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Beauty Awakened book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. His name is Koldo. He is scarred, powerful, his control legendary-. Actions. Report. looking 4 angels of the dark series by gena showalter in epub or zip Beauty Awakened (Angels of the - Gena beauty awakened angels of pdf 1 by charles and frances hunter, as told by roland beauty awakened angels of the dark 2 gena showalter pdf ebook by charles.

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I always read her books on the release day, usually in one sitting and right away get on the phone to let everyone know how good it was, what to expect and give away spoilers to those who want them. I feel no excitement at all. View all 15 comments. So, first, the rating If we're looking at it from a reviewers perspective alone, this book is a solid 2 stars. Beauty Awakened is the highly anticipated sequel to Showalter's Angels of the Dark series, where we meet angelic warriors on the edge of destruction.

Koldo is part of the Army of Disgrace and he's bent on getting revenge on the a Okay Koldo is part of the Army of Disgrace and he's bent on getting revenge on the angel who ripped out his wings when he was a child. As he's in a hospital on a mission Zacharel has sent him on, he notices Nicola, as well as the demons who've parked their tushees next to her and her bedridden sister. For some inexplicable reason, he can't seem to walk away from her and she stirs in him his first taste of desire.

But finding salvation together has a price. When we first met Koldo in Wicked Nights , we discovered right off the bat, he's not a very social angel, but also that he's an angel without wings. The beginning of this book takes us to the past where we meet a seven year old Koldo and we are witness to the monster that unfortunately is his mother.

It's devastating to see such a vulnerable baby be the target of so much misplaced hatred; all he wanted was for his mother to love him and she goes and does the unthinkable. Fast forward and Koldo is not only all grown up, but so full of hate himself, it's tearing him apart. But he finds Nicola thanks to his new partner, and my new favorite angel, Axel. Now, as far as characters for the series, I wasn't attracted to Koldo.

Yes, his story was devastating, but his personality was… how can I put it… bland? For Nicola, I honestly don't know how to feel about her. On the one hand, I admire her will to keep living and how she was determined to help her sister live again, but at the same time, I was annoyed with her. She took the news of angels and demons a little too well.

I would have appreciated some denial on her part. And then there was the ending, view spoiler [where she herself becomes a Sent One and kicks Nefa butt deathdealingsouleaters- I like to think of them as Lucien's babies: I just… whaaatt??

O smh hide spoiler ] The romance was disappointing as well. I'm no fan of insta-love, and I liked that they were getting to know each other but there seemed to be very little sexual tension between the two. I understand Nicola has a heart condition and she's not supposed to get over-excited, but still… come on!

When they finally give in to their desire, I swear I reread the scene three times just to make sure my eyes didn't deceive me.

It's sad to say, but there was no sex scene… uh, wait a sec… isn't this an adult pnr book?? Now, being an angel book I do expect some aspects of religion to be infused with the story, but not to a point where it becomes overbearing. She went on about healing through the power of faith, and how not believing would get you punished, as well as how embracing the almighty would turn you into a Sent One yourself… say what?!

I have no problem with people's religious beliefs, more power to ya, but if I wanted to read a preachy book, I'd read the bible!

Gena spend too much time recreating a world that didn't need to be; she went from having angels classified as either warriors or joy bringers in the Lords of the Underworld to telling us now that the angels we know aren't angels at all but "Sent Ones". Idk, but it kind of feels like Gena is now writing these books out of obligation, not because she really wants to anymore. I sat here going over the book and what I liked and what not, and I have to reevaluate my rating, because although this book pulled me in as Ms Showalter is infamous for, it lacked the usual excitement I feel whenever reading her books.

I couldn't connect to the main characters at all, but I did find humor and intrigue with Thane and Axel. And while I felt no connections to some of the characters, I would still recommend this book to readers who've yet to read her previous works. Maybe for us hardcore LOTU fans and lovers of her previous work, it's disappointing and saddening as well; but for newer Showalter fans I think you can enjoy this series for what it's meant to be.

