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Faking Normal (Adobe EPUB eBook, site Book, OverDrive Read). Book Cover. Average Rating. Author: Courtney C. Stevens. Series: Faking Normal. Status. Faking Normal book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Sixteen-year-old Alexi has a secret; something bad happened to her last summer, but she is not saying what. Publicly, she.

This book literally scared me Personal blog by Jhack Telan about her monochromatic, yet colorful life. Screw blogger. Writing: I've had the pleasure of speaking to Courtney C. Stevens through Twitter and email, and I can wholeheartedly say that the kindness Stevens hosted by Adam Southern!

Stevens at Downpour Audio Books - An edgy, realistic, and utterly captivating novel from an exciting new Faking Normal is the debut novel of Courtney C. It's a story about Alexi Littrell, a teenager whose life changed in one summer. Stevens Faking Normal on Monday, March 24th, Here at Holy Moly, we welcome new pics of Courtney Stodden like bankers welcome new bags of money. With open arms and a wide smile. Stevens on the iTunes Store.

You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, Stevens Series: No. Source: Personal download. Categorias: Editoras This review is going to be short. I kinda like the book, but there's something missing about it that I think would make it exceptional.

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Events for Kids. Average Rating. Available from OverDrive. Check Out OverDrive. Do I think Bodee's experiences could've been expounded upon more? Absolutely YES.

I felt like there wasn't enough of a balance given to both of their coming to terms and there was more of a leaning where it seems like he's helping her come to terms more than she's helping him, and there's a significant reliance on the affection rather than the issue being dealt with. There shouldn't be such a heavy leaning on significant others helping another character to heal via the "power of love" more often than not, a male "healing" a female character because people truly coming to terms with trauma or serious issues doesn't work in that single dimension.

For "Faking Normal" - I never got a sense that the sentiments were anything less than genuine or some kind of narrative ploy, so maybe it didn't bother me for that reason, but it was still a problematic leaning I noticed in thinking about the narrative after the read. The climax of the novel tugged at my heartstrings - I couldn't look away from it and I was glad that Alexi had her chance to rise against her rapist in the scheme of the novel.

Overall, I think this book is worth reading for the experience and to serve as a conversation starter. I liked the investment in the difficult subjects it chose to show, even if I thought it could've provided better definitions and discussions surrounding the measure.

Overall score: View 1 comment. Jan 04, Louisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Quietly powerful writing, but ultimately I was left uncomfortable at the occasional slut-shaming and Alexi in general. I don't quite see what the positive reviews are on about.

Books like these always leave an impact on me - Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak made me fear walking home alone at night for a while, when my country is as safe as a six-ton steel bank vault. Faking Normal on the other hand? While I appreciate the serious subject matter, I highly dislike the way it unfolded and how rape was Quietly powerful writing, but ultimately I was left uncomfortable at the occasional slut-shaming and Alexi in general. While I appreciate the serious subject matter, I highly dislike the way it unfolded and how rape was defined.

I think this review more or less summarises my views, more succinctly than I could manage now. View all 5 comments. Jul 12, Christina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wanted a little more from the resolution of the "issue" that plagued Alexi, but I definitely can live with how it ended.

It wasn't something that killed the book for me, and it's likely that the reason it bothered me is because of my own personal conflict.

I loved this so much, especially the author's prose and how much I was able to connect to the heroine. I'll post my full review closer to the pub date, but I definitely think you should put this on your TBR list. It cracked my chest wide open I wanted a little more from the resolution of the "issue" that plagued Alexi, but I definitely can live with how it ended.

It cracked my chest wide open, but it was a story that felt real and very close to me. It won't be for everyone though because of the heavier subjects it deals with throughout the novel.

Edited for full review on November 20, Please to be excusing my wordy, quote-hoarding ways. However, that did not influence this review an any way.

All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this galley and not from the published version. There are mentions of spousal abuse, sexual assault, and self-injury.

Alexi Littrell is in an everyday war with herself. Face forward, act normal, appear normal, be normal. After an event from the summer leaves her questioning everything she knew about safety and love, Lex gets really good at faking normal. She has everyone fooled except for Bodee Lennox, who is no stranger to the monsters that hide in plain sight. These two may inspire one another to face their own personal truths, but inevitably find that they had the strength to fight their own battles in themselves all along.

You are never alone, no matter how lonely you feel. I never understood how life could be so dramatically sectioned, but it can. I read this book three or four months ago and I have literally opened this review post no less than a hundred times since then. Faking Normal seriously felt like it took all my emotions— happiness, hurt, love, loss, understanding, self-worth, bitterness, anger, giddiness, fear, loathing— and tossed them in the air and let them scatter and fall all around me.

