estatistica basica toledo pdf to word. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for estatistica basica toledo pdf to word. Will be grateful for any. MORETTIN Pedro e BUSSAB Wilton Estatística básica Atual Editora São Paulo from DEPARTAMEN at Universidade Federal TOLEDO, Geraldo L. e OVALLE, Ivo I.. 23 pages MATNumIndices2-Exerc Unidades 4 5 e 6. pdf. METODOS_QUANTITATIVOS_-_IBPEX_DIGITAL livro pdf TOLEDO, G. L.; OVALLE, I. I. Estatística básica. 2. ed. São Paulo: Atlas, UNICRED.

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SILVA, C. S. L.; COSTA, H. I. C.; MATIAS, M. P. A. Estatística. Disponível em: TOLEDO, G. L.; OVALLE, I. I. Estatística básica. São Paulo: Atlas, The Memoir Class - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Writing Finance Papers Using Sumario Estatistica Basica - Toledo. Results 8 - 20 Guia de operação e manutenção KF DL55_Metler - Ebook apostila . to the earlier METTLER TOLEDO Sample changer ST20A. valoración EQP (Ipol/Upol) Accesorios accesorios facultativos equipo básico Acondicionamiento (ST20A) Activar entrada.

The selection of class intervals of various amplitudes from among these data was based on the need to identify the most extreme standard years because the severity of extreme climate events significantly impacts nature and society Zhang et al.

For analyzing the yield data, only the Mann-Kendall test was used. These techniques were selected to verify the consistency levels of the historical series with regard to the data homogeneity and to identify any statistical trends positive or negative correlations in the records spanning a given period.

The Pettitt test operates on a time series Moraes et al.

The soybean yield data were processed and analyzed based on the annual total. To analyze the data variation, boxplot graphs were used. This type of graph, a box plot, is well known in statistics, and most statistical software has a function for it. The boxplots divide each homologous series into quartiles: Q1 is the 25th percentile, Q2 is the median that divides the series into two equal parts, and Q3 is the 75th percentile Carmello ; Silvestre et al.

The line in the center of the rectangle represents the median, the bottom of the rectangle represents the first quartile Q1 , and the top of the rectangle represents the third quartile Q3. Asterisks represent extreme values in the sample, also known as outliers, which exceed the upper or lower limits Silvestre et al. This linear correlation coefficient does not imply a cause-and-effect relationship but rather is a measure of the strength of a linear relationship between two variables.

This coefficient of variation r is a value ranging from -1 to 1, where a value of 0 represents the absence of a linear correlation. Based on the Mann-Kendall test increasing or decreasing trend , of the 89 analyzed stations, 13 stations displayed a trend of increasing rainfall, 76 displayed no statistically significant trend, and none displayed a negative trend.

These results demonstrate two different typologies. The use of the percentile technique indicates strong interannual variability in the rainfall, accurately highlighting the extremely dry and extremely rainy years.

For a closer analysis of what was defined as extreme, a division into five classes was used: extremely dry, dry, normal, rainy and extremely rainy years. Both spatial and temporal distributions of these results are presented in tables 2.

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In Table 2, the annual soybean crop data are shown columns , as are rainfall stations classes in rows by latitude. A dry pattern is noted in the first three years of the series, especially at rainfall stations located at lower latitudes.

A rainy pattern can be seen in the agricultural year; however, in the following year, , lower rainfall levels predominated, especially at lower latitudes, indicating a dry or very dry pattern. The agricultural years were the rainiest of the historical series; in it, 88 of the 89 rainfall stations recorded extremely humid values.

All municipalities located in the study area are soybean producers. The agrarian structure data show that although many of the farms in these municipalities are small to medium in size, a small number of properties are extremely large.

In general, the small farms have poorer access to modern crop practices and sophisticated technologies. In addition to this form of great disparity in the field, any significant variation in rainfall distribution exerts huge effects decreases or increases on the soybean yield, thereby affecting thousands of small landholders. These municipalities are mostly located in the northeastern portion of the study area, where there was a statistically significant trend of yield increase.

However, other factors, such as greater agricultural investments in research, development and innovation aimed at agribusiness and grain production for export, also may have stimulated the increased yield Fig.

Preliminary stage, prior to data collection

Regarding the annual yield variation between municipalities, the growing seasons of , , and had the highest variations in annual yield from one municipality to the next Fig. Other years stand out for their low yield variations, particularly The heights of the rectangles in Fig. The season was one of low variation in the yields among the municipalities. The variation was low in the growing seasons of , , , and The season showed the greatest variation in yield among the municipalities the lowest median value in addition to the lowest 75th percentile, indicating low yields in most municipalities compared to other years.

The results were significant in 12 municipalities Tab. Antonio da Platina 0. In general, there is a marked relationship between the analyzed variables, particularly in growing seasons of unusual rainfall: the extremely dry, dry, rainy and extremely rainy years. It was found that soybean yield among the municipalities is negatively correlated decreased total annual rainfall and positively correlated with rainfall when rainy periods occur.

There was a significant correlation between the increased rainfall and increased yield.

There was an increasing trend of both the annual rainfall and total soybean yield, particularly in the central and northern regions of the basin.

This result is considered an indicator of what has been occurring in recent decades in Brazil and other countries in the developing world that are soybean producers, such as Argentina and India. These countries have become major commodity producers to support the constantly growing needs of consumers. Although the results indicate correlations, this type of dependence in Brazil has been decreasing, particularly in crops that are important for export.