I'll still download the next installment in this series, but I'm hoping she'll stick to her previous writing style for Kane's book. After all, the Lords may not be full fledged demons, but they sure can sin like one ; View all 30 comments. Mar 06, JC rated it did not like it.

First time book review due to how disappointed I am in this author's new direction. Bought this book based on her older books and I deeply regret it.

The storyline was overtaken by her relentless, preachy message of faith healing. Found it to be very obnoxious and atypical of her previous books. Guess she's recently found Jesus and while I'm happy for her newfound religious beliefs, I don't care to be hammered over the head with them.

The book read more as a YA Christian novel, not what I was ex First time book review due to how disappointed I am in this author's new direction. The book read more as a YA Christian novel, not what I was expecting to spend my money on.

Also, there were too many different, brief, future storylines being set up. The writing felt very choppy and immature. Will not be downloading any of her other books after this disaster. Sad to say I scanned through the vast majority of this book hoping it would get better, it didn't. Such a shame. Her need to preach her personal belief system ruined what could have been a great storyline.

In future, Ms. View 2 comments. Jun 16, MelaDWolf rated it it was ok Shelves: I was so disappointed with this one. So,so,so much. I just can not believe that Gena Showalter wrote something like this. Nothing special with main characters. Nothing special with love part, action part or any other part. I wanted so much to read this because Koldo sounded like one cool guy with tragic past.

But what i did not like most was all that part about how everything will be okay if you think it is okay. Good things will happen if you think that they will. Nothing bad can happen th 2stars! Nothing bad can happen than. He is scarred,powerful,his control legendary and he lives only for vengeance against the angel who viciously revoved his wings. But if he yields to the forces of hatred he will be eternally damned. Koldo lost his wings when he was younger, and we finally get a chance to learn how he lost his wings and why.

He had a very tough childhood because of his parents and it really broke my heart when I learned about his relationship with his parents. He just wanted his parents to be proud His name is Koldo. He strives to be different from his father and we see him struggle within himself as his story goes on. He cannot fly but he can teleport which is a rare ability. Axel was awesome I hope the next book is about him!! Then we meet Nicola Nicola has a twin sister named Laila who is in the hospital when you first read the book.

We learn that Laila has a demon inside of her and demons cannot be inside of you unless you welcome them. Unfortunately the book failed big time in the sexual arena. Here I reread their first sexual encounter three times and I'm still not sure what the hell happened.

Then when they finally do seal the deal again, the language is vague and totally unsatisfying. Angels was kind of confusing because I thought they were all angels.. View all 34 comments.

Spoilers will probably follow I don't know whether I liked the book or not. There were some black spots but the end sort of made up for most of them in my opinion but not all.

What I mean is The heroine of the book was -her words not mine, but sadly true- unexciting. Nicola is a 23 year old girl who is afraid to live.

I totally understand that the condition of her heart made it impossible for her to have excitment in her life safely but honestly Spoilers will probably follow I totally understand that the condition of her heart made it impossible for her to have excitment in her life safely but honestly I found her boring until the end of the book when she at last -hallelujah- decided she had a backbone and annihilated an army of bad guys!

I like my heroines to have balls I don't know if this phrase exists in English. To give her something exciting I'll imagine her like this: Then there was the plot. Although there wasn't anything "bad" with the plot, it was just SO predictable. We had the emotionally scarred hero, with an awful past and a bitch of mother, who craved love, and of course our loving, sweet heroine managed to heal him with her unshelfishness and her kindness of heart.

This pattern has been used way too much lately.

Beauty Awakened (Angels of the Dark #2) by Gena Showalter

Still I liked the story. I do love my cheese. Also I think GS opened too many storylines in this book. We also have two different battle fronts one resolved in this book, the other not. And then we have the females, a harpy, a phoenix, a fallen angel, whose stories also get hinted at. It was a typical case of too many things crammed into one book!

