This book is a sequel to, ‘If I Stay‘ and is often referred to as If I Stay 2. ‘Where She Went’ starts three years after the “accident” where Mia and Adam are no longer together. Adam is also doing quite well, his pain and emotional breakup with Mia fuel the vibe of his new hit. For? download ebook novel terjemahan best seller knowing full of the flavors download jdbc ebook and went away? this discovery led to In tokyo is doing human race: the story of courage, and she must grapple with linus. Where she went / by Gayle Forman. — 1st ed. p. cm. Sequel to: If I stay. Summary : Adam, now a rising rock star, and Mia, a successful cellist, reunite in New York.

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What She Knew (eBook) I Love Books, Big Books, Great Books, .. novel from Gayle Forman, author of Where She Went, Just One Day, and Just One Year. Books shelved as novel-terjemahan: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The (shelved 14 times as novel-terjemahan) .. Where She Went (If I Stay, #2). Books shelved as terjemahan: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Harry Potter and (shelved 58 times as terjemahan) . Where She Went (If I Stay, #2).

Like Adam Alrighty, Juliette. Gurl ,you need a personality makeover or somethin. For a girl who can kill anyone with just a touch of her hand, you're not that intimidating.

She felt more like a side character to me because she didn't do all that much or say all that much. Adam was the one constantly taking care of her and I felt like she needed to take charge for once.

I hope she will go through some hard core character development in the second book, because guuuurl, you are as bland as waffles And she needs to work on that blushing problem of hers, she only does it like every other page.

Okay, okay, she's really not that bad, she just needs to find her strengths, that's all. HE IS Warner is the best character in this book. He is sorta psychotic, a stalker, and a murderer, but hot, so it's okay guys. I don't want to admit it, but he did have the insta-love thing for Juliette, but I ship it still. I shouldn't be shipping things like this, it's so wrong And they totally made out, even though Juliette was only doing so to get his gun from his jacket to kill him.

Alright, so world building. Didn't like it because there really was no world to build. We hardly got any detail about this polluted dystopian world and I want some! I hope we get more of this needed detail in Unravel Me. And I loved Kenji, he was so fun and his lines cracked me up. Apparently, he can turn invisible now. So I guess Juliette's part of the X-Men now. They're like 56 other people with abilities and they are going to try and defeat the Reestablishment who trying to make this perfect society.

They hooked up Juliette with this purple onesie and now I guess she's ready to use her powers to defeat evil or some shit. You know what else she could do with that onesie? Go have Warner unzip the back for her and then they can continue to make out. I am excited for what the second book will bring and I hope that there will be some character development going on! View all 29 comments.

But after getting disappointed several times, I've learned my lesson: I was pleasantly surprised with this story and I plan to continue with the sequel. It does remind me a lot of The Darkest Minds, and my experience with that series specially with the third book wasn't that good. I'm hoping this turns out differently. As for the characters, Juliette is actually kind of likeable. Adam is really sweet but he's sooo boring. I would rather ship Juliette with Kenji, he's funny and he has more character.

Warner is crazy but at least he's interesting. Maybe I'll get to see some changes in Adam's character in upcoming books and that'll change my mind.

If you have decided to not pick up this series ever, that's fine. But if you do plan to read it, I suggest you go ahead because I enjoyed it. Ignored what I said before. You definitely need to read this! It is more than worthy at the end. View 2 comments. Reviews can be found at: I'm making the 'read all the YA dystopians I've missed out on' year. I had a really hard time with the writing and the way certain things would be repeated, it sounded stupid to me when reading.

I also found myself rolling my eyes a hell of a lot because oh my goodness the cringe in this book was real and it was so insta-lovey. Despite these negatives, I really enjoyed the story and am left wonderin Reviews can be found at: Despite these negatives, I really enjoyed the story and am left wondering where it all goes. Although I had a few issues with it, I do think I will continue with the rest of the series at some point because I've heard the rest is a little better.

I hope that's true! The Hype-Machine. About those three red stars preceding this review: Which roughly translates to: At an unnamed point in the future, when the world appears to have gone to hell in a h About those three red stars preceding this review: She is a prisoner of The Reestablishment sinister totalitarian-type regime that has some fairly insane ideas about how the world should be run.

And the kicker? The crux of the whole story? Juliette is capable of inflicting pain, even killing, with her touch. It was entertaining, it was deliciously escapist — I ate it up in much the same manner that I did Divergent.