Sadly, I know not everyone will connect to this story or even understand Alexi, and that kind of breaks my heart. I, however, connected with her on a personal level, and I appreciated the depth and honesty in which Ms. I can spot a bullshit story a mile away, just saying. However, Stevens gave me a novel that never felt trite, and I believe that had everything to do with her not giving us a cookie-cutter ending and trying to put pretty decorations a steamy romance on a crumbling cake a girl and a boy trying to keep their head above water.

Here are a few examples: Too soon. Needless to say, I heart him. And he danced with two fingers until I asked for three or four… and his hand on my hip. Sure, slaying dragons and being a skilled assassin in fantasy novels are a thing to marvel over. Those are the people we should champion after, the real people that deserve our unwavering support.

Faking Normal and all of its characters have mine. That has to stand for something, right? Also, that cover? I love it so much! Stevens, thank you for giving me a real story of personal triumph and characters that I will always feel connected to after such an amazing read. You are a special kind of talent, and I look forward to the day that I can devour more of your words.

Jul 10, Alyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: Stevens Publisher: HarperTeen Publication Date: February 25, Rating: An edgy, realistic, and utterly captivating novel from an exciting new voice in teen fiction. A searing, poignant book, Faking Normal is the extraordinary debut novel from an exciting new author-Courtney C. What I Liked: I know, I know. I'm as shocked as you are, when looking at the rating.

I was so sure that this one would blow me away. I love Courtney - she's amazing and super sweet - and I have been looking forward to reading this one.

I don't read too many tough-issue books, so it has to sound pretty good for me to decide to read it. In this book, we have Alexi, who was raped by someone we don't find out definitely until the end, but the astute will pick it up from the beginning, it was super obvious to me , and Bodee, whose mother died it's more complicated than that. Bodee comes to live with Alexi's family his mother and Alexi's mother were good friends.

Throughout the book, the pair help each other battle their demons and heal. But neither teen's road is straight and narrow. Alexi struggles physically and mentally, by harshly scraping her nails down her neck to make herself bleed, and by shutting out everything about the rape.

She blames herself for not stopping him. Bodee blames himself for watching his mother die. He is quiet and serious, but no where near as twisted and messed up as Alexi in my opinion. I really like how Stevens brings about Alexi and Bodee's relationship. That is a truly progressive and meaningful relationship. It starts with an understanding between the two, but then develops into friendship, then trust, then love. That was well done by Stevens. I really, really like Bodee.

Stevens didn't make him out to be a sex demon on legs, like most YA heroes seem to be these days. He's a teen boy who seems awkward and quiet and dyes his hair different colors. I really, really like him. He's a genuinely good guy, an old soul, a decent person. I wish I knew a guy like that. Bodee is basically why this book got two stars, and not one star.

BUT, not in the way you're thinking. Read above. He's a well-rounded character, well-developed, and truly likable. What I Did Not Like: On to the difficult part. I hate writing in this section when I know that this book could be a perfectly amazing read for someone else.

Like, it's probably just me who didn't enjoy these things! I mentioned that I don't read a lot of tough-issue books - well, this book features some of the reasons why I don't read them. I sympathize with rape victim, and I would never ask that on anyone, to be raped. No woman deserves that, ever. For example exhibit A, etc. You were wrong. I don't think this is first one of though!

She blames herself for getting raped, because not at any point did she try to stop him, and neither he nor she was drunk. Especially the way the author described it - the dude massaged her shoulders. He touched her. He put on a condom. There is a part in your brain that detects when you feel unsafe - that's what makes the hairs on your neck stand, or whatever.

And at no point during the rape did she cry out or scream or tell him to stop or anything. According to the book, she ran out of words.

She didn't want to tell anyone, because she blamed herself. Okay, wow. THAT makes sense. Yes, you didn't fight back or scream. That doesn't justify the fact that something bad happened. Oh, and get this: I'd want to ruin his life just as badly as he ruined mine. He'd be serving some serious jail time, or worse. I wouldn't be sparing him because I want him to have a good life! And even in the end! What was that?! Did he get life in prison?! I'm not going to say what his punishment was, but it wasn't enough.

He got off with a slap on the wrist, basically. Ugh, the ending. It was so hunky dory. Miraculously, Alexi's relationship with her sister is cut and pasted back together. Everything just happens to fall into place for Alexi. Everything works out. You know what gave Alexi the courage to speak up? A bird. A bird flew past her and she was like, oh, freedom, I want that. NOW, you conveniently see one and decide to spill. Someone please explain to me why cutting yourself or scraping your fingernails against the back of your neck, like Alexi does makes sense.

Tell me how that makes things better. Tell me how physical pain makes emotional or mental pain go away. This is more of a general thing, than something to do with the book. I know it is a response that victims of crimes have, but it really makes no sense to me.

And when you have a problem with the main character, and the book is written in first person, then you have serious problems with the entire book. Sad life. Would I Recommend It: This is tricky.

