KARIM RASHID is a leading figure in the fields of product, interior, fashion, furniture, lighting design and art. He is best known for bringing his democratic. Design your self karim rashid pdf. PDF 1 PRINTER, DPI DT TT. 15 18 11, -a- c windows hpomdl Design your self karim rashid pdf. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Design Yourself Karim Rashid PDF. DESIGN YOURSELF KARIM RASHID. Download: Design Yourself Karim.

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Design Your Self book. Read 34 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Celebrated industrial designer Karim Rashid explains how to optimi. Design Yourself Karim Rashid - [Free] Design Yourself Karim Rashid [PDF] [ EPUB] Tag: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California. Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Love, Work, and Play [Karim Rashid] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Celebrated.

Call it what you will, this "non-market activity" is changing not just the way people share information but their definition of what a product is.

This evolving consumer mentality might be called "the templated mind.

Data entry and customization options are the way prosumers grip this new generation of products. The templated mind trusts the result of social production more than the crafted messages of designers and copywriters. And this mentality is changing the design of products. Consider Movable Type , the software behind the blog revolution in general and this site in particular.

This prosumer product has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to publish themselves on the web.


For millions of people, their unconscious image of a website has been shaped by the constrained formats allowable by Movable Type templates. Any designer working on a webpage has to address that unconscious image.

And it does not just impact designers in terms of form and style. As the template mentality spreads, consumers approach all products with the expectation of work.

They are looking for the blanks, scanning for fields, checking for customization options, choosing their phone wallpaper, rating movies on Netflix, and uploading pictures of album art to site.

This is running the blogs already, but we'll throw some pixels behind it as...

The template mentality emphasizes work over style or even clarity. This shift in emphasis has the potential to marginalize designers. Take book covers. The rich tradition of cover design has developed because publishers have believed that a cover could help sell more books. But now more and more people are downloading books based on peer reviews, user recommendations, and rankings.

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing force, but now those mouths have access to sophisticated networks on which their words can spread faster than ever before. Covers are seen at 72dpi at best. The future of the medium depends on how it is integrated into the process of social production. The budget that once went to design fees is already being redirected to manipulating search criteria and influencing Google rankings.

A good book cover can still help sell books but it is up against a lot more competition for the marketing dollar. Prosumerism is also changing the role of graphic design in the music industry. When the music industry made the shift to compact discs in the late s, many designers complained that the smaller format would be the death of album art. Fifteen years later those predictions seem almost quaint. The mp3 format makes compact disc packaging seem like the broad side of a barn.

The cover art for the new album from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was the result of a do-it-yourself flag project the band ran online. The public image of a musician or band is no longer defined by an artfully staged photo or eye-popping album art.

A filename that fits nicely into the "listening to" field in the MySpace template might be more important. The mp3 format and the ubiquity of downloading has shrunk the album art canvas to a x pixel jpg. Upon futher investigation, one begins to decipher Rashid's intent to taking on design as a lifestyle as well as a concept that is applied to tangible goods. Brilliant at times, waxing poetic other time, and slightly sterotypical in his opinions but then again, he is entitled to them , I have to say that I adore this book.

It is a wonderful reference book for daily living and it is a great source for reminding oneself to be present and how to create an environment that fosters being present.

‘I have a perpetual dissatisfaction with the physical world’ – industrial designer Karim Rashid

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in re-vamping, organizing and enjoying their life vis a vis their lifestyle design. I found this book to be pretty inspirational and I do appreciate people who inspire or try to inspire or who care enough and Karim Rashid seems to do this.

Maybe in a simplistic and naively optimistic way, but then again, nobody every accomplished anything by pessimistically knowing better. He's certainly accomplished a lot, more than most of us so maybe there's something to be learned here.

Layouts remind me of Wired mag, good to page through form time to time, doesn't really require it to be read cover to cover. One person found this helpful. Great little pick-me-up book. Bright, easy, fun. Nice to catch this glimpse into a world renowned designer's head and find such practical, pleasant, salt-of-the-earth thinking going on.

It's a really good and interesting book that prompts me too look at my life from a different point of view. I have read this book twice through and I can honestly say it was one of the most influencial books I have read thus far.

When i went back through the book I made notes with post-it's. Great book and the seller got me the product quickly. Overall, I'm glad I bought and read this book and agree with the points made by many of the other reviewers but coming to a slightly different conclusion rating-wise.

Personally, I thought they were very cool. It's essentially an exercise in awareness and mindfulness and a reminder of the gift that as autonomous adults we can choose within existing limits what we want our lives to include.

He covers a range of specific categories from the tangible home and posessions to the more esoteric relationships and what they mean to us. Besides being contradictory to the main point of designing your own life in a way that makes sense to you, it is also naive of the author to assume that everyone would be happy in the space and conditions that make him happy. Personally, I loved flourescent colors in my teens but would never decorate my home with them now. Also, my husband has no interest in wearing bright pink or silver shirts with white pants and lots of rings which he claims every man should.

And his rule of not having any books in the house because they look horrible I'm all for maintaining an efficient and up-to-date home, but I believe that needs to be balanced with considering the overall impact that one's choices including posessions that are potentially hazardous or toxic when disposed of make overall.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a fresh, energetic, and interesting take on assessing what's important to include in their life and can tell the difference between Rashid's generally helpful insights and his exhortations on his personal taste and is not bothered by needing to do so. In reading this book I was reminded of an assignment I had in school one time to write a paper on my philosophy of life.

He presents his view of thinking about how you live life.

In some ways I agree, such as to not get to tied down with possessions, unless you really want them for personal, artistic, or other reasons. In some ways I don't, for instance he recommends downloading a new computer every year or so because the new ones are so much better. I'm writing this on one that is several years old but which will take data in just as fast as I can type it.

A faster machine would not make me type any faster. On the whole, I like more of his ideas than the ones I reject. But what I really liked was the fact that he wrote them down in such an entertaining way that makes a book enjoyable and gives you food for thought. See all 23 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about site Prime.

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His ideas on design and living seem appealing at first; talk of owning nothing you don't love and making everything an experience, etc.

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