That Mafi seems to have a beautifully vivid imagination and an unusual artistry with her word-use, is clear. The prose of Shatter Me is riddled with metaphors and imagery. Heavy with it. But this is where it gets murky for me. I do love descriptive, lush writing. And there were certain lines and passages in Shatter Me that I appreciated for their evocative and unusual beauty.

But the writing in Shatter Me is so purple, its basically aubergine.

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There are lines that are so convoluted and thick with superfluous descriptors as to render them almost meaningless. Much like that run on sentence. Shatter Me packs quite some steam, of the YA variety. There are almost more smouldering build-ups, electrifying contact pun unintended — but rather apropos , gasping breaths and sexually charged scenes than you can shake a stick at. The direction of the plot is not hugely surprising. Unlike Juliette, at no point did my jaw "fall on the floor".

Yet, I did find the action sufficiently compelling, and the characters interesting enough to remain invested in the story. One of my stars is awarded because I found Shatter Me wholly absorbing while I was reading it. This may sound strange, but the characterisation of Warner was a highlight for me. Here, I believe Mafi truly threw down so to speak and created a villain that was intriguingly complex; repulsive and yet oddly fascinating.

View all 54 comments. Uno bueno y uno malo. Uno con ojos verdes y otro con ojos azules. Pero, la verdad, igual me encanta and I'm not even sorry. A book with bad reviews. Tiene miles de malas criticas. Y no exagero. Sexy, intense, bow chicka bow wow. Is it hot in here or is it just you? View 1 comment. Jun 28, Andrea! I finished this book in a day! Shatter Me would have been a solid 4. Metaphors that made me want to rip off my limbs 2.

The insta-love thing annoyed the hell out of me I hope Juliette's character grows in the following books, I will definitely be continuing the rest of this series: View all 8 comments. I usually like going into books without knowing too much about them, but with this popular of a series and this delay in reading it, it was impossible not to know some things and have some bias. Well, I was right, but I was also very wrong.

Immediately after reading the first couple of pages, I was mesmerized by this writing style. I have never read a book written like that, and it was so fascinating.

Tahereh Mafi is really insanely talented. And it worked. From the first chapter, I felt a connection and related to Juliette. But then Adam came in, and it all started going downhill a little bit. But what really bothered me is the romance.

From the moment he came into the story he was all Juliette had in mind. Just Adam Adam Adam. In addition to that, I felt like we were just thrust into this world with no world building and no explanation as to why things are the way they are. I needed more backstory. So, overall, this book really surprised me and then really disappointed me.

Aside from Juliette, none of the other characters are really all that defined, and the only reason Juliette is even remotely distinguishable is due to her narrative. Things only started picking up and truly getting interesting once they got to Omega Point, and even then nothing really happened. I have no clear image of who the characters are and what their motivations are aside from Juliette, and the plot went from being with Warner to being with other people with powers.

View all 4 comments. I really enjoyed the book, but I have a feeling it's just touching the surface and there is a lot more to come. I really liked Shatter Me , I read it in one sitting. The premise was pretty neat, the protagonist was interesting and I really loved that we could hear her thoughts, it added a whole new element to the story and made me able to relate to her more. She seemed like kind of a delicate character - rather than a kick-ass and take no names heroin that we see a lot.

Of course, she happens to have some cool power and I'm sure she is going to come into her own more over the next two books. The villain, Warner, was probably my favorite.

He is pretty damn awful, but he is fun. I did think that he seemed much older than he actually was though, it's not really a complaint but if I didn't have an age for him then I would've guessed him to late twenties to early thirties. Just the vibe I got off him. Warner isn't someone I'd want to hang out with in real life, but this is a fictional world and in this world, I want this guy on my side all day long. He is certainly not going to be for everyone but I thought he had some great lines and a great presence about him.

I also loved the side character, Kenji. He is most definitely the comic relief and probably a close second to who I enjoyed reading about. I hope he has a big part in the other books in the series.

He might have had the most charisma in the book so far. Shatter Me also did a good job at setting up the world and how desperate Juliette had been feeling. I had no problem getting into it and at no time was I bored.

I only have a couple of issues with this book. The first being Adam. Snorefest much! I couldn't get into his character at all. He just seemed like your typical cardboard cutout hero. I couldn't have cared less if he lived or died. Maybe a little harsh but he was just so "meh.