If you're anything like me, then no, don't waste your time with this one. Tough-issue books are definitely NOT meant for everyone, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy one every now and then.

I thought this one would be different, but alas, it wasn't for me. However, I know that this book is a much-anticipated read for many people. Go for it! Don't NOT read it because I didn't like it! Because chances are, you'll love it! This is an excellent book View all 7 comments.

Dec 12, Rashika is tired rated it really liked it Shelves: With my philosophical thought of the day out of the way, I can focus more seriously on this review. Which is going to be hard when all I want to do is NOT write this review. Am I allowed to post my incomprehensible notes and call it a day? I am not whining or lazing off, I just have no idea how to write a review for this book. Should I start with the highlight of this book or the main character? Or perhaps the one drawback of this book as a whole.

I went into this book with a very vague idea about what I should expect. I marched on and well I think it was for the best since it gave me the opportunity to read without any sort of bias. This book opened on a very touching note. It opened not with the main character as the centre of attention but someone else who was dealing with the aftermath of a heart wrenching tragedy. She hides her pain and her misery so as to save her family and friends the pain it would bring them.

She blames herself for what happened and she has no outlet for all this pain so she scratches her neck. She hides in the closet and tires to count vents or anything to take her mind off of what happened, anything that will let her get some sort of sleep. Alexi is not a completely likeable character. Her story is just heartbreaking. It closes a fist around your heart and makes it hard to breathe because of the amount of sadness rolling off the pages.

Bodee is the highlight of this book. He is just the most wonderful person ever. He never pushes Alexi but supports her in his own way. He is heartbroken about what happened with his mother yet he still has the ability to stay strong for Alexi. He is not ultra-hot, nor bulging with muscles. He is just the kid no one really cares about and sticks a label on his was Kool-aid kid and as you get to know him better, you cannot help but fall head over heels for him. I loved his reasons for doing what he did because without him Alexi would be lost.

She needed something to look forward to and he gave her that and I just love his role in her journey. The romance, as everyone can imagine was sweet and slow to develop and just all around wonderful. I just wish I could hug these two individuals and take their pain away. I love how they were supportive of each other and always gave the other a shoulder to lean on and their journey from acquaintances to friends to something more was beautiful.

The one thing that really nagged on me was the identity of the rapist. It was because of what I know from other rape cases. It was almost random. I felt like the author chose that individual for the emotional impact it would have on the reader and it bothered me.

Faking Normal

My heart broke for the family and not the individual. The individual was in the wrong and that is that. In the end though, this book was so emotionally powerful. It was touching. It was heart wrenching. And it was just beautiful. View all 6 comments. Jul 03, Kim at Divergent Gryffindor rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have no idea why I didn't read this book sooner. I must be stupid or something. I kind of speechless in that I don't know how to put it's amazing-ness into words.

I'll probably write a review when my opinions become more coherent, or I'll just leave this as is because I might ruin it. I want my own Bodee! Recommend me more books like this one, please! Le iba a poner dos estrellas pero hoy no me siento generosa, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el tiempo que desperdicie leyendo esto. Un libro deprimente, tris Le iba a poner dos estrellas pero hoy no me siento generosa, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el tiempo que desperdicie leyendo esto.

Y ustedes saben lo que pienso yo sobre el slut-shaming. Los personajes femeninos: Janna ex novia de un pibe que aparece del que no recuerdo ni el nombre: Y cuando este pseudo-violador le dice que "Ella es nada como Janna" la prota le dice "I know". Porque duh uh las putas no merecen respeto.

Oh, y me olvide de Bodee. Nov 02, Madison rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who liked 'speak' by Laurie Halse Anderson. If I had to choose one word to describe this story it would be: I could feel her anger and sadness in every word. Her anger was like a bomb, her anger gradually increased until the timer ran out and her anger exploded near the end.

There were so many and they made me cringe so hard! But overall I did enjoy this book a lot! It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't stop turning the pages.

Rape is NOT sex. Rape is NOT a type of sex. Rape is rape. This book kept saying rape was sex like wtf. Another exciting Christmas present from Chelsea!

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But I fell in love with this one, and it took me completely by surprise. Her metaphors are something else. But all in all she just has a way with words. Reading Faking Normal felt a lot like passing secret notes during class, like sharing an inside joke. Aug 05, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: I had some major issues with this one, particularly view spoiler [ when Koolaid Boy completely steals Alexi's story and tells her best friend what happened without her permission.

And that he's the savior here. And that when she was nearly assaulted by that football player at homecoming, she too easily gave him a second chance.