This is a consequence of the investments in science, technology and innovation in agribusiness, which is supported by the results indicating a trend of increasing yield in the municipalities of the northeastern basin.

This pattern may be attributed to the current context of global markets, in which increases in income and decrease in costs and risks are basic requirements for competitiveness. To reduce yield losses caused by the annual rainfall variability, crops with different characteristics, such as drought-tolerant cultivars, and different types of crop management can be used Farias et al.

However, this solution is not available to small and medium landowners, who do not have access to technological innovation due to either financial inability or lack of access to information.

Ex Agric 51 02 Revista Brasileira de Agrometeorologia 7 1 Actes du colloque, Rennes, France. Accessed 15 January North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota [19] Goldblum D Sensitivity of corn and soybean yield in Illinois to Air temperature and precipitation: the potential impact of future climate change. Phys Geogr 30 1 — Matijascic M. First, how can a teacher with such a long workday manage to study and keep up with the dynamics of the cultural and scientific world?

These conditions are stressful, reduce quality of life, and produce effects that result in illness The article describes the basis and techniques used in the representative nationwide survey of Brazilian schoolteachers.

In addition to qualitative clinical and ergonomic studies, in a survey was held in the municipal schools in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, providing the main references adopted in the Educatel Study Censo Escolar. The parameters for the sampling plan were thus prepared to reflect this diversity: teachers in relation to their own characteristics and their employment and the schools where they worked as to geographic location, teaching modality, and physical and psychosocial environments.

Additional details have been published in a previous study To achieve a response rate consistent with the desired representativeness, we opted for a telephone interview with a computer-assisted questionnaire, based on speed in obtaining and processing data with this survey modality Telephone interviews are a valuable method for avoiding the costs and difficulties involved in moving the interviewer from site to site Biemer PP.

Total survey error: design, implementation and evaluation. Public Opin Q ; Concordance between telephone survey classification and face-to-face interview diagnosis of one-year major depressive episode in Hong Kong.

BUSSAB E MORETTIN Estatística Básica 6a Edição ( 1)

J Affect Disord ; Concerning the location for the interview, there is a known advantage to approaching workers during their normal workday, which facilitates their recalling workplace conditions and related characteristics We thus used the INEP website While barriers related to efficiency are overcome with the telephone survey modality, there are well-known disadvantages. Sensitive questions become less embarrassing with a self-applied questionnaire than with a questionnaire applied by the interviewer by telephone or a face-to-face interview in that order.

This is an example of the modality. On the one hand, in a face-to-face interview, when the interviewer and the participant meet in person, the odds are lower for misunderstandings or for the participant to decide not to participate.


Finally, the survey was made possible thanks to authorization by INEP Rev Paul Enferm ; To offset any selection bias, we adopted a complex sampling plan to obtain estimates with preestablished precision measurements. Having concluded the data collection, we identified the participation rates for eligible teachers according to major geographic regions of Brazil, school location rural vs. Sampling weights adjusted for non-response and estimation procedures were adopted.

Further methodological details have been published elsewhere The questionnaire was developed in careful detail, as we shall see, and the interviewers were adequately trained to avoid the measurement bias expected in epidemiological surveys, regardless of the interview modality telephone or face-to-face.

The variables and measurement format were based on careful study of the literature to identify validated and widely used formats, as described below. In addition to this care, the questions on the workplace and behaviors, commonly criticized in society difficulty in missing work when sick, for example were drafted in keeping with consistent recommendations in the literature.

Box 1 lists the references for each scale or sensitive question used. Box 1 Thematic blocks, variable, and reference source or scale in the Educatel Study, The questions formulated to obtain information from teachers on their health status and work conditions aimed to produce original data to fill gaps in this area. Singly F. Le questionnaire. Paris: Armand Colin; Essentially psychological questions are not always faced naturally by the respondent, besides requiring more concentration During the development of the questionnaire, we examined the known and validated scales for multidimensional events e.

Cross-cultural adaptation was the criterion for adopting both the scales and the key questions that had been developed outside of Brazil and in other languages The two questions were drafted and validated in the Educatel Study.

The social support dimension was investigated with pertinent questions taken from the Job Stress Scale JSS , which has been adapted and validated in Brazil In order to facilitate the telephone interview, which excludes other forms of communication between the interviewer and interviewee e.

We did not identify any refusals or attempts by teachers to give at evasive answers or similar verbalizations that might denote embarrassment on the part of the interviewee. As for autonomy, the question used previously was reproduced Box 1 : Does the school give teachers the opportunity to participate actively in decisions? Fourth European Working Conditions Survey.

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This stage incorporated nine volunteers, including medical and nursing students who were currently teaching in Basic Education. As for recall bias, it is possible to minimize its interference when the questions refer to more recent time frames for the target event.

However, in some cases we maintained the month time frame for asking about work absences due to illness, for example. For example, we attempted to identify any inconsistency between the answer concerning the reason for the work absence and reports of symptoms related to that reason. Next, a new assessment of the questionnaire was performed with other participants. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

Following weeks of work, the questionnaire was approved, consisting of 54 short and simple questions, mostly with multiple-choice answers closed questions.Running sample series Run Comparison of the analysis sequences for three sample series at the ST20A titration stand or at stand 1.

The data remain stored even if you switch off the titrator. Auto stand or External stand. At the end of each survey, the results were presented to the authorities, leaders and study A questionnaire about housing and sanitation condi- subjects. Tendency As a further aid in recognition of the equivalence point.

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