However, Be Expert with Map & Compass will teach you the skills you need for safe outdoor navigation, for fun, for hiking and hunting. And it may pique your. The ability to navigate with a handheld compass and a topographic map is a hallmark outdoor skill. map. However, when I am in the jungle or forest, a map and compass are always used together and are .. Expert with Map and Compass. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The classic map and compass navigation download Be Expert with Map and Compass: Read site Store Reviews.

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Expert Map Compass PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Expert-map-compass-pdf. Many people carry compasses without knowing how to use them. • The path of least resistance is usually best. A map and compass can help you travel this way. GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone.

Basic Map and Compass Skills for CE Monitoring - These four pages will help you interpret maps and surveys and help you with the use of a compass.

We feel that GPS is a valuable tool, though it does not replace the value of a compass when working with boundary lines. Filing and labeling is an important function of record keeping.

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Information on how to acquire the type of filing materials we use, and samples of labels are provided here. Microsoft Word format.

You can download a free reader from Microsoft. Portable Document Format.

If you find you must make a lateral move to avoid an natural barrier or obstruction--be it a swamp, cliff, or lake--always stop your forward pace counting and side step to one side at a right angle to your original azimuth.

When you've laterally cleared the obstacle, continue counting paces as you walk parallel to your original azimuth route.

Once you're beyond the obstacle, remember to stop counting paces and side step, at a right angle, an equal number of paces back to your original line of travel. Begin counting paces again when you resume travel on your original azimuth.

If a geographical barrier or obstruction blocks your route, simply move at right angles to your original azimuth. Drawing by Michael Neiger Avoid walking directly behind or abreast of another hiker as their pace may influence your rhythm and throw off the accuracy of your pacing.

Be Expert with Map and Compass, 3rd Edition

Each time you come upon a known landmark, which you can confirm on your map, re-start your pacing counting to ensure maximum accuracy. When traversing known distances, take advantage of the opportunity to check the accuracy of your pace counting as well as your rate of travel minutes per klick.

With practice, pace counting will become nothing more than a subconscious, background activity that will greatly increase your land navigation abilities.

Figuring your pace One of the easiest ways to calculate your pace in the field is to simply mark the location where your right toe or heel strikes the ground several times in a row and then measure the distance between the strike marks to come up with a good average.

Quiz: How well can you use a map and compass?

If you've measured your boot length prior to the trip, you can use your boot in a heel-to-toe fashion to determine your pace length. The magnetic declination in Bend is now 15 degrees, growing smaller by one degree every few years.

One degree off in a mile is 90 feet. If you do not take the difference between Magnetic North and True North into consideration, you could be off one quarter of a mile for each mile you walk.

Walk 10 miles without adjusting and you would be 2. Do not even give your old compass to your children. The modern clear plastic base plate compass also acts as a protractor on the map.

Prismatic Compass Surveying PDF Notes Download

You need to be able to find or draw bearings on the map from one place to another. Read our eleven page handout on using map, compass and GPS together. Take a class! GPS receivers sold after the year , can simultaneously receive and process up to 12 satellite signals.

They are accurate to 4.I know the PDFs are online but a few printed copies would be good. Change the key and you can view the type of protection or the protecting agency.

Navigation starts with a map. Enabled site Best Sellers Rank: The number of paces necessary to cover meters for other pace lengths can be determined by referring to the chart below.

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