such a thing—a satire, in other words.This is a perfect example of why so many of us are opposed to this 'fanfiction phenomenon', out of principal if not the slew of other reasons.

Elliot Reed. Accessed on July 30, She builds an A. The Mary Sue is not defined by her power, but by her lack of an even more powerful opponent. Can you PM or email me with the name? The premise is well executed as Eliezer draws from his vast experience as a rationalist and lets us take a look at genius minds at work; we all know how hard that is to pull off.

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