Yang Maha Esa) karena berkat rahmat dan karunia-Nya lah buku teks pelajaran. Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI ini dapat diselesaikan. Sejalan dengan Kurikulum. BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS XII (BSE) BY: ACHMAD DODDY. Juvrianto and as an eBook $ (In Canada: $) Large Print. Hak Cipta pada Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Dilindungi Undang-undang Hak Cipta Buku ini dibeli oleh Departemen Pendidikan Nasional dari Penerbit.

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Bahasa Inggris dan Budi Pekerti/Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. -- Jakarta: Kementerian Untuk SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Kelas X. ISBN (jilid lengkap). Bahasa Inggris SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Kelas XI. Bahasa Inggris. XI KELAS SMA/MA/ SMK/MAK Hak Cipta pada Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. Untuk SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Kelas X Semester 1 ISBN (jilid lengkap) ISBN (jilid 1a) 1. Bahasa Inggris.

Would you like Yes, please. That No, thanks. I don't another helping of would be lovely. How about I help you Yes, please, that Don't worry, I will do with this? Can I take you home? Thank you, I Thats alright, I will appreciate your help. Let's take a look at the sentence structure to oer something. Modal Verb Subject Object Would you care for another cup of tea? Shall we take you there? Could I oer you something?

Will you have tea with that? Choose the best op on for each sentence given below. Would you like to go watching a movie this weekend? I can't, I am low on cash right now. How about c. What about b. Let's d. I think. What shall we do today? Shall I c. Why don't b.

Would you. Can I c.

Other books: SMART CARD PDF

Would you b. I'll do d. Should I. I'll do b.

Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11

Would you d. I have a lot of work to nish; I don't know how I will manage. Would you c. I think d. I will help you with. I submi ed my essay to the teacher a few days ago, but I haven't received any response from her. Shall us c. Why don't you b. I propose. Can I b. Why don't you d. I'll do. I am so thirsty. What about d. Can I. There are some gramma cal errors in the sentences given below.

Circle the mistakes in each sentence, then rewrite the sentence. If there aren't any mistakes, put a ck mark next to the sentence. Shall we do have a mee ng on aernoon Saturday? Let me take you home. Shall home we go now? Would like you another glass of juice?

Why don't we meet at the bookstore tomorrow at 5 p. Complete the transac onal conversa ons based on the sugges ons and oers given below. The rst one is done for you.

At the Airport This is a conversa on between an airline counter a endant and a customer. Good morning. Can I have your cket, please? Do you have any luggage?

Please place it here. Would you like a window or an aisle seat? Ok, sure. Is there anything else I can do for you?

You are welcome. Here is your boarding pass. Please be at gate B 30 minutes before boarding. Have a nice ight! At the Hotel This conversa on is between a concierge at a hotel and a customer:.

Good evening. I would like a room for the night. What Movie Should We Watch? This is a conversa on between two friends. Let's watch a movie. What kind of movie? Roman c movie. I don't like roman c movies; Let's watch something else. Kemendikbud 4. At a Store This conversa on is between a store a endant and a customer. I would like to return this shirt for a refund. What is the problem with the shirt? You came to know that your friends had a ght. They are not on talking terms for some me now.

Since you are a common friend, it is dicult for you because you want to hang out with both of them but they can't stand each other. You have to nd a way to oer and suggest a solu on so that the ght is over. Give at ac ng it out in the problem.

Write a dialogue using sugges ons and oers. With a partner, come up with ideas and sugges ons to improve the English environment in your school.

Make a poster and put these ideas and sugges ons on the poster and share them with your teacher and classmates.

With your partner, come up with oers to improve the English environment school. Make a poster and present it in class. With a partner, create a dialogue using sugges ons and oers on any topic. Act this dialogue in front of the class.

Assume you and your friend win an all-expense-paid trip to the sherman's village. Design a postcard about the loca on to send to your friends in other classes. For crea ng the postcard, consider the following aspects: Example of poster Example of postcard Picture 1. Markets in Indonesia sell almost everything. Picture 1. Place Stamp Here. Figure 1. Complete these statements. I can tell the dierence between oer and sugges on.

I could write a dialogue between two people. My plan to overcome the dicul es of this chapter. I was reading an opinion ar cle on bullying. It made me extremely sad. People like to exaggerate things, bullying as such is no big deal.

No, I don't think so. Bullying is prevalent in our society. It is important that everyone Source: Kemendikbud teasing here and there is acceptable. I am of the opinion that no one has any right to harass or make people feel inferior. No one should have that kind of power. Si Hey! You are geng too serious! You should be serious about it as well. Jane I would like to point out that bullying is everyone's problem and responsibility. If you condone bullying in any way, shape or form it means you are taking part in it whether it is directly or indirectly by being silent.

Discuss these ques ons with your partner. What is happening between Si and Jane? What kind of conversa on are they having? Whom do you agree with, Jane or Si? Have you witnessed bullying? Describe how you felt.

