CDCZ 7W X 4 channel audio power amplifier Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. CDCZ is a 7W × 4 four-channel audio power amplifier circuit, Datasheet PDF Download: Others datasheet of same file: CDCZ. ãµØÌëÓöÊŸ CDCZ» Ò Ç Ê ÀµùÉýÈ ¿Ç¦ÁÜÄØÔº¸ ¨¶Ì¹æÒöÔ¿²ÚÄ Äµ¼ÁÅÓ Search Keywords: CDCZ, datasheet, pdf, ETC, 7W, X, 4, channel, audio, Semiconductors datasheet search & download site (Privacy Policy & Contact).

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CDCZ Datasheet PDF, CDCZ datasheet, CDCZ pdf, CDCZ pinout, CDCZ data, CDCZ is a 7W × 4 four-channel audio power amplifier circuit, mainly used in car audio sound for Download. HIGH OUTPUT POWER CAPABILITY: 2 x 35W max./4Ω. 2 x30W/4Ω EIAJ. 2 x30W/4Ω EIAJ. 2 x 20W/4Ω @V, 1KHz, 10%. 4 x 6W/4Ω @V, 1KHz, 10%. Name: CDCZ. Producer: ETC. File: Download datasheet: ETC CDCZ - CDCZ-7W X 4 Download. Description: 7W X 4.

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