A vocabulary list featuring Words to Make You Sound Smart. Note: Catch is missing from this list. The editors of the American Heritage®. The editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries are pleased to present the newest title in the best-selling Words series, Words to Make You Sound . who hear you speak will see you as smart—perhaps even smarter than you really are. words in The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart can do just that: If you are not percent satisfied, your money will promptly be refunded.

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Brilliant communication is just a book away.​ Words to Make You Sound Smart is an informative and entertaining resource that can help anyone be right on. Selects one hundred words for anyone who wishes to become a more compelling communicator, including a words to make you sound smart Identifierwordstomakeyo00houg Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. You may or may not agree that these particular words are the most likely to make you sound smart, but you've got to admit that most of.

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Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics Vocabulary , English language. Publisher Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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Selects one hundred words for anyone who wishes to become a more compelling communicator, including a variety of words, phrases, and expressions, along with clear definitions, etymologies, quotations, and usage examples.

My wife has long stopped her impatient tirades and litany of reasons against my books when I countered that spending on books is better than spending on a mistress.

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However, I neither want to appear Svengali nor maintain stoicism just because I am the family's lone breadwinner. I continue my spartan reading.

True, I finagle for glib convincing of my wife that books make our home look more alive or a harbinger that until I finish the Books Before You Die, that's the only time that I can die. My book friends have this idiosyncrasy in downloading books: we download even without the intention of reading yet because stocks can run out anytime. Our mantra is better to download than be sorry later.

Never mind if the term reader is becoming a misnomer because we don't read as much.

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At times, it feels like this habit of endless downloading of books is a narcissistic tendency. After all, reading is almost always a solitary activity. Winning candidates are said to have coattails when they drag candidates for lower office along with them to victory.

Convention: A national meeting of a political party, where delegates formally elect a party's nominee Dark Horse: A long-shot candidate Delegate: A representative to a party's national convention chosen by local voters to vote for a particular candidate. Each state is assigned a certain number of delegates based on its population.


Demagogue: A leader whose impassioned rhetoric appeals to greed, fear, and hatred, and who often spreads lies. Former U.

100 Words to Make You Sound Smart

Joseph McCarthy see McCarthyism is often cited as a classic demagogue. Fence Mending: What politicians do when they visit their electoral districts to explain an unpopular action. The term originated in , when Ohio Senator John Sherman made a trip home that most people considered a political visit. Sherman insisted, however, that he was home "only to repair my fences.

Because there is no rule in the Senate over how long a member can speak, a Senator can prevent a bill from coming up for a vote by talking endlessly. Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set the record in by speaking for more than 24 hours without stopping. Fishing Expedition: An investigation with no defined purpose, often by one party seeking damaging information about another. Such inquiries are likened to fishing because they pull up whatever they happen to catch.

Front Burner: Where an issue is placed when it must be dealt with immediately Gerrymander: The reorganization of voting districts by the party in power to insure more votes for their candidates.

The term originated in , when Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts signed a bill that changed districts to favor the Democrats. The shape of one new district supposedly resembled a salamander, provoking a Boston newspaper editor to say, "Salamander?

Call it a Gerrymander! Those who espouse an ideology are sometimes criticized as rigid and narrow-minded.

An issue described as "inside the Beltway" is believed to be of concern only to the people who work in and with the federal government and of little interest to the nation at large. Lame Duck: An officeholder whose term has expired or cannot be continued, who thus has lessened power Left-wing: Liberal. The labeling system originated from the seating pattern of the French National Assembly, which put liberals on the left, moderates in the middle, and conservatives on the right.Want to Read saving….

Pages Jive with the facts Jive can be defined as a colorful form of speaking, or as referring to certain kinds of jazz or swing music.

Some overdo it by using big words or phrases with ostentatious effect. I prefer mildly spicy chili, but my friend only cooks with extra hot chili powder. site Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Publication date I graduated from a provincial high school and when I was in my first semester in college, my essay in Psychology had this comment written by my professor: "Next time, be careful with your grammar. The correct expression, though, is "deep-seated.

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