Yeah, I get it, they knew each other for years but seriously The last issue I had with the book was the writing style sometimes. It got tired for me. The metaphors, oh they starting hurting my head. I get the author was trying to be deep and eloquent, but I didn't really think it added to the story exactly. If anything it was distracting. I did adjust to the writing after awhile but I think this is one of those times that you will either love it or hate it.

I will be reading the other books in the series, I've already downloadd them. As well, as reading the two novellas. I do think I will enjoy the series in its entirety and I would like to see more works from Tahereh Mafi in the future. Pretty good book but nothing really happened in this one. Excited to start reading the second book! View all 9 comments. I did end up reducing my rating for this while writing my review.

While it was fun it wasn't quality enough to deserve a five star let alone a four star. You can read my full review on GracelingAccountant. I was going to read it when it first came out but after seeing all those reviews i kept putting it off.

The very first line of the book got to me, that is all it took for me to get sucked into this rabbit hole. I have nothing but a small notebook and a broken pen and the numbers in my head to keep me company.

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I haven't spoken in days of isolation. Then we got Adam! He shocked me so many times in a good way , i loved being on this journey with these two! I was surprised when we learned about their past, i was just swooning over Adam the whole time! He isn't sweet or cheesy.. You all know how much i hate "ships" but i really wanted them to be together! Then we met Warner!! He is beautiful.

His crooked smile is calculated evil. He is sitting on a what he imagines to be a throne but nothing more than a chair at the front of an empty room. I was fascinated by him the second he showed up.

He was crazy, and he only got crazier and crazier, i would be lying if i said i wasn't turned on by him. He was disturbing and eerie, but he did have this weird vulnerable side that i wanted to explore more. It was so satisfying how stubborn Juliette was, you don't get many of those in YA. At the end when she shot him She just shot him, and took off with Adam. I wanted to get up and clap for her, i know i'm a horrible person.

I went into this book with no expectations, not low, not high, my mind was just a blank slate. I remember starting it at 8 pm and finishing it at 3 am, yes, it was that good. The writing style is so beautiful and unique, i never got bored for a second.

I would read anything that Tahereh writes, that girl knows how to paint pictures in your mind, they aren't always pretty but they are clear, and it is so rear these days.

I think it's safe to say I'm in love with her and would love to read more books by her. She is a fucking legend! View all 16 comments. My review can be found here: View all 5 comments. I didn't hate this, but I didn't love it? Juliette was an okay main character, I still love Kenji, and Warner is pretty fucked up but interesting. I guess the main reason why I picked this book up to begin with is because of all the hype surrounding it and also because of all the great reviews. When I finished, I was genuinely disappointed.

It wasn't that bad, but it also wasn't that good either. First off, the beginning or about the first to pages were so boring.

I was constantly dozing off and always putting the book down to go do something else. Thu 2. Thus, it took me a while to read this.

I was actually going to stop reading this book but decided against it much to my friend's encouragement to finish Shatter Me. So I basically had to trudge through the first half of the book completely unimpressed with the story so far. Also, I just couldn't seem to connect with the characters mentioned. All of them were pretty boring and bland.

I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I honestly disliked them. They just seem to be empty and void of any emotions. Basically, they were walking and talking robots. Sorry to all you lovers of Adam, but I much prefer Warner over Adam. Yes, even though Warner was kinda an asshole throughout the duration of the story, I thought that Adam was an even bigger ass. Load the horses with all they can carry, and return to my father, and tell him that you have done your task, and can claim me for your wife.

He hid the knife in the folds of his girdle, mounted his horse, and rode off in search of the meadow. This he found without much difficulty, but the horses were all so shy that they galloped away directly he approached them. Then he drew his knife, and held it up towards the sun, and directly there shone such a glory that the whole meadow was bathed in it.

From all sides the horses rushed pressing round, and each one that passed him fell on its knees to do him honour. But he only chose from them all the three that the emperor had described. These he secured by a silken rope to his own horse, and then looked about for the cypress tree.

She betrayed Scott and now she tried to seduce her therapist. Anna Watson the current Mrs. She should let alone a married man whose wife was highly unstable. She was bored and hopeless with her baby. She was just hanging round the house. The fact, she saw Rachel there the night Megan was missing, and stumbling around. She had spoken to the detectives but they say there was no connection between Rachel and Megan. She was lonely and a bit desperate. Anna learned from paper and she was shock to know Megan was child killer.

She had entrusted her daughter to her. It was Anna Boyd, an estate agent, Tom was in love with her in. The bitterness and hatred flooded her. She blamed Jesse like blaming Anna.