Jul 02, Kat Lost in Neverland rated it liked it Shelves: She hides in her closet and scratches the back of her neck obsessively, all while putting on a fake smile and act for everyone around her. She finds comfort in the lyrics written on her desk by a mysterious classmate, and in the boy who everyone labels 'Kool-Aid Kid' for his kool-aid colored hair, and now 'The boy whose dad killed his mom'.

Can Alexi find who she was before it happened, and in doing that help her newfound grieving friend as well?

This book is so important. Like Speak , it deals with some pretty heavy teen issues, and it does it with beautiful writing and amazing characterization. The theme 'faking normal' is so well done. Alexi is horribly depressed and having panic attacks one minute, and then switches to smiles and easy conversation around her parents or friends. The one person who sees through her act is Bodee, another character who is so well done. His story of dealing with his tragedy and the hope and love he finds with Alexi is amazing and I shipped it to the moon and back.

However, I had some issues with this book, one being excusing a cheater, the mild slut shaming and expectation that all girls actually hate sex, and the predictable ending with the two main characters.

Other than that, it was a very important book and I really liked it.

To read what I had issues with, click the spoiler, but be warned, there are huge spoilers in it. The girls Alexi and her two friends had gotten together for a sleepover and to talk about their relationships. Heather's ex-boyfriend cheated on her. He slept with another girl while drunk. So Alexi makes excuses for him. But wouldn't she want to steer her friend away from that? To say, "No, he's an idiot, you should move on. I found that part disconcerting but I moved on. Then, later in the book, Alexi tells Heather about what happened and makes the same excuses for him and it's shown like Heather is going to forgive him.

A cheater is a cheater, no matter how drunk he was. That really pissed me off that that was never resolved. My other issue was that in the 'big reveal', the characters completely changed their personalities. The day before, Alexi's sister had been threatening her and telling her all these awful things, and then the next day, Alexi hands her the note and she immediately believes her. For all the things she accused her sister of, you'd think, from the way she acted throughout almost the entire book except one scene that kind of redeemed her she wouldn't believe her at first or ask for more explanation.

Then we have Kayla herself as a character. She basically had a part in her sister's rape, when Alexi was 6 years old, she threatened her pretty violently not to tell the truth when Alexi wandered in on her and Craig having sex. It was given that this fear of telling the truth was induced at that age, so Kayla did have a part in her little sister being raped.

And so Alexi is just going to forgive Kayla for what happened? So fucking easily? I also wish it hadn't been so copycat of Speak. In Speak , Mia tells her friend, the first person she tells, that someone raped her, by writing it down instead of speaking it out loud.

When Alexi ends up telling her sister, she also writes it down because she can't say it out loud. I really wanted the ending to have been focused more on 'Alexi getting better despite how traumatized she was'. Instead, we get Bodee and Alexi and the shocking 'reveal' that she's the 'girl from fourth period' he liked. Alexi being all, "Really?? And him also being her Captain Lyric, which was disappointing because it just seemed too picture perfect romance for me. Yeah, I want them to be together, but it didn't have to be the whole big cheese with him being that too, even though you saw it coming a mile away.

Alexi has a secret. And Bodee's biggest one has just been revealed to the world. And in my opinion, Stevens does an amazing job of telling a tale about a topic that, in some cases, can be trivialized or glamorized in ways that make it easy to understand why some women keep quiet and blame themselves for something they had no real ability to prevent.

And most importantly: So pardon me while I flail a little more. I identified with Alexi immediately. And I wanted to squish Bodee into my pocket and make him cookies and download him Kool-Aid and khakis. I even loved Heather, even though she was a little pushy. And Liz and Collie. Kind of wanted to punch Kayla in the face, though. Oh, and I especially loved Captain Lyric.

There were smiles, tears, a laugh or two, some frustration, lots of swoons, fist pumps and an ending that felt right. All the things I look for in a great book. All things that will earn five stars from me. So, Courtney, what are you writing for us next? This was pretty good and very sad. Both Bodee and Alexi go through some pretty harsh things and I felt for them.

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The relationship that blossoms between the two was both sweet and endearing. I This was pretty good and very sad. I mean, this kid is grieving for his mom, but spends most of his time concerned for Alexi. I was a little confused for a majority of the novel because the rapist is not revealed until the end. If that is what happened then it might explain why she never felt discomfort for being around the rapist.

Though, I would have thought there would be something subconsciously warning her away. But overall, I enjoyed it. There are some Young Adult books that are good for us grown-ups. But 'Faking Normal' is one of those books that falls into the category of YA for actual Young Adults, not really for anyone older.So I just breathe and look away, trying not to lie with my face, but to stand in the presence of the truth.

I wanted to reach in the book and steal him for myself, hug him until all his pain went away…. The person we want in the end is the one we want for all the reasons you can't draw on paper.

It was slow, and there was so much room for development that was all filled up nicely. Run django-admin help to display usage information and a list of the commands provided by each application..

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