You just can't open all these stories because they can't all be resolved in one or two books. At some point I was totally lost because of all the info dump.

The book wasn't bad. It had some very interesting twists that kept you going, and I liked the fact that we had just one sex scene which was kind of realistic since it was a little awkward -we are talking about two virgins one of which hasn't even watched an adult movie ever in his life-. I liked the fact that GS didn't turn our heroes into horny rabbits going at it every other chapter. And I liked Koldo. Koldo was entertaining with his misunderstandings of figurative speach and he was after all our wounded hero so you had to love him , but again I felt like I have read his story times.

I think the most serius problem can be summarised in 3 words: Despite this, I will give it 3,5 stars mostly because I think my expectations were higher than they should be and they are clouding my opinion of the book and because the end kind of rocked! View all 9 comments. Jul 12, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: I love everything Gena Showalter writes. I forgot how I literally cannot put a Gena book down. She is the queen of paranormal romance. This book did not disappoint.

This book was definitely different than her usual. It was a little more serious at the beginning. Gena has a wit in her characters and makes you giggle and snicker. My Koldo: He was silken heat, a smooth whiskey that intoxicated, melting away inhibitions. My Nicola: No one has ever loved Koldo. He has been through the worst as a child. His mother continually rejected him. His mother literally ripped out his wings when he was a child. She hid him away from everyone, and when he did anything to try to please her, she would punish him, especially with her words.

His father beat him over and over. As a result, he became hard and mean and serious. Until he sees Nicola. She is fragile, literally has a weak heart, but he sees her inner strength , and he draws it out.

Nicola is doing everything she can to take care of her dying sister. After meeting Koldo, who makes a bargain with her, giving her more time with her sister in exchange for spending time with him and training her to become a more joyous, positive person to fight off the demons that are after her. Of course, this time together is electric and sweet.

Koldo is a virgin Gasp!!! Koldo is still hanging onto his revenge and bitterness toward his parents, and Nicola is still hanging onto her sister. In the end, they help save each other. I loved all of the fighting and action. It seemed a little immature, and her sister was completely selfish!!! Side Note: I want your book!!!!

I could not stop laughing at everything you said!! View all 17 comments.


May 23, Kaila rated it really liked it Shelves: It's been quite a while since I read the first one and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Angels are by far my favourite paranormal creature to read about, so this series is basically everything I could possible want in a paranormal romance. Since I love angels so much, I was always so drawn into the descriptions of wings or them flying. I could vividly picture all of the characters and how they int 3. I could vividly picture all of the characters and how they interacted with the world. I really loved the characters of Koldo and Nicola, perhaps even more so than our main characters of the last book.

They just had such effortless chemistry and so many sweet moments that just made my heart go crazy. Their romance was heartfelt, innocent at times and very sweet. Nicola and her twin sister were born with a defective heart. Her sister is dying and she knows that any extreme emotion or event could be the end of her too. But despite her fragility, she is trying to hold on and attempt to remove the burden that seems ever present in her life.

Koldo is a warrior.

He is scarred, powerful and full of hatred towards the people who have wronged him in the past, especially the person who ripped out his wings. He seems like the unlikely choice to protect a frail, dying human but as soon as he sees her, he feels undeniable compassion towards her.

I don't tend to read a lot of paranormal romance, and when I do I often notice that it tends to get a bad rap. People are often of the opinion that these paranormal books lack depth, world building and complex characters, and often I tend to agree. Gena Showalter completely defies this with her books which are full of interesting and unique characters, a complex world and layers of depth. I wasn't just interested in the main romance, but I was also intrigued by the world.

This includes all the warring factions and different creatures that appear in the stories. The characters, especially in this book I noticed, were quite intriguing to me. They weren't two-dimensional, but instead had layers of history and an interesting personality that was explored. I was really blown away with how much I enjoyed these small aspects of this book, because I was really just hoping for a good romance but came out with a whole lot more.