Our opinion about something or someone is based on our perspec ve. Whenever we give or express our opinion, it is important to give reasoning or an example to support our opinion. Some Opinions:. I like Harry Poer movies because the magic seems so real. I don't agree with you. Harry Poer movies are just overrated. I like playing tag because it is so much fun. I don't like playing tag because people end up gh ng. Kemendikbud In my opinion, the government should provide means of sustenance for under privileged people instead of Source: I agree with what you are saying but have you ever thought that building tall towers provides work for unemployed people?

We can use colloca ons to express opinions, for example strong argument, strong cri cism, strong denial, strong opinion, strong resistance, quite strongly. Subject Verb Object I agree with what you are saying. I reckon this could be right considering the reasons you have provided. I agree that I didn't look at it from this perspec ve. I think so too. Table 2. Expressions Opinions can be expressed in the ways given below.

Personal Point of View These expressions are used to show personal points of view. In my opinion What I mean is I think In my humble opinion Personally, I think I would like to point out that In my experience To my mind I strongly believe that By this I mean As far as I am concerned I am compelled to say From my point of view I reckon As I understand As I see it A general point of view creates a balance in wri ng and helps avoid absolute statements.

Most people do not agree Generally it is accepted Almost everyone The majority disagree with Some people say that The majority agree with Some people believe It is some mes argued Of course, many argue It is considered Kemendikbud Source: Of course.

This is absolutely right. I agree, I never thought of that. I agree with this opinion. Neither do I.

I couldn't agree more. That's a good point. I agree with what you are I think so too. Kemendikbud saying but have you ever I am sorry, I don't agree with you. I disagree with you. I am not sure I think you are wrong. I agree with you.

That's not the same I don't agree with you. I am afraid I have to It is not jus ed disagree with you. I do not believe that. I am not convinced that I can't say I agree with this, and here's why.

Opinions can be expressed using mental verbs like believe, think, doubt, assume, feel, etc.

Smoking should be I totally agree that I am sorry but I tend banned in public smoking should be to disagree with you places. Bullying is so I couldn't agree more I think it would be prevalent in most with you. Women should not I think so too. Women I am afraid I have to work. Harry Poer series is Yes, I agree. Harry Poer Its not jus ed to say much beer than series has a much beer because both have Twilight series. Online gaming should Absolutely right.

It I don't agree with you. Fill in the blanks using the opinion expressions given in the box below. Below are several opinions. Some of them are polite and some impolite. Highlight an opinion with:. I agree with you to a certain point but I would appreciate if you look at it from another point of view.

That's an interes ng idea but I think our idea is much beer. Do you really think like that? I don't agree with this. Actually, as a maer of fact, I think we can look at it again and decide. This is what I am geng at. You want to know what I think? Let me tell you what I think.

I feel compelled to disagree with you on this maer. I nd it rather silly that you think like this. I think we should all work together to rid our society of social evils. It occurs to me that you have closed your mind against any right opinion.

As far as I can say, this club is going to dogs. You make a strong case for changing all the rules, but I think you might have overlooked the fact that it is not possible.

This is the most distasteful book I have ever read. To my mind, this is the truth and I believe it. The food here is absolutely inedible. I understand where you are coming from, but you have to look at it from our perspec ve as well. You have a point, but have you ever thought how poor people on the street feel?

This opinion is absolutely useless. Please get out of here. Using the role-play approach, reenact the conversa on with your classmates. downloading a New Car. I think we should download a new car. Our old car is ne and func onal.

Hak Cipta Buku ini dibeli oleh Departemen Pendidikan Nasional

Kemendikbud Banning of Cigare es. I believe that smoking should be banned. I don't think I agree with you. I like rock and roll. How can you like rock and roll? It is so loud. Create a dialogue of your opinion about your chosen topic. Follow the opinion giving technique you have learnt in the building blocks. Support your opinion with reasons and examples. The objec ve of this ac vity is to gather opinions of people by conduc ng an interview.

With a partner, choose a topic, preferably a social issue, for example social media, smoking, corrup on, global warming, pollu on, poverty, drug abuse, etc. Write a series of interview ques ons of not more than 6 that will help you collect opinions of people on the issue you have chosen.

You can present your work in the form of a role play, a poster, a movie or a PowerPoint presenta on. Make sure you share it in your class. Sample ques ons on the issue of corrup on for the interview: With a classmate, write an opinion conversa on using the expressions you have learnt in the building blocks.

Using the role-play approach, reenact it in front of the class. Find an editorial in any English newspaper or magazine. Use the Visible Thinking technique or Reporter's Notebook to iden fy and separate facts and opinions from this ar cle. Work in groups of ve. Focus on the following points: Smoking should be banned in public places. What is your opinion? What is the opinion of other people in your class on this issue? Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Debate with your classmates on this issue. Work in groups of ve or ten. I know how to express opinions. Sweetheart, I have a surprise for you. Really, what is the surprise? See for yourself. Isn't it wonderful? What do you mean? What can I do with it? She tosses the invita on on the table. Why do people write and send invita ons? Why do you think invita ons have become important in our society?

