Digitech Electronics. Manufacturer's Address: S. Sandy Parkway. Sandy, Utah , USA declares that the product: Product Name: RP14D. Product. DigiTech rp14d User Manual 35 pages. Summary of Contents for DIGITECH RP14D. The RP14D’s Amp Modeling utilizes the warmth and dynamic response that only a real 12AX7 tube can provide and is complimented by a library of the best effects available. Digitech RP14D Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech RP14D User Manual.

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3 user reviews on DigiTech RP14D. All user reviews for the DigiTech RP14D . /PDFs/Discontinued/Manuals/bestthing.info) on the Digitech site. User review from Alcyon35 about DigiTech RP14D: Time has spoken!. [PDF] digitech rp manual - bestthing.infos. Read online digitech rp manual keywords: digitech rp 10 manual pdf download, digitech rp14d.

Warm tube distortions, awesome effects throughout, fast bank switching, etc. Everything a "player" would want in a box. The button user interface with overrides for "All" the effects is a "must" for the live player.

The box does do amp models but I wouldn't consider it an amp modeler.

Digitech RP14D Manuals

No single unit does it all, you have to use several colors on your pallet before you start to paint. I'm using the Electro Harmonics 12AX7 and have found this to be a huge improvement over the stock tube. It has held up perfectly.

I've never had any failures with the box yet.

Now that the box has fallen out of the "demand window", I've picked up a second one as a backup for cheap. The best gear is old gear. Digitech really had it together in the late 90's.

I acquired the French manual on the web that was not supplied.

The effects are effective, but still very colorful. The parameters are very difficult to adjust when several active effect because the volumes of each effect often leads to clip the signal and the sound is very unpleasant digital distortion.

DIGITECH RP14D User Manual

Another thing not true bypass, ineligible for a pedal this price range. I did not recognize my guitar when I turn off the pedal. You still have to add that it was "good" for the time.

Now that the savings are waiting for you I chose to make a pedalboard and I am very happy with all my pedals see my profile. At the time I tried to crank boss, zoom, I thought it would raise the Digitech but actually I was pretty disappointed.

I do not know if they improved their current cranks. In short nothing better than analog pedals Obviously I do not recommend it as obsolete and not ergonomic.

Did you find this review helpful? The manual, in french, is perfect for small technical issues. Personally, I had to open it 2 times! The lamp intgre in multi-effects really add grain and warmth to the sound.

It is not like many of the camera, just to look pretty! Modulation tremolo, octave, etc And assignable expression pedals any paramtre offers opportunities and standards of shades crativit sound!! Obviously then, ca never rival with a built-in , trs honntement, for what it cost or dj the era I bought it and therefore still today , it is a good deal trs, an Investment to be no regrets.

If I had to find a small default this unit, just to find one, it would simply be the lack of a system that Intgr twelve o'clock. A trifle, whatIn Program mode, they will advance and decrement through all factory and user Programs. If your signal level drops below the Threshold, the gate will close and allow nothing through until the Threshold is exceeded again. I do not know if they improved their current cranks.

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A trifle, what The Parameters are arranged in horizontal rows and the Effects are in vertical columns. I acquired the French manual on the web that was not supplied.

Parameter Select Buttons - The Parameter buttons are used to select the effects, and parameters to edit. A Chorus adds a short delay to your signal and modulates the delay time which takes the delayed signal slightly in and out of tune.

Everything a "player" would want in a box. Very ergonomic.

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