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Computer Basics Book

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Make the most of your new Windows® 10 notebook or desktop computer–without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to get comfortable. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics (5th Edition) [Michael Miller] on to Computer Basics, Portable Do and millions of other books are available for. HI Vikash Saroj. You can watch video series Learn computer in Hindi Kya Kaise क्या कैसे Gyan-Yagya all the best.

How can you expect to use a computer to its full capacity when you have not learned the basics yet? The same principles apply to using a computer.

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You need a good foundation. I have been building my computer experience for more than 25 years.

People are surprised when they find out I build, repair, and write about computers. It is entirely possible to communicate the basics of computers without it sounding like gibberish to the new user, and most importantly, without talking down to them.

When people ask me a computer question, I answer them in a way that they can understand. All portable PCs include some sort of built-in pointing device—but typically not a standalone mouse. A portable might have a touchpad, rollerball, or Trackpoint which looks like a miniature joystick in the middle of the keyboard.

Speakers typically are built into the base of the unit, and various types of disk drives are located on the sides or underneath. The key thing about portable PCs—in addition to their small sizes and light weights—is that they can operate on battery power.

Depending on the PC and the battery , you might be able to operate a portable for up to four hours before switching batteries or plugging the unit into a wall outlet. That makes portables great for use on airplanes, in coffeshops, or anywhere plugging in a power cord is inconvenient. Expect to pay almost twice as much for the same features in a portable because all the normal components have to be shrunk down to a more compact size. The operating system on your new computer is probably some version of Microsoft Windows.

This chapter tells you how to connect all the various pieces and parts of your computer system.

You can, for example, spread out your left and right speakers, place your subwoofer on the floor, and separate the printer from the system unit. And make sure you have a spare power outlet—or even better, a mutli-outlet power strip— nearby. You also should consider the ergonomics of your setup.

You want your keyboard at or slightly below normal desktop height, and you want your monitor at or slightly below eye level. Make sure your chair is adjusted for a straight and firm sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, and then place all the pieces of your system in relation to that. Because your computer generates heat when it operates, you must leave enough room around the system unit for the heat to dissipate.

A surge suppressor—which looks like a at a later date. When a power surge temporarily spikes your line voltage causes the voltage to momentarily increase above normal levels , a surge suppressor shuts down power to your system, acting like a circuit breaker or fuse. Now start connecting the cables, in the order shown in Table 2. Some manufacturers color-code the cables and connectors to make the connection even easier—just plug the blue cable into the blue connector, and so on.

Table 2.

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Connect your keyboard to the keyboard connector. Connect your video monitor to the video connector.

Connect your printer to the parallel connector. Connect any other devices to the appropriate USB, parallel, or serial connector. Plug the power cable of your video monitor into a power outlet.

If your system includes powered speakers, plug them into a power outlet. Plug any other powered external component into a power outlet.

Computer Basics Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Windows 10 Edition, Eighth Edition

Plug the power cable of your system unit into a power outlet. Next up is the big step—turning it all on.

Understanding Computers 1. Home to Almost Everything Microprocessors: The Main Engine Computer Memory: Temporary Storage Hard Disk Drives: Storage on a Disc Keyboards: Fingertip Input Mice and Touchpads: Getting Connected Sound Cards and Speakers: Making Noise Video Cards and Monitors: Using Windows 4.General computer knowledge How Computers Work by Ron White is a great overview of how everything in your computer works.

It provides the basics and does so in an easy to understand way.

Microsoft Office Chapter 8: Windows XP now creates the new account and randomly assigns a picture that will appear next to the username. Maybe you're preparing for a compulsory computing course, brushing up for a new job, or just curious about how a computer can make your life easier. Click the Start button to open the Start menu.

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