What kind of invita on do you think is in the excerpt given above? How can you say that? Write down your thoughts here. Formal Invita on A formal invita on is an invita on which follows a dignied form, tone or style in agreement with the established norms, customs or values Websters, For example: Common Format of a Formal Invita on - The rst line is the name s of the person s who invite s.

Simple, precise, and concise words Detailed informa on The tone should be friendly and sincere. Words should be chosen carefully.

The style of wri ng should be formal. Addresses of the addresser and the addressee Saluta on Body - State for whom the invita on is and by who it is given. P it is a French word -"repondez s'il vous plait" which means "please reply" Signature The format of the envelope for the invita on is addressed the same way as the envelope of a leer i. Ways of Organizing Informa on:. Reasons for invi ng others Detailed informa on about the party or event Ask friends to come by using a sincere tone.

The board of directors of the Indonesian Educational foundation request the pleasure of Mr. Batik edo mygmail. Formal invitations are written on cards. The text is written in calligraphic style. Phrasing company the invita on. The kind of event daughter Siti With Davy 4. Date On Friday, the twelfth of December at seven o'clock in 5. Time Gedung Kartini 6. Venue Jl Gatot Subbaroto Jakarta.

P Dinner will Yani be served at 7. Special instruc on 8 pm sharp. Request to respond Rsvpwedding mymail. Replies are wrien in third person.

Replies have to be handwrien. Reason should be briey stated for declining the invita on. Acceptance - Mr. Eri Utomo accept with pleasure the kind invita on of Mr. Pujiyanto to the wedding ceremony of their daughter on Friday, the twelh of December at seven o' clock. Wibowo accept the invita on with pleasure.

Situmorang regret that they are unable to accept the kind invita on of Mr. Pujiyanto for Friday, the twelh of December at seven o' clock due to prior engagement. And Mrs. Wibowo regret to decline the invita on due to health reasons. Responding card The responding card comes with the invita on card. This card should preferably be handwrien. In the invita on card below, nd out what is missing. The board of directors of Wonderful Enterprises request the pleasure of your on, the twenty seventh of December at Gedung Sukarno Jakarta.

D With a partner create dialogues to accept and decline invita ons. Using the role- play approach, re-enact the conversa on with your classmates.

You can model your conversa on based on the examples of invita ons given below. Invita on to dinner Joko: Would you like to come over for dinner tonight? Thank you! I'd love to.

Would you like me to bring something? No, nothing, just come. What me? OK, see you then. Invita on to the grand opening of soware company Ariyanto: Budi, I would like to invite you to the opening of my soware company.

When and where? This Saturday at 10 a. I am afraid I won't be able to come. I have a prior engagement. Suharto, my husband and I are celebra ng our 3 wedding anniversary. We would like you to join us.


Oh, thank you! I would be delighted to. When is it? On Sunday at 8 p. OK, I will be there. Thank you. See you then! My pleasure.

Declining Invita on Source: Use the format you have learnt in the building blocks. The play was easy to understand. I can tell the dierence between formal and informal invita ons.

I like crea ng and working with my classmates. Global Warming Is it an end to our world? Bullying is so I couldn't agree more I think it would be prevalent in most with you. Women should not I think so too. Women I am afraid I have to work. Harry Poer series is Yes, I agree. Harry Poer Its not jus ed to say much beer than series has a much beer because both have Twilight series. Online gaming should Absolutely right. It I don't agree with you.


Table 2. Fill in the blanks using the opinion expressions given in the box below.

Below are several opinions. Some of them are polite and some impolite. Highlight an opinion with: red: if it is an impolite way of disagreeing. I am afraid, I don't agree with you on this maer. Study the events. Last weekend, my friends and afternoon we went to the river and I went camping. We reached the caught some fish for supper. At night, camping ground after we walked for we held a fire camp night.

We sang, about one and a half hour from the danced, read poetry, played magic parking lot. We built the camp next to tricks, and even some of us performed a small river. It was getting darker and a standing comedy. On Monday, we packed our bags The next day, we spent our time and got ready to go home.

What did we do last weekend? How long did we reach the camping ground? When did we build the camp? What did we do on the next day? What activities did we do at the night of a fire camp night?

Activity 10 Work in pairs and match the following time line with its activities. Saturday 6. Activity 12 Now make your own timeline on last your last weekend and present it to the class. Activity 1 Answer these following questions. Do you have any interesting experience to tell? Can you recall it? Will you tell your experience to your friend? Activity 2 Read the following text about someone's experience. I said 'no' at walking down Sunda Street, looking first, but he really wanted me to have for a record store.

A man stopped me it, so I took it. I wasn't sure exactly where it to a few records. D' Masive had a new was, but I walked with him to the end record that was number two in the top of Sunda Street. He was very friendly, twenty.After she had finished doing her homework, Siti went to the gym. They made a girl from snow and they dressed her beautifully. Thanks to God! Some time later, Teuku Umar proposed to marry her.

Owing to her hard work and intelligence, we won the trophy. Your Download How To Stop Worrying And Start Living of the Skinny Unlimited Broadband Services is the load by us of artificial stage about you, other as your download economy, number, capital or theorist project or purpose series.

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