Koldo said that Nicola must be positive to be rid of the demons that followed her. This was a repeated message throughout the book and I couldn't help but feel like it was out of place. It was also quite cliche and overall, it just gave me a bad feeling.

The romance in this book was fabulous. I was a little worried at the start because everything seemed to be moving quite slowly, but before I knew it I was completely hooked on their relationship. Despite Koldo being very powerful and seemingly ruthless, he wants domineering or controlling over Nicola.

In fact, the romance was much sweeter and calmer than I was initially expecting. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all cuddles and cutesy but it still left me with a warm feeling in my heart.

Both of the characters were able to completely open up and be vulnerable with the other, which probably added to why I thought it was quite sweet rather than rough. I also just loved how the characters behaved towards each other, especially Koldo. He would sacrifice anything for Nicola, in order to protect her and make her happy. There were many characters that were introduced in this book which made me intrigued about their stories.

This included characters of future book in the series and other series from this author.

Some of the charters were from different points of view, which kept the story entertaining as there were many plots intertwining.

Sep 18, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: It has some of my favorite themes: But ugh. It just didn't quite work for me. I won't say that there weren't some stretches of the book I really enjoyed, because there were. If anyone looks at 3. If anyone looks at my statuses for this book, you will see that I complained about: Thane, Xerxes and Bjorn but mainly Thane So when I finally got to the end, I can honestly say the whole date thing didn't even matter to me anymore besides the fact that it was wrong and insensitive of Nicola.

I can also say that the sections with Thane and his whoring around drama really had no effect on my rating either because I decided to totally just skip them they do NOT tie in to the plot for Koldo and Nicola So here is what did make me decide to round my 3. On the other hand, I do think Koldo's actions spoke of deep love in that he was willing to make great sacrifices to make Nicola happy. Apparently, doing murderous level things to another is A-okay in order to teach them a lesson or as a way to make them prove how badly they want something.

To put it mildly, the idea that God would okay torturing good people for those reasons is IMO: So when Nicola's sister continues to be ill, it is because she is basically a failure of a person. Again, to put it mildly, that idea is IMO: So those negatives bothered me and overshadowed some of the romance, which on it's own, was not bad.

I have a feeling my mood wasn't quite right for this book the last few days, so I can't be sure that didn't influence my reactions.

Safety gang safe: Koldo watched the whole time, and eventually came and took her away. There was no attraction, kissing, nothing that Nicola did. View all 13 comments. Apr 28, axola rated it it was ok. If you are a fan of previous GS paranormal books, you probably want to skip this one. Or be ready to be disappointed. When trying to explain my disappointment to a friend I made this comparison: Is like going to your favorite bakery to download your favorite chocolate cake. Nothing in the bakery is different.

The tag doesn't say that the recipe has been changed, but as soon as you open the package you realize it looks different. The first bite tells you the recipe has been changed to worse like using If you are a fan of previous GS paranormal books, you probably want to skip this one. The first bite tells you the recipe has been changed to worse like using skimmed milk or low fat chocolate, hahhaha. By the end, you realize you don't like the changes and you get pissed off because no one at the shop told you about them before you bought it.

GS is in my automatic download list or she was. She was before she decided to market this book as her usual paranormal romance and what I got was a religious themed YA book.

I've never complained about established author books being slightly or not so slightly more expensive than other authors. I believe they have earned that privilege. I pay more, but I know what I will get for my money or at least I used to and therefore my expectations are high. Those expectations weren't met in this book and therefore unfortunately I won't be downloading any more books from this author before reading the reviews and check the story is interesting enough and I won't be preached to.

You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice shame on me! Jul 03, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: Generally, I really enjoy Ms. Showalter's stories - they're usually fun and sexy and guaranteed entertainment. But the last couple of releases haven't been as Now I enjoy some steam in my books, and when I expect it and don't get it, it can be a tad disappointing But sadly, in this instance the story just wasn't strong enough to compensate.

