Listen to Book of Psalms using KJV Audio Bible online. Psalms. Click on the chapters below to hear them. They will auto-play You may download the full book by clicking ZIP button at the bottom of the page. What do you get? Enjoy the best of all Bible psalms in good quality audio with transcript (text). Enjoy the beauty of all psalms anytime and everywhere.

Book Of Psalms Audio

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The Book is a one-minute radio program that features unusual stories and Devotional Audio Listen to the encouraging words of Psalm 23 set to music. This revision of The Psalms by the American Bible Union is based on the ' Common Version', another name for the revision of the King James. Listen to a daily journey of worship through Psalms. Join Brian Hardin each day for a new reading from this Godly book that has inspired countless songs of.

In The Beginning 2.

Comfort In Affliction 3. Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus 5.

Our Help Comes From God 7. The Issues Of Life 8.

Light Shines In The Darkness 9. Justice And Righteousness Hearts That Are Healed Fullness Of Joy.

Sproul Dr. Foreword by Roger R.

Dramatized Audio Bible - New International Version, NIV: (18) Psalms

Genesis to Jesus 1. Welcome 2. Mark 1.

Mark Mark 2: Mark 3: Mark 4: Mark 5: Mark 6: Mark 7: Mark 8: Mark 9: Mark 11, Mark 13 Mark 14 Mark 15 Joseph and Judah 1. Now Israel Loved Joseph, Gen Potiphar, Gen The Butler and the Baker, Genesis 41 4.


And Pharaoh Also Dreamed, Gen Zaphnath-Paaneah, Gen You Are Spies! Gen Set On Meat!

Psalms and Proverbs for Commuters Audio Bible - King James Version, KJV

The Silver Cup, Genesis You Sent Me Not Here Land O' Goshen! Genesis I can count all my bones; people stare and gloat over me.

They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing. Blessed are they who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart. Parts of this book were used as a hymnal in the worship services of ancient Israel.

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The musical heritage of the psalms is demonstrated by its title. It comes from a Greek word which means "a song sung to the accompaniment of a musical instrument.

Prophetic pictures of the Messiah are seen in numerous psalms.

Psalm foreshadows His death and resurrection. Psalm 22 shows us the suffering Savior on the cross and presents detailed prophecies of the crucifixion, all of which were fulfilled perfectly. The glories of the Messiah and His bride are on exhibit in Psalm , while Psalms , , and present the glory and universality of His reign.

Practical Application: One of the results of being filled with the Spirit or the word of Christ is singing. God is the same Lord in all the psalms. But we respond to Him in different ways, according to the specific circumstances of our lives.

What a marvelous God we worship, the psalmist declares, One who is high and lifted up beyond our human experiences but also one who is close enough to touch and who walks beside us along life's way. We can bring all our feelings to God—no matter how negative or complaining they may be—and we can rest assured that He will hear and understand.

The psalmist teaches us that the most profound prayer of all is a cry for help as we find ourselves overwhelmed by the problems of life.The musical heritage of the psalms is demonstrated by its title.

The book of Psalms expresses worship.


Snap Inc. Psalms, a collection of lyrical poems, is one of only two Old Testament books to identify itself as a composite work containing multiple authors Proverbs is the other.

The Psalms.

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