Rachel was obsessing that morning about Jess and Jason, about what she had done. She was drunk even in public place. She hardly remembered the name of single public relation firms, she had no longer working for Huntingdon Whitely.

Her plan went to public library. She was just thinking what did feel like, Anna, to live in her house, surrounded by the furniture she bought, to sleep in the bed that Rachel shared with Tom for years, to feed her child at that kitchen. The pain was solid and heavy. She spent all day in her bedroom, waiting for Cathy to go out that she could have a drink.

He was on the station, went to Bleinheim Road.

She also heard Anna called her name, but she was too drunk, hardly distinguished it was real or just a dream. Cathy was still furious to find the vomit that Rachel made on the stairs.

Cathy had warned her to find a place and left her flat. Rachel learned a headline in library, a missing woman. It looked like her, first time she finally found Jesse was Megan Hipwell, a twenty nine-year-old woman. Megan had been gone then sixty hours, and the story is becoming national news. A neighbor reported hearing raised voices, Megan and Scott Hipwell had argued the evening before missing. Scott admitted it and he believed his wife had gone spend the night with a friend, Tara Epstein.

She said the last time she saw Megan was at their Pilates class. She was in a good mood, fine, and normal. Megan had no family in the area, both parents were deceased. She was unemployed. Rachel analyzed and wrote down a list of most likely possible explanations for the disappearance of Megan Hipwell. Her top list was Megan has run off with her boy friend, and possibly harmed her. It was Dr. Kamal Abdic, the therapist, on her list.

Anna Watson has reported that Rachel was in the neighborhood while the evening Megan has gone. Rachel had lied to the police, she admitted that she was there to meet her husband. Anna said she was acting strangely, and she considered called the police. She hardly remembered, she was drunk heavily, but there was blood on her hand.

The police thought she was just a rubbernecker, a stalker, a nutcase, and mentally unstable. Meeting and helping Scott was not her sole reason for going to police but the lie about her working for Hunting Whitely. They just wondered Rachel has lied about her job. She was desperate for being barren.

She felt isolated in her misery, became lonely. No one likes being around the drunk, she got lonelier. Detective Gaskill received another report again from Anna Watson. She explained to the police that she never broke her ex-husband house. There was a spare key, she just wanted to talk to Tom. Anna was sleeping on the sofa, the baby was in the carry-cot and was crying, screaming.

She picked her up to quieten her. Rachel still used her husband last name and kept wearing the wedding band. The police examined Rachel refused to accept her ex had a new family. The detectives suspected she attacked Megan Hipwell, but they found the two woman had no relation.

The man was slighter, thinner, darker skin, and possibly Asian. She Googled all about him, and emailed him. She lied to him. After a few mails then they met.

She took the train into London from Ashbury every day. She went right past there, she saw a man kissed her. Scott admitted he was at a conference.

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Finally, she told him she was Tom-ex wife. A man in her thirties has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Megan Hipwell. They got Kamal Abdic. His picture was on the news, he looked too soft, too beautiful to be killer. He lost his brothers at Srebrenica and came to London. Soon he released without charge. There was insufficient evidence to charge him. They found Megan's body in the wood, the police thought Scott had killed her.

Scott was an emotional abuser, a jealous, controlling husband. She tried to investigate Dr. Kamal Abdic, the psychiatrist. Rachel made an appointment to meet the therapist. She had couple sessions. She told him that for four years she had problems with alcohol, that drinking had cost her marriage and job, her health, insanity, and the black out. She longed for a baby. Her husband had an affair. Everything about Kamal was warm, calm, and reassuring. She forgot her sole mission, she betrayed Scott and Megan.

Rachel admitted all to Tom that they had become friendly. He asked her ex-wife to stay away from Scott. Tom was not just worried but he was jealous.

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She returned to the scene of the crime to recall the night Megan went missing. Knowing information from Detective Gaskill, Rachel was just a sad little liar with no life for Scott. He found she had no relation to Megan- the appointment with Dr. Abdic- the papers about Megan that she collected.siteGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

But this boy isn't like the others. Lets call you Mr. And they totally made out, even though Juliette was only doing so to get his gun from his jacket to kill him.

Along the way she deals with many common objections, and applies the teaching of the Bible simply and practically to our relationships at home and in church.

Kamal Abdic. Continue through the poem, whose hand was cut off in Perth. It's a psychological thriller that makes you think. No one likes being around the drunk, she got lonelier.

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