Instead of fun and sexy, I got mediocre and preachy. IMO, it really came across in 'Beauty Awakened', that GS is struggling with the world she's already established in 'Lords of the Underworld' and now in this spin-off 'Angel's of the Dark' It was like she was backtracking to redefine what these angels and demons are, and this just served to make everything messy and convoluted.

Showalter steps up her game again. Jun 11, Vanessa rated it did not like it. I liked the premise, as well as the message. Here is where I was so crestfallen: If I could say something to the author, I would say this, "you set these expectations of your readers, and you are the one who labels your books adult, when you write a book as being part of an adult series, but you write it for Tween I liked the premise, as well as the message.

If I could say something to the author, I would say this, "you set these expectations of your readers, and you are the one who labels your books adult, when you write a book as being part of an adult series, but you write it for Tweens, and disappoint your fan base, because the expectations YOU set are not met, what do you think the reaction to be?

If I want a biblical lesson I'll go to church, I read your books for romance and hot sex scenes that I know I won't get until I allow whoever I allow to go that far with me to get some, in the mean time you, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, among others are my go to gals, you let me down, and you can think all you want that you shouldn't have to use sex to sell, but that's what you've used thus far, those are the bars that YOU have set, just tell me now if this is the direction you are choosing to go for your future books, if so, I can make an informed decision as to whether I want to download your novels any longer.

I am a woman, and I am a sexual being, just like any other woman brave enough to admit their needs, if instead of watching porn or downloading toys, I read books that bring my sense of romance alive and allow me to live in a world where a male is strong, virulent, and honorable, as well as sexy, then call me crazy for wanting to claim that short amount of time where I get to imagine being the heroine that get ravished by a man who focused on her as if there is no other female in existence, because I know that while I may eventually find it here in reality, it doesn't hurt for my homie, Gena Shiwalter, to find a hero to sweep me off my feet for just a short amount of time.

And that as they say is that. View 1 comment. Mar 21, Lindsay Avalon rated it it was ok.

This is the second book of her Angels of the Dark series and, as with all of her books, it's standalone. The story was pretty interesting and I have to admit to being quite intrigued by Koldo after reading Wicked Nights.

We get more of a look into the world of angels and I really liked the idea of an angel as wounded as Koldo by his horrible parents. I wanted to love this book, truly. Parts of it were really interesting, there was some great humor in areas and some 2. Parts of it were really interesting, there was some great humor in areas and some of the snappy dialog I loved from the Lords of the Underworld books.

I don't know where to begin. The last few books, culminating with this one, have been less than exciting and borderline boring as hell. Not only that, they've gotten preachy. Every once in a blue moon, I'll read an inspirational romance but it's rare. The Lords of the Underworld were magnificent, some of the funniest books I've read, great dialog, fast paced action, and amazing sex scenes.

This though? This was lacking so much. As I said before, parts were pretty funny but much of the book was slow and felt dull. The sex was practically non-existent. Where's the passion, the heat of the old books? I mean seriously, they don't even have sex until just before the end. I'm not all about sex but when your previous books are incredibly erotic, you come to expect a certain heat level. Even when we got to the scene it felt rather chaste.

The action was a poor imitation of what I expect from Gena and I found myself skipping around. I sometimes read books out of order, but if I love the book, I'm drawn to read it straight through. It's a weird habit I know, but what I've done for years. This book, however, I skipped around and never felt compelled to read straight through.

Nothing captured my interest long enough. Every time I tried to start reading consecutively, I found myself skipping pages looking for the author I loved so much. Perhaps if I wasn't so used to the Lords, I wouldn't have been so disappointed.

I'm not sure what happened to Gena, I just know her writing has changed significantly. While there were attempts at bringing back the rapid pace, intense action scenes, it pales in comparison to the older books.

