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Download full-text PDF. 1. Fractal Geometry Fractal Architecture; Box-Counting Dimensions of Façades; Visual. Perception .. Bovill, Carl: , Fractal geometry in architecture and design, Birkhäuser, Boston, Mass. [u.a.]. Fractal Geometry as Design Aid. Carl Bovill. School of Architecture, University of Maryland. College Park, MD , USA email: [email protected] Taking up Carl Bovill's ideas, the question will be dealt with in two respects. . 03 Bovill Carl, Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design (), Birkhäuser.

Lima, Ph. E-mail: arq.

Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design

This technique is applied covering any two-dimensional representation with a squared mesh and counting the number of boxes containing lines from it knowing that, the tighter the grid, the greater the number of boxes containing lines from the given representation.

In , Richard P. In our opinion, the application of this technique can be extended by the constitution of an instrument defining the characteristics of the work of an architect considering the different projects and their respective drawings. After the encouraging results obtained in a previous short joint paper published in the proceedings of I.

This time, we performed a new scan, with a better resolution, dpi instead of dpi, of all the drawings, including those used in the first test, in order to give them a higher level of detail, which allows a safer use of a greater number of mesh divisions used in this technique and, finally, compared the different results obtained among the representations of the same architectural object and, later on, between architectural objects, to establish a link between them, using the set of all the results to obtain a determinant characteristic of the work of the chosen architect.

The dimension of architectural objects Determining the box-counting dimension of all the drawings belonging to a same project was based on the assumption that each project may have a specific dimension, considering the average of the dimension of all the drawings, and the respective dispersion values.

Thus, the total number of boxes for each mesh should be, respectively, 16, 81, , , 1. In our first test, if the difference between the box-counting calculation results of all the drawings is less than a small positive number we can say that they have almost the same box-counting dimension.

Because the results are not equal we can say that they are almost the same. Assuming that we would study a certain number of projects conceived after the publication of the concepts related to the issues of complexity and of fractal geometry, we chose two architects that consciously used these concepts to justify their formal and compositional options, Frank O.

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Gehry and Peter Eisenman. Weisman Museum Gehry, we obtained an approximate average value of 1.

Conclusion With the set of results obtained by calculating the dimension of a series of architectural objects using the box-counting technique, we were able to verify the validity of this method in obtaining the determinants for, at least, a certain period of the work of three different architects, facing the possibility of extending its application to the work of other architects. In addition, we can foresee the possibility of using this methodology in other situations related to analysis and criticism in an objective and scientific way.

References [1] Mandelbrot, B. Les objects fractals: Forme hasard et dimension.

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Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design

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The programs used to generate the fractals can be found on the links page.Freeman and Company.

Because the results are not equal we can say that they are almost the same. With the help of the box-counting dimension this degree can be measured from one scale to the next.

The horizontality of the overall view of Robie House is carried on by the window-strip and the long stretches of stone, including the water table, copings and sills. See the news page for details.

Furthermore, fractal characteristics in architecture are limited to a range of certain scales. Enter Card Pick-up ID below:.

The main elements of large flat, white disks primarily form the spatial and constructive structure of the building. This starting form is completed by additional octagons at its edges — this defines the generator.

This principle is not only true for the whole, but also for each detail.

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