Many Readers find themselves in a position where they cannot access the Apple Books or iBooks Store. Having trouble with Books or iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple device? and Related Problems · Can't open PDF in iBooks on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch . iBooks are fun way to read but sometimes your iBooks won't download on iPhone , iPad or iPod or you are unable to find any iBook. great way to read stuff, readers can enjoy pleasure of reading awesome books but many times you can face.

Cant Book To Ibooks

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It shows the book on my stand with the bar saying it will download and nothing happens. I have reloaded iBooks reset my I phone 7 pluss and. When reading books on your iPad, you can show and hide the navigation bar by tapping the center of the screen. The navigation bar provides options for. Having a problem with Apple Books? Here's how to fix it. Can't download? You might have cellular data disabled on your iPhone or iPad.

In the iBooksAuthorTutorial folder that you downloaded, find the Media folder. In this folder, you will see a file named cover. Drag cover.

The new cover should look like this: This is the cover that readers will briefly see as the book opens on their iPad. Going to the Movies — Adding Intro Media to Your iBook iBooks have a neat feature where when the book first starts, it can play a movie. This is a great way to introduce the book with something interesting and motivating.

How to Get Back to Bookshelf From a Book in the iBook App for the iPad

Once the processing is complete, hit the play button and watch the exciting intro video! If you choose not to have a video as your Intro Media, you can instead use a still image. If you opt not to use any intro media, then your iBook will open directly to the table of contents. Note: Videos will only play when exported in the iBooks format.

Keep this in mind if you plan to offer your book as both an iBook and a PDF! Then in your Media folder, find chapter1.

This spices up the Table of Contents screen with some background artwork, like so: Now that you have a chapter defined in your table of contents, you can add some images and text to it. Select Chapter 1 in the Books pane and drag the same image file you used above — chapter1. That takes care of the unwanted page, but what about a copyright notice?

Change the title of the page to read: Copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

In the Beginning — Adding a Section to Your Chapter With Chapter 1 selected in the Books pane, insert a new section to replace the one you deleted in the previous part. You can also change the properties of the text fields, such as font, style, alignment, and color using the adjustment toolbar, as shown below: Change the font color to black.

Now change the page text to the following: Here you will insert your as well as other media elements. Your page should look like so: What if you want to add some basic shapes — arrows, speech bubbles, and the like — to your book? You could open up drawing or photo editing software and create them there — or you could use the handy tools built right into iBooks Author! In the iBooks Author toolbar, click Shapes and then select the regular arrow second shape from the top , like this: This will insert an arrow right in the middle of the current page.

You can change the look of the arrow from the properties panel or the inspector. Set the size to 10pt, color to black, and using the handles on the arrow, reposition it so that it is pointing downwards. Well, basic shapes are neat, but you are creating an interactive book for your fans, not a static one.

How do you add things that people can play with? Widgets, Widgets Everywhere — Adding Interactive Widgets to your iBook To insert different types of interactive media into your book, use the Widget drop down box at the top of the iBooks Author screen.

In the Widgets drop down box, select Media.

You can also drag and resize the video box to fit your page accordingly, as below: In the Media folder from the starter project, locate jumpMovie. Okay, interactivity is pretty cool.

How to download eBooks on iPhone or iPad Using the Books App

But what about interactive widgets that can help the reader learn as they go along? Yep, iBooks Author provides a widget just for that — the Revew widget!

To do this, simply open the Widget drop down box, and select Review, like so: Using the Widget popup box, you can add multiple questions to present to your readers, as well as setting the number of answers per question.

Add at least one question to your Review widget, and add a few possible answers. These are images where you can tap certain areas to reveal special popups with additional information.

How to Fix iBooks Won't Download on iPhone

These are great for calling out bits of detail or providing more context. You might use them to label a complex diagram, or places on a map. In the Media folder of the starter project, find interactivePicture. Create a label called Turn on Light and point it towards the lamp.

Create a label called Drag and Drop and point it towards the ball. Create a label called Menu Button and point it towards the menu button.

Just tap it to instantly start reading the book. Another way is from the Library section of the app. Every book you've added to the Books app is stored there. This is true for books you've ordered from the Books app, transferred to your device from other apps, or copied to your iPad or iPhone via iTunes.

Once you're in that area of the app, select the book you want to read. It will open immediately, at which point you can swipe left and right to turn the pages or tap once to access the menu.

To return to your other eBooks, tap once to show the menu and then select the back arrow from the upper-left edge of the screen. Downloading free books is similar to downloading eBooks — just tap GET instead. You can locate new and trending books, eBooks coming soon, books categorized into a specific genre, the top eBooks people are downloading, and free eBooks.

You can send the eBook as a gift, add it to your "Want to read" catalog, view more eBooks and audiobooks by that author, view the top eBooks in that same genre, see when the book was last updated, and read the system requirements needed to read the book.

12 things to know about iBooks and iBooks Store

Some books might take a while to download, so you may need to wait a little bit for it to become fully available to read. You'll see a download progress bar for those books. You can reset your Apple ID password if you don't know it. Continue Reading.Here are some things to take into consideration before you get started with an aggregator: Cover Image. Great covers sell books. Then, click the "Edit" button and select a bookshelf item. If it doesn't, and this is your only option, try rebooting your devices and follow the steps again.

Wait for it to finish. You will see all your downloadd books. That takes care of the unwanted page, but what about a copyright notice?

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