There's a new Lords of the Underworld coming out in June and frankly, I'm almost afraid to read it for fear of ruining one of my all time favorite series. If you're reading Gena Showalter for the first time with this book, please read her Lords of the Underworld books because they are far far better than this. If you're an avid fan, I'd still give this a read to keep abreast of the mythology of her books, but don't go into it expecting anything on par with her earlier works.

I just realized in trying to sum up this book to someone that I had to consciously think about what happened in this story. I've read Gena's previous books so many times, the stories are imprinted in my brain pretty damn well. This one? I read the majority last night and already I'm having to think very hard about what actually happened. It makes me sad to think of how forgettable this one is. Sep 17, Feminista rated it it was amazing Shelves: A beautiful story about an angel with no wings and a girl with a frail heart.

This is a story about finding love in a world full of hurt. The setting for the Angels of the Dark is commendable.

A setting of angels, demons and a bit of inclusion of her Lords of Underworld series, Gena Showalter threads a rich fantasy setting. The characters are very well written and they have depth. In other words, they are not shallow, they don't follow the same path that other heroes and heroine Rating: In other words, they are not shallow, they don't follow the same path that other heroes and heroines follow.

In a world where books are written everyday, it is hard to read books that are unique and good, even more so - characters that are genuinely different in a good way. This is one of them. I have to say, however, that I am not always a fan of Gena Showalter. Characters make or break a story for me. So for me to love two of her books from the same series: Except, maybe it has something to do with virgin heroes I may be slightly biased.

I have to get back to you guys on that: Jul 07, Asounani rated it it was ok Shelves: No se complico muchas cosas y no era necesario y fue bastante lento repetitivo en algunas cosas.

Personaje odiado: Feb 03, Carla-Book Monster Reviews rated it it was amazing. The book starts off with a young Koldo at the age of 7 years old. This was by far the most heartbreaking chapter I have ever read. A little boy starved for his mother's attention and love and getting nothing but hatred and abuse in return. No matter what he did to please her, she hated him and punished him more. We finally learn what happened to Koldo's wings and I sat here with a box of tissues balling my eyes out through this chapter.

We also find out who his father is and I just can't decide who was worse, his mother or father. I finally decided they were both just as equally horrible. Poor Koldo! Koldo is a warrior in Zacharel's Army of Disgrace, a group of warrior angels that are in danger of falling. I'm a sucker for the tortured souls and we all know Koldo went through torture when we learned his wings were removed but in this book we learn the full extent of the hell and anguish he went through.

Koldo was the warrior with few words and no emotions, but he does have emotions. He just covers them up and pretends to not care because he is scared of rejection. When he learns to open up and discovers his feelings for Nicola he is also very possessive but in a sweet, melt your heart kind of way.

Nicola and her twin sister Laila were born premature and with underdeveloped hearts. They have lived their lives not truly living at all due to fear of overdoing it and having a heart attack. They both know they don't have long to live but they are too weak and scared to fight. Nicola is the stronger sister, always looking out for and taking care of Laila who is the weaker more afraid sister.

She's easy going but not a doormat and she's not afraid to stand up for herself and let anyone push her or her sister around. She's kind, good hearted and funny and I really enjoyed her character.

Koldo first notices Nicola while on a mission in a hospital. He finds Nicola leaning over a very sick, almost dead Laila. He notices right away that they are both being poisoned by demons who are shadowing their every move and are filling them with toxins. They feed on their fear, sadness, pain, doubt and any other negative emotions and the demons are slowly killing them both.

Koldo takes an interest in Nicola and decides he's going to teach her how to get rid of the demons and keep them away for good.

Because to have any shot at living, they need to keep the demons away for good. A lot of the healing Koldo teaches Nicola and Laila was all about the power of positive thinking.

Some people may be put off by this but I truly believe that positive thinking does help.

If you think negative thoughts then those thoughts will start to bring you down. We may not have demons sitting next to us feeding us negative thoughts and toxins like the sisters do, but to me negative thoughts and words are toxins. If you think negative about yourself you start to believe it and live it. I love how Gena incorporated this into her story. This book is NOT full of steamy sex scenes like some of Gena's other books. There is pretty much one full on sex scene but there is plenty of sexual tension.

Both Koldo and Nicola are virgins and Nicola needs to take things slow otherwise her heart can give out. This book has just the right amount of sex and tension for these two characters and I think Gena told their story perfectly!

Honestly, I get tired of the hero and heroine jumping into the sack by the th page of most books. It takes a talented author to write a romance book with only one actual sex scene and keep it sexy but if anyone can pull it off its Gena and she totally nailed it! We get to see a lot of Axel and Thane is this book. While Axel acts extremely immature, you can't help but LOL at his crazy antics and the absurd things that come out of his mouth.

Thane was on a mission to take out the demons responsible for killing someone they all cared dearly for. Overall this book was incredible! It was heartbreaking at moments and LOL funny the next. It was sexy without a lot of sex and full of non-stop action. Jul 02, Esra rated it it was amazing. Me looking koldo [image error] me when I finished the book [image error] And to my darling gena showalter [image error] [image error].

Feb 23, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Beauty Awakened is book two in the "Angels of the Dark" series and I am in love with this story. Gena Showalter is a queen in writing such riveting paranormal romance novels, and Beauty Awakened is no different.

There was something so much more tangible about this book that just gravitated towards this reader. I deeply loved the development of this series so far and for those who are solid fans of the "Lords of the Underworld" series than t This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Beauty Awakened is book two in the "Angels of the Dark" series and I am in love with this story.

I deeply loved the development of this series so far and for those who are solid fans of the "Lords of the Underworld" series than this trilogy is a must read for you because it is connected to the same world although a bit different. For those new to the "Angels of the Dark" series, it's about archangels that work for the "Almighty" and fight demons to save humans and innocents from their evil machinations.

In Beauty Awakened, we have our hero, Koldo, whose life was rough.

He was raised partly by his mother who abused him as a child and tore his wings from his back and then he was sent to live with his father who was just as cruel but more manipulative and evil. Koldo was forced to participate in actions he abhorred but had no choice in. Now he is working with Zacharael's Army, the only one without wings but he does have other abilities like "flashing" from different locations in a blink of an eye.

While on a mission, he is sent to a hospital which is where he sees Nicola Lane and he is fascinated and wants to know her but he doesn't fully comprehend the feelings he has for Nicola, only that they are something he has never felt before. Nicola's family was killed by a drunk driver, and her sister is all she has left. But Nicola herself has special abilities, she can see the demons that torment them.

But when she meets Koldo, she is fascinated by this brawny tough man that has a heart of gold and honest to a fault and innocent in the way of romantic entanglements. She doesn't know if she can trust him, but she knows the truth when he tells her of the poison in her body and how she must fight it. Soon Koldo and Nicola join forces, and there is some powerful chemistry between these two damaged hearts but they will have to fight a great enemy to find their HEA.

Beauty Awakened is a breathtakingly bold romance that will captivate the hearts of its readers. I was immediately pulled into this book and I never wanted to leave this story.

It was magnificent and so beautifully told. In Beauty Awakened, we have a story that brings together a hero who is also a virgin, but so naive about relationships. He doesn't fully understand about intimacy and love but he knows its there and he wants it with Nicola.

He knows what he is feeling for her is more powerful than anything he has ever experienced in his life previous. Of course, he has a lot of emotional growth he develops because he has never truly known love and acceptance, the kind that he received from Nicola who is all about love and acceptance. Nicola herself has her own growth and learning curves too, she has issues with trust but together these two pack a punch.

I love how willing and open they are in the relationship, that they don't fight too much what they are feeling for each other. The conflict that we see in the story is an outside force and we some different evil forces that are coming against Zacharael's army, Koldo and Nicola. I adored how Koldo and Nicola fight together to overcome the evil against them including Koldo's father who was believed to be dead.

I love how committed Koldo and Nicola are to each other and the different ways we see them sacrifice for each other.

We see how much they are willing to sacrifice to help one another and this is what real love is all about and I love that Gena Showalter shows this in her storytelling. Overall I found Beauty Awakened to be a beautifully portrayed romance that delves into a world of demons and angels, of sacrifice and true intimacy between two people Nov 14, Alba M.

Y eso me ha pasado con esta historia y con Koldo y Nicola Fuerte, dura, luchadora La protagonista perfecta. Mar 21, Kelly rated it did not like it Shelves: Unfortunately, I did not have fun with Beauty Awakened — in fact, it made me angry — and I abandoned the book partway through. The setup is that Koldo, a physically and emotionally scarred dark-angel type, and Nicola, a self-sacrificing young woman with a heart condition and a dying twin sister, meet and eventually fall in love.

At one point, he performs a miraculous task and Nicola asks him what he is, to have this ability. He berates her for not doing research. The woman is working two jobs and her sister is in the hospital! She explains, but he keeps lecturing her about priorities and excuses. I also had issues with the metaphysical setup. Gena also shows how positive thinking affects the outcome of some actions. Being positive and thinking positively crushes the negative emotions and it helps.

It helped me a lot of times, and thus i believe in the message she wanted to give to her readers. He is wingless warrior from the Zachariel's Army of Disgrace.

His wings were cut off by his own sadistic mother when he was young, and he never could regenerate them since. She blamed him for being born, especially because he was half Nefas. Nefas are "vile race in existence. A race that sneaked up on humans, poisoned slowly, painfully A race without a conscience.

A race just like the demons. The Nefas were death dealers. Soul suckers. The age of their victims never mattered. The gender of their victims never mattered. They lived to inflict pain. They killed. And they laughed while doing it.

And in the end, she cut off his wings and sent him to his father's people, who had done even worse to him. He spent a decade in there, forced to do so many things that he regretted. He was feral, dangerous and without any hope, until he was rescued by Sent ones. And in the end, he became what his parents created him to be: emotionless but lethal.

And rabid. After an incident he was sent to be in Army of Disgrace. In the previous book he sacrificed his precious hair, making him look like his father's people - whom he hated with passion. But doing so, he created friend of Zacharel and respect as well.

He appears to be quite emotionless, but he isn't. He just hides it well because he is afraid of being rejected. He doesn't want to be hurt emotionally so he just avoids contact with other people. But then he meets Nicola, and finds himself fascinated with her. Even though she had weakened heart, she cares a lot for her only sister, especially after their parents and brother died in car accident. She is devastated because she is loosing the only person left she loved. And then she meets mysterious Koldo, who read her like an open book.

She is crazy, she is awesome and she is wonderful and complex character. Their relationship was truly unique. A lot of time passes before they do something. They took it slowly, never rushed into anything, because she sometimes fainted and he never wanted to hurt her. They must be the first couple ever to have had sex after they had view spoiler [ married hide spoiler ].


Which was quite unique in this genre, and that was sweet. But he would do anything, and i meant anything for her. He finally regained his wings, only to be cut off again so he could save her sister. Only to find it was all in vain. She is Nicola's twin sister and she was in comma for a while and in danger of dying.

She has weak heart, making her vulnerable, and dying.Overall I found Beauty Awakened to be a beautifully portrayed romance that delves into a world of demons and angels, of sacrifice and true intimacy between two people And the cover is true to the characters, except The I only saving grace that this book had was Axel and William and I'm terrified to see how she will write William's story now.

He flared his wings to their full length, the action bringing a cascade of joy. It just didn't quite work for me. Because of his abhorrence of Cornelia, Koldo had landed in the Army of Disgrace. His comments are beyond awesome, and he made me laugh so many times.

Also, there were too many different, brief, future storylines being set up. The age of their victims never mattered. He brought them to his nose, sniffed.

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